156 86. 200 Million points!!!


    After two Days, at Duke Norman's palace,

    Hector got a report from Alistair, "Hmm.. so we need to get our hands on those weapons, the current situation is quite alarming. I didn't expect the destructiveness of those ballistas to be so much. Just looking at that count and his arrogant behavior, I can guess they have stocked a huge amount of those runic ballistae projectiles for this war not to mention the other things that the count has hidden. The Battles at the Seas will be very gruesome just looking at the casualties. Maybe we should try attacking them from land as we will be more mobile while those ballistae won't be mobile and it would be more effective."

    Alistair was quite surprised as he thought, 'It seems lord has started respecting Count John since it is the first time he addressed him as a Count with a respectful tone. I guess it is the consequence of the last battle.'

    Alistair laid out his plans, "Lord, the most likely scenario is that Count dispatching his ballistas on the castles. He has already built a big castle near the northern borders of Dolores. We would have to invade that castle to get our hands on those ballistas. The invasion would reveal our hand early on. I think we should wait."

    Prince Hector was quite frustrated as even Alistair needed time for a solid plan, Hector suggested, "Instead of such a big hassle, I can simply ask father for those ballistae and use it against that count. That count is quite dumb to have given those blueprints to the royal family so early in the war. What do you think Alistair?"

    Alistair was quite happy with Prince Hector's proposal as he dared not give this proposal to Prince Hector previously, He nodded aggressively as he suggested, "Yes we can certainly do that as Lord Lionheart's goal has been achieved already after he got those blueprints from Count John. This would save a lot of our resources and men. Knowing from the navymen of Fjord's fleet personally, this time it was a riot when Shannon faced Eric's fleet. A lot of them have already deserted their navy. It is mostly those who faced that last battle. So it would be suicide for us if battle without any plans against those ballistas.  This Time, Captain Shannon, had another plan and he was successfully able to acquire 2 ships from Duke Sapphire when another one of his units headed by Vice-Admiral Erin attacked them near the southern port. However, this was only achieved via their use of pirates. From my understanding, replicating those ballistae will take a lot of years since there are a lot of small parts that need precision and only a few craftsmen are capable of doing it. However, it is possible to replicate them. It isn't 100% impossible."

    Prince Hector calmly took the information as he spoke, "Hmm... So Currently Duke Fjord is in possession of those Ballistae. I am sure we can't engage that count in seas for sure because of the lethality, At least not until we get a remedy against those ballistas, Maybe we can try outnumbering them."

    Alistair agreed and nodded, "That Count's Navy Admiral Blake made quite a show of Fjord's fleet when they engaged. Most of the men were killed just like The royal family and Duke Fjord killed his men years ago. If we confront him directly in the seas, it would bring a lot of psychological burden to our men and many would flee even before the war starts. The Radiant Church has come to the same conclusion and has decided they will increase land warfare as much as possible."

    "Additionally, Blake's men came to Eric's rescue in the end moments and this is one of the reasons why they faced a complete wipeout. Blake was quite ruthless to Fjord's men because of his past as a pirate and their grudge against the Royal family and Fjords. I think We can use this as a pretext to attack him politically. At the same time, the Royal family and the ministers too have a grudge and history against him because of his slave raids in the past. What do you think lord?"

    Hector nodded with Alistair plan as he spoke, "Okay, this time we will attack them using the Dolores city. It will be better for us to attack from there since it is at a high position. We will make our move when Fjord too moves to attack them from the seas so they will be occupied on both sides. During the wartime, we can stop letting them use the eastern port and they will be choked."

    Alistair too agreed and spoke his opinions, "However there is one problem sir,"

    Hector furrowed his brows irritating as he asked, "What is it this time?"

    Alistair hesitatingly spoke, "That Baron would be the biggest problem to us if we intend to use his land to attack against that count because he would be one who would face the major consequences if that count doesn't die in this war. Maybe we should attack that count when the beasts in winter too start assaulting them. At that time Baron Mendez would likely agree with us."

    Hector frustratingly spoke, "Tch. again that pussy baron. Shrugg him off this time around. You see, we can't around and let that Count grow Bigger day by day. He has already become one of the biggest threats in the seas right now after this battle. I am sure other big players too are watching this battle. What do you think Duke Norman?"

    Duke Norman had his own thoughts, "I think we should go according to Alistair's idea since Radiant Church too is waiting to make a move. If we move first, we will be ones who will first bear the brunt of war. Additionally, that count is hiding a lot of things. We should wait for now. Recently I heard that he was funding sons of aristocrats who were not going to become the heir of their family. A Lot of aristocrats are now worried because of this funding. Some have even exiled their children. We need to do something and that too we have to make sure when we do the operation. With more money, he is gathering more power, day to day."


    John thought after looking at the prices of the Cannons, "Damn 20 million points, why are the cannons so much expensive. It's good that I started developing the City and earned 55 million points because of Ross developing Aurora City. I don't need to fuss anymore since it wartime."

