202 133. Plan of Joss.

    Currently, Joss had a grave face as he clearly watched the previous attack where John used the space slash which only increased his resolve to kill Anak, 'This guy has to die. I better report this to Prince Hector and Duke Fjord. This guy will be a very big headache for us if he lives. That attack certainly contained Space and wind elemental magic to clear his enemies from the path. And now Fire, dark and wind element magic, how many more elements can he use? This guy is really a monster. We can't fight this guy in melee, It would be a total massacre against this guy in melee. he is clearly more dangerous in melee fights as he will his speed to his advantage. We need someone on General Bellion or Irwin's level over here. Where the ** did that count find such a guy. Even Dukes themselves have 1 such guy with them.'

    Joss ordered his team of 30 men with a grave tone, "Attack on my signal with your best magic and sword attack, It doesn't matter if you attack that Musclehead Jim as well since he is engaging, I don't care anyway. Attack with long-range attacks only, This time I have a plan. If we fail, we will run away, No need to worry about any consequences. Is it clear?"

    Everyone smiled and agreed, "Yes, Boss."

    Joss released a signal while Jim was clearly angered by John who was simply playing with him the whole time. He charged with full force as he used his best attack, The wolf wind Slash to kill John which was clearly lethal if not countered.

    "Die." Roared Amber as he charged to attack John.

    On the other side of the battlefield.

    This whole time, there was a gruesome battle taking place on Amber's end as he was clearly influenced by John and started using kiting tactics as well. There were ballistas going off in all directions as Amber's own team was protecting the Ballistas. During this time Amber noticed that a particular Ballista was heading in John's direction as John was fighting with Jim. With a clearly angered face, he murmured and ordered as he looked into the direction from where the Ballistas came, "It seems they really don't care about their lives, Men increase the intensity of our attacks, I want all of those ballistas turned into ashes. We are invading the walls. Kill those dogs of Antonio and Hector. They dare try to assassinate our General."

    "Kill." Roared the men as they heeded Amber's orders.

    The enemies were clearly Intimidated by Amber's roar as they charged towards Ballistas with more fervor.

    Amber charged with his men from the front as he attacked with his fire sword towards his enemies.

    John was attacked with various magic's from Joss's men as Joss mocked Jim's naivety,

    Joss inwardly thought as he looked at Jim who was fighting for his life, 'Fool. Do you really think that I would fight such a monster head-on? Hmph.'

    With an ominous foreboding, John felt killing intent from his back as he saw a Ballista attack which was coming straight at him.

    With nowhere to run, he sighed and murmured after looking at Joss, "It seems that guy is the most cunning of them all. From the looks of it, he doesn't mind sacrificing this musclehead while refusing to engage head-on. I guess I have no choice but to use that move."

    With enemies on his side and two attacks from the sides, on from the front and other from behind. He finally decided to use it.

    Marsh, at last, finally watched the attacks in the final moments as he hoarsely roared, "Men, protect your general. We can't let their scheme succeed."

    With a look of horror on his face, Jim looked at the direction of Joss as he saw his smile, he cursed, "Damn you, traitor. You dare cross me and conspire against me. If I come out alive, I will make sure I cut you into pieces. You want to sacrifice me along with the enemy and earn all glory."

    At the last moment when the Ballistas were about to come in contact with him, John smiled as he disappeared completely.

    There was a completely shocked expression on Jim's face as he clearly watched what happened but it was too late as he got stuck by the explosion and attacks from Jim and his men. Joss had a grave face as he saw that John was nowhere to be found.

    Marsh was charging with his men as he saw that John was 50 meters away from the site of the explosion.

    He too was completely shocked by the speed of Anak.

    One of the soldiers remarked, "Damn, what was that speed?"

    Marsh immediately came to his senses and ordered, "Stop your chattering, Charge and kill those schemers. and get near General, Anak. Check whether he is injured or not. We can't leave any of these scums alive if anything happens to General."

    Meanwhile, Amber's men were completely charged as they had increased the intensity of their attacks. Prince Hector's Subordinate cursed as he saw that Anak was alive while Anak was looking at him with a teasing face. He immediately shivered after remembering the previous clash.

    'I am **ed. That guy won't let me go.'

