257 188. Demon Diplomat Ein.

    The Demon diplomat meanwhile was quite anxious as he was given an important task of making sure that they get the deal in regards to Mana-restoring pills and Longevity pills.

    He was also aware of the fact that Sky kingdom recently thrashed both Aelius and Bryndyll in naval warfare near Aurora Island.

    The Diplomat's subordinate asked him, "Lord, why are we paying so much respect to this newly established kingdom? Shouldn't they be the ones who should pay their respect to us?"

    The Diplomat thought and spoke, "It is because of the Previous battle in the seas of east and the complete thrashing of Aelius and Bryndyll. Our spies informed that Sky has already captured numerous prisoners of both Aelius and Bryndyll. So this battle has revealed the true power of Lord John, we can't underestimate them just because they are newly established. Because of this big event that Cunning guy Anin was so quick to react after the auction. I am sure he certainly made a good deal with them or else he wouldn't be in a happy mood these days. Apparently, this attack was taking place when the auction was going on. Though Aelius isn't that strong in naval warfare but the same can't be said about Bryndyll. Bryndyll can't be underestimated as they have always been secretive when it comes to weapons and have always created surprises but this time they were the ones who got surprised. Do you think those proud dwarves would lower their heads without any reason? And after the rise of Ludwin, they have been even more aggressive when it comes to the border and foreign policy. Even that proud guy is bowing his head so they must have a reason. Not to mention the mana-restoring pills that everyone is scrambling to get. Ayananore already has it."

    The Demon Diplomat, Ein spoke, "Because of these pills, it would be possible to travel long distances via ships. And this would also increase the battle capabilities of our warriors. These pills will change this world so it is important to have good relations with Sky. Not to mention Lord John is quite open unlike Aelius or the Radiant Church so it is better to have good relations with Sky currently."

    Ein smiled and spoke, "Hmph, even those elders at Aelius would be willing to bow their heads in front of these Mana-restoring pills. I am sure they are currently racking their brains to get their hands on these pills and the formula. We are currently in a good position since we didn't participate during this whole fiasco."

    After waiting for some days, he finally got an appointment with Taylor and John. This time, the demons bought numerous amount of small and big gifts to show their sincerity to Sky kingdom.

    At the Administrative Headquarters, Taylor invited them,

    The Diplomat immediately congratulated Taylor and stated his intentions, "Here is a small gift from our King Apollyon towards the Sky Kingdom. Our Lord would certainly attend the Throning ceremony of Lord John since he was quite moved by the actions of Lord John in protecting his ideals. Here are the two horns of a fire dragon which we harvested years ago at North-sea at an Island near Lumeria and Fire-abyss kingdom. We have also bought quite a number of precious magical accessories that can be useful."

    Taylor nodded as he fixed his attention towards the horn, "Now this is interesting, just looking at this horn I can tell that it is of great quality and contains immense energy. Can you tell me more about Lumeria and where you found these horns."

    Seeing a late reaction, Taylor asked, "Any problem?"

    John meanwhile thought, 'It seems they don't even like talking about Lumeria.'

    The Diplomat flinched a bit and spoke, "Yes, no problem, Lumeria is actually on the other side of the continent, it is mainly resided by devils as majority and quite a handful of other races. However, those guys cheat a lot so you shouldn't trust them easily when you deal with them. As for this horn, We got this from an island, it is between Lumeria and Fire-abyss kingdom that is divided by the nest of dragons near the same island where we first found this horn. Currently, we have very low contact with them since there are a lot of shipwrecks whenever ships are ready to sail north. Maybe the Mana-restoring pills can come to be useful in long travels this time around. So our contact may increase as well. But Yes, there is a difference in Lemuria's political system, it is a republic and not a monarchy. so they are ruled by the masses. Sort of like Mob rule. But there is quite a corrupt lot in there so we have a kind of good and bad both type of relationship."

    Thinking that John would abhor the political difference, he explained enthusiastically.

    John was quite aware of the pros and cons of a republic and hence didn't get influenced by the diplomat.

    John nodded and spoke, "Interesting, ok, come to the point."

    Diplomat nodded and spoke, "Currently we hope to make a deal with you regarding mana-restoring pills and longevity pills. I hope you can oblige us. We will certainly give you a satisfactory answer."

    John nodded and spoke, "Well that won't be a problem. I don't want much, I want access to your markets in return we can offer you Longevity Pills in with a constant supply. We would also appreciate it if you can provide access to your magic library in the Fire-abyss kingdom. I heard there were a lot of intriguing techniques in elemental magic which are unique to the Fire-abyss Kingdom."

    Thinking that those elemental techniques can only be used by Demons and won't be of much use to John, Ein smiled and spoke, "That won't be a problem. We agree with your terms. As a goodwill gesture, we will be officially recognizing Sky kingdom. His Majesty Apollyon will soon submit a decree of official recognition for Sky."


    During this time, there was soon official recognition of Sky kingdom by both Bryndyll and Fire abyss kingdom.

    Quite a lot of people were excited in Sky after hearing about support from both of these countries. Meanwhile, there was a scramble going on at the Imperial City in Aelius where ministers were fighting each other every day.

    The ministers on Prince Hector's side had the tensest moments as Prince Hector was frequently blamed both in the court and outside the court in private gossips by both the ministers who were neutral and those who joined other various camps.


    2 days After Celebration, Blake, Eric, Sean, Bran and others were apparently at Aurora Headquarters.

    Bran took a letter which he had received just from the mainland, He sighed and spoke, "It seems our work is going to increase."

    Judd with an angry look spoke, "What is it this time? Another invasion by the dwarves or those stupid guys at Aelius?"

    Bran shook his head and spoke as he gave him the letter, "Nah, We will be opening our ports and it seems we need to return General Nokhud and all of those prisoners. From the looks, Mr. Anin, the dwarven ambassador, has reached a final deal and has successfully negotiated with his Majesty John. There is one more point, This time, The wine king himself also arrived to personally meet John."

    Blake furrowed his brows and spoke, "It seems this time we will be gaining some benefits since we caught a lot of prisoners. Ok, remove Nokhud and his important men from the cells. Bring them to Royal Guesthouses in house arrest."

    Meanwhile, Endo just ended up at the shores of Aurora. At this time, Joe too was at the beaches of Aurora with Alisa. He was quite happy as in a few days he will be joining the higher practical training of Ghosts.

    As they were touring the beaches they spotted Endo. After spotting him Joe carefully looked at him but didn't find anything peculiar,

    Joe commented after looking at Endo, "I guess his boat shipwrecked, we better help him out."

    Alisa remembered Endo's sketch when she visited Aurora Island Administrative headquarters recently, After identifying Endo, she claimed immediately, "Joe, isn't this guy Endo who was missing for days. If I am not wrong, the navy is currently looking for him as he is on a run after the battle."

    Joe looked at Endo with some doubt, "Really? This guy doesn't seem strong."

    Alisa then took a book and spoke, "Well, from the information, I know that Endo is the uncle of Prince Hector so you understand his value?"

    Joe nodded and spoke, "Okay, okay I believe you, we better tie him before he wakes up."
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