250 181. Shockwaves.

    At Aurora port and Winter city port, a lot of sailors were celebrating their victory over Aelius, Fjords and Bryndyll.

    One of the sailors cheered in the pub and spoke enthusiastically, "Hahaha, today is a good day, We have apparently killed one Enemy general and also captured one Enemy general from Bryndyll."

    Another guy who was unaware of the situation spoke, "Hmm... So that's the reason why we are seeing so many prisoners in chains at Port. I hope this doesn't trigger a diplomatic offensive from Dwarves as well. I wonder who killed the enemy general this time around."

    The other guy spoke as enthusiastically sipped his new wine, "It was a kid called Lucius, he was the one who killed the enemy general from Fjord's domain. I think the general's name was Darius who led the Fjord's this time around, however, they had a very small fleet this time around. As far as a Diplomatic offensive is concerned, we don't need to worry. Both Aurora and Winter was already declared as a part of our domain a few days back. So it will be considered an invasion if they come. And as it will be opened to public in a few days, so this time, we can expect a lot of people to arrive here and conduct trade. Apparently our ports will be opened after all of this messy battlefield is sorted out. That Storm really changed all of our plans to chase those invaders."

    One of the guys from Bran's ship asked, "Isn't that kid hanging with that Half-beast Brat, Clay?"

    One of the guys from Aurora squad who was quiet for a while, spoke as he heard about the brats, "Yes, the very same kid, those brats had apparently stolen my Telescope previously."

    "Yes, I remember them, That kid called Clay is always creating troubles for everyone."

    "Yes from what I heard from Captain Judd, After interogattion it was revealed that it was that brats plan when they infiltrated the ships to participate in this war." A lot of guys laughed as they talked about those brats.

    "Hahaha, good, these kids sure do have a lot of courage. Countries might not lack men but they will always lack men with bravery. These kids surely are fearless when it comes to fighting and War."

    One of the old men spoke with a bright shine in his eyes, "It seems those kids have shown their true worth in this war. Where are they now? I am sure they would be enjoying now."

    The sailor from Bran's squad laughed and spoke, "Hahaha, No, I saw those brats grumbling in the morning as they were cleaning the whole institute at Aurora today. It seems Captain Judd has given them punishment for breaking various laws. You must see that kid, Clay."

    One of the Devil travelers murmured as he heard the folks, "It seems Lord John this time waged a calculated war. This town somehow looks more advanced in terms of production capabilities after looking at the nearby clothes. Meanwhile, the atmosphere of the commoners here is quite good. I think it will be worthwhile to invest in this kingdom."

    The traveler was from the first batch of people who came to Aurora from Sea with Sky Kingdom's navy for a trade mission.


    The shockwaves of this battle spread to all the corners in this region.

    The very first to be alerted of defeat was Bryndyll kingdom when they saw half of their army returning from various directions.

    One of the soldier Captains immediately informed their Internal minister about the situation of the current battle, "It is bad, Milord. This operation of ours has failed. This time we faced a lot of new weapons which wasn't provided by the information bureau. General Nokhud sacrificed himself so that we could escape and relay the news. There is one more piece of information which will shock the whole ministry, Lord John's navy apparently has ships which are much faster than the ones provided by Fjords."

    The Internal Minister and Strategist, Murnet was quite shocked after hearing the current situation, however considering his position, he calmed himself down and immediately asked, "What is the speed of their ships? And what sort of news weapons did you face that you guys are horrified even when you possessed Shots?"

    The internal minister had a red beard and looked like a refined man as he calmly sat on his chair and heard the captain.

    The Captain nodded and spoke, "I am sure their ships are twice as fast as compared to Fjords. As for their weapons, they had double the range as compared to Shots. And they were 10 times more destructive than shots. However, the most surprising thing was their naval unit of sea horses unit. And for some reason they already knew the existence of our shots as they weren't shocked when they first encountered it. No, it was more like they were already prepared to face our weapons."

