196 127. Beasts Invasion?

    John asked about other important matters to Marsh, "Any news from the informant?"

    Marsh nodded and gave a letter, "Yes, Interior Minister Taylor has prepared men and all the resources required to make a base here. Those men will be traveling here today to fortify the base."

    John nodded and continued, "Good, on time as always, Did the informant spoke anything about Jay's Operation."

    Marsh shook his head as he spoke and gave a voice rune to John, "No, it was Arlen's subordinate who came to deliver information orally that there were no problems as the ghosts didn't let people enter the North-East Zone and cannon results have been over the expectations and their operation is going really well. Minister Jay particularly mentioned that the Runic Canons were quite handy and their results were over the top. He feels that they can even fight a group of dragon knights with this cannon. Here is the voice rune which is addressed to you."

    John nodded as he got the gist of the current situation after hearing the rune, "Hmm... Okay, prepare to fortify the base. Tomorrow we will be hunting them near their base If they come out of that den. We can't let them relax."

    The next day there was a furor at Jim's Base when his men didn't return.

    Jim asked his subordinate with a grave tone, "What happened, why has not a single guy return yet? what happened to their operation?"

    The subordinate answered cautiously, "Sir, today a horse carriage came with a few dead bodies came and it looks like, those were our men who went out to raid them at night. It looks like there is a serious situation."

    Jim asked with a grave tone, "What sort of situation?"

    Subordinate gave a report from their spies, "Some of our men are being paraded naked inside North-frontier city and the trade routes. It looks like even Captain is also present among those men. We just got this information from our trader spies. What do we do?"

    Jim was completely furious as he heard this news, "They dare to humiliate us in such a way. They certainly are looking for death. Prepare our men to raid their patrols. I can't let this pass away."

    Joss knew about the incident and knew that Jim would get angry, He spoke in a calm manner, "Don't get sucked into the pace of our enemies. Who knows they might be intentionally provoking us to take action. We already know the fate of our men from last night, right? You don't want to ruin the whole plan, right?"

    Hearing Joss, Jim thought a bit and replied with a calm, "It seems this is likely the case. Okay. I will listen to you for a while. However, they need to be taught a lesson. Our men would lose morale slowly if don't do something."

    There wasn't a big reaction from Jim as he thought about it but currently, his men were being humiliated in the North-frontier city day after day. He was barely able to keep his anger in check.

    During these 2 days, John had completely built a base as they were patiently waiting for their enemies to come out.

    During these 2 days, whenever Jim's men headed out to raid near NF City, they were always being hunted by John and his men. They never understood how John and his men were able to spot them so early from a distance which led to their ambushes. While their own ambushes failed whenever they regrouped as Anak's men always knew about their positions.

    Not a single man was able to survive the onslaught of Anak and his men. A lot of Ordinary Mercenary groups lost their men in big numbers during these 2 days. The mood around North-frontier city was getting better day by day after the robbing incidents were reduced.

    One of the old men spoke as he looked at the frequent border patrols, "It feels so peaceful these days."

    One of the commoners laughed and spoke, "Yes. Did you too read the latest paper about the parade of those mercenaries."

    Old man, giving a cheeky smile, spoke, "Nah, I actually attended it yesterday."

    After 2 days, Jim read one of the newspapers to get some political news of North-frontier city and their movements, He roared as soon as he saw an article, "What is this bull** written in this newspaper? Who is this guy Ealdron? He needs to be taught a lesson to humiliate Goldrush mercenaries."

    He was fuming after watching a sketch of his subordinate and his men who were being paraded almost naked by the army men inside NF City.

    Jim fumed as he continued, "I can't take this humiliation any longer. We need to act, we can't wait any longer for the ballistas to arrive. That enemy general is frigin arrogant after beating 300 of our men. I will show him what is a real army."

    Joss sighed as he saw Jim. He knew that this would happen as soon as Jim read the newspaper but he couldn't stop him, he explained, "You see you are only going to get more provoked if you read that news. We need to endure for some time before we make a thorough plan. They are provoking us, can't you understand that?"

    Fuming in anger, Jim roared at Joss for his cowardice, "So you mean we should sit back like ducks fearing those Ballistas without doing anything? Our name will be ruined if we don't do anything after so much humiliation. The whole nation knows about these incidents already and you want me and my men to endure? The morale of our men increased just recently because of the arrival of the Royal army but how is it now? Since they can parade our men and humiliate us daily. We might as well as kidnap their men and parade them naked over here. This time I have a plan which will make sure that they can't use their Ballistas."

    Joss furrowed his brows and answered, "Well, I ain't sending my men if you are persisting. I ain't stopping those who want to go. As for that Ealdron guy, he is protected by Secret service already. Do you think others haven't tried to kill him and make an example? Prince Hector tried a lot as well only to end in failure with his men being found in the trash. Most of the Journalists are already protected by Ghosts."

    Jim tried to intimidate Joss as he roared, "Fuck it, then, I am going alone if you don't intend to join me. I will show them how it is done."

    Jim's men and some mercenary groups decided to join him after facing such humiliation day after day. Many men were present from their groups in the previous raid during that night.

    Jim mocked him and went to make preparations, "Hmph... You can sit all you want. We ain't attacking their base. We will go past it and attack the traders and village. Lets see if those guys come to save the villages or not. You can rest easy for now. Don't come crying if we keep all the glory and loot."

    One of the leaders of Mercenary groups spoke, "Yes, we can't take this lying down, we already lost enough men to that barbarian General, Anak, he must be taught a lesson. Just previously he humiliated us by killing all of our men fighting single-handedly in an ambush. Who does he think he is? I can't even bear to watch him in my presence."

