274 205. The Great Debate at Imperial Court.


    Currently, at the Imperial Court of Aelius, there was a great debate and furore going around in the Imperial Court as soon as Defense Minister Plato gave his negotiated copy of a contract with Taylor representing Sky for a ceasefire and trade deal with Sky while the policy was made by Finance Minister Joel.

    One of the ministers and Nobles from Prince Hector's camp roared as he had lost his son in the war and couldn't bear it in, "Oi Oi Oi, does it mean that we are officially recognizing Sky as a country? How can this be possible? It hasn't even been 2 months since the end of the last war and you want peace already? Do you mean that we forgive those bastards who killed our men, family members and soldiers? Unforgivable. I won't accept this no matter the cause. I simply can't stand this humiliation from that Rebel."

    Prince Hector smiled as he had proceeded with Alistair's plan in the morning to incite the families of Knights and nobles who had lost their kin in the previous war after hearing the report of the spy from his mother's family.

    Prince Hector meanwhile thought, 'It seems Mother's family are hellbent on opposing and won't oppose Plato and Joel on this matter.'

    Minister Plato too smiled as he had expected this scenario to play out and hence never revealed all the conditions of the peace-trade deal to Noble families where nobles and knights too were captured by Sky and could be returned to them or else they would be working as laborers with basic pay in Sky.

    Another Noble from the neutral camp who hadn't joined the previous expedition too furrowed his brows as he too had lost one of his sons in the previous war under the Royal Family's banner which was under Prince Hector.

    He knew that other than his eldest son every other son will try to gain favors from other Princes to gain higher noble status and land for their future development so he had expected if any of his sons lost their lives in the struggle for power.

    He thought calmly as he sighed and spoke logically and reasonably so he won't be seen as biased, "I think a peace deal currently is unfeasible. The war has only been finished and families have not even mourned enough. Not to mention the feelings of vengeance most of the families would have against Sky and that Rebel King John. I think this peace-trade plan is 5 years too early for us right now. A ceasefire under shadows is ok but officially recognizing them is too early for us as well as the populace who lost their kin."

    The Head of Magic Association at Aelius, Wharton who was present today spoke furiously after hearing the arguments of Nobles who were hell-bent on resistance, "So you mean to say that you guys will detain us 5 years with a lack of Mana Restoring Pills because of your conflict with Lord John? Officially recognizing them would grant us special rights in terms of trade in Mana Restoring Pills which is beneficial for us."

    Wharton then pointed at the minister from Prince Hector's camp and roared, "I dare you guys to stop this peace-trade deal. Even if you guys can detain 100 or so top magicians but other low ranking magicians will certainly try to run away from Aelius after hearing your nonsense. The results of the previous war were the result of your notorious adventures for easy money and conspiracy of your Lord against Lord John, Hmph. I still remember when we were debating on whether or not to attack Lord John or to handle this matter diplomatically, you were one of the first guys who wanted to jump on the ship called Hang Lord John and seize his industries. You guys lost your kin in the war because of your own greed. I still remember you were the first one who joined the previous expedition lead by prince Hector previously when count John destroyed the mercenaries supported by you guys. If it weren't for me we would have also lost a lot of magicians. You either make the Mana Restoring pills even if it is of low quality we will accept it or complete this Peace-trade deal with Lord John."

    As soon as the nobles heard this rant from Lord Wharton, it was as if they had eaten a fly and started cursing him for this humiliation, One of the Nobles who had sent half of the knights from his household roared at him while pointing his fingers, "You dare humiliate us Nobles this brazenly in the Imperial Court, do you have a deathwish, Old man?"

    Old Wharton simply ignored the idiot and looked at the experienced ministers for answers.

    At this time it was the Finance minister who interrupted the fight and spoke bringing the whole Imperial Court to silence. It was because he hadn't spoken for a long time in the previous meetings. His words carried a lot of weight and hence he spoke carefully every time in the Imperial Court. In addition to this was his power over the whole kingdom whether economically or politically, He spoke very precisely, "I think Defense Minister Plato's negotiated Peace deal is good for us, I read it when they passed the documents to counsel. It seems that this deal is already accepted by Lord John and the very fact that Lord John is willing to sell his medicines to us will be a profitable venture for us not to mention the fame that his majesty will receive in the whole kingdom for getting back the soldiers or cheaper healthcare services. I think everyone knows the expensive medical services by certain organizations in Aelius and their monopoly? I think this competition is good for us and since the Royal family will redistribute these medicines we can earn quite a bit while at the same time breaking the monopoly of certain profiteers. Though the situation is under control when it comes to Treasury, I have still not condemned the people who bought the misery of war on us and ruined my team's policies for the next 10 years. Currently, our Treasury is running low and is on a deficit, I don't think the nobles here would like me to unnecessarily investigate tax evasions so as to raise funds for our treasury. I think all of you should read the contract carefully and its benefits before opposing it. Well, that's all from me for now. Please raise your opinions and objections."


    Everyone in the Imperial Court understood what the Finance Minister was Implying. The very fact that the Royal family's treasury was running low was a cause of concern and many knew why it was like that currently and why did the Finance Minister choose to attack the military faction. They also knew that this proposal can earn a very decent income and also break the influence of Radiant Church so no one chose to oppose finance minister Joel in this as he would attack them later on if he was opposed to this matter by others.

    One of the noble who was on Military faction with Prince Hector thought, 'Damn he asks us to raise our opinions and objections but this, in fact, would make us his enemy. I am sure anyone who raises objections would certainly have himself investigated on tax evasions if it wasn't a business on their own territory.'

    Watching this situation in the Imperial Court, Prince Hector was very pissed and signaled to his subordinates to reject this deal.

    Baron Jules and Marquis Polo watching a chance to suck up to Prince Hector raised their opinion.

    Baron Jules roared, "I object, Your Majesty. I can't see any compromise with that Rebel King. Everyone can see that it was his conspiracy from the start to rebel and If we compromise where would our dignity go."

    Marquis Polo too joined and spoke, "This subject agrees with Baron Jules, Your Majesty."

    Minister Joel stared at them coldly as if registering their identities in his mind.

    'It seems that I have to send them out of the capital to make them understand the consequences of objecting my policies, Well I have already investigated these pawns what I need is a majority in support and that clean Baron to take the bait. From there I will start the overhaul in their faction.'

    About 8 ministers joined Baron Jules in objecting to the proposal without reading it while experienced ministers and nobles like Duke Norman, Queen Cecelia's family or Neutral camp didn't object or raise any opinions as they knew the consequences of being an enemy of Minister Joel would be very bad while they also didn't know the Intention of his Majesty who hadn't spoken up until now.

    While Prince Hector wasn't happy with the experienced ministers on his faction for not raising an opinion but he chose to keep his thoughts to himself as he knew that these experienced ministers and nobles were quite shrewd and cautious when it came to dealing in politics.
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