225 156. Countries dont run on personal feelings

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    At the Imperial City,

    Currently, Eanred and his associates were having a serious meeting with King Lionheart and other ministers.

    Eanred spoke to his Majesty in an earnest manner, "Milord, If we don't change something, this civil war will certainly get bigger and I am certain of it. For those who think it's a small war where that count will get into senses, it is not so according to our vision. When we decided to act against that Count, it became a civil war. In my vision, I saw that Count on a throne with a crown on his head while our armies faced a bigger annihilation, much bigger than the ones we sent currently. That Count will certainly secede according to my vision, we have to stop his announcement and mend our relations with him or else it will be too late to stop it. I saw a lot of weird weapons which claimed at least 200,000 lives. That New General of theirs will become our biggest obstacle. For vouching this vision, all of my associates too watched the same vision and you can ask them. Previously I was never certain about things and hence there was never a concrete answer but this time I am certain that things will head that way. If we go along with this path, we will be warring with Duke Rose as well because of his trading relationship with Count John. I think we should stop before we corner him too much."

    One of the ministers who was in favor of war roared at Eanred, "Have you lost your mind, Old man? Stop spouting Bull** just because you want to be relevant. This is just a small war where that Count doesn't knows his place. Hmph at worse we will use our Dragon knights to wipe out his army. And What if you are wrong about this vision? Our war preparations are already made. It would all go to waste not to mention the criticism we would face from the military for this cowardly behavior. You should know that he has hit noble interests when he announced abolishment of Slavery in his domain after a few years. We certainly can't go back after his insolent behavior. He still hasn't paid his respects to the King till now."

    With a resolute heart, Eanred roared in the Hall, "I will stake my life for this claim. However, what will you do if you are wrong and this kingdom falls into ruin if we continue down with this path of opposing that count? Will you take the responsibility?"

    Everyone was quiet the moment he spoke, no one dared to refute him watching his resolute will. Now everyone was sure that he wasn't bluffing for relevance.

    He continued with a serious tone, "I hope he doesn't take a drastic measure because of the blockade on port and sanctions for food and other necessities. We need to do something Milord."

    Everyone in the hall was quite intimidated after hearing Eanred's resolute declaration.

    This time Plato didn't speak as he had previously read a report from his spy who was near Dolores. The Spy had sent an emergency report about the casualties from the magic rune messenger.

    Plato had a grave expression as he asked Eanred, "Master Eanred, when did you receive this vision?"

    Looking at Plato addressing Eanred in such a respectful manner everyone was shocked as they understood that Plato knew something and hence his grave expression.

    Eanred spoke as he remembered, "Last night. It seems you have some information. Speak out."

    Plato nodded and spoke, "Yes."

    Plato thought as he heard Eanred, 'Alas, this information was too late. He already seceded, I wanted to inform his majesty today but who would know that you would call for this meeting.'

    Suddenly a knock came,

    A guard knocked on the door as he asked his permission to meet Defence minister Plato.

    In an angry tone, Plato asked the guard, "I hope this is important or you will face the consequences for disturbing such an important meeting. What is it?"

    The Guard nodded and gave the letter, "It's an urgent letter sent by Lord Luke. It seems it is an S-grade letter after our team saw the encryptions. So it is very urgent, Milord. Only you, Master Eanred and his majesty can open it."

    Everyone was quite alerted after hearing the guard.

    One of the ministers whispered, "Has the demons started attacking us?"

    As soon as Plato read the letter, he had an expression of shock, "It's done. We can't stop it."

    'How the ** we lost so many soldiers? And that Count dares secede? Arggh, if this continues. It will be very serious. Such a big and bold declaration even I can't reverse it.'

    Eanred too was quite irritated as he snatched the letter, "What's so important in this letter that you are so shocked. Give it to me."

    Eanred slowly read the letter, after reading he was quite happy that a certain part of his prediction was true but he had grave expression, "Already? Milord, please take this letter."

    Lionheart too was curious as he saw grave expressions on both Plato and Eanred, He took the letter and read it.

    As soon as he read it, he kept his emotions first in check as he knew that if this blew then it would spread.

    'What the **? The guy dares secede. Even the Dukes would think 100 times before doing that. If he had heeded our commands then we wouldn't have faced such opposition from me and others. Wait, Eanred had the same vision of him wearing a crown, right, is it going in that direction? It seems that I need to hear Eanred in detail about his vision.'

    With a grave expression he asked Eanred, "Eanred, Continue. Tell us what do you think will happen if we continue with this path. What did you saw in your visions."

    Everyone in the hall understood that something big had happened.

