173 104. Completing the deal.


    John currently came with Ryfon in a hurried manner to meet the ambassadors in the Administrative Headquarters.

    Hearing the rush of people everyone understood that their Lord has arrived and immediately made the arrangement for his meeting with the Elf Ambassadors from the Ayananore Kingdom.

    Taylor gave orders as soon as he spotted his Lord, "Hurry, I don't want any mistakes from you guys,"

    John greeted as he got ready and met the Ambassadors, "Sorry for being late Mr. Mist and Alison. due to the wartime, I am busy inspecting the borders. I hope you didn't find any inconvenience."

    Alison was the who spoke first, "Nope, Lets get down to business. We originally came here for the papers produced by you guys but after witnessing this city. I have changed my mind. We were quite satisfied with the treatment of your men. We were originally only going to give you guys services of nature magic for your farms in return of paper trade but this time we are willing to offer you the techniques of Nature magic. However you have to remember this, it can only be used by an elf."

    John was surprised as he understood the importance of this magic and asked, "What do you want in return?"

    Alison understood that John was wary and spoke in a calm manner, "Everything, I am especially moved by the medicines in your domain. These medicines which you have created have moved both me and Mist. We also checked if they work or not and they were quite good. It looked like a work of Miracle. We also heard that you made an announcement where you are going to free all the slaves in your domain in 2 years. While their life doesn't seem any different from common men. Even Rose is particular had never raised a voice against slavery. From this, we can see that you quite abhor slave but were forced to buy slaves for the prosperity of your domain So we have made a decision, In particular, we want to create an alliance with you guys."

    John, Taylor and Ryfon had a surprised look on their faces at the mention of an alliance. Elves very rarely made alliances and when they made one. They would always honor it.

    Taylor thought, 'Their expensive and out of the world lumber can be used to make remarkable ships. I hope this deal is a success. Just trade with the Elves would solve our problem of food."

    Mist was the one who explained to them, "We hope to send our men to study architecture and other things from your chief planner and Rose institute. We will have no cap to buy any sort of magical resources which you require at the same time you guys would sell us items without any cap. There won't be any restrictions unlike the other nations However you are not allowed to resell of our magical resources and only use them for the personal consumption of your domain. As a gesture of goodwill, we are prepared to give you the Wood from the tree of beginning. Making it into a magic staff will bring out the biggest prowess of this wood. I think all of you know the value of Wood of beginning."

    John had a confused face as he never heard of this wood.

    Duke Rose was quite shocked after hearing the offer of Mist. It seemed as if his eyes would come out from his socket when he heard him.

    Looking at Duke's reaction, John was flustered in his mind and understood the importance of this wood and the significance of this deal.

    Looking at duke's face, Mist smiled and spoke, "You don't need to be envious, Rose. He has earned this opportunity because of his courage and standing up for weak."

    Mist then turned to John and didn't press him for an answer, "You can take your time to make a decision."

    John was quite decisive whenever he made the deals for the benefit of his subjects and this time as well he immediately made a decision, "No need to wait. I have made my decision. I am ready to offer you guys the medicine formulas in exchange for a royalty fee of 7% as it is related to the patients suffering this disease however I won't be giving you the technologies of other things in my domain as they are the fruit and labor of my men. If you can learn it yourselves that won't be a problem but I won't be serving these technologies on a platter to you guys."

    Mist was surprised after hearing John's decisive answer but he smiled and spoke, "Ohh... you misunderstand us, we only wanted you to sell those items to us and in exchange, we too get access to your markets. I guess this deal from you is good as well. Do you really think, we the elves don't understand the sweat and pain gone through by an inventor to create a cure or something innovative?"

    Sarah the A.I laughed as if she heard a Joke when she heard Mist, She commented inside John's head, "Sweat and pain by this plagiarist? I guess these guys have never experienced the true power of this Lord and fast brain and the simulation power behind it. Peasants as always."

    John coughed up a bit as heard from Mist,

    Mist spoke, "Okay, we have a deal. You are a quite decisive man. However, don't take this alliance lightly young man. We always keep our words. We hope you do the same. Well, I don't think you would betray us anyway. We will be staying here for a few days. Is it okay with you?"

