231 162. Seeds of Doubt.


    After about 5 hours,

    There was a vision where Lukavv was holding a child who was half-human and half-demon. Lukavv was with a demoness from Fire-abyss kingdom who was smiling.

    Lionheart roared as he saw the vision, "What the hell."

    He was fuming with anger as his eyes got red.

    This vision got disrupted by Lionheart's roar and suddenly all the ingredients were suddenly caught fire and got wasted. There was also a vision where Lukavv killed Lionheart where Lionheart supported the Radiant church for avoiding a civil war.

    Seething with Anger Lionheart roared, "This can't happen. My son and him having a demon child. I will accept anyone but a demon. Yes, kill him if it needs to be. Call General Leo, tell him to kill Lukavv immediately."

    Eanred spoke with urgency as he saw Lionheart's madness, "This must be the conspiracy of the demons. We can't let this happen, Milord. If prince Lukavv dies then this will create a big storm and he is already this strong, who knows what will be recuperations if he survives, The demons might even see this as a chance to attack if we lost a strong General and Prince to the boot. I am sure that you know about Fire-abyss king fearing the continuous growth of Prince Lukavv. From the vision, I think that girl was a daughter of a duke in Fire-abyss kingdom."

    Eanred thought, 'Lionheart and his neverending hate for demons. The Radiant Church and those Warmongers from demonic side pulled a fast one over us all those years ago.'

    Lionheart ordered ruthlessly, "Hmm... make a sketch of the girl and investigate. Find her if she is in Radiant City. Meanwhile, we will also keep a watch on Lukavv and also his movements. From now on, try to predict more on Lukavv."

    Seeds of doubts had already sprouted and hence the actions, Eanred sighed as he could only agree.

    'Now this would be problematic, it isn't easy to keep an eye on Prince Lukavv. He has very heightened senses. I guess we need to use that plan.'


    At this time, Both Lukavv and Apophis were in their duel after passing 2 rounds.

    Apophis finally spoke to Lukavv, "Creepy guy, it seems you are a gay. But sorry to burst your bubble, I am not into you."

    Lukavv confusingly looked at Apophis and thought, he spoke, "Ohh I am not into you. I am more interested in your sword arts. I am someone who is pursuing the finest arts in this land. Come let's spar."

    Apophis spoke in an angry tone, "Hmph... I am not handing over my techniques and arts anyway. You can simply piss-off."

    At this time both started clashing without using any magic power. Apophis decided to use her best arts immediately as she wanted to get rid of this clingy guy immediately.

    She pointed her saber at him and used the Bloody thorn which was one of the finest techniques of her family.

    Watching this Lukavv smiled and he too used his newly comprehended technique, the sword of thorny paths.

    Lukavv smiled as both of them clashed.

    After the first encounter, Apophis was shocked a little bit and thought, 'Same as our family technique? No, this one has a lot of variations. It seems this guy was observing me for quite a few days.'

    Apophis asked with a grim face, "How did you learn this technique?"

    Lukavv smiled as he again charged for a second clash, "Hmm... Well, I got something related to it and saw your movements which were resembling the technique and hence my interest in your technique."

    Apophis thought as he saw Lukavv using the technique, 'So he really wasn't a gay. Quite a friteful talent if he was able to derive so much just from observing me.'

    Looking at the grim situation and not wanting to reveal her true power. Apophis suddenly did the unthinkable.

    "I will forfeit. The Gentleman here can advance."

    'This guy is unnecessarily attracting attention, I better leave or my identity will be revealed sooner or later. Who knew that this vagabond would have such incredible skills that even I would have a hard time unless I unleash my demonic form.'

    Without saying anything, she left in a hurry without saying anything.

    The guy from the crowd again spoke, "Damn, again with his antics. For the first time, I thought that I could see his real power."

    Confused by the situation, Lukavv to started following her but failing miserably as she suddenly disappeared in an alley.

    "What was that? And I finally thought I can enjoy this spar. That guy disappeared? No, I can't let that happen, there is still a chance to learn swordsmanship from him."

    Bruno who was in the arena saw that Lukavv has suddenly left so he decided to chase him.

    Lukavv signaled from a distance that he shouldn't chase him.

    Lukavv looked for traces and finally found some clue, "Hmm... it seems he decided to leave in this direction. Here I come."

    Very soon he arrived at one of the abandoned pastures near Radiant City where the traces of Apophis couldn't be seen.

    Very Apophis came behind Lukavv with a lot of killing intention,Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lukavv had sensed the killing intent but he didn't lift his weapon,

    "Why are you chasing me? Has the house of thorns sent you to capture me?"

    "No I just thought that you were an interesting guy, I have seen a lot of techniques but yours was truly one of the techniques which was compatible with mine. I hoped to come under your tutelage and learn your techniques."

    Detecting no malicious intentions from Lukavv, Apophis let down her guard and decided to bring her in.

    She thought as he brought Lukavv in, 'I will anyway exhaust this kid to death which will force him to leave eventually. Me and taking a disciple? Gotta be kidding me.'

    "Master I see that you are hiding your face, do you have any problems? I can help you if you need."

    "You are still not qualified to see my face. However, you seem quite familiar to me. Maybe you just resemble someone I know."

    Lukavv didn't speak as he knew that his face was quite famous but because of a disguise, he wasn't easily identified.

    "If you want to learn the sword from me then you will need to come here every day and train accordingly. Any objections?"

    Lukavv hesitated a bit but then he saw that light in Apophis's eyes which were smiling as if she would be happy if Lukavv left, "No problems. When can we start."


    Lukavv "Did he just?"

    "Ok, go and bring the dragon paralyzing Flower of the highest quality to start your training."

    Lukavv confusingly looked at Apophis but Apophis explained, "I ain't funding your training, you think learning my techniques is this easy?"

    'It would be good if he gives up while searching for this flower.'

    Then Lukavv suddenly sensed that one of his subordinates was coming, 'Sheh, they had to come at this time.'

    Lukavv smiled and waved Apophis farewell, "Okay, I will see you tomorrow."

    Lukavv left immediately as he saw some guys before glancing at his own comrade led by Bruno.

    Apophis curiously looked at Lukavv, "It's good that he left. Never to meet you again. Creepy guy."

    Apophis spoke to her subordinate, "We are changing our base."
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