166 97. Songs have power that can bring down kingdoms.

    John immediately indicated to everyone in the conference, "Okay, continue with the meeting, we need to take a lot of decisions today,"

    A lot of people were shocked by the background of Sally but still calmed down and focused after hearing John's roar.

    Mayor Sam was the first one who gave his opinions, "Lord, won't the royal family instantly support Duke Fjord with such a decision? As this might backfire us."

    Tornwall smiled as he understood why were these radical decisions taken by John suddenly after the verdict of King Lionheart. He thought, 'I guess the creation of the Cannon was one of the major reasons and the discovery of Aurora Island why lord has decided to take these actions. I guess Lord's plans are moving forward to create a kingdom. However, there will be a lot of blood. I guess the Royal family will only pay for it because of their greed.'

    After Hearing Sam, Tornwall spoke with a smile after hearing Sam's doubts, "Mayor Sam, Even if they support Fjord we have our ways this time around. This is one of the major reasons why Lord is taking important decisions."

    Hearing Tornwall, most of the people in the room understood the duo (John and Tornwall) again must have created something new. Sam nodded and waited to hear them out.

    John too smiled and asked, "Tornwall, are the Cannons ready for mass production? If not how much time it would take?"

    A lot of people were confused as they didn't know about the Cannons.

    Tornwall slowly explained about the Cannons to everyone present here today. All the people were surprised and were with amazement and wonder at both Tornwall and John.

    Wilson spoke after hearing Tornwall, "No wonder, Lord gave them the blueprints of the Ballistas so early. And I always wondered about the rationality of giving our state of art weapons to them."

    Taylor immediately reminded everyone, "However, everyone must remember that if it is exposed to anyone from you guys, you will be treated with treason. You guys might already know about the fate of the guys who ratted about the Ballistas earlier. It was good that none of opened your mouth earlier."

    Everyone in the room understood the importance of Cannons and the responsibility which came with their positions for knowing state secrets.

    Tornwall answered John, "Yes Sir, They are ready to go into production any time around. You only need to give approval for the start of operations. This time they were quite easy to make because of the blueprints as well as the explanations and specified specs to make them run which only made my and the team's work easier. Currently, I have already started working on the Steam Engines. This time I am super pumped and can't waste a single second after hearing about the encroachment of the Dwarves so we need to be cautious this time around."

    John was surprised as he smiled and nodded, "Good work, This time as a present, we will not be selling our new wines in small quantities. From now on, we will be open to selling our alcohol in large quantities however our prices will remain the same. Additionally, we will be fully exploring the beverage market with various new types of drinks. I guess we will be breaking a few hearts this time around in the Imperial Capital."

    Everyone smiled as they understood that this move by John was to target the King's Brother in law, Ben's father who was in Alcohol business.

    John continued and asked Tornwall, "Any news on Tim? Has he reached Aurora Island?"

    Tornwall nodded as spoke, "Yes Milord, they left for Aurora Island yesterday morning with other supplies, I personally met Blake who said that he was going to personally escort Tim. I think they might have already reached yesterday with the speed of their ships. With Tim and our Team of Engineers over there. They might have already started building the other remaining infrastructure for ammunitions and other necessities. I have also given him a copy of blueprints for making ships at our shipyard in Aurora Island. This will be a big test for him."

    John nodded and headed to the next topic which needed attention, "Good going. Taylor, what is the current strength of our armies."

    Taylor immediately reported, "We currently have a total of 30,000 men in all of our forces. This was only possible because of the increased migration from other regions and our preferential policies which has attracted a lot of people. This has only increased the application for our armies after our last result when we thrashed Duke Fjord in the Eastern Seas. Part of the effect is also because of the funeral that took place previously and attended personally by you. The current population of the city is currently 1.2 million. However, this is also increasing day by day and so is the burden on food. It was only recently relieved after our last harvest which was more expected. Many people have joined farming only recently. However, there won't be a problem as they have seen the results of our farming techniques."

    John nodded and continued, "It's okay, we will transfer people to Aurora Island to increase our produce on farms and if there is less land then we can simply encroach the northern Forest, no need to be afraid of those beasts even if you face the dangerous beasts, use the Ballistas without worrying about the number of projectiles. We are anyway running the Factories 24 hours for the production of projectiles. Meanwhile, continue buying the food in huge quantities without worrying about costs. You all should remember that Human resource is the most valuable resource in this world so we won't abandon a single one of our men when it comes to basic necessities. IS EVERYONE CLEAR?"

