177 108. Sudden Killings.

    Princess Emena's was just prepared to travel and was currently at the northern port in a disguise, just ready to board the ship. Thomas was currently giving orders to everyone in the shadow team to keep an eye on Princess and don't let any harm come her way. The head of the team, a Dark-elf was called Binz while some members were normal elves currently working under his lead.

    Thomas spoke to all of them, "I hope every one of you is clear about your mission. Your only job is to keep Princess Emena safe, even if it means sacrificing your life in order to keep hers intact. I also hope you guys to not to create any ruckus at that city, we are already allied with that count. Since Minister Mist Values him so much, you must understand the importance of that Lord. So, is every one of you clear on all the instructions?"

    Everyone roared in Unison with Binz taking the lead, "Yes sir, we will make sure that the princess remains safe. It is my guarantee."

    Thomas remembered what the King instructed him and spoke to his guards, "And, yes, at the same time I don't want her to find out that you guys are protecting her. She will be angry if she finds out that King's personal guards are protecting her. You all remember her disguise, right?"

    The team spoke, "We understand boss."

    Thomas sighed and thought, 'Good, that Elf King Eden was so understanding. I guess it was good that I approached him or else the Queen would have chewed me out. I guess his love for his daughter is always useful and this is also one of the reasons that Queen is pissed whenever he spoils her. I hope King Eden remains alive after this ordeal.'

    Thomas looked at the port and chased them out, "Well, go behind her and don't lose track of her. The ships will be leaving soon. I have made extra preparations this time just to be safe. Wish you all, best of luck."

    At the same time, he murmured, "Best of luck to me as well. I hope the Queen doesn't find me or she will kill me for helping princess Emena."


    Lucius was currently on Aurora Island with Jake and others as he read about the latest raid of Duke Fjords,

    Lucius knocked Clay on his head as he was poking his nose currently and asked, "Hey, I heard you met Admiral Blake, Is it true that they also have a kid in their ranks? From the news, I heard that they are engaging a lot these days with Fjord's navy."

    Clay irritatingly roared as Lucius knocked his head, "Hey, what the **. Why do you hit me suddenly when I am thinking something important."

    Julius had a face as if was saying that Clay was joking when he spoke that he was thinking about something, "You see your action of picking on your nose could have potentially blinded me, it is I who should be angry and not you, As for your thinking, it doesn't matter. Anyway, quickly answer my questions. Did you really meet Admiral Blake?"

    Clay looked at him suspiciously, "Are you planning some mischief? Usually, you don't even participate in my plans, what has suddenly changed your mind?"

    Lucius irritatingly looked at Clay who usually acted stupid, 'This guy usually isn't sharp but he has to ask questions when I am interested, this guy's instincts are good as said by other teachers. I want to participate in this war, I can't let this guy rat me out or my chances of participating in this war will be back to nil if anyone knows about it.'

    Clay looked at Lucius and spoke, "Ahh, I don't care, if it is something fun, I too will participate in this plan. You can't leave me out."

    "Ok. speak fast."

    Clay spoke as he remembered his conversation with all the guys at the port, "Well yeah, I did meet Admiral Blak when I was out near Aurora port today and it seems all of them are currently engaging Fjords while they also have a kid in their crew however that guy is bigger than us. If I remember correctly, his name is Swann. He is particularly good with those Guns which we saw earlier is what I heard from other guys. However, he is particularly weak in melee combat so currently his supervisor Captain Judd is constantly harassing him.. I mean training him every day. That's the other guys spoke."

    Lucius has cruel ruthless eyes only for a moment as he spoke this, "Hmm... It seems this guy Swann will be my Ticket in this war. I mean our ticket in this war."

    Those eyes weren't missed by Clay. Clay's instincts kicked in and he understood that Lucius certainly had some history related to Fjord's.

    Clay spoke as he understood the goals of Lucius, "Of course I will certainly join in. I can't leave my brother aside if he is going to do dangerous missions alone."

    Meanwhile, Clay completely forgot to mention that Swann and Judd were the only ones who were able to tame the Aurora Horses as he thought that it wasn't important.

    One of the officials came to find them, "Hey, you two, don't waste your time gossiping, it's time for your training, later on, you will get a chance to tame the Aurora Horses."

