288 219. Distribution of Ministries.

    John turned to his Secretary Quill and spoke, "Meanwhile, Call Tornwall, Grey and Arlen from their Research, military and Intelligence departments."

    Quill nodded and spoke as he returned to his duties, "Yes, Milord."

    After a few hours, All the three department heads were at John's office.

    Tornwall, Grey and Arlen all were quite surprised to be summoned at the same time and understood that it was an important matter and hence the immediate summon from John.

    John immediately spoke and asked Tornwall, "Tornwall, I am sure you got the Blueprints of the Agricultural Machines from Taylor today in the morning. I am sure you understand the significance of those machines and also their functions. How much time would you take for making the production lines?"

    Tornwall nodded and gave some documents in which he had written some of his plans, "Your Majesty, we actually have most of the production lines for the parts required to make the machines and only need 43% of the production lines to fully make the Agricultural Machines. My men too can make these machines as most of them currently have enough knowledge and experience to make them. So they should be able to start production in 10 days if we also use the high-grade magicians. This will increase the pace of work in making the production lines. But equipping all the farmers in Sky will require a lot of Iron ore and other rare earth metals. I expect this order to increase the manufacturing of steel and other alloys and also a need for expanding the factories because of the big order and short time. We can maybe order some non-essential spares from other workshops and assemble it at our Factory."

    John nodded and spoke gravely, "There should be no problem with it as this would be my flagship project that would be paid from my own pocket to increase the prestige when I officially get crowned as the King next month. This machinery will be made by my company John Engineering Works and no corners should be missed when making the machines. I am also doing this to reduce the bureaucratic procedures and rent it to the farmers at minimal costs with their identification cards after the production starts. The thing is I want to keep this under wraps until I officially announce it. Okay, apart from political works I will come to the main point, I want you guys to immediately form a secret base for Department of Sky Defense Research (DSDR) for experimentation and innovation of future Military weapons hidden from the eyes of other countries if possible you guys should make an underground base. Currently, I want you to make some advanced sensor mines and time bombs that can be used in future battlefields or assassination missions. I will, later on, give other projects so you shouldn't worry. As for documentation from the Parliament, you will get it in a few days, this will not be discussed in public and the bill will be passed in a discreet manner since it is related to national security so only top ministers and I will be involved in passing the bill. You can start the works soon and apply for funds from Quill, here is my take decree, take it as It will be useful when you encounter problems from the civil administration. Even though we are at peace currently, we should be careful of other countries and not slack off or we would be caught napping. You guys can later on contact Arlen after he finishes his important projects."

    Both Arlen and Grey immediately understood the intention and nodded quickly as they kneeled to take the decree as this was related to the country's security. Meanwhile, Tornwall too nodded and understood as he kneeled.

    John nodded seriously and spoke immediately, "Tornwall, you are appointed as the head of Military Research at DSDR. Grey, you will be appointed as the National Security Advisor of Sky and will gain control of the National Security Bureau after my Crowning ceremony. Arlen, you will become the Marshal General of Sky."

    All three of them accepted the decree and roared in unison, "This subject accepts the decree and faith shown by his Majesty."

    Arlen was stunned for a bit but immediately understood, he spoke as he was quite concerned about one matter, "Milord, there will be quite some resistance in the Military because of your reputation as Anak as they don't know about you."

    John smiled as Arlen immediately guessed his identity and nodded as he spoke, "Ok, you can spread the rumor of me being Anak via Blue paradise Magazine in the gossip column. Dearil will co-operate with you as he and Master know about my identity as Anak. Diana too will help as I will personally tell her. So this shall reduce the resistance in Military as they should understand that I have other duties to manage as a sovereign."

    John nodded and thought, 'I guess I should announce the ministries and division of powers now. Anyway, I have evaluated most of them so there shouldn't be any problem.'

    John this time used a forceful tone and spoke very seriously to be heard by everyone, "Quill, write my decree for all the relevant department heads, Billy under Taylor will be appointed as the President of Sky Central Bank. Joseph Morgan will be appointed as head at the Ministries of Chambers of Commerce. Gordon and Arnold will be appointed as Head and Deputy in Logistics and Transport Ministry as they have gained quite some experience, Arnold can, later on, take the Ministry of Railways to divide the work. Wilson will as usually handle the Agricultural ministry of Sky. Blake will be the Appointed as a Fleet Admiral of the Navy, while Eric will be a Great Admiral at Aurora under Blake. Sam will continue his appointment as the Mayor of North-frontier City. Jean will be appointed as the Mayor of Golden Spring City after capital is built and it will require his energy to work the capital ministers to the bone."

    John continued, "Jay will be Transferred to Centre as a Minister of Internal Affairs. Glenn will officially head the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting i.e he will be handling all forms of media. Currently, I am quite satisfied with Bruce's work for now so I intend to appoint him in the Ministry of Planning and as a chief strategist for Sky. While Taylor will be appointed as a Prime Minister and he will also be handling the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs. There are also other ministries but they will be discussed later on after I get reports on their evaluation. Most of the important Ministries have been decided. The only Important Ministries left are Ministry of Education which I will be watching as well, Well I anyway intend to recruit Professor Will in education since he won't resist this post, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Magic, Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Power after we popularize electrical and magical machines, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure development will be appointed later on according to the achievements of Officials and ministers in their various fields. While Ministry of Railways will be given after it is completed to Arnold."

