197 128. I am not a Knight.

    Jim was a nearing to the village with his men as they saw Marsh and his men coming with frenzy in their eyes, Jim and his men smiled as they spotted Marsh's army and the desperation in their eyes to protect the village.

    Marsh's men were only 2 km away from them.

    Jim saw Marsh's angered face and then the villagers as he let out a cruel smile and ordered his men, "Quick take them hostage, kill if anyone resists. They won't fire those ballistas if we use civilians. They will be forced to fight in melee. Let's see how they act arrogant now that their fangs are broken. This time that General would not be able to save a single person from his army."

    Being mercenaries, none of them had any problems obeying his orders as they started taking people hostage or killing them if required.

    "Noo.....!" One of the villagers roared as he resisted before getting pierced by Jim.

    One of the mercenary leaders laughed and spoke seeing Marsh and his men charging at them in desperation, "Hahaha, lets if they will fire at us now that we have these people hostage. Their arrogance will be crushed today. Their very confidence comes from their Ballistas. They are nothing without it."

    One of the kids shouted as he witnessed the massacre before getting taken hostage, "Hey, what are you doing?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Marsh cursed as soon as he witnessed the scene, "Fuck these shameless assholes. They will resort to any means possible. Don't shoot the Ballistas, we will engage them in melee. However, none of these guys will be able to survive. Come rush with me, Amber."

    "Shoot." Shouted the kid as he saw Marsh trying to engage the Mercenaries in melee.

    Jim smiled as he killed the kid while teasing Marsh at the same time.

    "No..." The kid roared as he his eyes depicted immense anger and pain at his helplessness.

    Marsh was flabbergasted.

    Marsh remembering his previous training ordered his men, "Charge. Don't stop."

    Marsh's men charged at Jim and his men without waiting because they knew that his enemies would anyway kill their hostages and attack them at the same time after watching the previous scene. This time instead, they charged at them so that can't get any time to defend. They instinctively charged as they were trained by John for various scenarios.

    Looking at Marsh and Amber Charging at them,

    Jim laughed as he ordered, "It seems you can only blame them. Kill them, Take some hostages. If you guys want their lives then drop your weapons."

    Jim and his men killed some villagers as they created some distance with Marsh and co while taking some hostages.

    At this time, it was Amber who roared and charged after looking at the scene and Marsh's indecisiveness, "Men, We can't hesitate since they have hostages. Now is the time to show our resolve. Do you want to see more of the common men die under their hands? Charge and shoot at them."

    All the officers jolted back to action after hearing Ambers roars who bought them back to reality. Marsh only realized now how big of a mistake he did previously by not attacking them and he looked at Amber with an astonished face who brought back the morale of their unit.

    Marsh and Amber charged at Jim as they prepared for their first clash. This time Marsh and his men were outnumbered but were full of rage as they charged after watching the massacre. Without waiting for a warcry, The men clashed, and in the first clash, Jim clashed with Amber who fought him head-on. They were equally matched, Jim was astonished to find that Amber was able to fight him on equal terms as he was someone who had a lot of experience.

    Amber thought after his first clash, 'Training with General has certainly improved my Senses. I was even able to detect his bloodlust and parry with him almost immediately. That guy was certainly hiding the real length of his Sword.'

    Jim was surprised as he looked at Amber and then found that 400 of his men fell from the first assault while not a single man from the enemy fell.

    Jim thought as he looked at Amber Curiously, 'This rookie is quite dangerous being able to fight with me on par. He was able to rouse his army after such a psychological shock. This guy needs to die.'

    Jim looked at his enemies and his men as he exclaimed after looking at the result, "How is this possible? Do you have any reason?"

    Jim's subordinate explained as he observed something, "It's because of those armors. while Our Armors weren't able to do anything against their weapons. We are certainly fighting on a handicap."

    Jim then noticed that a lot of guys were rescued by the soldiers as a lot of their enemies also had scar marks on their armors and his men weren't able to penetrate them. He nodded and understood.

    Marsh immediately ordered his men after getting out of his lull, "Fire your mini-ballistas. Make sure to target their horses. If possible target to kill those guys who don't have any hostages."

    Marsh looked at Amber and nodded as he thought, 'I am glad that this guy joined us today.'

    Immediately, Marsh's men took their Mini-ballistas and fired in the direction of their enemy as they switched to their swords and immediately charged ahead.

    Jim immediately gave orders after the first assault, "We are leaving, We will regroup with them and attack again. They have peculiar armors, very hard to penetrate which is very unfavorable for us in this battle. We will try fighting them in the forest."


    Sandro smiled and said after spotting Jim and his men leaving their base, "It looks like that rookie has finally decided to act. Shall we start as well? He would make for nice cannon fodder for us."

    Wilkins licked his lips and said with a cruel smile, "Yes, We can't miss this opportunity. After all, we already possess this. Meanwhile, from the reports, it seems that their Defence minister, Jay is not at the borders. This is a good chance for us. The radiant church has also given permission to use it. This time, that Count will be quite shocked to find that things won't go according to his wishes. He is just a small fish with a heap of gold and weapons which he shouldn't possess. Hahaha"

    Sandro nodded as he left with Wilkins.


    At John's side in South-west, He was chasing the Goldrush mercenaries, he and his men immediately Charged towards Jim's subordinate who was heading for the village with his men.

    Knowing the dilemma, John immediately ordered his men to shoot the Ballistas and Mini-ballistas at their enemy's group.

    Looking at the Ballistas and Mini-ballistas firing from a distance, a lot of commoners were alerted and headed inside their houses. They were quite frightened after this sudden action.

    Looking at John's ruthless reaction, Jim's subordinate shivered as he saw the ruthless cold-blooded eyes which wouldn't even blink if they took hold of Hostages. He found himself in a pit as his men were going to face the ballistas.

    Some of the mercenaries took Hostages to save their lives but The mini-ballistas didn't stop as they immediately targeted them while the big ballistas shot the rear end of the Mercenaries who weren't able to get hold of hostages.

    John himself took one of the Mini-ballistas and shot them at one by one. All of them were shot in the head without missing the target. One of the guys near Jim's subordinate was shot by John's arrow. The guy was shot with an arrow on his head. John smiled as he looked at their enemy general which said that he wouldn't care even if they took hostages and was intending to catch him.

    John smiled as he looked at the enemy general and roared, "Do you really think I am a guy who is this weak-hearted in front of petty morals? Remember this, I am not a Knight. I am a ghost who doesn't mind doing dark dirty deeds."
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