211 142. Various Movements.

    Johnson smiled as he remembered about the scandal where he was forced to leave radiant church publicly and asked, "I heard, the mercenaries you hired are all dead. You must have faced quite a big loss time around."

    Francis smiled as he shook his head and answered, "Well, it's good either way since we got some valuable information after the previous battle of Count John and Mercenaries while I won't have to pay them for other services as all of them are dead while the Royal family is intervening personally. Meanwhile, Hell's Mercenaries were able to escape the ordeal that other mercenaries faced since they were at Gritos after the incident of Greenwoods Village so overall it was a good investment. However, that new General is bad news for us. Most of the Cardinals too agree with this notion. Our top priority this time is to kill that general since he will be our enemy no matter what whether he is in Count John's camp or the King's camp. This time your main job is to kill that General and try to get your hands on Ballistas and the Printing tech. The latter 2 alone would suffice to dominate this continent and spread our ideology at a faster pace. The devils are already in contact with dwarves so we need to be careful. It is only the range of Violent beasts at the north that is protecting us from those devils."

    Johnson nodded and spoke, "Hmm... Ok. We would anyway be attacking them in 4 days since we have a change in plans after we got new information about the range of those new ballistas. This time Erwin would start the invasion. It seems Lionheart has some surprises ready for us. As far as the devils are concerned, we shouldn't worry about them as most of the Devil tribes are divided."


    The next day,

    John laughed as he read the official letter of Ambassador Luke, "Luke, what do you think? I would agree with your proposal or not? Do you really think that I would give up my General while you guys are eyeing me like tigers who can't wait to eat me? Or do you think that I am a fool and would cause mutiny in my army?"

    John smiled and continued with a tone of mockery, "You yourself should know why the situation has boiled up to this point. You guys supported Mercenaries indirectly and hence even your normal soldiers felt burnt of it. As far as Sanctions are concerned, I don't really care now. Worst comes to worst, we will hunt the beasts from the forest and wait for the next harvest."

    Luke thought that John was simply bluffing, he smiled and asked, "What if we lift all the sanctions up? What we want is cooperation with mutual interests. And don't try to hide your problems, we know that the beasts have already started their invasion in the north-east and you guys are occupied with them. Do you think you can really face war on all sides? Even the Bluesea demons are occupied with themselves and Prince Chad who is giving them a hard time. Don't think anyone would support you. Mind you the Royal family is very serious about this negotiation."

    John smiled as he knew how smoothly Luke would lie and answered, "Hmph, and you expect me to trust you after what happened before when I handed over the blueprints? And what is with the troop build-up at the south. I am sure you guys are only waiting if the beasts have invaded or not for your start of the invasion. I guess the Lorr family too faced the same situation when they created those Short Swords and started arming their Magic knights. However, since I am weak The Royal family thinks I am a pushover? Remember this, your actions will have far-reaching effects. It's good that I hid my best Ballistae from your side, this was just a warning to everyone in the kingdom. The next battle will also have the same results as those mercenaries. The invaders won't be granted any mercy. I have nothing to talk about, you can take your leave. About the North-east, yes the beasts have started invading us and we are dealing with them appropriately."

    After hearing John, Luke thought deeply, 'Looking at his carefree expression, it seems he actually wants a war with the Royal Family. Is he bluffing or does he have a plan which can nullify our Magic Metal Ballistas or if worse comes to worst, we will use the dragon knights who can easily crush them, Nah I guess he doesn't even know about their existence and is currently relying on his superior Ballistas? I guess we should try to squeeze him via food since he is quite desperate when it comes to food. Maybe we should increase the immigration there. Let's see how much he can take. Anyway, this meeting is futile to recruit that General and getting any new info on those new Ballistas.'

    Luke nodded and answered as he had clear instruction from the top, "I hope you won't regret your decision, Lord Count. I will give you a piece of advice, sometimes even the kings have to bow down and make concessions let alone Lord's like us. I hope you remember this."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Luke left as he thought about the deal with Radiant church which happened about a century ago.

    Luke left as he concluded the meeting with John. Before he left, he saw that John was smiling, which immediately rang his radars and bells.

