131 61. Henrys Departure.


    After some time, Henry was able to meet John,

    Henry was Currently in John's Office,

    John signaled Taylor to bring in some classified documents and spoke to Henry, "I guess you won't be liking any chit-chat so I will come straight to the main point. This is all the information that we collected when we were confronting Duke Fjord and Evan. This also has all the events which took place after Evan's death.

    Henry looked at all the documents and understood what was going on from the start to the end. He also understood and came to the conclusion that it really was Prince Hector's conspiracy so that Duke Fjord could become a punching bag for them.

    John asked him as he was reading the documents, "Do you still want to say anything? I can say you with confidence that all the information provided to you here is correct and won't have any discrepancies."

    Henry shook his head and gave his opinion, "No, I believe you. I have a request, I would like to meet your Knight Jake. I hope you don't mind but I would also like to get the body of my wife or to know about the whereabouts to give her a proper funeral for her sacrifice to save Lucius. I would also like to know about the whereabouts of Lucius if you have any."

    John nodded as Taylor narrated the events,

    Taylor then reported, "Well, we have the body your wife, during the commotion we had 3 spies at Laguna city who were able to recover the body of your wife, they knew that you were in coma and were traveling with us, so as a form of goodwill they recovered her body in the commotion. As we were short of people, we were unable to save her. However, they were still able to help your son get out of the city. As your kid was unwilling to trust our men he ran away while they were traveling to the other city. I guess he feared them looking out for the money he took before leaving the city. Currently, we only know that he left for the north when he escaped. As for Jake, you can only meet him tomorrow, currently, he is training his team."

    Henry sighed as he heard them, "Looking at Jake and Lord John. I believe I shouldn't give up on believing a Lord and his Knight's loyalty towards each other. I guess I made the wrong choice when I choose to become House Fjord's knight at a young age. Before leaving I would like to give a message to Jake, I am sorry for abandoning him in his time of need. He still saved me even after I targeted him just a few days back. I guess he recognized me long back and hence saved me back then. The girl he protected last time around is safe."

    "Meanwhile, I will be leaving in search of Lucius. Lord John, Thank you for giving me your precious time. You are an honorable Lord. Just the fact that you stood by your men last time around was big as most lords would have abandoned their knights and men in front of a crisis for short term gains. Before leaving I would also like to know the whereabouts of my Wife's body."

    Taylor then gave him one more report as he saw that Henry was about to leave, "Before you leave, One more thing, According to our sources the guy Sebastian who testified against you is a spy of Prince Hector. They wanted to make sure that their plan was a success however you fell into the river and hence decided to frame you in. Grim, Evan's older brother also helped Darius hoping he can gain most of the knight's loyalty and backing. While Ralph is still mysterious and keeps most of his plans under wraps. There is one more rumor going around that one of the brothers, Grim or Ralph helped Prince Hector in assassinating Evan. Well, we are not sure about this though. As for your wife's body, you can find it at Eastern port city's Dock."

    Henry nodded and thanked him, "Thank you for your information, Butler Taylor. I will be leaving now for the eastern port city."

    John then gave him his offer before leaving, "Why don't you join us, If you don't want to be my knight, that won't be a problem as I have seen your actions and understand that you are someone that I can trust. We can also help you find your Boy, Lucius. I can also give you an appropriate position in our navy and a chance to fight Duke Fjord's men. We will most likely have a war with them. What do you say?"

    Henry saluted and thanked John as he left after saying, "I appreciate your good thoughts and offer very much but it will only prove that I was a traitor if I join you now and I would still like to find my son first before coming to any conclusion."

    John then handed him 2 potions and a token before Henry was leaving, "You can always contact our men if you need any help. Meanwhile, take these 2 potions with you as they will be helpful in your future endeavors. The black one is a potion which will increase the sensitiveness of your body by 100 times. so it is helpful in torture and the other blue one is one of the All healing potions that I created, this will help you in case you are injured in any way. This token will help you get your wife's body and contact with our men for future purposes."

    Henry left after taking both the potions and the token,

    Taylor sighed and spoke after Henry left, "I guess it will take some time. We could have gained such a big asset."

