165 96. They Better be prepared to lose a piece.


    The Next Day, there was a furore in the political circles of North-frontier Town after the verdict of King Lionheart.

    Ambassador Luke sighed as he heard about the decision of King Lionheart. He thought, 'I guess there will be big developments now that King has personally decided to act against the North-frontier Town. It seems his hate for Lukavv is greater than what I expected. I hope we can pass through this storm calmly.'

    Bishop Robert thought and spoke, "I wonder what pissed Lionheart off so much that he decided to act against Count John this early. or is there something which I am missing?"

    His subordinate spoke, "I guess he is just being too greedy and looking at that Count as a rabbit ready to eaten anytime as he has no power on land."

    Robert nodded and spoke, "I wonder who is the rabbit. But one thing is for sure, this count has managed to anger a lot of people in a short time. I hope this done with already. Anyway, we will be leaving this town. I just got news from headquarters that there will be big battles as mercenaries would be invading this town in a month."

    Both of them headed inside and made preparations for leaving the City.

    Taylor reported the current developments which took place in the Imperial Capital where they were targeted by King Lionheart.

    Hearing this John called for an immediate meeting to all the officials in North-frontier City.

    In the afternoon,

    There was a meeting between all the ministers in the North-frontier domain.

    John smiled as he heard the news and commented in front of everyone. "It seems King Lionheart was quite impatient as he has decided to target us already. It was expected, I guess he may be anxious as we have bought a lot of food from the market at premium prices so that we don't suffer because of increased migration."

    Taylor too added his hypothesis after the verdict, "Yes, from the looks of it, he may be waiting to make his move against us when we are in a crisis and have a shortage of food. However, he may have gotten anxious about our meeting with Elves and our ridiculous spending on food from other domains. However, we are well-equipped these days when it comes to agro-management. So there are no worries on that sector."

    One of the agro-management ministers named Wilson spoke after taking the signal from Taylor, He was personally trained by Taylor to reduce his burden, He gave his report to everyone present, "Well, they are in for a surprise if they think we will be in a food crisis. Our harvest this time itself was more than 7 times compared to the usual Harvest. We saved a lot of food in management and transport while at the same time we had a huge growth in the harvest because of using fertilizers and other techniques proposed by Lord. The villagers are quite happy this time around because of the harvest and the quality of food we grew this time around. Watching these results, a lot of other farmers who were skeptical previously have also started using the same techniques used by others. The techniques penetration this time around is 100 percent this time around after the harvest. Knowing our dilemma I have taken Food management very seriously so that not a single grain goes wasted."

    John nodded as he agreed and congratulated him, "Good work Wilson. From now on always keep more attention to the management of food as most of the food will be lost in transportation and preservation. You have already heard of the preservation techniques, right?"

    Wilson Nodded. "Yes Milord, we have already started our work on it. For Long term storage, we have started using preservatives so there is no problem in that department as well. Currently, we have started supporting the Animal Husbandary Industry as people can earn extra pay in it while we will have more supplies of food."

    John nodded in agreement as he was impressed by the initiatives taken by Wilson in Agro-management.

    John later turned to Glenn and spoke with a cunning smile, "Glenn, from now on we will start speaking out against the royal family in our newspapers. First, we will target all the previous injustices that people have suffered previously, You know about professor William, right? We will publish his works first this time around and also publish the book of professor Hague which was previously banned by the Imperial University. I will also be announcing that all the slaves in my domain will be freed in 2 years. This will be our attack against the Royal family this time around. While this will also increase the morale of slaves because of our public announcement. I hope to remove the resentment that the slaves will have against us because we purchased them. Yes, we will also start to make hit pieces on Prince Hector every day on his antics. We will make him a laughing stock."

    Glenn was surprised after hearing John and spoke, "Lord, wouldn't this make us straight enemies of the Royal Family? I think it would be quite radical if we claim to free the slaves after 2 years and even if we are to free them after 2 years why don't we do it discreetly where no one bats an eye. Not a single Lord has claimed to free all of their slaves publicly over 100 years in the domain of Aelius Kingdom. Those who claimed publicly were silenced immediately by the parties whose interests were harmed. And it was mostly done by the mercenaries funded by Aristocrats. This time even the Mercenary groups who are not funded by the Aristocrats would see this as an attack on their interests."

    Even Taylor, Tornwall and co were quite surprised by John's proclamation as this was an attack on most of the aristocrats of the kingdom.

    Sally smiled after hearing John and was the one who spoke now, "It seems you have made your decision now."

    John had eyes that were filled with resolve as he spoke with a grave tone, "Yes, I won't be taking back my decision even if the king himself is present here with his whole army. You see I never liked the practice of slave trading from my childhood. This may be my first-time publicly proclaiming my opinions on Slave trade but this time we are prepared to fight them since they have touched my bottom line. And I am someone who is not a pushover. Do they think I am of Lorr family who will submit so easily? Since they decided to target me and my people then they should be prepared for a bitter battle against me. I am someone who remembers his grudges and would finish my enemies so that they can't attack me or dare to attack me in the future. They want a piece of North-frontier town, they better be prepared to lose a piece as well."

    Sally was quite surprised after watching the resolve of John and understood that he won't be taking back his decision.

    Sally sighed and spoke, "Before you announce I want to reveal something or it might affect you guys."

    She continued, "I am actually the daughter of King Lionheart but I am an Illegitimate daughter born out of circumstances so this might affect you. I think I should leave or else the Royal family might use my kidnapping as a pretext to attack you guys."

    John smiled as heard her, "I expected your background to be something of this sort. You don't need to worry. Even if you were not present, they might find another pretext to attack us. So you can remain or leave as you wish."

    Sally murmured, "Both of you are stubborn. I guess you more stubborn than him. I guess you are prepared for a big war."

    Eva was quite surprised today after hearing these many shocking things in a single day.
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