    Murnet tried to confirm and asked calmly, "What? Twice as fast? are you sure?"

    Murnet meanwhile thought, 'I don't think anyone on our side would betray us so easily. Meanwhile, Tornwall and other dwarves don't even know the existence of Shots. I need to investigate about this.'

    The Captain nodded affirmatively and spoke with determination, "Yes, I am pretty much sure. I can bet my life on it."

    Watching the soldier and his determination, Murnet nodded and slowly murmured, "It seems all of our plans have failed. We need to change our plans. Maybe an alliance would be better to Invade Aelius."

    He sighed and thought, 'Whom am I fooling? since they have such weapons why would they need our help? It seems, for the first time in centuries we would need to ally with Aelius since this sheep called Sky Kingdom is more of a wolf or they would be an existensial threat to us. We first need to observe them before making any hostile moves. I better get moving fast.'

    Murnet signaled the Soldier and spoke, "Okay, if you have any other important information, relay it to my assistant, I will be going to meet the King and other ministers immediately. You can go to your quarters and rest now. You guys did well in returning back with this valuable info."

    The Captain nodded as he saluted and left his office, "Yes, Milord."

    Murnet took out a memo and started planning his further line of action, "I need to contact Anin first. Yes, I should let him know of the situation first. He can start negotiating with them for the release of our soldiers immediately. If this situation remains under the curtain, it would be for best. If not, it can be blamed to miscommunication on our part. Next would be to contact that foreign minister Phillip and Wine King to smoothen our relations."

    Murnet sighed and thought, "If we had just delayed this operation by 2 days then this wouldn't have occurred in the first place. I hope our trade deal for Elemental ores and mana restoring pills doesn't get stuck because of this misadventure."

    Calling his Assistant and after giving out orders, Murnet left immediately to meet the concerned persons and ministers to diffuse the tension at naval borders.

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    The same was the situation at Aelius where Plato had a grave face, "Goddamit, And he had to get caught. His Majesty, Lionheart won't be pleased if he hears this news."

    He slowly read a document that described the strategically important parts, "Hmm... It seems they had hidden a lot of things, Those water horses seem quite a good addition to increase the battle prowess. So, they also have a secret spying tool that can be used to see at great distances? Now, this is new. No wonder they were always a step ahead whenever our armies attacked them. It seems this war still produced some results when it comes to King John's prowess. They have ships that are faster than the ones owned by Fjords, How is this possible!"

    Suddenly Plato remembered the letter of Luke which spoke that if they had supported Count John then he would have fully supported the kingdom.

    He gritted his teeth and crushed glass in his hand and angrily roared, "So we fought this for nothing?"

    He mocked himself and thought, 'We thought that Fjord would collaborate with Dwarves and give them his prized Ships and their Blueprints. I wished we had supported count John previously so that we could crush that Duke's arrogance.'

    Plato calmed himself down and thought of solutions, "First I need to do something about Endo. Luke is still there at Sky, I can ask him to look at the current situation over there."

    Suddenly a knock came to his room from his assistant who came in and gave him a letter which was addressed from Luke,

    After looking at the letter, He thought, "Hmm... They have created Mana restoring pills? They have also created a cure for Black Death? Now, this is bad. One bad news after another. Woah, They also have the long lost Longevity pills? From the looks of it, this was prepared by Lord John. It seems Luke is having a tough life. Maybe, we can use Baron Mendez's domain as a buffer to stop this war. As for the pawn, it can be blamed on Antonio, No this is a big scandal since Baron is blaming Prince Hector. And since this is related to that count, I better be cautious before taking a position. As for the borders, they can be combated from other areas since it is now possible to expand in the wilds."

    He deeply thought as he looked at the effects of Mana restoring pills, "Hmm... The most important thing is the Mana Restoring Pills. How do we get it? Argh, I better convey a meeting of ministers to get a solution. I don't think King will be convinced just by the longevity pills."
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