143 73. Arrival of Dwarves.


    Meanwhile, in the eastern port city, Henry was currently finishing the funeral of his Wife. With determination in his eyes, he spoke in front of Lucia's grave, "Your sacrifice won't go in vain, Lucia. I was too naive or being intentionally naive and believed that my efforts would be awarded. I guess I will stick to my ideals for the first time in my life after getting released from my shackles of the oath."

    Henry saw that a lot of Warships that were gathering at the Eastern Port and murmured, "I guess war is really approaching this time around. I wonder if Count John can resist Duke Fjord's fleet with his ballistas and their range. Judging from Fjord's personality he might already be drooling over this weapon and increase his power no matter the cost."

    Henry then looked south nostalgically and spoke as he left the town with a determined look, "I guess I need to fulfill my promise I made to you, Lucy. I will be heading to Iron Rainforest, Sapphire's domain. I guess I will make him honor his promise after all these years. I never asked him but this time I will ask him. I hope Lucius can find me if hears about my presence at Southern Domain."

    In a nearby pub, A few dwarves were chatting in an unknown language,

    One Dwarf name Wilson spoke, "Why don't we sneak in and take one of those ballistas installed in those ships of Morgan family or Count John."

    The head of dwarves named, Greg spoke, "You think I haven't tried that already? I already lost a lot of men trying to steal those weapons. Even the local thugs call it a grave and are refusing even to scout the ships. Those Assassin demons of the Bluesea house protect them stealthily at night, We can't expose ourselves by getting desperate. We are not the only ones who are sending people to steal that weapon. Even that pussy baron, Mendez's men don't dare offend them in case Count John gets angry and assassinate him or his loved ones. Haven't you seen his Antonio? Even he has lost his previous arrogance."

    Wilson furrowed his brows but didn't rebut him and asked about another thing, "What about Tornwall? Wasn't he dead or kidnapped by mercenaries? What do we do about him? We can get Blueprints from him since he designed it. Additionally, hasn't he already revealed a lot of our technologies. Don't we need to assassinate him as he is a traitor?"

    Greg only shook his head and spoke, "We are going there to learn craftsmanship from him. We are not doing anything of that sort, he is a prided jewel of our kingdom, it would be good if we can convince him to come back. Additionally, there is a lot of surveillance and protection given to all the important men close to Count John. We don't want to suffer the same fate as that guy, Francis. You might not know but he was given incredible torture and hence his confession last time around or do you think those stubborn guys would budge so easily?"

    Wilson disagreed and spoke, "What about those protections? Don't we have those new weapons?"

    Greg then continued with a serious face, "Though we have developed Shot, we can't reveal it so early in the game. Those weapons won't be released until there is a major war or we have produced enough of them to dominate land and waters. And he might have a lot of things from Runemasters to protect himself. So we can't be sure of the assassination. And if we fail they will get our weapon and this will expose the dwarf kingdom, at least to that count."

    Another dwarf named Jackson spoke in a serious manner and with a cold expression as soon as Wilson mentioned about shot, "Wilson, listen to Head, he is correct. Don't be hotheaded. We can't act as we wish. Remember we are not at home but as spies here. And don't make me say it twice. Greg, you are the same, act as a leader as you are. Don't make me solve your problems. Wilson, As for being a traitor, who knows who is the real traitor, I am only going to follow orders, nothing more, nothing less. You should do the same for your well being. Don't involve yourself too much into politics or you might lose your life in the future because of your lose mouth."

    Jackson didn't speak anything as he completed his piece.

    Wilson didn't speak anything as he heard Jackson as he was quite afraid of him. Meanwhile, the other dwarves kept their mouth shut as it seemed like this whole group didn't wish to speak a word on the topic of being a traitor.

    Watching everyone keep quiet, Greg nodded and concluded, "Okay, we will go to North-frontier town and try to get blueprints since it seems war is coming here. It was good that Fjord's helped us penetrate this deep in the northlands. From now on, we need to be careful as there is a lot of surveillance at North-frontier town. We just need to act like other dwarves over there. Not high and mighty, Are you clear, Wilson? And you should remember what Jackson said earlier. Never mention that ever again, he is saying this for your well being."

    Wilson nodded and agreed.

    Greg ordered everyone watching Wilson agree, "Okay, lets go to the hotel and rest, we will leave for the north-frontier city tomorrow morning."


    One of the people from town asked Tornwall as he saw him making machine parts, "Looking at your face, It seems you are real busy these days, Tornwall,"

    Tornwall smiled and replied to "Yes, This time I am collaborating with that brat Ryfon and making the Clock tower which is really important for the town and hence the workload."

    Tornwall thought, 'I guess production of Guns is one of the reasons for this load. However, this is really important for the upcoming war. It's good that everyone is normal even after that explosive news from Duke Fjord.'

    He still spoke in a worrying manner, "All work and no fun is no good Tornwall, you should always take care of your body."


    One of the journalists named Ealdron was recently working at the Rose Institute, He was an elf who arrived here from the Sapphire domain as he wanted to explore North-frontier town after hearing about it.
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