128 58. Franciss Fate Part 2

    Georgio looked at the podium and said to his underling, "It looks he really is intending to confront Radiant church. I guess Prince Lukavv would be quite happy this time around. Go and immediately inform this news to Prince. It seems both of them have the same amount of temper when it comes to their enemies."

    Taylor arrived at the podium with both the prisoners and announced the start of proceedings.

    Taylor started his announcement, "We have an important announcement for all of you guys over here. As you might know, these are the same guys who tried to assassinate Lord John and Miss Eva a few days back. Today these men will be judged according to their actions."

    The locals started throwing tomatoes and eggs on both of these guys as soon as they heard that these guys were the ones who were responsible for the previous assassination attempt and the chaos these men created.

    Taylor signaled to quiten the crowd and continued, "Ahem, Ahem, Our Lord has promised to give them freedom as long as they renounce their faith in public. Or else they would be executed or kept alive for further torture."

    One of the spectators commented after hearing Taylor's announcement, "It looks like both will suffer whether they are dead or alive. If they are alive after this ordeal and freed, The Radiant Church will hunt them for renouncing their faith."

    Both of them were on their knees with chains on their heads legs and hands.

    Taylor asked both in them in front of people, "You already know that our Lord is merciful and will keep his word as long as you keep your word. The time has come for your decision? Have you decided?"

    The first guy was in extreme dilemma as he knew that as soon as he renounced his faith in public. he would be hunted by the Radiant church and their followers so that he doesn't bring more humiliation to them.

    He sighed and thought, 'I guess I can still run if I renounce my faith or I will die with that sort of pain in the prison cell or over here. That Francis would most likely be safe as he has a bigger backing, but what about me?. I guess I was always a pawn in the hands of the Radiant Church to meet their targets. Maybe I should offer more information to this count so that I can run into another country with a good amount of money. Well, I was still better off from what I heard from the guards as that count didn't personally deal with me.'

    He announced in front of everyone with a heartfelt tone, "I was distracted by my superiors at the Radiant church and hence my offense against Lord Count. I would like to apologize for my offense against both Lord Count and Miss Eva. I am also renouncing my faith as a servant of the Radiant Lord with my own will. The very fact that he didn't kill me immediately after targetting miss Eva reflects his generosity and my sincere apology."

    One of the priests cursed as soon as he heard his announcement, "Damn it, How can he humiliate us like that in public like that? Doesn't he feel any gratitude for all the nurturing we did for him?"

    Taylor smiled as he asked him, "My Lord will keep his word as promised. You are free from now on. Would you like to go with your superiors or on your own?"

    He replied without hesitating, "I will walk on my own."

    Taylor smiled as he understood his meaning and signaled his men to free him, "Okay. I hope you are safe in your journey from now on."

    Ambassador Luke murmured as he saw the ongoing show, "It seems they are ready to confront the radiant church this time around. Isn't he worried that Radiant church might immediately cut-off their services in North-frontier City? As expected he defied their arrogant tone. Well, it is always better to not trust those men in holy clothes pretending to be holy. They will bite you back the moment they can see a chance to occupy power and resources. Just fake men."

    Simon saw the scene as he spoke to Pallet, "Hmm... it seems true that this count is quite an arrogant man. Even Lord Hector doesn't dare to diss the Radiant church in public in fear of getting refused for their services in his cities. Well, we can still make an ally out of this incident. This Count would anyway have to choose between demons or the Radiant church. I guess he trusts demons more as he got acquainted with them earlier."

    Pallet heard him as he spoke, "I heard the Fire-abyss Prince is recently trying to court the royal family and Prince Hector. He was more interested in the printing technology of that count. Because of this, even the king is contemplating on the importance of that technology as even the Radiant church expressed a big interest in it from the start. The Fire-abyss kingdom are also trying to contact Duke Fjord but that Shorty has more connections to the dwarves as they are near his domain and hence his reluctance."

    Taylor then moved near Francis who was in chains and asked him while giving him a warning, "So what is your decision? However, you don't have to worry as you won't be executed immediately if you choose to decline Lord's offer right now."

    From Taylor's tone and words, Francis understood between the lines that if he rejects then he may face the previous ordeal again and might lose his dick.