    Luke thought with serious eyes, 'What is he currently planning that he is so confident even after facing enemies from all the sides? Maybe he gave me some wrong information or have they found a Magic Metal mine in North? Yes, that may be the case and hence he is trying to fight it out, He is certainly hiding something in North or else he wouldn't be this confident.'

    John was smiling as Taylor came and reported, "Lord, the road Joining NF City and Winter city are complete, however, it is not safe as Exotic beasts still try to approach it, We are making another road and are trying to expand to the north so that we can have enough land. Currently, Ross is waiting for your orders. Meanwhile, Tornwall is waiting for the first uses of Steam engines. While Jay is currently expanding the lands."

    Taylor thought as he had given Jay certain instructions, 'I guess we need land at least comparable to a small kingdom. The Royal family has already pushed us into a corner. The only thing we need to do is wait for their attack. The day they attack us will be the day we rebel.'

    John nodded and answered, "Hmm... Ok, I will be traveling to Winter City personally. I want to see the situation there first hand. Arlen, Marsh and Amber will be handling the Borders currently. I have already given him orders. As for Steam engines, Start using the Steam engines at Aurora Island and Winter City as there won't be any eyes. They can be used in drilling for mines, transport of heavy materials and our Steamboats and ships. They will also be useful in mills and looms. This will certainly industrialize our whole domain. I will personally give him some ideas Meanwhile, you guys can openly use the water-powered plants near the rivers to produce energy in forges and other places as it was at a stop for some time previously."

    John continued and asked, "Is there any news from Blake?"

    Taylor nodded as he gave a report, "Yes, Currently the Fjord's are slowly approaching the Aurora island by using their own ballistas. However they are drowned as they get near every day, it seems they are searching for our ships in the seas. Currently, Blake and his team have sunk every single Ship of theirs however they will soon approach us and find out about Winter city or Aurora Island. Previously they almost encountered Dwarves if not for the Sea beast raid. Meanwhile, Grand Potioneer Melanie wanted to meet you."

    John nodded as he thought deeply, "Hmm... Ok. I will meet her later on. I will visit Winter city and meet Ross personally first. Meanwhile, bring in that guy Bruce, he wrote an interesting article previously at Rose institute, I want to meet that guy personally."

    Taylor nodded as he remembered about the guy who was curious about the medical industry in North-frontier domain, "Okay, Milord."


    King Ludwin was reading a report that he got from his men, "Hmm... So Tornwall is well and alive. It seems he escaped his fate as a slave. What other news do you have?"

    The spy head reported after getting Ludwin's approval, "Bigger things are boiling in Aelius Currently, Currently just like when the Royal family annexed the Lorr family for their Short Swords. Currently, they are trying to overpower Count John of the North-frontier domain. I think this may be our chance to realize our goals and expand at Aelius which we couldn't materialize during the Lorr family Incident. I suggest we align with that Count. His weapons are quite something, recently we lost 2 battles at western seas against the Royal family because of those new ballistas. Our Shots may have a good chance against them but they are not yet ready to be revealed. Take a look at these reports to get a better idea on Count John's domain from our spies."

    Ludwin nodded as he saw the report in full, "But there is a problem and that is Tornwall as he was related to him. There is one guy though who seems more interesting to me. It's the General Anak, try getting him on our side. This guy seems like a big asset, I would like him to Commander my Shot Units since he was good enough to Commander the Ballistas, Try recruiting him if possible. Otherwise, try supporting Fjord from the sidelines, I am sure the Royal family is eyeing their ships so he can be very useful to us, however, he is quite a cautious guy. Those ships will be the biggest hindrance to us so I want him on our side. This is also one of the reasons why I prefer to support Fjord instead of that Upstart Count."

    The Spy head looked at a report and remarked, "About that, it would be very difficult your Majesty. That General's whereabouts are mostly unknown and reports claim that he was previously in Ghosts division, he is most likely scouted by Count John or his Master Vlad themselves. As far as his information is concerned most of it is classified over there. I will try getting Greg to report on him and other things needed."

    Ludwin nodded as he smiled and thought about Tornwall, "Good, make it as fast as possible."

    Ludwin thought, 'It was good that all the guys were kidnapped during that coup or else I would have been exposed.'
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