125 55. Calvin and Pope David.

    Knight Calvin nodded and agreed, "Ok, Milord."

    Pope stopped before going and asked about a certain matter, "Is there any other news or news from Felix's end or any other important news?

    Calvin "Well, Prince Hector's spy Sylvan was openly assassinated by men of Bluesea House. This was particularly carried out by Grey. However, the most peculiar thing about this assassination was the way it was carried out and the weapon of use."

    Pope furrowed his brows and asked him, "What is the peculiarity? How does this assassination even matter? isn't he and his team fully capable of carrying it out? And what about the weapon?"

    Calvin then explained to him about the particularity of the Mini-Ballista, "This time a new weapon was used and even I too feel that it is quite threatening. I am more afraid of Prince Lukav getting his hands on that weapon and use it against us. You know that he has a big grudge against us for the previous incident."

    Pope furrowed his brows as he heard him, "Hmm... It seems this count is really dangerous to our plans. Keep a more tough tone in the letter. Nevermind, I will personally write him the letter. The very fact that he has good relations with Prince Lukav is a very bad sign for us. Ideologically that count is too open and against our doctrines, we can't close our eyes as he corrupts people openly. Even if we keep good relations with him, he will be fatal to us in the long run. We too will act against him in the winter with Robert. Tell Duke Fjord that we can provide him funds for his upcoming war and we will also terminate our services in that count's domain as we did at Prince Lukav's domain previously when we ransacked him 5 years ago. That plan would have succeeded and he would have died if not for his instincts and his crazy mind."

    Calvin asked him cautiously as he asked him about a taboo subject, "Are you sure Milord? Some cardinals might be against this as we will make that count completely our enemy like we did Prince Lukav during our last conspiracy, We lost a lot of men when we conspired against him. The Cardinals still lament making Prince Lukav our enemy."

    Pope showed a cunning smile as he said, "Well, they don't lament us making him our enemy but they lament him becoming one of our biggest enemies and dying to my conspiracy. Anyway, We won't be commencing our plans immediately but it would be in the future, And most of the Cardinals would anyway agree to my proposal later on in the next meeting as most of them hate demons. Plus knowing the nature of this count if he knows that I gave the hit on him then I too will be in danger as this guy is quite impulsive, Additionally Cardinals know the nature and report on this count so they understand that he is a big danger to us. Anyway, we can use his impulse in our favor. Make sure to personally deliver my letter to that Count or his important officials. If that count gets scared then we don't need to worry as he won't be much of a big deal, it would be more troublesome if he acts like Prince Lukav." Pope showed a cunning face as he mentioned the letter.

    Calvin gave a meaningful smile as he nodded, "Understood Milord. I will convey your meaning and proposal to all the Cardinals for the next meeting. As for Prince Felix, he is currently gathering forces for his next invasion of the western beast lands and at the same time, he and his are still training continuously training. However, he believes that we should kill that count complete once and for all or make him our ally as he feels he is very dangerous from the way he is allying with demons and Prince Lukav. He believes we can use him to kill Prince Lukav."

    Pope nodded and dismissed him, "Okay, I will keep that in mind, Tell him that we are going for his kill for now as he is a danger for both of us. Calvin, you can leave now."


    Templar Assassin

    One of the men from ghosts interrogated the head, "You still aren't opening your mouth eh?"

    Francis Mocked and spoke, "Hmph... this small torture is nothing to me. Our torture training themselves were tougher than the torture you guys give us."

    The man smiled as he understood the psychological games these guys liked to play, "Well, the other guy can still speak even if you don't want to. Meanwhile, your fate will be worse than death. You know our Lord is quite pissed this time around. Don't expect anything less than what you have seen like the people who suffered at the hands of Prince Lukav. You know about his deeds, right?"

    Francis mocked him and gave him an eye, "Hmph... Well, empty words. No action, all bark. Even that prince is a nobody in front of us Templar assassins, Our pope single-handedly, ruined that lunatic's plans of marrying demon kin and removed his power all those years ago. As for your Lord, he will die anyway because he chose the wrong side to support and put his pride before his life."

    The spy asked him as he saw that Francis started speaking in his ego, "I heard that Prince Lukav wasn't a lunatic all those years ago."

    Francis watched the spy with a disgustful look and spoke, "Of course he was, anyone dealing with demons and other inferior species is a lunatic including you guys. The good thing was, he was naive politically and hence never had any power. Most of his work was handled by his butler. However, I guess he got ruthless with experience. We miscalculated when that event 7 years ago took place. Well, we still made sure that his reputation was ruined."

    Spy asked him confusingly, "But how did ruining his reputation matter anymore as he truly became what you guys spoke before he took all those actions."

    Francis understood and harrumphed, "Hmph... you think you are smart? don't try to open my mouth, who knows whether I am lying or not. As for your Lord, he might have already gotten instructions from Pope David to free me or face the music for his actions. Look he will beg before me to make a good word in front of Pope so that our tensions can be reduced."

    The spy laughed as he thought, "I wonder, because from what I know about lord. He is someone who hates threats the most. Threatening even privately hasn't bode well for anyone in the past or present. Anyway, since you guys are so strong then why are you afraid to not tell about the one who ordered our Lord's assassination"

    The spy thought, 'The very fact that your men tried to kill him in the presence of Mistress Eva was your death nail. He has already started taking action against you guys privately. The very fact that the invested so aggressively these days in Medicine institute proves this fact. While hiring more light magicians in case they face a crisis.'

    Francis laughed as he heard him, "Ohh... that trick won't work, because, from our long history, we know that even a small mosquito can be fatal and be your death. We are guys that are cautious in not revealing our plans to our enemies easily."

    The spy then ended his interrogation, "Well, we still have your partner, I wonder how much he can resist because from our looks he is already near exhaustion because he hasn't slept for 4 days. He will spill the beans real soon. As for you, I can guarantee that you too will spill the beans when Lord starts his own torture. He might be someone who is generous but he is also someone who will not forgive his enemies."
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