228 159. Liams Plan.

    Castle was continuously being bombarded with the Balistas as the vibrations could be seen in the underground as well. Soldiers guarding the Castle gulped as they were sweating continuously thinking about their own fates.

    One of the soldier in palace spoke, "Damn it why did I choose to work for Prince Felix."

    "Seriously, this job is filled with risks. You heard Prince Lukavv's previous announcement, right?"

    "Yes, and that's the reason why I hate it. Fuck it, I am running away."

    A lot of Soldiers were trying to resist but the Range of Ballistas was too big a hurdle. The only thing they could do now was to currently endure and escape.

    Most of the soldiers had already lost their Morale when they heard that Prince Lukavv was attacking the castle.

    At the Underground passage, suddenly Felix heard Lukavv who was speaking from a sound stone, "It seems you are still a coward and afraid as ever. Well, all of these people will die anyway since they decided to support you. It seems you will still escape like a dog you were like in the past. You see I would have gladly given up the throne but you made the biggest mistake when you and your Knights violated and killed her. After that incident, you see, a lot of those knights were raped the same night when they laid their hands on her and today the same fate will be faced by you and your men. You were pretty lucky to escape with your life 7 years ago but this time, how far can you hide? You guys should be happy if you are able to escape or die because if I catch you guys, you will face a fate worse than hell where even King Yama would shiver watching me and my men. I am already warning the guys who are with Felix, you should bring him to me if you don't want to face the same fate or run. You guys better don't get caught with him. Because you know what will happen."

    Felix was alarmed a bit but then saw the tunnel which was their way to escape. While a lot of soldiers shivered after hearing about the fate of the soldiers who were captured by Prince Lukavv.

    One of the soldiers remarked angrily as he heard Prince Lukavv, "Damn it, we are **ed for sure. I wouldn't have joined this army if we were going to face such a war against that maniac Prince Lukavv. Don't you know, he didn't spare a single man or women apart from children previously in the castle who were previously patrons of Prince Felix. Not even the servants. Only a few were able to escape his wrath, I seriously fear getting caught by his army. I am seriously pissed this time. Btw, what is Prince Lukavv speaking about? Whom did Prince Felix kill that he is mentioning right now?"

    One of his comrades pointed towards Felix and his knights as he spoke in a low tone, "Shh... you wouldn't want to get heard by them. There are a lot of matters which were buried by the Royal Family, we shouldn't try to pry them if we want to live. We can simply escape when it is safer so keep your voice down."

    Many soldiers were currently contemplating the idea to escape when they get a chance but only feared being chased down by Prince Felix and his men but for some Prince Lukavv's treat was bigger and far more dangerous.


    There were 8000 mercenaries gathered near the castle and were going to meet the Reserves of Prince Felix, A lot of Hell mercenaries were wearing the gear which was made in North-frontier city which looked quite gaudy.

    Ed was currently with Liam who was smiling continuously. Noticing Liam's good mood, he asked him, "Boss, what the occasion? Why are we here today? You didn't even brief us like you usually do."

    Liam smiled as he thought about the deal he made 7 years ago, "Well, I can't risk my plan being revealed. everything will be revealed after we meet Prince Felix. Today is the day which will mark the day of chaos. Everything will be revealed today. Anyway, let's head to meet the reserves."

    Liam looked at Ed and thought, 'This kid is usually quite an airhead but he is asking a lot of questions today.'

    He continued and spoke, "Everyone, I don't want anyone delaying when I give you orders later on. Consider this as our most important mission."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Ed asked Liam, "Boss, isn't it dangerous to participate in this battle like we usually do? Prince Lukavv is currently attacking Prince Felix's castle in the south. It is very dangerous here as it is quite near to our place."

    Liam smiled and spoke, "Well, you are right but sometimes you have to fight. And I am someone who can't back out after giving my word. I have been waiting for a long long time for this moment. We have already hidden for a long time Now is the time to show our fangs to the world."


    After a while, Felix's men arrived at the place where they were supposed to meet the reserves. One of the commanders from Felix's army saw that there were only Hell's mercenaries here while there was no sign of their reserves, The mercenaries were fully rugged as if they just came back from a grievous battle.

    Liam smiled as he finally spotted Felix.

    Commander was quite suspicious as he looked at Liam and Ed who were coming with their escorts to meet them.

