259 190. Antonios determination.

    Felix's minister pointed his finger at the minister and roared after watching the blatant threats and bribery, "You..."

    Prince Hector's minister, Sheer smiled and spoke, "In the first place, the eastern port was closed off by Baron Antonio and he was the one who started the war. It is not our fault that he was greedy in nature. Everyone must understand that it was Antonio's very own decision that they should block the port and hence the intense start of conflicts."

    Suddenly one of the ministers who was attracted by the lands and mines at north spoke, "I agree, we can't blame Prince Hector for the acts of another scoundrel. Though he had a good relation with Prince. It doesn't mean that he was part of the decisions made by Antonio. Baron Mendez is simply directing his anger at Prince Hector."

    From the looks, a lot of other ministers were tempted and started raising their voice as they didn't want to lose out on the resources which can be gained from the Northlands captured by Duke Norman.

    Count Casey's smiled and didn't decide to make his move right now. He moved back to his chambers as the ministers quarreled with each other.

    In the Chambers, Antonio was present, Casey moved near him and spoke, "You see the quarreling at the court? It is because of the war you started."

    Antonio roared, "I never started any war."

    Casey nodded and spoke, "Well, Technically you started the war as per the lackeys of Prince Hector and Duke Norman. So currently you are being blamed by most of the ministers to get in the good books of Prince Hector. See, even the neutral ministers are siding with him in the hopes of getting benefits from him since Duke Norman recently acquired a lot of land at North via the ballistas. What do you think would happen if I present you at the court?"

    Casey's assistant smiled as he understood what his Lord planned to do.

    Antonio understood the predicament he was in right now.

    Casey spoke, "Well, you do have a choice right now, before going down, you can take Prince Hector down with you when I present you at the court. Remember this, you offending King John time and again was the reason why you are in such a position."

    Casey continued, "Well if you choose to side with Prince Hector then you will simply be a pawn to be hanged by the Imperial court for starting problems at the northern-borders. The choice is yours."

    Antonio thought vengefully as he too heard the gossips from the guards, 'Very well, If I am going down, I might as well take you down with me Hector. At least this kingdom will remember me for a long time since you started this conspiracy and treated me as a small pawn.'

    Antonio sighed, 'I wished I wasn't this arrogant previously, from the looks, Casey and other nobles have already decided to rope in themselves with Lord John. Father was right, I was indeed naive politically. Well, I might do him a favor this time around." He looked courageously with a determined look.

    With a determined looked, Antonio asked, "Casey, I have a favor."

    Hearing Antonio's voice, Casey was quite surprised as he looked at Antonio curiously who was gritting his teeth.

    Casey thought, 'It seems he finally realized his problem, Alas it is too late or he could have at least saved his life.'

    Casey nodded and spoke, "It seems you finally realized, Speak, If I can do your favor I will do it."

    Antonio spoke with a grave tone, "I need you to pass on a message to my Father. Tell him, I am sorry for the past misadventures. I wasn't a filial son. If I could change the past, I would certainly have followed him and not get manipulated by Prince Hector or Duke Norman. After I speak against Prince Hector, I would most likely get assassinated in the Imperial Cells during these hearings. However, this is still better than nothing. I hope father would never trust Prince Hector or Duke Norman after these past transgressions where they backstabbed me."

    Casey was quite astonished after watching the resolve of Antonio and thought, 'It seems this guy still has the courage to right the wrongs and is better than those guys who ran from the battlefield.'

    Casey nodded and spoke, "You can write a letter to your father, I will pass on the message to him."

    After writing the letter, Casey took the letter from him and secured it so that he can deliver it to Baron Mendez and Lord John.

    He thought, 'Lord John would be quite surprised after hearing this. Well, I guess Antonio at least wants to leave with a mark and create problems for Prince Hector and Duke Norman.'

    The next day,

    Count Casey told Antonio, "I have delivered the letter of your father yesterday. He most likely got the message so you don't need to worry."

    Casey continued, "Come, we will be going to the court when the hearing on Hector's scandal begins again."

    Unlike the previous self, Antonio was quite refreshed after thinking of bringing Prince Hector down with him, "Prince Hector and Duke Norman will surely be surprised after watching me alive again."

    Casey nodded and spoke, "I wonder how the neutral ministers who sided with Prince Hector would react after watching you alive. Well, I guess most of the people at the imperial court would be quite gloomy after watching you alive."


    Meanwhile, Baron Mendez looked at the letter which was written by his son, Antonio and thought, 'If it was earlier then I would certainly have saved you. I wished you were a bit wise previously. Very well, I will try my best to get him over at Dolores since he committed his crime at Dolores.'

    John meanwhile was amused as he looked at Casey's letter however he gave no more than a glance and thought, 'Should I save him? But he would most probably be killed in the assassination by Lionheart and Hector. Well, I can try. Luke is anyway trying to get an appointment with me for the past few days.'

    John called Taylor and gave him an order, "Taylor, tell Luke that he can meet me in 2 hours. It seems there is going to be a big show in Imperial Capital in a few hours. Let's see how he reacts after this sudden appointment."

    Taylor nodded as he took the letter and understood the undercurrents that were going on at Aelius, "Yes, Milord."

    He thought, 'It seems I need to tell Grey that he needs to monitor Imperial City at Aelius. From the looks, our spies would need to do a lot of work if they really intend to save this scum.'

    John meanwhile got back to work and started planning for future, "It seems the harvest this time has been great due to Nature's magic provided by Elves. I should start planning for the wide usage of Steam Engines and Banks need to be established. I wonder about the big changes after the introduction of Steam Engines. From now on, I better start working on communication."
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