289 220. Other Policies and meeting Duke Fredric.

    John asked Quill now that others had left, "Quill do you have opinions on how to keep a check on corruption by officials in Sky."

    Quill nodded and spoke as he knew about John's conversation with Taylor previously, "I do, I suggest my Lord keep a keen eye on Inspection bureau via various other organizations so that although the Inspection bureau would have a very big sword in their hands against Corrupt Ministers However, they too will have a big sword hanging around their neck if they engage in corrupt practices. You should try to get separate reports from your men in Media, Ghosts as they work directly under you, and you can also ask Master Vlad and NSB. You can also ask private detective organizations to investigate them secretly from time to time without letting anyone know of this.

    Meanwhile, at the same time to keep the Inspection bureau highly motivated to root out corruption from Sky, you should give them enough merits and reward to the people cracking these cases in the form of political power in other ministries involving audits and material benefits like bonuses of gold, fame or land or with promotions and recognition in the Inspection Bureau itself. And I hope you also let them know that they too will be under surveillance from time to time so that they understand the responsibility and importance of their position and do their work without corrupt practices."

    John nodded agreeing as he spoke, "Yes, this will keep a balance of power between all the sides, we will go according to your proposed way however if any of the institutions is found influencing the Inspection Bureau then they should expect the punishments for this as I will be secretly making private organizations investigate both the sides if they have any relations or collaborations. You can also tell all the Media companies to conduct a survey from the local populace on the performance of their various leaders from time to time i.e every 3 years. Every Media will conduct a survey separately so I can get a better idea of the work practices and get accountability from the leaders in case of big mistakes. The most important thing is that leaders shouldn't hide their mistakes and immediately report on it to the higher-ups. We can also use the Ghosts, National Security Bureau and Private Investigative Organisations to conduct the surveys too as I wouldn't want any corrupt leaders in important positions bribing their way out to the media and cover it up. This solution of yours has surely solved my problems of keeping Corruption in check and making a balance of power among all the organizations."

    John continued as he remembered about the two important organizations he wanted to create for a long time, "Also write this down, Currently, I am planning to create 2 Important organizations which will be important in the future for the improvement of commercial enterprises and to create an environment for companies for raising investment. 1st is the Sky Securities and Exchange Commission as I plan to create the stock exchange where people can raise money as well as invest money in various companies. For this, I will be writing a book for concerned regulations and on how to maintain it. The first two Stock exchanges will be created in our new Capital Golden Spring City as Golden Spring Stock Exchange and 2nd will be at Aurora as Aurora Stock Exchange and then the Sky Stock Exchange involving the whole of Sky."

    "2nd thing is the Food and Drug Administration department to keep a check on large scale companies selling food and pharma products which will be circulated in our market. For that too I will be writing down the required standards. Currently, our focus will be on Pharma Companies so that the companies can't sell fake or defective products and fool our subjects. As for you, how do you plan to divide the power in the Ministry of Law and Justice."

    Quill was quite surprised after hearing the plans of John regarding the Stock Exchange and spoke immediately, "I plan to divide the powers between 11 Cheif Justices of Sky in the 53 Supreme Courts currently as planned. When it comes to the important scandals and decisions, The powers will be divided between 3 sets of Jury, one Jury consisting of retired Judges, one Jury consisting of prominent lawyers focused on the case and one consisting of Commoners who have previously earned samaritan awards and have a good reputation among the locals as they too can influence the result of a trial. However, the decision can only be taken with great discussion by the jury of judges and the main judge himself as laws can't be broken easily. However, if the common people's sentiment is against the rules of law as it carries out the sentiment of injustice then we will have to make some changes in the law for future trials based on the verdict and proceedings of the trial as a base and also use the arguments of all the juries. I also plan to create special fast track Military and Treason courts for the fast trials of spies as well as traitors so that foreign countries can't misuse our laws against us to create civil unrest."

    John nodded and spoke, "I guess, you won't need my help in dividing powers or reorganization of courts as you have a complete idea on our laws and are completely prepared in the division of powers. I will just remind you, Choose the chief justices of the supreme courts carefully as you may encounter a lot of spies trying to get that top jobs to influence our laws slowly so you must be careful. I will anyway keep a close eye on the change of laws and if necessary I will pass a decree if the laws can have longterm effects in the future which might not be seen in present. Anyway, lets head out and meet Duke Friedreich."

    Quill nodded as he too understood the importance of his position.

    Quill: "Milord, there is one more thing which I would like to inform you as you would like to know beforehand."

    John nodded for Quill to continue as they headed to the Palace where Melanie and Friedreich were waiting.

    Quill spoke seriously, "As you had previously expected, other species have started emerging after you officially announced the laws and also because of the on-ground situation where everything is going according to the law. Previously they used to hide their identity in Aelius just like us Devils. Currently, Some races have emerged in Sky, one is the Vampire Clan, Demon-dragons, Chaos Demons, Sylphs, Dark Elfs and others are Medusas. While at Aurora from the report of Tim, we had encountered races of Titans who are 1.3 times bigger than us, fairies, Indigenous humans, Sirens, Succubus-Incubus, Lizardmen and others who were hiding in Aurora. However, he had successfully made them join Sky with multiple measures. But one of the most important factors in them joining us was the strength and capability to feed and protect them while at the same time the cohesion of different species in Sky that has reassured them of law and order. I just got this information before we were leaving from Grey's men at the NSB. So I hoped to inform you earlier."

    John nodded and spoke, "It's ok, I expected this situation to arise after the formation of Sky so there shouldn't be any worries as they are anyway accepting our laws. Ross will be able to handle this situation since he already knows how to proceed. It is anyway good that they showed up early and the situation didn't end up in a conflict. Later Inform Joseph and Jack that I want to discuss something important as it is related to the formation of our Securities and exchange commission. This way, the new and small businessmen may get investment from other investors who are only interested in investing in profitable businesses and are not afraid of taking risks. This is so that the burden of banks can reduce to support the companies. Arggh... It seems both of them are already fighting." John sighed as he already sensed the Bickering between Friedreich and Melanie from quite a distance.

    Quill nodded as he noted down and understood the significance of the Securities and exchange commission for the commercial development of Sky. He thought, 'Hmm... Investors who are willing to take risks in certain risky but profitable businesses that our banks might avoid, huh, Now this looks promising for Commercial development of Sky. I guess some countries might try to copy us but won't be able to gain as much success because of the lack of understanding of this system and they might also be cautious and hence take conservative decisions and not to forget the influence of the Nobles that will regress the system.' Quill nodded and immediately followed John to the Palace.

    Very quickly they reached the Palace. Currently, John released a bit of magic power and exhibited the aura of a king as a lot of guards from Friedreich's escort team were shocked to see him exhibiting the aura of a general of an army as well as of a powerful king.

    Commander Lyon too was quite surprised after watching John's demeanor as he walked into the palace and thought, 'No wonder, Just watching his demeanor I understand why he was able to command people under him to rebel against Aelius. Well, with his scheme against Aelius, no one should underestimate him for his young age.'
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