    Clay's eyes shined with stars as he heard about Aurora Horses and immediately ran behind scout, "Aurora Horses! Wait, I am coming."

    Lucius sighed as he saw Clay running off at the mention of Aurora Horses, he thought, 'As expected, this guy will still remain stupid. I can't expect anything better from him.'

    Meanwhile, Clay smiled as he got a chance to get away from the awkward atmosphere. He thought as he walked, 'It seems, I need to keep an eye on Lucius or he will go to have fun on his own. Anyway, lets try those exotic Aurora Horses. I have heard a lot about them from those sailors. It would be so much fun to ride them.'


    Sudden Silent Killings,

    Jonas report to Fjord, "There has been certain suspicious activities these days, Milord, would you mind if I implore you?"

    Duke Fjord's got a peculiar report right now from Jonas which was out of the norm, "What is it?"

    Jonas nodded and gave a brief summary to duke can get the gist of the case"Currently, a lot of our Knights have been disappeared or Killed in cold blood or gruesome circumstances."

    Duke furrowed his brows and asked irritatingly, "What sort of gruesome circumstances?"

    Jonas nodded and listed some of the death which his men investigated personally, "Some of our knights were castrated, some didn't have eyes, some didn't have their ears, nose or Tongue. and these cases are confusing a lot of men. A lot of knights are afraid and cautious while some are actively searching after this case. Most of the knights do go out alone at night these days in fear of getting attacked by the killer."

    Fjord asked as he thought that the situation was grave, "did you find the culprit or got any leads on who might be the culprit? do you think this might be the work of that upstart?"

    Jonas shook his head and spoke, "No, we didn't find any culprit but we got some leads."

    Fjord nodded and ordered, "Speak up. What leads did you find?"

    Jonas gave a report which he made previously and summarized it to Duke Fjord, "All the men who were killed or disappeared were connected to Lord Darius in some way is what I concluded from my observations. Only One guy is different from the picture. However, he didn't die gruesome deaths. This guy's name is Sebastian, He was the one who survived the ambush by that Count when Lord Evan died. I think this work is most likely the work of Disgraced Knight, Henry. As this is the only conclusion I came from all the links. I think you already about his situation when Lord Darius tried to ... "

    Duke Fjord irritatingly stopped him as he heard about the previous disgraceful incident of Darius and spoke, "Enough. I got the gist of it. So according to you, Henry is the culprit."

    Admiral Shannon was quite surprised after hearing the conclusion of Jonas and concluded, 'This guy is very dangerous. With this guy, Lord Grim will most likely inherit the throne as long as this guy doesn't have bigger ambitions. It seems my doubts were the same as well since Henry met me previously. However, it also seems, he isn't targeting anyone unrelated to Darius. I guess he still doesn't want to kill unrelated personnel.'

    Jonas nodded and gave his conclusions, "Yes, Milord, he is most likely doing this to avenge her wife. However, with these leads, we can catch him more easily as he is targeting Lord Darius's men and we can lay a trap for him. And there is one more reason why he is acting currently. It is because of our current loss in the seas which was spread all over the kingdom by that Upstart. Henry is most likely targeting the morale of our army so more men desert us."

    Duke Fjord frustratingly accepted this result and gave his orders, "Damn all of these traitors. They can't leave me alone even after all the damage they have done to me. Okay, we will go with your plan. I want a public hanging of this bastard if he is caught. This will make sure that no one ever tries to betray me ever again. You will be in charge of catching that man. From now on, you can also join us at the strategy meetings. You seem to have good analytical abilities."

    Fjord murmured at the same time, "After such a long time I was able to calm down the people in domain after getting my hands on those ballistas and now I hear this."

    Jonas was surprised as he heard Fjord's decision and was quite happy as he accepted Fjord's offer, "It will be an honor to serve you, Milord."

    At the same time, Grim was smiling from ear to ear after hearing Fjord's decision to allow Jonas in his meetings. "This will strengthen my power in the inner court."

    There was hubbub from all the ministers as they heard Fjord's decision and understood the reason behind it.

    Erin too nodded as he thought, 'A good appointment, this guy is quite good at strategizing and analyzing his opponents.'
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