251 182. First Contact with Devils.

    At the Demon Capital,

    Apollyon had meanwhile instructed his ministers to make a full investigation on what had occurred at the North-East seas. However, they understood one thing that John's men won a navy battle against Aelius and Bryndyll. They were anyway focused on Mana Restoring Pills and Longevity pills.

    Pope David was quite angry after hearing that John had created a cure for Black Death, "How is this possible?"

    Calvin, "It's true Milord, Apparently, Felix just reached here. He lost his whole army to Lukavv previously. What do we do?"

    Forgetting about Black Death, Pope David asked with annoyance, "What! He lost against Lukavv? What happened? I think he had quite a big army to even resist Duke Blackwolf. What about the mercenaries we sent before?"

    "Yes, From what our spies know, It seems Count John had previously given him superior weapons. Those weapons were our downfall. Felix nearly lost his life. Meanwhile, Lukavv is still at North-west and hasn't moved for now. Also, hell's mercenaries had betrayed us to help Prince Lukavv."

    "Sir, What about the Devils? It seems they were also present at the Auction according to one of our spies. Not to mention the Mana Restoring pills which can even counter the Dragon knights if needed."

    There was complete silence when Pope David heard Calvin.

    He slowly murmured, "That upstart is ruining all of our plans. I should have gotten rid of him at the very start. Now, this is becoming a mess."

    He slowly sighed and spoke, "Ok, take care of Felix for now. As for Black Death and Mana-Restoring Pills, I will discuss with other Cardinals and reach a conclusion later on. You can go now. Meanwhile, keep a watch on those new cities of that Upstart. He has already ruined a lot of our plans. You don't need to worry about Devils, they are quite far-away from us so there is no need to worry."

    After the Auction, Both the devils from the Lemuria Republic came to meet John immediately,

    Taylor immediately informed about them to John, "Milord, It seems some people from the Lemuria Republic are here, They are of quite a different race, it appears they are devils that are very rarely seen on this side of the continent."

    John nodded and understood, "Okay, I will meet them, there is no harm in meeting them. Let's see what do they have to offer us. Meanwhile, where does the Lemuria Republic come in this continent?"

    Taylor nodded and took a map, "Milord, they said it is apparently they are North of Fire-abyss kingdom, i.e. North to sea. There are no naval borders since there is a Northern Violent Belt and a nest of lesser sea dragons. So there is a lot less contact between Lemuria and our continent because of the menace caused by Lesser Sea dragons. It is also rumored that Sea Dragon nest is also there but nobody has dared to go there."

    John nodded and understood why there was less contact between Lemuria and other countries.

    "Okay, Bring them In. I will hear from them immediately."

    "Yes, Milord."

    After somewhile, Devils came in and greeted John, "Greeting to the founding of Sky Kingdom, Lord John. We are the Lemuria Republic."

    John nodded and signaled them to sit down, "Yes, I heard about you from Taylor, tell me more about Lemuria i.e. the races, politics, and culture."

    Both the Devils looked at each other,

    After some time one of them nodded and decided to speak.

    One Devil who was in a humanoid form spoke, She was wearing a Red gown and a Black Hat with a net, she also wore gloves, She had red hair and fair skin, She was quite alluring, With a smile she spoke, "My name is Maeen, this friend of mine over here is Cain. As you know, Lemuria is a republic, 800 Years ago we were ruled by a king but things changed later on since a lot of people were exiled to Lemuria, So our elders decided to make a republic to cast a balance. As for the Races, there are quite a few races inhibiting Lemuria, i.e. the Devils, Humans, Dwarfs, Dark-elves,  Gnomes, Demons, Beast-men. However, Devils constitute a big chunk, about 56%. Your kingdom too casts a good amount of similarity with us. However, we are quite surprised by the technological advancements of your kingdom. We believe that your Mana Restoring Pills can change the landscape of Sea travels. Previously it was quite limited to travel the seas and everyone was at the mercy of the weather or their magical tools. After viewing your Auction, we felt that we needed to introduce ourselves so that we can cooperate."

    "Right, I never thought it would change sea-travel as well. Miss Maeen, as far as sea travels are concerned, we have a better solution for that."

    With a confused face, she looked towards John, "Milord, if you think, Duke Fjord's ship would work then we have already tried that in the past."

    John shook his head and signaled Taylor to come in with a miniature of their Galleon, "No, you misunderstand me, currently, we have developed a few ships of our own which run on Steam Engines, they have already increased the speed of our ships by 2-3 times. Add to that our Water Boosters which can further increase the speed of our ships by 3 times. Miss, I just want to confirm that do you have enough authority to make a Co-operation agreement with us? And even without these, our ships anyway have 1.7 times speed compared to Fjords'."

    Maeen and Cain both were quite surprised by John's declaration, "A speed by 3-6 times? I have never heard of this before. Is that even possible when magicians and their powers are used in full?"

    Even though Cain seemed refined, he too was quite shaken by John's declaration because their own were 1.5 times faster as compared to Fjords and they were quite proud of it.

    Cain cautiously asked John, "Your Majesty, you are not joking with us, right?"

    John furrowed his brows and spoke with an aura of a king, "Of course, Any Authority's words are weighed in Gold and so is mine."

    After hearing confirmation, Cain spoke, "I am sorry for doubting you, Milord. Milord, I am sure this is confidential information, why do you want to release it so early."

    Hearing his Doubts, John smiled at his question and spoke, "It will anyway be revealed after the next battle so it is no use hiding from you. You don't need to worry."

    After hearing John's Confirmation, Maeen sighed with relief and with a glitter of excitement, spoke to John, "Milord, Currently, I am a small minister at Lemuria, I may not have enough Authority Alone, but My Amon family has enough authority in Government to cooperate for a deal. As for confirmation, I can ask it from Grandfather Directly." She took a 7 colored stone which was quite mysterious.

    Taylor Gasped in shock as he saw the stone, "The 7 colored communication stone?", it was rumored that this stone can be used to communicate very long distances. It was mainly used at the Communication stations only.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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