    "Attack with a more faster pace."

    Suddenly one of the gates collapsed while the last Ballista on the wall fell as Amber's men were concurrently targetting the walls. They were now free to move and attack the mercenaries with their ballistas.

    The Mercenary Head charged at Amber after losing 7000 of his men to reach Amber's squad.

    However, without even a chance to fight, he was immediately torn to shreds as Amber gave the order to clear the battlefield of enemy commanders.

    The Head was completely shocked after finding out that one of the ballistas was fired in his direction. he saw the ballista in horror in his last moments as he used Earth magic to protect himself however it was completely futile and was torn to shreds.

    The aftermath of Joss's and the Ballista's attack left Jim fully bloodstained as he was dripping blood from all the sides as he looked at Joss and Prince Hector's Subordinate with hatred. However, Joss was near the gates as he left and ran inside gates without looking back.

    'It's good that the rune came to use.'

    He saw the battlefield in horror as there were bodies lying around. Coming to his senses, he ordered his 500 men to head back as he forgot that he was currently poisoned, "We are leaving."

    However, as he was leaving he found that he was dizzying out as poison kicked in his system while Marsh charged at him with his men.

    Without waiting for anything, Marsh attacked and charged with his water magic clad on his sword towards Jim.

    Jim cursed as he discovered his fate, "Fuck, it seems I am really Poisoned, I should at least take this man out before dying."

    At the last moment before attacking, Jim staggered as he was penetrated by Marsh's sword and fell on the ground without any movement.

    In the last moments, Jim cursed, 'Fuck, I am dying to this guy instead of that General.'

    Marsh with cold ruthless eyes spoke, "This was for killing those villagers. I wish I could have tortured you much more before killing however I can't let you escape and do more of such massacres."

    John smiled as he watched the scene of Marsh Killing Jim, 'I guess he has learned his lesson. As I always say, Mercy to enemies is ruthlessness to your allies. That's the motto you should follow."

    After the conclusion between Jim and Marsh's men, Marsh's men emerged victorious after the fall of Jim. John approached Marsh and commented, "Good Job. It seems you have hardened your resolve unlike your previous self. It seems Amber was able to handle such a scale of battle. Lets go and Join him."

    All of them answered, "Yes, Sir."

    The mercenaries who were out of order without their leaders scrambled to run but were one by one soon targeted and killed by Amber and his men.

    At this time more of the Gates collapsed as Multiple Ballistas hit it and the walls couldn't withstand the barrage of Ballistas. There was horror in the faces of guards who were guarding it as Amber's army slowly marched towards them in complete order.

    With a smile, John came with Marsh and others as he killed the remaining mercenaries outside the wall, He spoke to Amber with a big smile, "Hahaha, good job. You did well commanding the soldiers. I was watching the whole time. It's good that you don't value honor but valued the lives of your men."

    Amber scratched his head as he smiled and spoke, "Thanks, General, it would not have been possible without you as you always emphasized that I should always take care of my men. Marsh, it seems you were finally able to smile after killing that Bastard."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Marsh nodded as he smiled and answered, "I guess that's true, That guy opened whole new thinking for me. Come lets march. We need to finish this menace once and for all. Right men," He roared at the end which was reciprocated by others.

    When Joss was leaving the border town, Prince Hector's subordinate roared at him after watching him loot Jim's camp and escaping all by himself, "Where are you going? You can't leave us hanging against that demonic general. Weren't you hired by Prince Hector."

    Joss laughed after listening to this idiot and reminded him one last time with a little bit of killing intent, "You think you can survive? The walls here are already down. As far as hiring goes. I care more about my life and my main employer currently is Duke Fjord where my job was to divert the war from seas towards lands. My work here is done. You guys handle that count and this mad general on your own. Do you think we can resist them? Nope. And you should remain in your limits while you are talking to me." The guy gulped a bit and listened.

    Joss continued as he pointed in the direction of Amber who was watching both of them with cold bloodthirsty eyes, "Run if you want to live because that man is coming for your life. Do you think he didn't notice your order to kill his general from the walls? He would most probably defy the orders of his General when it comes to killing both of us. Well, you should blame your greed and should have prepared a Plan B when you agreed with my deal. See ya Boys, I am on my way."
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