    Hearing him, a lot of other guys joined him as well, "Yes. We can't let this slide. We have to take a stand, now or never."

    4000 men from the various groups joined Jim as they prepared for dispatch and create havoc in the nearby villages which had good relations with North-frontier City.

    Joss sighed and thought, 'Jeez these can't wait for the Ballistas to arrive and attack later. These guys are impatient at every opportunity. They think they were the only ones who lost men.'


    Marsh and other scouts reported to John after looking at movement at the Base of Goldrushers.

    John smiled as he heard this, "It looks like they are quite simple. They weren't even able to endure for a few days. Good, Getting provoked and suckered so easily is good for us, The newspapers are quite good at angering my enemies. That's why I like these muscleheads. Very well, Tell the men that we are leaving. I would like hunting these guys today, Start making preparations. You guys can have your revenge today for Greenwoods village since those gold-rushers have taken a bait."

    Marsh reported as he got a letter from scout, "Sir there is one important report we received from Lord Taylor."

    John nodded, "What is it?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Marsh opened the letter and spoke, "It looks like Jay and his men were able to complete the mission in the past 3 days. Right now, half of the men are protecting and building the road and other infrastructure to connect to Winter City. While the one fourth is headed for Winter city."

    John thought as he read the report, "Hmm... I don't think it was possible to do it this fast. Even with the fastest speed, it would take 4 days at least if they complete the operation without rest. What happened? Explain in detail."

    Marsh nodded and explained, "It looks like Lord Ross too had started to penetrate inside the northern forest from the east and hence double the speed. Even Lord Jay was surprised after hearing noises in the forest only to find the answer later on."

    John smiled as he heard Marsh, "Good, good. Now this good news for us. About the cannons?"

    Marsh, "They are already headed for the borders with 1/4th of our army. However, they aren't going to be used unless the situation is grave as reported by Jay. Meanwhile, there is one problem, General."

    John furrowed his brows as he heard Marsh, "What is it?"

    Marsh gave another letter which was given by Arlen, "It looks like Prince Hector has managed to convince Duke Norman and they are bringing an army to Dolores on the pretext that we invaded them previously. A lot of Nobles have joined them but a lot of other nobles who have a trade relationship with us haven't responded to Duke's call on the pretext of problems with their neighbors and lack of trust. Ghosts have found army movements from a lot of territories."

    John nodded and he prepared to assault Jim of Goldrushers, "Hmm... A lot of Moves already. This doesn't seem normal. Well, we will use the best ballistas for now. No cannons unless the Radiant Church or the Royal Family react. Ok, lets prepare to head out. Those guys look up to no good from the way they are mobilizing. However, they are up for a surprise today."


    Jim and 4000 of his men prepared to Charge on their horses, After reaching halfway near the villages, they split in two groups. Both heading for different villages, Watching this, Marsh was immediately alerted and reported it to John,

    Hearing Marsh, John had a grave face as he looked at the directions they were heading, he spoke in a grave tone, "Judging by their direction, it looks like they are heading for 2 nearby villages and plan to do something over there. They most likely intend to take hostages. Come, we don't have much time, we are chasing after them. Marsh, you will lead your men to chase the group heading South-east, I will be heading South-west. We can't let the same thing which happened at Greenwoods Village happen here again. I am sure everyone understands the significance of this operation."

    Marsh nodded with a serious as he too lost a friend of his when the Greenwoods Village massacre took place, "Yes, I will make sure that they can't achieve their goals again. This time they will pay an unimaginable price for their cruelties. Right men?" Marsh roared and asked his men,

    All of the men responded with their voices full of emotion, "Yes, Sir. This time all of those guys will be killed without any hesitation. Such men don't deserve our mercy."

    John nodded after hearing them and left to chase the group with his men at Southwest.

    1000 men left with Marsh while John left with the remaining 1000 men. leaving 500 men to protect his base.

    Meanwhile Luke read a report about a blockade at North-east while there was a lot of mobilization taking place over there. He furrowed his brows as he spoke, "What are they doing over there that not even officials aren't allowed to enter that Place."

    Elison nodded and spoke, "Yes, Sir, it looks serious to me, many of our spies who tried to get some news from there were found dead today near the city. The only official information provided is that they are building a military factory over there and No one is allowed to trespass over there. It looks like the Count himself is over there since a lot of people weren't able to meet Count directly these days. Even Minister Jay was moved from the border at the south to North-east as what we know from our spies. Interior Minister Taylor was handling all the official matters currently. So these are my guesses. Or maybe, the Beasts have finally started their onslaught and they intend to keep it hidden and pass through the storm quietly."

    Luke nodded and asked with confusion, "When did he become Interior Minister?"

    Elison nodded and gave a report, "Yes, recently he was assigned that post from the count himself. I think he was given the post before he left for North-east's Military base."

    Luke thought and spoke, "Hmm... Interesting, Well, Ok, It seems that the Beasts may have started something or they are planning something since all of the spies that tried to infiltrate died. Report it to capital about the current situation. Remember not to miss a single detail. Any other news?"

    Elison thought a bit and spoke about the previous reports he heard, "I think you already know about Goldrush mercenaries and the frequent raids done by Count John's new general. Recently the instances of Robbery have reduced. While Prince Hector and Duke Norman have rallied their men towards the borders of Dolores. They would most likely reach with their army by tomorrow or day after tomorrow."

    Luke nodded as he knew about those movements, "Yeah, I know about it, it doesn't concern us. Let them fight themselves, Report me when Lord Irwin moves his troops or the Radiant church."

    "Okay, Milord." Elison nodded and left to prepare a report.
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