171 102. The Arrival of Elves.

    Duke rebuked the minister as he didn't want to hear these words while he was losing ships every other minute, "I have already lost enough of my men. Deploy those weapons on our ships immediately. We can't afford to lose more men. Start mass production. It is still better than nothing. Those nobles too are getting restless nowadays after those raids and losing so many of their ships from that Upstart."

    Duke Continued as he spoke with an unmatched aura, "That count has anyway offended the king. We have nothing to worry about when we attack them. Start targeting them near the eastern port."

    He thought, 'Heck if that king really pisses me off. I might as well ally with Dwarves. They already showed me their worth after looking at those new weapons. However, their ambitions are quite worrying.'

    One of the ministers murmured to his colleague, "It looks like he has finally lost his cool."

    Other bureaucrat spoke, "Yes, however, it is good that Count John offended the King which is to our favor or else it would have been problematic attacking the ships near Eastern Port."

    The minister spoke as he heard them, "Shh... You wouldn't want to be heard by others."


    The outskirts of North-frontier city,

    Currently, there was mass production of Cannon's and rifles being carried out at one of the secret workshops on the outskirts of North-frontier City. It was currently guarded by 200 guards who were equipped with rifles and cannons in the base. None of the wild animals approached the base.

    One of the engineers asked other men, "Though we can't leave the workshop quarters for 2 months. The life here is quite good when it comes to food and alcohol."

    The dwarf looked at the boy and spoke, "It seems you are new over here. Well, those are surely the perks the only thing you may miss is your family or lover. But since it is wartime and these are precautions taken by the management. I guess these are likely our new weapon workshops as it is frequently visited by Master Tornwall and Taylor. So the security is also to be expected. However, it is compensated in the form of 5 times extra wages to everyone present. It is quite good as I am able to buy that expensive alcohol every 2 days. I miss the factory."

    The youth nodded and spoke, "Yes, I too came because of these perks and benefits. I intend to marry and buy a home in the new residential area that is being developed recently."

    The dwarf spoke gravely, "Kid, it's all good but you can never reveal about this workshop or the weapons we created here to anyone outside or you will be hunted down for treason. You already read the contract before signing, Right?"

    The kid nodded and scratched his head as he looked around, "Of course I understand the importance of hiding our important weapons. I just recently came here from the Rose Institute Currently I will work as an engineer under... I don't know. Wait, I need to find out."

    The dwarf laughed as he stopped the kid, "No need to go anywhere, Kid, I will be your supervisor kid. Don't judge me by my appearance. Come we have bigger work this time. I hope to finish tomorrow's work as well since it is wartime. My name is Redbeer."

    The kid was surprised as he exclaimed, "You are the famous Mr. Redbeer who is involved in a lot of projects in the town currently. I heard you previously handled the distillery in our town. I see why you were missing the factory."

    Redbeer stroked his beard as he frustratingly spoke, "Yeah, currently 1 one of my subordinates handles it. Lucky Basta*d. So what is your name?"

    The Kid scratched his head and spoke, "Ohh, I am sorry I still didn't introduce myself. My name is Serin. I am 19 currently. previously I worked as a farmer."

    Redbeer nodded as he headed inside, "Come, let head in."


    After 1 week,

    There were 2 elf ambassadors who were currently coming with Duke Rose on their first visit to the North-frontier domain and make a big deal with them as mentioned by Duke Rose.

    The name of those Ambassadors was Alison and Mist.

    Mist smiled and spoke after looking at the seas and the security arrangement made by Duke Rose, "Hmm... it looks like the drums of war have already been blown just by looking at the eastern seas."

    Mist turned to Rose and asked, "there is quite a lot of patrol by your men in the seas, Rose."

    Rose sighed and showed his empty hands as he explained to both of them, "Yes, even my hands are tied right now because of the northern and western borders. On the one side, there are those lackeys of Duke Fjord and on the other side, there is Blackwolf waiting for me to make a move. It will be disastrous if we are caught unprepared and hence the high amount of patrol these days. By the way, how were you able to notice about the drums of war without even witnessing one fight. I think I made sure you don't experience any skirmishes right now during our travel."

    Mist smiled and pointed in the direction of the seas and explained, "True. I was able to determine because of that."

    Rose was confused and spoke, "Because of the seas?"

    Mist pointed towards a Shark and explained, "No, it's the animals in the seas, they are quite afraid, we were able to know about war because of their emotions of fear. See, most of the sea animals are running away as soon as they spot any ships, it isn't usually the case. Even the wild Aquatic animals. I guess you too should be able to sense the emotions of the animals. I guess it is because you were never raised by elves and hence the lack of understanding from your part. You can visit us if you want to learn those techniques."

    All the people in the deck were quite astounded as they heard Mist.

    Rose nodded as he understood, Rose indicated his men to head to Eastern port quickly.


    After arriving at the North-eastern city borders, Alison commented, "It looks like this count is quite a capable man when it comes to the management of his domain."

    Mist nodded as he saw the town and all the roads.

    He commented, "The streets are in quite a good condition. Quite better than our imperial city, The travel here wasn't bumpy as I expected. Anyway, lets head on our way and see him personally for ourselves."

    Rose agreed and spoke, "Yes, that would be better."

    Duke Rose was quite respectful to both of them during their whole journey which indicated their authority and position in the Ayananore Kingdom.

    Alison exclaimed in surprise as he spotted a villager coming to North-frontier town in a bicycle, "Hoo... there are a lot of interesting things in this city apart from the papers which we were initially interested in. That tool for traveling is quite novel and interesting. Who made them, I am quite interested in the inventor?"

    One of the sailors who was originally from North-frontier town explained, "Yes, a convenient tool for traveling short distances. This was actually made by Mr. Tornwall's Workshop while the designs were provided by Count John."

