234 165. Anins arrival.

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    The internal minister asked Duke Rose who was in a good mood today, "Milord, what the matter, you seem quite happy, unlike yesterday."

    Duke Rose spoke in a humming tune, "Well, it is because of John. He gives a lot of surprises. Previously I was quite angry when he announced his secession without any thinking or even consulting us. But Today I got to know about the casualties the Royal army and others faced by the opposing him. It seems he had quite a plan when he decided to make the previous announcement. And now I got a very capable general in Henry. Hence my happy mood today. The crux of the matter is, John seccedded at a crucial time when no one can say that he was rebelling it is more like he is protecting himself against the pressure of other aristocrats."

    Brandon was quite happy after the changes were personally seen by him and spoke his thoughts immediately, "True, that count gives a lot of surprises. Previously I was quite cautious about trading with him since it could anger others but the goods and services from his domain have increased the productivity of domain by quite a bit. Take the roads for example which has increased trade or their cement which has boomed the real estate industry. Or our reliance on Radiant Church which has decreased quite a lot. Overall we have made 3 times the normal profit after the changes However, this war has halted the trade for now. I hope we can start our trade sooner. However, this time we need to be cautious as people in the court may try to attack us as John has seccedded. We should prepare a plan for that scenario. We should ask for those superior ballistas from Count John No King John which be quite helpful to us."

    Rose nodded and agreed, "Yes, We need to be cautious of the ministers and their schemes currently. Ok, I will ask John if he can sell me those better ballistas. It would be hard after the previous fiasco where Fjord's men were able to acquire our ballistas. But it is always better to try."


    John immediately headed towards his lab at the Rose Institute. A lot of people were quite astonished to see John coming to the Institute during the wartime.

    One of the students exclaimed, "It seems lord is here for something important. I guess he is planning to invent something amazing."

    Another student spoke, "Why? Isn't it natural that Lord would want to visit an Institute that he painstakingly made?"

    He shook his head and spoke, "Not currently because it is wartime right now. And if he is visiting now, that means he has something important to do right now."

    "Hmmm... True. I guess he wants to announce something. Well, let's wait and watch."

    As soon as John headed inside the lab, he smiled after watching the required ingredients which would be needed to make the medicine.

    John thought and murmured, 'Ok let's first try the one which required the yellow radiant flower'

    [Successful cultivation of High-grade medicine to combat black death +22 doses of medicine. ]

    [Congratulations to host on successfully making a high-grade medicine against black death. ]

    John smiled as he looked at the medicine, "Now that's good medicine for my first try. "

    "Okay, now let's try all the other formulas to combat this disease. Hmph, this time both of them will cry tears of blood for trying this ** on me. Since I am here Maybe I should something make unrelated as well. Something related to Mana nourishment. Yes, this will help me stabilize the outside forces."


    Just as Anin was approaching North frontier city he was quite surprised by the condition of roads, he thought, 'It seems, they knew that I was coming and hence the better condition of roads. Well, they still managed to impress me. However, I guess this is due to Tornwall and his genius methods. I should strictly follow the orders and try bringing Tornwall to Bryndyll.'

    Looking at the Bicycle, Anin thought and asked the driver, "Hmmm, what is that tool? How come they don't require a beast of burden to carry them."

    The driver proudly spoke, "that's a bicycle, my lord, it was made by count John to reduce the travel time and increase the productivity of his town by saving time. What do you think, my lord?"

    Anin snorted and spoke, "Hmm... Your lord seems quite an interesting person."

    He thought, 'I guess he likes taking credit of his subordinates. Maybe I can use this to persuade Tornwall and bring him back.'

    The driver proudly spoke as he thought about his son, "Yes he is someone who has improved the lives of commoners while giving opportunities to everyone in his domain. Now everyone can get education at his domain without worrying about expenses. Currently, my son is studying at the rose institute for his future. If it was me, I couldn't have sent him to the imperial university with my meager wages. I guess milord understands the pain of commoners when it comes to certain things. My son said that previously when he met lord at the Institute he spoke that he understood the pain of student's debts, I guess it is due to his previous experience."

    Anin thought, 'According to our investigations, I don't think his lord ever visited the Imperial University. I guess this driver gone senile. Anyway, let's try getting more information from him.'

    Anin nodded, "Seems plausible, We too have scholarship programs for outstanding students at Bryndyll. Tell me more about your Lord"

    The driver spoke with refreshing smile, "Well he has abolished slavery. It seems milord is intending to create an equal level playing field for everyone."

    Anin furrowed his brows and asked, "What? Slavery is banned here?"

    He thought, 'Now it may be tough to bring back Tornwall. Maybe I should try using our oldest method of wines. We anyway have the best wines in the world.'

    Very soon, Anin and his mates arrived at North-frontier City.

    Anin looked around and saw that internal minister Taylor was present to greet him.

    He thought, 'By the looks of it, this city can be comparable to our capital.'
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