218 149. Be a mute spectator.

    Marsh's subordinate grinned and spoke as he heard the explosions, "I guess it has started. It seems he wanted to attack them at the right mark when they can't head back. What do we do Milord?"

    Marsh smiled as he looked at the first attack, "Order 1000 men to prepare their rifles. The rifle squad will be coming with us. We will be hunting soon with rifles as they are not in our range. Prepare my Sniper Rifle as well. I want to try it today, who knows I can get a good kill today."

    Looking at the first attack, All of the soldiers were shocked as they saw the horrific explosion which occurred at their base.

    One of the soldiers screamed as he saw his friend getting shredded in pieces, "What the hell is this. Is this the power of their Ballistas? We were never briefed about this."

    Another soldier remarked as he saw a lord getting killed even after using his runes to protect himself, "Damn we can't head back after we started the charge. Goddammit. Who the hell can survive that onslaught? Do we have enough information on our enemy?"

    Alistair was particularly alerted as he looked at the Western castle while Prince Hector and others were confused and horrified after looking at the scale of the previous attack.

    Amber roared again as he ordered his men, "Fire again. I want to make sure none of them leave this battlefield alive. We will chase them if required."

    Again a salvo of Cannonballs was fired as they shred the soldiers apart. The morale of soldiers slowly faded away after each salvo of Cannonballs.

    Many were desperately clutching their swords as they prayed to leave this battlefield after witnessing the terrifying battle power of Cannons. A lot of people's bravado was gone after getting stuck by the reality of war. Some lords still had a deep resolve as they were deep in debt and wanted to save their house. For the first time, Battlefield revealed the true natures of a lot of people.

    One of the Lords roared hysterically, "What the hell is this? At this rate, we will be finished in no time. We need to leave. Fuck it, I ain't fighting a lost battle, not to mention we have such small numbers currently. This would be a massacre before we even reach the range of their castle. They are attacking us when they are 1 mile away from us."

    As they were charging, another explosion occurred, Only now did Alistair understand the plan of Count John.

    He thought as he looked at the round Projectiles loaded with horrific power, He curiously thought, 'Looking at these weapons, it looks like he was simply playing with everyone previously whether it was the royal family or the mercenaries, no wonder he sold those ballistas to Royal Family previously. It seems everyone miscalculated this guy. This guy certainly has big plans in his mind. I guess everyone would be shocked tomorrow.'

    Alistair seriously looked at Hector and spoke, "Lord, this battle is over. We should leave, it is dangerous."

    Hector was confused a bit as he looked angrily at Alistair for his proposal to desert the battlefield but after looking at the horrific nature of Cannons he nodded calmly and ordered, "Duke Norman, we need to leave."

    Without saying anything, Duke Norman and Antonio followed the prince.

    One of the marquis cursed as he looked at one of the lords who was torn to shreds after he was struck by the Cannonball, None of his powerful runes was useful against this attack, "Fuck, why did we join this campaign. If I knew we would face this, I would have rather listened to Casey and stayed back."

    One of the lords remarked as he came to a 1.2-mile mark, "Damn it, how big is the range of those Cannons? Aren't we far away already."

    Alistair looked at the Cannons and thought, 'It seems they are quite good at targeting commanders, however, it seems that the commander likes to tease his enemies. Well, it's good as long as Prince can escape.'

    Alistair then looked at Antonio and thought, 'Now let's see how you flail as this war escalates. Yes, I have a perfect way.'

    In no time, half of Hector's army was wiped out as they scrambled to run away towards Dolores.

    Alistair keenly looked at the castle where Marsh was residing, "It seems they want to chase us. What are those weird sticks in their hands? Hmm, it seems they have a lot of weapons on them. Those horses too are wearing a lot of weird materials."

    Marsh and his men were on their horses as they prepared to chase Hector's army.

    Hector too noticed them as he had some hope on his face as he spotted them. He smiled and spoke, "This would be our chance to attack them after we get out of their range, we can turn the tables. We might be able to capture their castle if we can get our hands on their General. Lure them outside the range of their Ballistas and attack them."