    Getting an ominous feeling from Liam and his men, the Commander roared at Liam and his men with a lot of authority, "Stop right there."

    However, Liam and his men didn't stop as they approached Felix and others. With a cunning smile, Liam spoke, "Finally, after so many years."

    He continued and gave orders to his men after spotting Felix, "Attack, Catch the prince Alive. Kill others if you want. Target the magicians first."

    Very Soon Ed led his men to immediately attack the magicians so they can't have any distance and have an advantage against them.

    Both the sides were bombarding each other with magic and arrows as it suddenly became a battlefield.

    There was a clear difference noted when Ed and his men faced the attacks which were deflected by their armors and runes. They soon got in the range of Vanguard Magic Knights Protecting the Magicians as they soon started clashing.

    A big battle started taking place between Liam and the commander who tried to protect the prince. As both of them fiercely clashed, Liam used dark magic as his blade started glowing layers of black as he slowly battled with the commander. The ground was shaking as both the generals fought.

    Liam spoke in a nonchalant manner, "You are quite sturdy."

    The commander was an earth magic knight who used earth magic whenever he was about to get hurt. He was called the invincible during his younger years. however because of his lack of speed many times he couldn't defeat his enemies either.

    Drunk in Pride, The commander harrumphed, "I am not called Immovable rock for no reason. This battlefield will be your graveyard."

    Liam murmured as he rode his horse, "I guess normal measures won't work on him."

    As they battled, the commander started losing his balance and only now did he realize that he was affected by the poison.

    At last, Liam used his final attack, He swung his sword as multiple layers of Black and white energies gathered on the tip of his sword from the base. Gaining a lot of momentum, suddenly a bolt of black lightning released from Liam's sword which targetted the Commanders chest.

    The commander smiled just as the lightning was going to stuck his chest, "Hmph, Even though I am poisoned I can still fight this puny Lighting which you are so proud of." Little did the Commander know that this lightning was different from his past experiences.

    Just like before, again a big stone came between the Commander and the Black lightning. But this time, Liam smiled as he saw the Commander's attempt to block his attack and deflect with a sturdy stone.

    He smiled and spoke, "I haven't trained this move for 10 years just for nothing. I even had to go to bigger lengths to hide this attack of mine so I don't get noticed."

    Liam then confusingly looked at Felix who was barely able to fight his men who were average fighters, "I heard that the Prince was quite a military man. Was it all propaganda?"

    When Liam's attack struck the commander, The stone was completely obliterated as it penetrated both the stone and the Commanders chest. The commander was bleeding profusely as he looked at Liam with shock and horror after the attack.

    "How is it possible for this lightning to pierce my stone this easily?"

    Liam smiled as he saw that both the magicians and other knights were either killed or subdued by his men.

    Liam was then approached by the spy who was in Prince Felix's army for quite a long time. "You did a good job. Did you get any info?"

    The Spy smiled and gave him a scroll which was full of information, "Yes, it's about Prince's Lukavv's past and the conspiracy and these are other info which I have collected over the years."

    Liam asked as he started looking at the scroll, "What is with the prince? Is he really that weak?"

    The spy shook his head and spoke, "Nope, I guess every one of us was fooled when we were traveling. It seems this is his body double. I only realized it now when he was fighting with our men. He is quite a strong man. It seems Prince feared mutiny in his army and hence escaped with his knight on his own."

    Liam nodded and understood, "It seems we underestimated the Prince. Ok, tell me what you got to know about the conspiracy?"

    The Spy slowly narrated the conversation and the murmurings that he heard previously at the castle and underground.

    Liam smiled and spoke, "My, My, I wonder how would Lukavv react if he gets to know about King's direct hand in her killing. Okay, we are leaving, take the prisoners with us."

    Ed asked as he everyone finished their enemies, "Where are we going, Boss?"

    Liam smiled and spoke, "To meet Lukavv."

    Ed asked as he couldn't remember and asked, "Who is Lukavv?"

    Liam slapped his forehead and spoke with a sigh, "Prince Lukavv."

    Ed scratched his face as he thought, "Eh, Now this is confusing. I don't think we ever had any connection with Prince Lukavv."

    Liam spoke, seriously, "Prepare a letter and prepare our best scout to deliver it. Meanwhile, try searching for Prince Felix, he wouldn't have escaped a long distance."
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