    The agricultural minister spoke in a hushed voice, "Is it related to General Irwin's campaign at North? Did something happen there? I hope they don't ask for more supplies."

    Finance minister was quite relaxed and spoke in a relaxed manner, "Hmph, What would happen in one day? I think only minor skirmishes would have taken place. It is the Radiant Church who would do something as they seem more eager to invade the northern domain."

    Eanred sighed and spoke with a grave expression, "I think Duke Rose will continue his relationship with Count John via other ways which will catch our attention and in turn lead to a bigger Civil war. I hope we can curb this current situation because a lot of people are watching us which means they too could attack us in times of our vulnerability. Do we announce it, Milord?"

    A lot of ministers in the hall were tensed as they looked at the conversation taking place.

    Lionheart sighed as he knew that he can't curb this information for long since those newspapers would inevitably spread it and hence understood Eanred's worries that everyone should be prepared about this news,

    Lionheart sighed and spoke slowly, "I hope everyone in this room calmly hears this out."

    He looked at everyone and then spoke with a grave expression, "This might be a shock for every one of you in this hall but please bear with it. Count John has decided to secede from Aelius."

    There was a hubbub in the hall as some people lashed out angrily after hearing this announcement.

    "What the **? Who does he think he is? We were the ones who provided him the lands and now he wants to rebel against us just because we put sanctions on him because of his indisciplined navy which is full of pirates?"

    Plato took the letter from the king, gave it to the Guard and told him to read it aloud.

    The Guard spoke in an unhurried manner, "Addressed by Lord Luke,

    Count John has decided to Secede from Aelius because of the unfair treatment and contempt they have received continuously from the Royal Family and other aristocrats whether it is trade or sanctions on purchasing normal necessities or the blockade of the port to trade with other countries. They had only decided now to announce it when they were at the front of war and had no choice when faced against a wall. The ministers will be crowning Count John as the king of Sky Kingdom in a few days. I believe Count John wouldn't have seceded if he was treated fairly. Speaking with Mr. Taylor, I got to know that Count John is someone who values his promises and hence wouldn't have rebelled. He had only rebelled now because he was pushed into a corner while at the same it was because of the greed of some ministers. Currently, Templar Johnson and most of the 30,000 men have died to some weird weapons of Count John and the same goes to General Irwin's men. General Irwin, lost around 10,000 of his men and at the same time, General was badly injured. General's Short sword is also badly damaged. Duke Norman, Baron Antonio and Prince Hector too lost 10,000 men when they attacked the Western Castle of the North-frontier City. In return, General Amber and Marsh had decided to invade Dolores. Prince and Duke have escaped Dolores while Baron Antonio wanted to defend Dolores and hence he stayed there. There is no information about Dolores as Count John's men have occupied it currently. What I know is that they are currently bringing in a lot of food and other materials from Dolores since Prince Hector and Duke had decided to abandon it in a hurry. As far as casualties on Count John's side, it remains 0. Most of our spies too are either captured or killed for creating chaos during this war. What I currently fear the most is the will of people who are completely behind their Lord. The biggest reason behind this support is his previous actions when he decided to save that slave, Jake or the time when he decided to throw out the mercenaries who were creating chaos. I hope we take this announcement very seriously because a lot of blood will flow in this war."

    The letter described fully about the events where Prince had left the castle and other relevant details.

    One of the ministers exclaimed after hearing the casualties, "What? We lost 50,000?"

    Another Minister exclaimed, "How is this possible that he didn't lose a single man? Was he always hiding those weapons? Do we really have to use our core military made up of magicians and Dragon knights?"

    Someone from Prince Felix's camp spoke, "More importantly whose fault was it that Count took such a decision. I am sure everyone here knows it. While at the time, he even abandoned his allies. Hmph. I feel the decision from Prince Hector, no Baron Antonio to block the port led to this decision from Count John as he had no other choices but resist with full force or else face a food shortage and face a rebellion from commoners, I guess he stood up for his men this time around as he always does since we are the ones who are invading them in the first place. If we had reconciled with Count John Who knows we could have saved 50,000 lives that we lost yesterday. I am sure everyone here knows about the impulsive behavior of Prince Hector and his rants. Previously he created small problems and look now we have bigger problems because of his personal grudges. Countries don't run on personal feelings. Who knows he might have been the instigator of this mess for all we know. I am sure everyone knows that Evan's death is still full of mysteries."

    As if a pandora's box was opened this time around. A lot of people understood what was going on.

    One of the neutral ministers spoke gravely, "I am more worried about General Irwin who still wasn't able to withstand the force of those weapons even with his short sword. Not to mention the damage sustained on the sword."
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