    Alistair looked at the Guns as he had a bad premonition after looking at Marsh's smiling face, "Lord, I don't think they are that stupid to chase us unless they have a good plan. Look around us, we have already lost all of our Ballistas not to mention the current morale of our army. Additionally, don't we know the previous record of General Anak's men when they clashed with mercenaries? That General would not be stupid to appoint an idiot at this Castle even if they are amateurs. We already are in a pit after we attacked them. Those weapons were their trump card. We have to leave."

    Amber smiled as he looked at Marsh who was preparing his rifle. He spoke to his subordinate, "Come, we too are chasing them. I will be bringing 1000 men along with me. You will be in charge of this castle in the meantime I am gone. Keep shooting the cannons at them as long as they are in range."

    Marsh and his team were chasing them with full spirit, Today they were quite spirited after hearing John's proclamation of carving out a new kingdom.

    Marsh remarked as he heard about Count John's stand today, "This will be a historic day in the annals of this kingdom. This battle would decide if we go down as traitors or kings."

    Marsh first positioned himself as he looked at Hector and his men in the middle of the flock as he prepared his sniper rifle to shoot Prince Hector on the horse.

    Marsh cursed as he looked through the telescope of the sniper rifle with irritation, "Damn it, it's hard to snipe while riding a horse. I wonder how does that sneaky guy Grey does it. It's good that Lord John's sniping technique is coming to use. Hmm, the wind is going west. Low air pressure, I should try it anyway. Here goes nothing."


    Marsh recoiled with his horse as he looked at the Hector smiling while watching their chase.

    Marsh smiled as the bullet moved towards Hector, 'I guess this is my day.'

    The bullet was going straight at Hector's head as Alistair sensed something as he immediately pushed away Prince Hector as he looked back. Later he saw one of the guys going down as the bullet struck his head.

    He was immediately horrified after watching the power of sniper. He looked at Marsh who was smiling.

    Marsh groaned, "Argh. I guess it is not my day."

    Hector immediately roared at Alistair after getting pushed, "The ** is this? What are you doing Alistair."

    Alistair pointed at the soldier and then at Marsh who fired at them, He spoke gravely, "It would have been you if I didn't push you, Milord."

    Alistair thought gravely, 'This is bad. Such a lethal weapon. I never heard about it. What else are they hiding? It is good that he is only a small count or it would have been a disaster for our kingdom. We need to escape immediately. This is bad.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Hector looked at the Soldier in horror as he looked back, He roared hysterically as he looked at Marsh, "They dare target me, the prince?"

    Norman and Antonio too were scared as they looked at Marsh in horror.

    Norman thought enviously as he looked at Hector, 'It's good that we have Alistair with us. I wish I had such a consultant. I guess he can't leave because of his slave mark.'

    Alistair calmly spoke, "Lord, you need to calm down. We first need to escape first or we might face the same fate as those mercenaries. I hope everyone remembers that massacre."

    Immediately Alarm bells rang inside everyone as they ran towards their horses.

    Norman came to his senses as he heard Alistair and ordered, "Yes, We need to leave."

    Antonio too nodded and answered, "It's good that we didn't commit all the soldiers here at this battle."

    Norman rang the horn and gave the order to everyone on the field, "We are leaving, Run. No use fighting a lost battle."

    Alistair shook his head as he heard Antonio, he smiled and thought, 'I guess he still doesn't understand the situation. You will soon be invaded. I guess I need to accelerate his demise soon.'

    After coming in the range of rifles, Marsh ordered his men, "Shoot them. Leave none of them alive."


    At Arctos Midlands,

    Duke Blackwolf read a report from Fen.

    Fen reported gravely, "Milord, he has started. Any actions required?"

    Duke Blackwolf sighed as he thought nostalgically, "No, we aren't doing anything. Let them continue, Be a mute spectator. I don't want to earn his ire. He has been bottling this up for a long time. We can't anger him or we will face innumerable losses."

    Hearing him, Fen gave him another report, "Lord, what about the Hell's Playground mercenaries?"

    Blackwolf furrowed his brows as he knew that he was at north previously, "What about them?"

    Fen nodded and reported, "Their leader Liam and his men were recently spotted near Arctos at the capital. I think they are up to something suspicious."

    Blackwolf nodded his head as he heard him, "It seems a lot of players are moving. We won't do anything. As long as they don't attack the civilians, we won't act. Just act as if we didn't know anything."

    Fen nodded as he understood his intentions, "Okay, Milord."
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