159 90. It seems he has quite a grudge against you.


    Swann was currently with Judd and Team trying to find out the exact dwelling place of those Aurora horses.

    Judd was smoking his cigarette when they prepared to leave, he remarked as soon as the team headed in the forest, "Hmm... these Horses are quite a pain in the ass, Always running as soon as we spot them. We need to create a trap if we ever want to capture them alive. I am sure Blake and co are enjoying raiding the ships of Fjord and Radiant church as if they are pirates."

    Swann sighed as he thought about the preparations made by North-frontier City, "True, I am missing out on the current war. Damn, I should never have mentioned these Aurora horses." Swann ended with a curse as others laughed at Swann's antics.

    Judd laughed as he heard Swann and gave his opinion, "You would still be escorting us here if they didn't find any horses. Do you think a kid like you would be allowed to go straight into war?"

    Swann spoke with a little bit of anger, "What do you know you lying scum? You still ratted me out in front of Captain last time around. I am sure you were hiding something that day as you were so generous. Captain Bran was telling the truth when he told me not to believe you. God, why am I under such a conman of a captain"

    Swann looked at his mates and spoke, "Hmph as for you guys."

    Swann continued speaking with a smug tone as he was heading in another direction, "You guys can explore in the dark but I still have a plan which can work out in catching those Aurora Horses, unlike a certain someone. You guys can choose to follow me." Swann spoke with his eyes looking at the direction of Judd.

    One of the men from the team asked Swann, "What sort of plan? You are not bluffing, right?"

    Judd looked curiously at Swann as he asked him, "Ho... It looks like the kid has grown a pair. What do you have in store, kid, speak up and maybe you will be rewarded?"

    Swann continued with smug as he became the center of attention, "Good, Well the other day when I was roaming the forest, I spotted those horses eating those light blue Zilch Berries which we encountered only on this Island. From my observations, I think it is one of their favorite fruits as I spotted them eating it quite a few times. I only noticed it when Captain Ross asked us to keep a watch on their eating habits and so here are my observations."

    One of the mates only realized now and agreed with Swann, "Yes, at our 2nd raid, I remember them eating the Blue Zilch Berries. But do they really like it that much that we can tempt them."

    Another guy remembered his encounter with the horses and agreed.

    He spoke, "I this it is worth giving a try. Aren't we going in circles these days anyway?"

    Judd was quite happy as he really wanted to ride those horses, "It seems you really have hit the jackpot this time around, boy. You should have said about this to us earlier before Blake's Fleet left. Okay, We will first gather the Zilch Berries and our next plan of action would be to make an ambush for those horses. I am sure you guys are quite familiar with all the usual places Aurora Horses travel to, right?"

    Everyone responded, "Yes, Sir."

    Swann murmured as he heard Judd, "As if I didn't know that Blake was going to bring me in the current war. It was just so I can drag you as well."

    Judd coughed as he heard him and continued giving orders, "We will be creating multiple ambushes for those horses at those points. This time you have saved a lot of time for us, boy. I am sure even Lord will give you the award. So maybe you will be able to participate in the next battles."

    Swann was surprised and bit more motivated after hearing Judd and he joined others to gather Zilch Berries.

    After everything was set and done, The men gathered the Zilch berries from the forest and started to make an ambush on one of the locations where the Aurora Horses usually came to drink water.

    Judd ordered his men after all the preparations were made on their end, "Good, now that the Fences are made, you can prepare your traps to catch them as soon as they are surrounded by our trap. Make sure that this operation is a success. All of us would get an Aurora horse if we are successful. The only thing remaining is the sleeping darts which would help us catch them off guard."

    Swann was quite bored after waiting for the horses for a long time,

    He frustratingly spoke, "Can't we just ambush them at other sites?"

    Judd alerted Swann as he sensed the arrival of Horses, "Shh... They are already here, you can nag later on."

    Everyone was alert after Judd's call and focused on catching the horses.

    Judd and others were quite far away from their place of ambush as they viewed the Horses with their telescopes which were recently transported.

    After 2 hours, The Flock of 50 Aurora Horses finally came into their sight, The horses were quite sensitive to sound with the environment of Aurora Island.

    After failing to detect anything after observing for 5 minutes. The Horses finally made their move on the Zilch Berries that were lying under a Zilch Berry tree. As soon as they moved near the Zilch berry tree. Judd and the team moved forward to start their operation and catch the Horses.

    Swann roared as soon as the Aurora Horses were surrounded, "Finally! Come lets catch them, don't let a single one of these horses escape. Use those sleeping dart carefully and not waste them."

    Judd ordered his men as soon as the horses were within their range to shoot them down with the darts, "Quick, prepare your traps to catch them. I don't want to lose any of the horses we have captured this time around and be on your guards as they dangerous with water magic."

    One of the men spoke after coming near horses, "Beautiful, these horses seem more majestic and beautiful from nearby."

    Judd roared hysterically as he spotted something a miss and warned his men when then fell on the ground, "Damn, these horses are quite cunning, they are using water magic to muddy the ground and run away. Fast, we need to catch them fast. No wonder, these horses were able to survive on this island. I need to catch that Leader first, he is the culprit who is ordering all the horses around."

    Swann was quite surprised as he saw them working together, "Wow, these horses are quite intelligent compared to other animals. Well, they would still be captured by that tyrant today. Maybe I too should try to tame one of the more powerful horses later on when we arrive at the base."

    One of the men awed after watching the Aurora Horses, "These horses have quite nice furs. I guess they will make for a perfect partner if we are able to tame them."

    After 15 minutes of struggle and shooting them all down, Judd's men were successful in capturing the Aurora horses.

    Judd sighed with relief after they were able to catch all the horses, "We are going straight for the camp now that we have completed the mission. I don't want to lose these horses in the wild."

    All the horses were captured after they were struck with sleeping darts.

    One of the men spoke as they headed straight for the base, "With these horses, it would be easier to catch other horses from now on. We can also try those saddles and stirrups which would be helpful in maintaining our balance when we ride these horses."

    Another man shook his head as he spoke, "Not necessarily if it comes to Aurora Horses. You too know that we still aren't able to tame the only 2 horses which we captured earlier. It was good that we caught them when they were injured or else they would have never left their pack. However, with a big pack of 40, it would still easier to tame at least one of them."

    Swann was laughing as he saw the Leader of the Pack of horses was still blowing water at Judd as they were traveling back.

    Swann spoke as he saw the horse and Judd, "It seems like this horse has taken up quite a grudge against you for dissing him earlier."

    The other didn't whether to laugh or cry after watching such a situation as it was quite and pitiful at the same time, "hahaha."

    Judd was fully wet as he had an angry face which seemed like he would blow up at any second while that horse was still arrogantly blowing water guns at Judd's ass.
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