241 172. The Auction Part 3.

    A lady bought the next item which was covered by a cloth.

    The presenter immediately introduced the next item after the lady bought the second item. He spoke, "I am sure all of you were surprised. We will be presenting you guys our next item, The Thunder Ore of Supreme Quality, a total of 31 kgs. I am sure no one here is unfamiliar with it. If you are unaware, This ore is useful in creating accessories and weapons with the lightning element. The items made from it are more powerful than normal accessories."

    Anin was surprised as he looked at the Thunder Ore with shock, "Woah, The thunder Ore? And that too of Supreme quality with 31 kgs. What are they planning, aren't they using it for themselves? I am sure Tornwall can certainly work on this ore. We are buying it whatever the cost. We are anyway short of such rare ores in Bryndyll. You understand, right"

    The Subordinate nodded and spoke, "Yes, Milord. We will be bidding aggressively for this Ore."

    John smiled as he looked at the expressions of others when they saw the Longevity pill and the thunder ore.

    He asked Taylor, "Where did you guys get this ore?"

    Taylor smiled and spoke, "It was mined at one of the mines which we discovered at Aurora. There are quite a number of such mines and ores. We can use it to our advantage. It seems this venture of ours has bought us a lot of gains when it comes to resources."

    John smiled as he looked at the ore, "I guess this auction won't be boring if these rare items are coming left and right. Maybe we can even achieve our goals with this Auction."

    Anin roared as he greedily saw the Thunder Ore, "5000 Gold Coins."

    Very soon the bid reached 5000 gold coins and was won by Anin who was smiling ear to ear after taking the Thunder Ore.

    One of the merchants asked as he looked at the Thunder Ore and tried to gauge its commercial value, "Is it really worth it to bid 5000 gold coins for a mere ore?"

    The other merchant smiled and spoke, "Well, those Ores are rare and hence the inflated prices. Many countries use these ores for research and hence they are rarely found in the market. Additionally, the weapons created using these elemental ores have a very high power whether it is in attack or defense. So you understand, why the inflated prices?"

    The other guy nodded and understood.

    A few hours passed as a lot of items were sold which included armors and weapons forged by the smithy and the Auction was coming to the conclusion.

    The presenter smiled and spoke, "Now, we present to you, the formula for fighting that menace called Black Death. This formula works in 3-4 days. I am sure all of you heard about Lord John's lecture on Black Death previously. We have also mentioned how to detect this disease early after multiple experiments."

    There was a shocked look in the face of some spies who were from Radiant Church.

    "Damnit, how were they able to make such medicine and pull it off. The higher-ups in the Church would certainly be pissed when they hear this."

    "We can't cause a ruckus here since there are a lot of guards not to mention ghosts who are constantly keeping a watch on the movements of everyone. Try buying that formula via one of the merchants."

    Without even waiting for the presenter to speak,

    The Demonic side spoke immediately, "10,000 Gold Coins."



    "20000.", Said one of the merchants.

    However, the Demon side watched at the merchant angrily.

    "Hmph, he dares fight against the power of a state. Very well."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He thought, 'If he still wins the formula, we might as well try to rob him when leaves for Aelius.'

    "25000 gold coins."

    There were gasps when the people heard the price going as up as 25000 gold coins.

    "Isn't this just a mere formula? Why are they trying so hard to get it?"

    "Well, in the past, they too suffered a lot while going against Black Death and hence their reason. 25000 gold coins are just small drops of water. However, I wonder who is that merchant who can bid so much."

    "I guess he might be trying to get the formula for commercial purposes. I heard he is one of the biggest distributors of raw materials when it comes to Weapon on Aelius and here at Sky."

    Alison smiled and spoke, "I guess they do have deep pockets. Pity that we are so far or else we too would have got a chance to buy this formula."

    Mist spoke as he looked, "We don't need to worry, to be honest. We can always trade with them, you should know that we still have nature magicians. Let the demons have it this time around."

    Very soon the third hammer hit and the Demons won the formula for Black Death.

    After getting the formula he murmured, "I guess this visit at the auction here was still worth it. No wonder Lord John emphasized the importance of this Auction."

    "Yes, His majesty too will be pleased from such a result."

    The presenter smiled as he watched the result of Fierce bidding. He spoke, "And at last, We will present you the latest creation of our Magic research laboratory at Rose Institute. The mana restoring pills. Unlike the other pills in the market, you won't have to wait while taking these pills. These pills also restore around 30% of one's mana in an instant. For people with very high magic power, they will require 2 pills to restore it. But I am sure every one of you understands the pros of such a pill where you won't have to wait while taking pills in succession. You will practically be having unlimited mana as long as you have mana restoring pills. From now on, we will be auctioning a batch of these pills every day while the best students at Rose Institute too will get these pills as rewards."

    One of the magicians exclaimed as soon as he watched the description of these pills, "What? You won't have to wait and this pill instantly restores mana in your body. How is this possible? Hell, these pills also restore 30% of your mana instantly. I am definitely getting my hands on these pills."

    Similar voices could be heard from everywhere when people heard about mana restoring pills.

    The demonic side smiled and with a thoughtful expression spoke, "I see. So they are telling the other countries that they can have a dip in this honey pot as long as they fill some of the wishes from Sky. From the looks. they planned for this rebellion for a long time. We will play along. We anyway don't mind angering Aelius if we can get such things. We will be buying the first batch of these pills for research purposes."

    Anin had a deep and thoughtful look when he looked at the description of these pills. He immediately spoke to his assistant in a grave tone, "We are calling off our raid at those unknown cities. Tell Nokhud that he is to immediately back off. This is some serious stuff. A mana restoring pill which doesn't require one to wait while restoring mana in their body. This very mana pill will change the landscape of Sea travels and also wars. Magicians and magic knights will become a big resource for countries when it comes to longer travels at Sea. Even those magicians with low capabilities will become a big resource in the production department of the countries. It seems there are going to be big deals at this auction."

    The two devils who came previously too had dark expressions when they heard the description of this pill.

    The devil who came earlier had an expression where he couldn't wait to get his hands on those pills, "Do we reveal our presence?"

    The other devils shook the head and spoke, "No need. We will meet that guy after the auction. This auction certainly has surprised me today to no ends. I guess this Auction certainly meets the standards of Lemuria Republic."

    Luke too had a dark expression when he looked at the pills and then their descriptions, "This is big. Mana restoring pills without any backlash? We would have long ago conquered this continent if we had these pills. We made a big blunder by opposing Count John this time around after getting influenced by those warmongers. Fudge! All because of Hector and his cunning schemes for a personal grudge. Those ministers were right when they berated Hector previously for conflicting Personal Grudges and the interests of Aelius."
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