144 74. You will be big in future.

    Ealdron was first noticed by Glenn because of his work attitude and his adventurous spirit as he was always curious about most of the things in the Institute. Because of this adventurous spirit, he was hired by Glenn from the institute to the Black and White publishing House as an investigative journalist.

    He mostly wrote about the things happening inside the city and the villages nearby as he investigated a lot of things personally and was more interested in the local culture. He also helped in crime investigation as once he helped Joe to solve a murder case that took place recently. He usually wrote about government affairs and analyzed things that benefited common people and helped them keep informed of the general things occurring in the domain.

    Today Ealdron was quite excited because of important orders that came directly from Taylor.

    Currently, Ealdron was writing about the speech of Duke Fjord's banquet that took place just a few days back on Taylor's order. While his assistant was making the sketch of the Banquet that took place in the banquet. One of their trader spies from the Eastern Domain described the banquet that took place in detail and reported all the words spoken by Fjord clearly.

    Taylor asked him, "Describe the banquet in detail with the expressions and reactions of everyone, also talk about what happened with Henry and his family in detail. This piece will be published in tomorrow's issue as a headline along with the announcement of Fjord. This will be our first political piece. This time we have to prepare our population for war. We will have to assure them about our weapons and security while also give them our perspective of Fjord's raid on our ships and why we retaliated. Do both of you understand?"

    Both the Trader and Ealdron nodded,

    Taylor continued and said this to the one in charge of the production of newspapers, "Increase the production of this issue to double, No triple it as we will spread this news in other domains as well."

    Taylor told Ealdron who was listening to the trader, "Ealdron, I hope you can write it early, As I have to show this draft to the lord. This issue will only be personally approved by the Lord. You don't have to worry, just write about the events that took place in your own way since you are the best writer of our newspaper currently as you are able to explain easily and hence the readers like it. Propaganda may be bad but sometimes you have to do propaganda to counter your enemy's propaganda. Lord John says that many nations have fallen just because of propaganda and people's rebellion."

    Ealdron was quite excited after heard from Taylor that Lord John himself was going to review the draft.

    Ealdron nodded and spoke, "Hmm... This is quite a new perspective. I never knew about the power of propaganda. You don't have to worry Lord Taylor Since they are the aggressors. I will write a brilliant piece."

    Taylor murmured as he spoke the earlier words, "I guess it was good revealing this bit of news to them, these guys are working extra hard after hearing this news."

    Taylor thought about the recent meeting and the decision that took place, 'I wonder if it was good baiting the Royal family since we decided to give them the blueprints of a weaker version of the Ballista in a few days. I hope they don't get cautious because of our move. I guess Lord has his own reasons for giving them the blueprints.'

    "You will be big in the Future if you can utilize your position well, Ealdron. Don't underestimate this job and power of a Journalist. Lord himself thinks the same way."

    Ealdron nodded and spoke after hearing Taylor, "Yes, I will keep these words in my mind."


    After getting the draft from Ealdron, Taylor headed to John's office for a quick review.

    John nodded as he looked at the story, "Okay, this is a good piece and very neutral, you can publish it tomorrow and yeah don't forget to publish about Francis and Radiant church in tomorrow's edition, Tomorrow will be special as this will be the first we will use the power of newspapers and comment on political movements that took in and outside of the domain that will affect North-frontier City. As Radiant Church wants to move behind the scenes and fund Fjord then they will have to pay its price. This time we will shame them publicly via our newspapers and show their hypocritic nature to the common people of our domain at least, This was also one of the reasons why I wanted my Domain to be learned. Also, start recruiting new men in our armies from now on. Teach them the new techniques that I designed earlier which will be helpful for Gun training and close combat training. This will be the standard from now on. Meanwhile, make the production of Guns, Ballistas and their ammunition our Highest priority. If possible increase the number of factories to increase production."

    John murmured as he ended his last sentence, "Do I buy the cannon blueprints at such exorbitant prices? I guess I need to be cautious, I don't even know the real firepower of the dragon knights. I should be cautious in case the Royal Family deploys them at the end of the war."

    Taylor nodded and spoke, "Okay, Lord, I will make sure to personally oversee the production of all our strategic resources. This time Jack did a good job in acquiring the strategic raw materials. I hope he continues his good work."

    He continued, "Lord, I was always wondering if it was right to give the Ballistae blueprints to the royal family this early? Won't they get cautious by such a move? and wouldn't it be disastrous for us if the royal family gains our weapons this early."

    John smiled and spoke as he heard Taylor's question, "You don't need to worry, even if they are cautious, they will have to pick a side. And this was exactly my aim in giving them the Ballistae blueprints this early. This way we can at least act obnoxious after the war. They will find a lot of problems even if I give them the correct blueprints. A lot of small parts would need precise machines for production. Because of this after the initial spares are used they will start cursing their decision when they are not able to replicate the machines.

    As for the weapon itself, we don't have to worry, we have weapons that are more threatening and are with a bigger range. Meanwhile, I have also improved the new Ballistas just recently after discovering a new metal. So we don't need to worry. Meanwhile, is there any news from Ross and Blake from Aurora Island?"

    Meanwhile, John thought, 'This way we can have a legitimate reason to rebel and create a state free from them after their betrayal. This is a good enough bait if they act upon their greed.'

    Taylor thought and spoke as he handed a report to John after hearing about Aurora Island, "Okay, I more or less understand why we are baiting them since they need to choose a side in this war. And as for the second question, Yes, We got a report from one of the ships that Ross and his men just landed at Aurora Island. They also found some new exotic species and have decided to domesticate them. Here is the report on the animals that reside at Aurora Island."

    John carefully read the report and spoke, "Hmm... quite a lot of unique animals, This new type of horse seems very interesting. Try to domesticate it if possible. They can be added to our army if we are successfully able to domesticate them. The very fact that they are able to swim in the water and run on land at such speeds is a very big geographical advantage to any army. It looks like the construction of the base is going well. From now on start transferring a part of our army there. It seems like it will take some time to completely tame that island. However, that base in itself is enough for now. Did they find any sort of mines over there so that transportation costs can be reduced."

    Taylor shook his and reported, "Nope, they only landed when this report was sent by the ship one day later. I guess we can only know more about the island in their next report. Meanwhile, we will be continuously sending ships there as it would seem that we are only patrolling the northern waters."

    John nodded, "Okay. Inform me as soon as you get a new report from Ross."
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