175 106. Charlies Plan.


    Palace of the Ayananore Kingdom.

    Princess Emena just read a report that surprised her gravely. She asked her minister, "So Mist has decided to ally with them. I never expected this sort of outcome Maybe I should visit them once."

    Minister Thomas of the intelligence department spoke, "Yes Princess, we too never expected this result of allying with that Count. However, I think this would be for better as that Radiant church in the Aelius Kingdom is at odds with them while the dwarves are slowly showing their fangs near the water borders. Buying those ballistas will come in handy for us, I am rather happy that we made this deal with that count from an interest basis. Currently, we are preparing to send people to the North frontier City according to the deal to their newly established Rose Institute. Minister Mist had a lot of praise for that count which is very rare. Meanwhile, Minister Alison has already started using nature magic on their farms to relieve them for their future harvests. He was particularly astonished by the work people did even though winter is starting. Currently, he is in love with the wines produced by that town. This time they also sent medicine of malaria, typhoid and other incurable diseases. I think this can also save you as this was vouched by themselves. So a lot of things which surprised them."

    Emena was quite surprised hearing about the cures of malaria as she was stressed recently, "Really, they have the cures for such diseases? Have they sent it?"

    Thomas nodded and spoke, "Yes, it is currently in the pharmacy with Miss Rebecca."

    Emena fist pumped and suddenly asked as she quite interested in the Count, "Good, this count seems very interesting, When is our team leaving for North-frontier City?"

    Thomas thought about the schedule and answered her, "Tomorrow I guess, Why do you ask? Wait, No, don't tell me that you plan to go there immediately without making any preparations. The situation in the North is getting dangerous day by day, Miss. I can't allow you to travel there. The Queen will kill me if she hears about this. At least let me make preparations to prepare a whole fleet for you."

    Emena was irritated as she heard him and immediately ordered, "Mist and Alison are good enough to protect me. I don't want you ratting me out to mother or else I will make sure to make your life hell with impossible tasks. are you clear?"

    Thomas shuddered as he remembered about all the rants and tasks he had to suffer in the past because of the princess. He sighed and decided to keep his mouth shut. He thought, 'I anyway can't stop her since she has decided and is resolved to go there. I will at least send dark elves from our shadow division as guards to protect her.'

    Emena looked like a 25-year-old woman with long blonde hair. She had an avg height, standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches. Currently, she was wearing a yellowish-white robe with a light yellow vest with a crown that had feathers. She also had a necklace with a diamond in it. The necklace had a lot of runes in the diamond. She had wood staff with a crystal ball on it which reflected its grandeur.

    Before leaving Emena reminded Thomas, "Okay, I am going to visit Joanna after taking the cures from Miss Rebecca. Make my preparations. okay?"

    Thomas nodded and sighed.


    Joanna was currently in bed Emena visited her, "You are still in bed, well I have a surprise for you today. This Medicine was specially sent by Minister Mist from a place called North-frontier city."

    Joanna was quite irritated as she remembered about her disease and spoke in a frustrated manner, "Haven't all the healers in the Kingdom tried their best without any results. Would this really work? I heard this malaria is a tough customer even for the best Holy light magicians."

    Emena looked at Joanna and ordered her, "Why don't you try it? you will have to take it for 15 days before you see any effects. I won't be here so make sure to take it. Plus why it is personally vouched by Minister Mist."

    Emena then looked at the servant and gave him a signal which signified that he would have to obey her orders.

    The servant replied after looking at her glare, "Yes, Madam."

    Joanna looked at the cheerful Emena and asked, "It seems you are going again somewhere this time around. By chance you aren't visiting the creator of this medicine, are you?

    Emena smiled and answered, "Yeah, your guesses are correct. Keep it a secret till tomorrow."

    Joanna sighed and spoke, "Looking at your excited face I wish, I could have traveled with you, this whole year was a mess because of this disease, even the healers are barely keeping me alive. I hope this works, well since minister Mist is vouching for this medicine I guess it will work."


    Charlie called his knight and asked, "Is the plan ready yet? I don't want to miss this opportunity. Make sure that this mission is a success."

    Knight Drew spoke with a cunning smile, "Yes, Milord, it is ready, We won't be traced back after this incident is over. I was just checking on the loose ends to make it perfect. Meanwhile, that Dog is ready to go as well. However, this action will most likely affect Fjord the most."

    Drew was a tall man with black hair and a sharp face. He was someone who would attract people wherever he visited. Currently, he was wearing an armor which was filled with runes.

    Charlie touched his chin and gave an answer while looking at a certain direction with a smile on his face, "It's okay, A weak Fjord after the war would be the best for us. Additionally, I have already made a deal with Ralph. However, that man is quite cunning, he had quite good instincts like when he abandoned the war, so we should cautious around him even though he most likely plans to backstab his father. This time, we will use that dog in this war the most."

    Drew sighed as he remembered about Blacktiger's brother and the report of North-frontier Town, "Yes, recently there has been a lot of security in that town after that last assassination attempt. Meanwhile that guy Jake isn't seen anywhere. I am guessing they are preparing something big. However this time, he can be used as it will be a full-scale war looking at how things are turning."


    Bluesea house in Fire abyss kingdom,

    Duke Friedreich Bluesea murmured as he was looking at the report sent by Vlad, "Why do I feel something bad will happen this time around. These ministers are getting on my nerves. After looking at the results of the last battle, It seems this weapon is really something."

    During one of the meetings in the Bluesea palace,

    The Minister of Trade from Bluesea house suggested, "Lord, we should bring back the Princess, the situation at North-frontier palace is very unstable currently. We shouldn't take any risks even though Vlad is with him. I heard from the reports that a lot of people are moving after the results of those ballistas in naval warfare."
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