    John smiled and gave his thoughts, "Well no worries, Duke Fjord anyway made a big enemy just by targeting Henry's family. You see even a weak man will go for a kill when his family is killed or he is cornered. In this case, he was someone who was bound by his oath in the past. Right now his Chains are unleashed, I wonder what sort of Mayhem will occur if he goes to Laguna City. Anyway, keep searching for his son. and yes, go and give him his sword before he leaves."

    Taylor made a bowing salute and left "Yes, Milord."


    Meanwhile, Lucius, as usual, was training with Josephine and his mates Azrail, Clay and Anna near the institute. Currently, they were running again as punishment in the roadside of the market because of the mischief created by Clay. Lucius was focused on his training as he didn't bother looking at people in the market. Meanwhile, the Elf girl Anna was following behind Lucius.

    At the Market,

    Both Henry and Lucius walked past each other without noticing each other. Henry felt something and looked back only to see some kids doing the laps with Josephine.

    Josephine roared at the kids as they seemed to have gotten slower, "Run faster, do you want to me increase your punishment? You want to learn new combat techniques, right?

    Clay roared as he began running faster with Josephine, "Yes, Miss Josephine."

    Josephine roared and ordered as she hit behind Clay's head, "Then Run faster."

    Henry watched them for a second and left, He thought, "I guess I am hallucinating because of missing Lucius. I guess my son would be the same age as these kids. As far as I can see, this place will become quite an extraordinary domain just by looking at all these cheerful people." He saw Clay and sighed, as he left the town with his belongings which included his sword.

    Lucius meanwhile felt something after Henry left,

    Anna saw that Lucius waited for a second on the road so she asked him, "What happened Lucius? Why aren't you running? Are you tired? Should I call miss Josephine?"

    Lucius looked back for a second then again started running as he heard Anna, "I guess I just got distracted because of Clay's idiotic behavior."

    Anna nodded as she followed Lucius, "That's true, he always drags us into trouble. We should focus more on the institute instead of his shenanigans. It will always get you trouble."

    Clay heard them as he spoke, "Don't lie, you guys too wanted to go and watch that new drama at the theater. And Anna, don't lie, you are joining us voluntarily nowadays, I didn't even have to drag you this time around like previously. Don't try to create a bad influence on Lucius."

    Azrail laughed as he heard Clay. While Josephine furrowed her brows as she heard him.

    Josephine knocked Clay's head and said, "Continue running if you have so much energy to talk, It is quite ironic when you talk about creating bad influence."


    Meanwhile, in one of the administrative headquarters, one of the men named Sparrow in charge of the background checks of people saw a report of Lucius as he saw that he was one of the students of Josephine and gave it to his superior who was checking other backgrounds of people and asked his opinion,

    The head named Billy sighed as Sparrow approached him, "Nowadays because of the previous assassination attempt on Lord John, the workload has increased so much. Gosh, I can't handle so much work. I need more men. Well, what is it, is there any problem?"

    Mayor Sam, Jake and Taylor had created a department for checking the background of people who are near important officials after the last assassination and hence the frequent routine checks of everyone.

    Sparrow asked Billy who was busy with paperwork, "Sir, the guy seems suspicious. I think we need a thorough check on him."

    Billy furrowed his brows as he glanced at the document as his work just increased, "He is just a child, aren't we overthinking?"

    Sparrow reminded him, "Sir, you didn't forget the last assassination attempt, right? Lord Taylor would be angry if we slack when it comes to all the important officials. He has increased our funding so I guess our shortage of men would be filled as well in some time."

    The Head sighed as he decided to look at the sketch first, "Well, you are right. Hmm... this boy seems familiar, Hey, what is the name of this boy?"

    Sparrow checked and spoke, "Its Lucius sir. He is one of the disciples of Miss Josephine."

    Billy then looked at the sketch and all the documents carefully as he confirmed his suspicions, "Omg, aren't our men (Taylor's men) already looking for this boy for such a long time. Hahaha, You really did a great job this time around, Sparrow. Wait here for a while. I will report it to Lord Taylor in no time."
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