    John ended with a strict tone that inspired everyone present.

    Everyone roared hearing John's speech, "Yes sir."

    "Continue with other reports, Taylor,"

    Taylor: "We are slowly gathering men and not forcing anyone to join the armies. Currently many are being trained in the institute. Some are young while some older. The cream of the crop this time will be transferred to Aurora Island for better training. Some of them will be training with Aurora Horses so that we can add them to our force. I think you already know about the raid on Aurora Horses last time around. Currently, our main focus is on Jake's team of 100 people who are diligently training these days. Many include Magic knights which will be one of the most lethal forces after underwater armors from Tornwall and Researcher Will's workshop is built. Henry's son.."

    Many people only thought that Aurora Horses were just different breed of Horses and didn't pay more attention to it.

    John signaled Taylor to keep quiet as he understood that he already knew Henry's son Lucious who had made a cut in the Batch of Aurora Island training.

    John asked everyone, "Are there any more questions?"

    Ryfon asked this time around, "Lord If I may."

    John nodded, "Continue."

    Ryfon spoke with a worried expression, "Lord is this really ok? At least right now? Because even Duke Rose might be afraid to support us after such action of ours. Instead, it would be Prince Lukavv who might be crazy happy with our decisions. Additionally, only 3 Castles are currently built on our Southern borders near Baron Mendez's borders, there still are 2 remaining Castles left and are being built currently. We are not fully prepared."

    This time Tornwall spoke as he heard Ryfon, "He will support us, they have got hooked to our weapons and products and after watching the firepower of Ballistas he won't be taking a neutral position if the Royal openly supports Duke Fjord. And even if he takes a neutral position he will support us in private since we can provide then weapons and expertise on infrastructure for building Castles and other armed buildings. And even if they don't support us we can still go through this crisis of food by purchasing it from the market and we also have Aurora Island for our future. And I am pretty sure that they already like the Ballistas and the superiority it provides in the seas with less manpower, Take last battle for example. Duke Fjord lost more men against him in the raid. These ballistas are enough to hook up Lord Sapphire."

    John understood Ryfon's concern and spoke in a grave manner, "It's Okay Ryfon, I understand your worries. I think every one of you has the same worries. However This time, It is necessary to determine who are our enemies and who are friends right now before the beasts in north attack us because that will be the time when we will be most vulnerable according to my analysis as that would be the time when all the other parties who want a pie in North-frontier city would attack us with full force and this includes the Dwarven kingdom and Fireabyss kingdom. Just today, Master Vlad got news from the ministers of Bluesea family that he has to return and they won't be getting any support if Vlad defies their orders however Master has declined to go after their summons. So all of you must already understand that Royal Family has already started their plans behind our backs when they decided to attack us in the last verdict. This is also one of the reasons why I didn't send anyone as they would most likely be taken a hostage in a ruse created by Lionheart. And this is also the reason why I have decided to accelerate my plans."

    Everyone's heart thumped as they heard John and understood what was going in the underwaters of the whole region of Aelius Kingdom.

    John showed a cruel smile and spoke, "This time we will be doing a blitz and let them know the real power of propaganda. They choose a very wrong enemy this time around. You see I can be very ruthless when I am angry."

    John turned to Taylor and ordered him, "Taylor, hire all the bards and employ them to sing the story of Professor Willaim. let us name the song, Who was professor Willaim."

    Most of the people were surprised as they heard John. While some wondered about the identity of Professor William.

    Professor Hague was the one who was most surprised.

    Taylor nodded and understood, "Yes Sir,"

    John continued in a serious tone, "Remember it will only work once as they would ban such song immediately. so you would have to time the singing of bards on the same date and time. You see songs have power which can even bring down kingdoms. I want everyone in the Aelius kingdom to know about this song. Make sure to make a fine song."

    Taylor noted down all the important things on a memo.

    Professor Hague was quite excited after hearing John as this was the first time he got to express his political opinions on the newspapers. He thought, 'I guess it was the right decision when I choose to join North-frontier Town. It would be worth fighting and dying for this domain and Lord John. No wonder my gut was telling me to join him."

    Glenn and others too smiled as they understood that Lord John was resolved and determined this time around to defy everyone in the kingdom.

    Sally thought in anger and sighed, 'I wonder who is crazier, you or that brother of mine. however, it seems John is fighting for his ideals this time as he believes he has enough power this time around. I won't be leaving this town or that scum father of mine would only use me as a political chip.'
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