261 192. Orcale of Lord Irmela.

    A lot of people in the court were quite shocked after hearing Antonio. They could see his determination and resolve to take down Prince Hector with him.

    Prince Hector, "Tch, When did he get such balls? If this was the case why didn't he just die in the war previously."

    Fourth Prince Jadal smiled as heard Antonio and spoke, "The great deeds of my brother should certainly have consequences? Don't you think so my fellow ministers?"

    One of the ministers smiled and spoke, "True, because of his Personal grudge, Aelius is broiled up in this meaningless war, we have lost on both the fronts i.e. Land and Sea. Who knows what will happen if we send Dragon Knights as well. I think Prince Hector's position of Crown Prince and his assets in Magic mines down in the south and central should at least be seized for his actions taken against Duke Fjord and Baron Mendez."

    Sheer spoke, "Ludicrous, just based on allegations you want to punish Prince Hector? Then we might as well punish your son as according to the rumors he is well known for the gangs he controls behind the scenes."

    The Ministers spoke, "Tch, however much you may try to twist the current subject but it doesn't change the fact that Prince Hector was responsible for his moves taken against Lord John which in return resulted in the present situation. I think all of you know the current casualties in the kingdom. How do you guys plan to calm the masses for so many losses of men? Or do you want to say that it was the fault of Duke Fjord, the Royal family, Duke Norman and Baron Mendez for incompetence and their greed." The minister smiled as deliberately asked this question.

    Minister Sheer didn't what to reply as he knew that the minister deliberately asked this question to create internal conflict, "You.."

    Minister Sheer then turned to Law Minister and spoke, "Milord, I hope we can delay this matter since there has been no investigation. It would be quite presumptuous of the court for pointing fingers without evidence."

    The Law Minister smiled and understood what was going on, he had already gotten an order from the king to delay this matter so as to not stain the royal family's reputation, "Yes, This suggestion is better. We need to start an inquiry before we decide on the punishments just based on allegations."

    He thought as he looked Pitifully at Antonio, 'I doubt that he would even survive in the cells. From the Looks, King Lionheart wouldn't want him alive. I guess I will try to get more benefits from this scandal.'

    Prince Hector sighed with relief as he heard him, He immediately ordered Alistair, "You know what to do, right?"

    Alistair nodded, "This will be tricky if Lord John is involved in this scandal. I am sure he is aiming to target us when Antonio is assassinated. I am sure he will manipulate Lord Mendez if we assassinate him."

    Duke Norman sighed as he watched how the current situation folded, He thought, 'I guess we should have killed that idiot long back when we escaped Dolores. Now this will be troublesome. If we kill Antonio in the cells then that Mendez will harbor an even bigger grudge against me and Hector. This might increase the chance of smuggling of goods from his border which will hit my industry at the duchy.'

    During this time, The Cardinals who were present didn't make a move as they were quite happy with the result. Cardinal Richard stroked his chin as he spoke, "It looks like Prince Hector will most likely lose his estate and the Magic Metal Mines since the situation is not in his favor."

    Richard's subordinate, "Milord, It looks like Prince Luke made his move on Prince Felix. He just came back running from Blackwolf's domain."

    Richard nodded as he looked at another report and spoke, "It's good for us. However, that Count John seems quite dangerous from the looks of Battle Casualties. Even Johnson died."

    Richard's Subordinate asked with a grave face, "Lord, what about the Oracle which we got from Radiant God, Irmela? Isn't the matter more serious now that we got his Divine Message after centuries? Even He can't determine his fate. Do we start a crusade against him so that we can nip the bud before it grows?"

    Richard nodded as he understood the grave situation, He spoke, "True, Lord John is quite an anomaly. A violator of boundaries, A being of Chaos as far as Gods are concerned and hence Lord Irmela's divine message. Looking at the way he abhors Radiant Church and other Religions and his closeness to other species. I suspect he is under the protection of other god and has a history of Bad blood with Radiant Church. He might have been a slave previously or might have lost his parents to us and hence his enmity towards us. As far as the crusade is concerned, we can't make our move now. We could have moved with Aelius when they previously attacked him but after watching his battle power, I don't think anyone in the church will have thoughts of starting a crusade. Our finest bet is Assassination since we wouldn't want to lose our face again in a battle. A battle again with him right now will break our back where Aelius might cease the chance to annihilate us. Though we might be stronger with our hidden forces but it cannot guarantee victory since that Count is very cunning."

    Richard's Subordinate sighed, "However, because of this Oracle, Pope David's position has improved quite a lot. And this is very problematic for us."

    Richard nodded and spoke, "I guess it can't be helped. Even if Prince Lukav's Scandal is released now he has a secured position unless something big happens."

    Richard smiled and continued, "However, Lord John's existence will be a problem for him. And Lord John might be someone who can or certainly will shake the foundations of Radiant Church and hence an active divine message. You might not know but the Last time an Oracle happened was the time when Undead Sage Xylo used Black Death to Annihilate the forces of Radiant Church and Aelius. We even lost 2 Cardinals in that fight where Lord Irmela's familiar Heroic Spirit's descended. I guess this time Lord Irmela noticed the presence of Count John and his anomaly in this war where we had the most casualties."

    Richard's subordinate was quite shocked as he wasn't privy to these details previously and understood the gravity of the situation.

    Meanwhile, John saw a prototype made by Tornwall which was able to create electricity and magic from normal fuels like coal, oil, hydropower, etc.

    There was a light bulb connected to the power source which was lighting the bulb.

    Taylor was quite surprised as he looked at the prototype and blueprints, "Now, this is a big discovery, with this we can enrich the land with magical energy."

    Tornwall Proudfully showed his creations to John and Taylor, "Just according to the blueprints, we were able to light the bulbs. As for converting Electricity into Magic power, it was done with the help of Researcher Will. Currently, the Glass factory is working quite well."

    John asked, "How were you able to get the materials to make these things?"

    Tornwall patted Will as he spoke, "It was Researcher Will and his team who helped solve this problem, we replaced a lot of materials with similar properties after watching the properties of materials which were not abundant here."

    John nodded and understood the current situation. "Maybe, I should accept Luke's offer, this will give me some time to stabilize Sky and they would at least recognize us unofficially. What do you guys think? Meanwhile, we will start the electrification of all of our cities and villages. This will greatly benefit everyone."

    Tornwall asked, "However, won't this reveal our new research to the surrounding kingdoms?"

    Taylor thought, "Well, but this would also enrich us and it is not like they will have any access to our core technologies. Currently, there is one problem, We have quite a shortage of labor because of all the industries we have set-up. All of the guys are employed. I think our influence would increase our borders are opened and it would be better for us in the long run."

    John murmured slowly after hearing his dilemma, "I guess I should have robbed Aelius and Bryndyll of its citizens. Maybe I can use all those prisoners whose families can't redeem themselves."
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