123 53. Preparations.


    Alistair meanwhile read the report as he murmured, "It seems they were quite cautious as they made a point to use that assassin. A perfect, fast and precise assassination, unlike those buffoons. Well, they still completed their job, I can't blame them."

    Alistair reported the same to Prince Hector to calm him down.

    Prince Hector roared angrily as he heard the report, "Damn that demon Vlad, always interfering in my business. It seems that count got help from Bluesea house this time around. This celebration is fully ruined. That count will certainly pay for so many offenses against me."

    The nobles were gossiping on this event,

    "Looks like, it was a show of power from that count this time around. I wonder if I can get that weapon from him. It would be quite useful to kill my brother to become an heir of the house. This weapon is quite convenient even against your political enemies. Plus I don't think I will be participating in this raid against that count as he seems very powerful just by watching his means. I recently heard that Duke Fjord's fleet also suffered some losses at the hands of Morgan Fleet. So I would like to be cautious this time around."

    The second noble spoke cautiously, "Shh... Those knights are searching for that assassin in every house like rabid dogs. Be careful so that you don't get heard by them. And don't even think about that new weapon. Even the royal family would be salivating over it."

    The third noble said, "The Incident of Duke Fjord was only an accident in the sea because of negligence from crew members. Even that count or Morgan family has never confirmed regarding this matter. Additionally, Duke Fjord also said that some miscreants are only spreading rumors to create chaos."

    Another one smiled as he spoke, "Well, who knows anything can be the truth. There can be some truth to it as some people from their own navy confirmed it."


    In a meeting conference at the Administrative Headquarters,

    Currently, there were Taylor, John, Jake and Tornwall present.

    John commented after watching the prototype, "Hmm... It seems this was quite a better prototype than I actually expected, you really made a good weapon this time and it was in time, now we can use those archers with full use if a war occurs. Also, start training them in the new archery skill that I created just recently. Call Redbeer as you will be needed in two projects from now on, 1. The Clock Tower and 2. The production of Guns. The first one to be armed right now would be Jake's men. is that clear?"

    Everyone nodded, "Yes."

    John then continued after watching everyone's approval, "Now, we will be preparing for winter which is in 2 months. So I want production lines and production of guns to be as fast as possible. Tornwall you will be needed to train more people as we will be involved in a lot of more industries. Meanwhile, I will be focusing on the Pharmacy industry and Potions because of that previous incident with Radiant Church. I just want to be on a safe side in case they decide to react. I am sure they will target us as soon as we hit winter and when everyone starts their schemes."

    Tornwall murmured as he heard John, "It will be a tough ride this time around with so many responsibilities."

    John smiled and spoke, "How about free wine for 6 months and 2 new wines exclusive for you. You will have free access to it for 6 months? Are you fired up now?"

    Tornwall laughed, "hahaha, that would be great. There is that Demon boy Tim who is quite enthusiastic on becoming a great forger. He works hard and has the right attitude to explore new things. I guess I will nurture him from now on."

    John then ordered Taylor, "Taylor you will be in charge of managing, allocating funds for the new factory and all the raw materials required to make the guns. You will also need to stockpile strategic resources for these guns, i.e Saltpeter in secret. Taylor, you will also be in charge of stockpiling all the types of herbs and ingredients in case we face an emergency. We were already able to connect with a lot of Herbologists because of our deal with the royal family. However, we will still increase hiring them. The royal family won't mind since this move would only be against the Radiant Church so you don't need to worry about the Royal Family."

    John then gazed Jake and ordered him, "Jake you will be in charge of its security and privacy of this Gun factory. It would decide the future of our domain once and for all."

    Everyone saluted and kneeled and answered as they heard this for the first time John, "YES, MILORD."

    Everyone gasped as they heard John and understood that this was a very important project.

    John, "So Tornwall, have you done any other modifications to this gun like you did to the Ballista last time around, I don't want you to hide this time around as I want to be prepared before the volcanos burst."

    Tornwall shook his head as he spoke, "No I just recently finished making this prototype, Actually its quite easy as this gun is small and so are the projectiles, we could modify it with much fewer problems. We can actually hire or contract basic runemasters to modify our bullets. So it would be good and take low energy required."

    John thought and asked, "However, isn't it too small, I think mastery would be more difficult, though they won't require a lot of energy I think they would need a lot of practice."

    Tornwall nodded, "Hmmm... true... I didn't think too much into it. Well, we can still upgrade the guns with runes and by using magic steel to upgrade it."

    John thought and nodded, "It seems I will have to look into that, Well, the meeting is adjourned. All of you will be having additional work from now on so better don't slack off."


    Ambassador Luke heard the report from one of his men, "Mr. Sylvan was assassinated in broad daylight by an assassin at Prince Hector's celebration of his new soap machines. The weapon could not be identified but it was a projectile that was imbued with magic."

    Luke sighed as he heard the scout, "I guess this would be quite humiliating for Prince Hector as he intended to show his spying prowess in the whole kingdom and now this face-slapping. Previously that assassination attempt on Count and now this, I wonder how is the temper of Prince Hector right now."

    Luke then asked the scout to continue, "Anyway continue about that weapon. Any more information on that weapon?"

    The scout continued after hearing him, "There is no information regarding it but from our sources, we heard that Vlad's right-hand man Grey was the one who executed this deed as witnessed by the hotel owner where he stayed. He was mainly recognized by his scar and silver hair in the nearby towns after his visit to Gritos. Lord Alistair said that this weapon was quite peculiar as it was a lot stronger than normal ranged weapons and this projectile too was runic from the looks of it. He guessed that this weapon was a miniature version of the ballista made with Magic Steel especially or upgraded with runes."

    Luke nodded, "Alistair's hypothesis can be true as this weapon was most likely used by Grey and I don't think Vlad would hesitate on using Magic steel to equip his important men in weapons at least. Well, it was still good as there was less violence this time around unlike the times when he uses his swords. However, even if this weapon was a miniature version of that ballista, it would be very heavy to carry it openly. I wonder what sort of trick did they use it to hide so easily. did they have an engineering team in Gritos to help Grey this time around? Well, tell Alistair to check the town for spies or engineering professionals who recently moved near that hotel at Gritos where he stayed."
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