    John looked that no one refuted as he continued, "This distribution of Power is done so as to bring out maximum efficiency and reduce the workload of leaders and Department Heads. I am sure Quill and other ministers are too loaded with paperwork every day from other ministries and it is better to divide some power into efficient hands. And yes, Quill will be handling the Ministry of Law and Justice and will act as a Secretary of State for now so you guys should give him and his position the due respect, He has previously trained under Taylor and has not been under much limelight deliberately to hide himself getting exposed as a Devil as he was suspicious previously. Changes in various laws and regulations will be subject to parliament or direct petitions to me. As for the ministries that will become vacant, I hope the concerned heads of the departments write their recommendations on who is most suitable for their position after they take their new roles. I also have recommendations from our media."

    John continued with a strict tone, "After a thorough evaluation by my office and other agencies, the persons will be appointed as heads of departments which will become vacant after all the ministers appointed today take their new roles. Currently, after my crowning ceremony, the Deputies can act as temporary heads. I hope all the concerned departments are informed of this matter beforehand to avoid confusion on the Crowning ceremony day. The evaluation of Deputies and other recommended leaders will start after we sign the peace-trade in the following days. Other less important ministries will be handled according to the regulations. Is this clear to everyone?"

    John meanwhile thought, 'Only the Ghosts and Department of Guild Management and Magic need a peculiar reorganization for better efficiency.'

    Everyone in the room understood the significance of this decree and also the reshuffle in the cabinet along with the redistribution of Powers.

    John spoke as he signaled Quill to give Arlen his decree, "Arlen, you should bring a plan for the reorganization of our army for better efficiency along with the number of men required before I get crowned, I have selected you after a detailed observation so don't let me down. Power of Sky Military, Navy and Air forces will be separated and the forces cannot command each other and can only be commanded by me or in my absence, a Premier of Defense appointed by the Parliament with a majority vote in case of a war. If there is a problem you are free to contact me. Air squadrons are not formed as of yet but it will as soon as we get a suitable mount. And yes, Grey and Arlen, you guys can give some good news to the mates at barracks and department that All the soldiers will at least be given 150 acres of land as a reward. Anything extra will be given according to the merits, ranks and other evaluations on the day of the Crowning ceremony. The soldiers retired due to heavy injuries will be given appropriate positions in Civil Administration. If they are instead opening a business, they can get some state benefits because of their sacrifice for Sky."

    Arlen nodded fiercely with a salute as he took the decree, "This subject accepts the decree of his Majesty."

    Grey too was quite touched and nodded as he accepted the decree.

    Before everyone was leaving, Quill hesitated a bit but spoke as he was a perfectionist and wanted to clear the doubt of only 1 organization that was left and was very important, "Master, What about the Ghosts? Is there any new plan for them since most of the departments are undergoing change?"

    John nodded and spoke, "I have left it deliberately. It will remain in the hands of Dearil as he is a very competent fellow. I plan to reshuffle some of the personnel in Ghosts and bring in Billy's subordinate Sparrow to head the counter-intelligence bureau of the Ghosts to collect information of foreign spies on our land while NSB will expertise on-field activities. Well, the Counter-intelligence bureau will be working with both NSB and Ghosts together."

    Quill remembered about Sparrow as he read some reports where Sparrow had received an excellent evaluation on a lot of projects relating to Background Checks.

    Quill thought, 'I guess, His Majesty is Planning to recruit Lord Vlad in Ministry of Defence but has gotten rejected quite a lot of times already and is waiting for an opportunity, Master Vlad would most likely reject him again unless ordered by Duke Friedreich. As for Ghosts, it seems Lord doesn't want others to get power over them in case of misuse and also to keep an eye on the kingdom from a distance. Well, that's expected as his Majesty doesn't want any one faction to gain absolute power and become corrupt when drunk in power. I guess this will be standard practice. Anyway, I better prepare all the decrees and letters of appointment and send them to the various heads of the department. It seems today was and will be quite a hectic day.'

    Tornwall nodded and only spoke now, "Your Majesty, I hope Redbeer takes my position in some of the state weapon factories as the head as it will be quite impossible for me to handle all of the departments as I will be heading DSDR and also the Project of Railways is under me and Ryfon. As for the agriculture Machinery, I hope to deploy one of the subordinates of Redbeer, Serin to head it and also gain valuable experience in management."

    At the gates of the Office hall, one of the Cheif guards came up and spoke to Quill as there was an important meeting going on. Quill got a report from the guard and spoke to John about some developments.

    John nodded as he agreed to Tornwall and spoke, "I think I heard about him previously. Wasn't he the one who gained the respect of all the engineers at the Canon manufacturing Workshop some time ago during the War. Ok, there should be no problem, and since you have this much confidence in that boy then he must be a talented brat. Ok, it is settled, he can manage John Engineering Works for the production of Agricultural Machines. Okay, every one of you is dismissed. I will leave to meet my Master Melanie and Duke Friedreich immediately."

    Everyone nodded and All of them left while Quill only remained with John.
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