    Francis bit his teeth and thought, 'Lets see how much you run amok after I am freed to the Radiant Church. This humiliation will be paid 100 fold by this Templar. Count John, you will regret this day your whole life. This arrogant count will pay for his insolence for humiliating us the Radiant Church in such a way, no one apart from that Lunatic Lukav has dared to humiliate us in such a way even privately.

    Francis then looked at his partner as sighed and wondered, 'And it seems, he is fearing the retaliation of the Radiant church since he chose to go alone on his own. Can't help it. He will most likely be assassinated or he will leave the kingdom.'

    Francis then spoke in an arrogant manner so as to seem defiant and doing this against his will, "I accept your lord's offer. I did a grave offense by targetting Lord John and his woman. I publicly renounce my faith in Radiant Church as I was ordered to complete my mission by the Radiant Church. I hope your lord keeps his word."

    Taylor again asked him, "It doesn't seem that you are reflecting on the previous incident like the other guy. Do you want to go back into your cell and have a new experience with Wonder Drug?"

    As soon as he heard about the Wonder Drug, he remembered the torture he received previously and that he nearly lost his dick and immediately spoke timidly, "No, no, please don't take me back to that cell. I mean seriously, I sincerely apologize to Lord John for my offense against him and his people. I also publicly renounce my faith in Radiant Church I hope Lord John can be merciful and forgive me."

    While talking, one of the half-beast boys threw a piece of rock at Francis, there was another boy with him who looked like a demon of the same age. Francis was quite angry however he kept his anger in control. John too watched the Half-human beast child as the show was going on. The child was a boy around 12-year-old, however, it seemed that he had a grudge with the radiant church when he threw the rock.

    John smiled as he saw Francis's fear in public and ordered, "Okay, your men are already here. You can go back with them if you wish. Remember this, You guys won't be getting the bodies of other assassins."

    Francis timidly nodded without matching his eyes with John and spoke, "I will go back with them."

    Ambassador Lukav murmured, "It seems Lord John also loves the thought of making them renounce their faith in public. There will be quite a show on how the Radiant Church tries to save Francis's reputation. It also looks like Francis quite fears Count John and that prison cell, I guess he faced some horrors which he doesn't want to experience and share, and hence his timid attitude. I guess the show is over however ther will still be big one later on. I don't think the Radiant Church ever expected to face this sort of humiliation from this upstart, No, I shouldn't call him Upstart anymore, Count John. Looks like he has quite a spine and doesn't mind being cruel to his enemies."

    Georgio laughed as he saw the scene, "hahaha, It seems Lord count also is as interesting as Prince Lukav just not cruel enough to his enemies. He should have castrated both of them at least."

    Simon meanwhile thought and spoke, "What do you think pallet? That count even dared to diss Saint Paul's disciple in public."

    Pallet touched his chin as he spoke arrogantly, "I guess he is really pissed at Radiant church this time around and hence the reaction. Isn't it natural? If this Lord was targetted like that I too would have been pissed and reacted the same. Anyway, This Lord thinks that we should go to Hope and enjoy some snacks instead of watching this boring drama. Come, lets go, this show is over anyway."

    Simon facepalmed as he sighed and thought, 'I guess some people think with heads while some with emotions. I wonder where does that count lies. And why do I have to be this fatty's partner who always thinks about food? I shouldn't have introduced him to that restaurant to make him move and do my work.'

    Pallet shouted from afar as Simon was in his thoughts, "Hey, Come, What are you waiting for."

    Simon thought, 'I guess I have no choice.'

    Simon sighed and spoke irritatingly, "I am coming, don't nag like a kid."


    Lucius meanwhile was currently at North-frontier city watching the scenes of Francis. He thought as he watched the scenes, 'This lord at least sticks for his men unlike those bastards at Laguna city. However, I still would never trust anyone. I first need to get into this institute to get stronger. I heard from people that they were taking free care of orphans and would provide training and learning to everyone. It is quite ironic that I will take training from the same guys who were once enemies of dad. I guess Mom was right when she said that Dad shouldn't be following Duke Fjord based on his morals. I was quite naive as I thought that dad was always fighting for Justice. At least I won't follow dad's path. I will become someone who will always fight for his own well being. I need to be selfish in this selfish world. Well at least part Selfish."
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