    The AI Sarah mocked him after hearing John, "You are quite lucky that I ain't ripping you off currently after watching your pathetic state. I would have charged you much if you had tried to buy these cannon blueprints 2 days later. I also have a lot of other things for you which can come in handy."

    John: "Hmm... these armor blueprints can come in handy. I guess I will buy them for 5 million. These ship blueprints can come in handy as well since they are only worth 25 million. Lets see what else is there? Huh, Aircrafts! 200 Million? Wtf? Hmm... what are these mechas? Are they for real? Classified?"

    Sarah spoke with a tone full of mockery: "This is a premium product host. You should be glad that I am offering you these blueprints in the first place."

    John irritating sighed, "Okay, Okay, I get it. These parachutes seem quite interesting at 5 million. Yes, maybe I should try them. They can be helpful in this war. Anyway, from now on we will start making the Steam engine to increase the production of our domain to multiple folds."

    "Okay, buy these all for 55 Million points."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, confirm it."

    John was in his thoughts, 'I wonder how a fight between dragon knights and Aircraft would seem like. No no, I should strive for my eternal love, THE MECHAS.'

    Taylor knocked the door twice before he came in John's private chambers to give him an important report, "Milord, Rose Institute has developed some new things which you might be interested in, here is the monthly report."

    Taylor enthusiastically continued about the reports as he was excited about the new inventions, "We were able to make coloring agents which can be used in a lot of industries which includes clothes, literature and other industries."

    Taylor continued with his most interesting report, "Currently they were also able to make magic tools which can boost the speed of ships using water and wind magic tools. While Tornwall has also started rough work on steam engines. He understood the basics of these machines after looking at the blueprints of water-powered machines. So I don't think there would be any problems."

    John nodded and spoke, "Hmm... the water magic tools seem quite interesting. Maybe I can use them in this war to quite an effect. Okay, We will invest in water tools and those coloring chemical agents. While you won't have to worry about steam engines. You can tell Tornwall go forward with mass production after he has made the prototype, Nah I will personally tell him. Meanwhile, who created that tool which increases the speed of ships? Very Practical and lethal."

    Taylor was quite happy as he narrated, "It was actually a team of magicians and researchers from Imperial city. Previously because of the lack of funding, they weren't able to move forward in their research and hence they decided to move here after hearing about the funding that we provided to promising projects."

    John understood and came to the main point, "So what was the agreement when we decided to invest in them?"

    Taylor handed over the deed as he explained, "We actually own 70 percent of their company for our funding of 7000 gold coins. Now they are waiting for our approval on the order of these magic tools. They only finished this product as they approached me."

    John directly asked the main points as he looked at the documents which gave detailed report about the boosters, "How many of these speed boosting tools can be fitted on one ship? and what is their maximum life?"

    Taylor: "A total of 10 tools can be fitted on big ships but it depends on the size of ships so it can be higher as well. however, they are vulnerable to aquatic creatures and their total life is 2 months with recharge needing every 10 days. after 2 months of operation, the other parts of the booster need to be changed apart from the Runic Magic stones. these Boosters can increase the speed of ships by 3 times when they are in operation."

    John was quite surprised after hearing about the speed increase, "Seems quite promising, okay give their company a big order of 1000 boosters with future maintenance included. However with an agreement that their products would only be sold to us. We will also fund the construction of the factory, fully free since we are at war. Plus I can give them my personal promise of funding for future projects. I will meet them later on."

    John thought as he looked at the features of these boosters, 'I guess I need to speed up the production of Steam engines. These boosters added with steam engines would be a miracle for our warships.'

    Taylor smiled, "That won't be a problem, Milord. They are already aware about it since they choose to come here. And they are quite happy with our big investment of 7000 gold coins with which they were able to research aggressively in these 3 months when the imperial university wasn't even willing to fund them 500 gold coins. The head of their research team is a magician as well as a researcher, his name is Will. He is quite a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur. He is a wind magician specializing in research of magical elements. So I think he is quite promising and someone who would keep his word."

    John nodded as he heard about the background of Will, "Okay, you will handle it accordingly. by the way, who created those coloring chemicals?"

    Taylor handed him the report about them, "It was Ryfon's research team. They were involved in a lot of ingredients and tried a lot of things which resulted in creating these chemicals after a lot of experimentation."

    "Hmm... Okay, I got the gist of it, Meanwhile, how are horseshoes, saddles and stirrups faring in the market?"

    Taylor: "They are quite well received by our men. Currently, the biggest order is from our land army of Magic knights who frequently travel on horses. Currently, we have not released them in the common market as per the orders of Jay. He feels we should wait for 2 months after winter before we release them to the common populace."

    John nodded, "Okay, I won't interfere with their decisions as long as it isn't anything big. Arrange a meeting for me with Tornwall, I need to talk with him about steam engines, I don't think he is fully aware of its uses. you can leave for now. You should know how to proceed after my approvals on all the projects."

    Taylor nodded and left the room after he got the approvals, "Of course, Yes, Sir."
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