    John was surprised after their proclamation and spoke after hearing them, "Okay, we have a deal. I too am someone who likes to keep up his words. Taylor, make arrangements for our guests immediately. We will have a banquet tonight, I hope you can attend it and join us by completing this deal officially."

    Alison was the one who immediately jumped on John's offer, "Okay, I am any way more excited by all the delicacies of your domain. I have already heard a lot about the food of North-frontier town."

    Taylor nodded and headed to make the arrangements as he leaded both the ambassadors to their resting places.

    Duke Rose only spoke now after both of them left, "You really surprised me this time around. You know both of them can discern both truth and lies. I guess you were able to convince them as you didn't lie to them. You have really hit a jackpot this time around. I wasn't as lucky when I lied to them about a minor thing."

    John thought and spoke after hearing the Duke, "Well I never lie when I am making deals. I am not someone who likes to break a contract."

    Duke laughed as he heard him and joked, "It seems you have the blood of devils when it comes to honoring contracts. Well, they may fudge the wordings of a contract though. I hope you aren't the same."


    Sebastian opened his eyes as he saw water being thrown at him.

    Sebastian only opened his eyes to see a blurred figure in front of him. Adjusting his vision after a while, only now did he identify the figure in front of him.

    Sebastian had a grave expression as he knew who had captured him.

    Henry spoke in a grave tone, "You know what I want, right?"

    Henry continued to ask in an agitated tone, "Who ordered you to conspire against me and my family."

    Sebastian only laughed after watching the agitated figure of Henry who was breathing heavily.

    He opened his mouth and spoke, "You were a nobody who just happened to survive that ambush. You and I were simply pawns. Pawns of a bigger game that is being played by our masters."

    Henry made a cut on Sebastian's leg as he roared, "Don't Bull** and try to talk in circles with me."

    Henry remembered the bottle of Black potion which was given by Count John before he left.

    He spoke, "You know what this is, right?"

    Henry continued, "It is the same potion that forced that guy from Radiant Church to be humiliated in public by Count John. You don't want to suffer the same Torture, right? I will make sure you would beg me to kill you if you don't answer my questions. Don't forget to tell me about Darius and his schemes."

    Sebastian was someone who didn't fear death but he surely feared torture of that extent, he very well knew about Francis who had tough skin but even he was a small cat in front of count John. "Well, it was all a ploy to convince Duke Fjord that Evan was killed by Count John's men while you abandoned Evan. If you managed to survive from that fall then you would have exposed our ploy and hence the conspiracy against you. I guess your family wouldn't have suffered if you had simply died in the last assault. Darius? He is currently most likely training with his guards after he lost his eye at the hands of your wife. As for his previous actions, I guess Darius just wanted to play with your wife as she was quite a looker and hence, you know right." Sebastian smiled and spoke.

    Henry didn't even let him complete his sentence as he immediately thrust his sword into Sebastian's chest, "Fuck, all those assholes. All of them will **ing pay. This guy has the nerve to Joke while being in captivity."

    Henry had a gloomy mood as he heard Sebastian's reason for why he betrayed him earlier.

    He thought, 'It seems Count John was right when he told me about Sebastian being a spy of Prince Hector. Even if I can't target Darius, I can still target his loyal men who were present when they raided Lucy and Lucius.' He had red eyes as he thought about the last moments of his wife.


    Currently, the mercenary bandits were getting bolder day by day as they targeted any caravan which left the patrol areas of the North-frontier army.

    One of the mercenaries from the first rank guild spoke, "These guys from the north-frontier domain are quite tough unlike the beasts or other nobles."

    The mercenary head of the team took a ciggy and spoke, "Yes, it is particularly those mini-ballistas and those armors which are a pain in the ass. We lost quite an amount of men to them. And then there are those Ghosts who always target the heads of the teams from a range. I heard a lot of our spies were found in the trash bins up in the wild north. Upon inquiring we got to know from local thugs that they were done in by the Ghosts who would kill people after thorough investigation and their spying activities. The normal spies haven't been killed but all those trying to infiltrate or make relations with officials were killed. This is one tough nut to crack."

    One of the new recruits spoke. "Goddamnit, I never knew this work would be this tough. I guessed it would be a riot like the other times."