    Mist noticed the Clock tower and Administrative Headquarters as he exclaimed, "I am more interested in the food and architecture over here. That palace and that unique tower seem a work of masterpiece. I heard the food in this town is quite good. Some of the famous foodie traders in the Imperial city were full of praise about that restaurant called Hope."

    Alison too noticed the Clock tower and spoke in surprise, "This is quite a masterpiece. How were you guys able to make such grand and Beautiful structures. I am sure even the queen would be mesmerized by such beautiful structures."

    He ended after looking at the Administrative headquarters in envy which looked like a palace.

    He muttered, "Going to work in that palace must be quite refreshing."

    The guide immediately explained, "Yes, this one of the proud work of our City Planner and Chief Engineer. Both of them collaborated to make this tower. The city planner, Ryfon, he is a half-elf just like Duke Rose. The Cheif engineer Tornwall, who is a dwarf. Currently, Master Ryfon is building castles in our southern borders after I asked my mates about the current situation of the City. Meanwhile, Master Tornwall is busy with his other projects. I think we will be able to meet Master Ryfon and Tornwall both during our stay. That unique tower which you saw earlier is called the Clock tower. The Brainchild of this project was Lord Jonh himself as he was the one who provided the blueprints for the clock. Because of these architectures, the tourists have increased as well. I guess Lord John had 2 things in the mind when making the Clock Tower. 1. The sense of time among the populace and 2. Potential benefits of such a unique tower."

    Alison asked confusingly, "Sense of Time? Isn't it just a unique tower with very good architecture."

    The guide shook his head, "No". He continued and explained about the use of Clock tower which surprised a lot of people on the deck who didn't know about the tower.

    Mist exclaimed as he heard about the tower in Detail. "Good, Good. Truly a masterpiece. Count John is quite a capable man to use this clock tower to such an extent."

    Mist showed a smile to Alison as both of them were quite impressed with the North-frontier domain and were quite interested in trading with them after touring the town.

    Mist spoke, "I guess trading with them would bring a lot of benefits to us. They have a number of unique products which would improve our domain. The Bicycle or paper or those wheelbarrows for example. They also have quite a good taste in the art after looking at their furniture shops. What do you think Alison?"

    Alison spoke in a serious manner, "Looking practically, there is the problem of the current war where it would be very hard to travel and trade. Well, it would still be manageable since they have these ballistas."

    Alison smiled and spoke, "We can buy some from them."

    Mist smiled and nodded, "Yes, anyway I am sure Princess would be happy if our problem of paper consumption is solved."

    Alison, "Yes, those magicians and Runemasters spend quite an amount of papers every day. which is quite irritating to her."

    Mist, "Come lets head to meet the count."


    Henry was currently meeting Shannon in a pub at Laguna city,

    Shannon opened his mouth as he saw Henry in a disguised, "I heard about your situation. So how are you right now?"

    Henry spoke seriously, "Looking for my kid, and looking for certain people who conspired against me and my family. I need your help."

    Shannon spoke as Henry, "If you are asking me to help you against Duke Fjord then I will immediately kill you here right now. Since I took the oath I will not be betraying my Lord. If you want help in finding your Kid I will use my all to find him."

    Henry hmphed and spoke, "Hmph..."

    "I want Darius. You know what happened, right?"

    Shannon thought for a bit but he still rejected, "Looking as we are old friends and as I was quite expectant about you, I won't pursue you. Though I have my differences with Darius and he isn't good as a knight but I won't let that be used. However, I won't interfere in your right to avenge your family as well. So who are you working for, right now? I hope you are not being used by them."

    Henry didn't even look as he left without saying and left a note with reading, "No one. Is it really worth it, serving Fjord?"

    Shannon was quite surprised after looking at the note.

    He thought, 'I thought he already joined someone else. I guess I was wrong.'

    He contemplated as he read the note. He immediately burned the note as he left.

    He thought, 'I guess I am overthinking.'


    Alison was quite surprised as he looked at the pharmacy and read the description of pills, "Hmm...So they have a cure for malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis? Do they really work or are these people conning the patients?"

    Alison was quite angry as he didn't like people using the weakness of other people.

    Looking at the angry Alison, The guide immediately stopped him and explained, "No, no master Alison, These guys are employed by the Administrative Headquarters themselves. All of the cure of these diseases were researched personally by Count John as he wanted to counter the Radiant Church. These medicines are only sold at the stores that are licensed by the Administrative Headquarters. There are also a lot of inspections carried out every month if those stores are running properly."

    Mist as well was quite surprised and thought, 'I guess we need to make an alliance with this count. He is quite an intelligent man if he is able to create so many things. However, my only worry is his ambitions. Maybe I can get him engaged to Princess Emena if he is suitable for her.'

    Taylor immediately came as he heard about the arrival of ambassadors from the Ayananore Kingdom.

    Taylor immediately greeted, "Welcome to Mr. Mist and Alison to North-frontier kingdom. I hope you didn't have any problems on your journey."

    Duke Rose joked as he saw Taylor, "It seems you have forgotten me after watching them."

    Taylor scratched his head and explained, "No Duke Fjord, it was only a misunderstanding."

    Mist spoke with an expression, "No, it was all good because of Duke Rose Personally escorting us. You have quite a unique city. Personally speaking, I am very much impressed by the planning of this domain. The roads are good, the streets are clean and the law and order of this city is very good. Even we the elves always have a problem in big cities when it comes to law and order."

    Taylor was flustered and spoke, "You flatter us, Milord. It was only possible because of the planning of our Lord. Why don't you come to the Administrative headquarters and talk there? Lord John will immediately head there as he is rushing with Master Ryfon after the inspection of southern borders."

    Alison agreed and spoke, "Okay, Lets head in."
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