    The head smiled and spoke, "Do you really think that the Radiant Church would share a piece of pie this easily if they thought that this count was a good pushover?"

    The new recruits thought and exclaimed, "No wonder, they were able to emerge victorious in their last battle against Duke Fjord. I heard that the Fjord's had the best ships available with them."

    The head smiled and spoke, "No need to worry about Fjords. They have already made the prototype of the Ballistas and are currently arming their fleets to teeth. and there is Gold Rush and Glorious Explorer Mercenaries as well who have started moving."

    The newbie asked after hearing about other mercenary guilds, "Should we collaborate with them?"

    The head looked at the newbie and spoke as if he was looking at an idiot, "Are you an idiot? Let them suffer, we too have lost quite an amount of men. Less competition, more profit. When this city gets invaded, no one of them would remain as allies. These guys are only allies for convenience right now. Most of the people haven't shown their cards right now. This includes that count who has those demons and that master of his protecting him. However, his land would still be ravaged as he doesn't have enough power."

    The newbie shouted as he spotted 30 men trying to raid a big caravan, "Hey aren't they the Glorious Explorer mercenaries?"

    The head nodded and spoke, "Look the show is on way. I guess Joss just lost his head after losing his brother. This will be quite a show."

    The recruit asked, "Boss why don't we target those big caravans?"

    The head looked as if he was looking at an idiot, "Do you really think that those big caravans are pushovers? I guess it is your lack of experience and hence you don't understand things. Look at this raid and you will understand,"

    One of the heads of Glorious Explorer mercenaries roared, "Don't leave any one of them alive, that arrogant count will pay for his offense against Boss Joss."

    As soon as they got near, the sides of the caravans immediately fired the arrows from the mini ballistas while a Magic knight burned a rune and gave a signal to the patrol through the sky.

    All the Magic knights first used the Mini-ballistas as they killed several of the men.

    The new recruit was shocked after watching the power of the mini-ballistas and the resistance of their armor which blocked most of the arrows cast by the Mercenaries, he exclaimed

    "What is that armor? Why aren't they getting penetrated?"

    The head ordered after watching the fate of the raiders, "Come lets go, they are dead anyway."

    The recruit spoke, "Why are we leaving, boss?"

    One of the guys grinned and spoke, "You don't want to be caught by those patrols, right?"

    He spoke, "Aah, yes. I am coming boss." He immediately followed after watching others had already left.

    As expected, most of them were dead and 3 of them who tried to pass themselves as dead were caught by the patrol.

    Jay read the report as he sipped his tea,

    "Hmm... so it seems even these bastards from the Glorious Explorers have started attacking our watch posts. Do you know who hired them? Or are they doing on their own violation?"

    Marsh gave a report, "From the report of Ghosts, they and Gold Rush Mercenaries were recently hired by Duke Fjord as for others we only know their origin but not their employers. They are from the top 3 Mercenary guilds."

    Jay muttered as the number of raids increased daily which discouraged more traders every day, "It seems I need to tell John about the latest developments. What is the news about the recently built castles?"

    Marsh gave the report, "They are fully fortified with 15,000 men and ballistas while the other 7000 are at the northern borders while others remaining are in the Navy, Internal forces and special forces."

    Jay furrowed his brows and asked, "What about rifles? are they delivered?"

    "They are already delivered however they are not allowed to be used right now currently. However, there is some good news currently."

    Jay was interested as he heard Marsh, "Ohh, what is it?"

    Marsh enthusiastically talked, "Mr. Ryfon just recently completed building all the castles and we were successfully able to make a deal with the Elves. So we won't need to be worried about food currently. We will be trading with them extensively. This is what I heard from Mr. Taylor when I visited them today. So we don't need to worry about the population now after this deal. Instead, we will use this against them."

    Jay asked as he had personally recommended Joe for special training, "What about Joe? Did he accept his new appointment?"

    Marsh laughed and spoke, "Yeah, the lucky bastard will be marrying Alisa before leaving. I wonder where he got such courage to propose before leaving."

    Jay was quite surprised as he spoke with a smile, "Well, war sometimes brings the best of people and he understands that this will be a tough time for North-frontier City. I guess I will not be able to attend his wedding."
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