293 224. Child of Chaos, Troublemaker.

    John looked at his body and thought, "It looks like the number of my meridians has increased by 4 times which can absorb more magical power, and according to the system I can take in more oxygen. Externally, a little bit of my physique and hair color has changed. It seems the tone on my face has changed as well. Hmm... My power has increased a lot and it seems I can squarely fight against Master."

    [The system will be updating for the next 48 hours. Host's longevity and Life energy have increased to 596 years and is comparable to demons. Your status as a human has changed to Evolved human. This is a new branch in human species and hence no alien entity can peep on you via blood and magic energy as you have unique Blood and Magic energy. A piece of advice, from now on you should be careful of those alien entities as they might consider you as a threat.]

    [Updating Status

    Name: John

    Status: Human to Evolved Human.

    Physique: Comparable to Demons and Devils alike while at the same time the system has modified your meridians better than others. 2 times as compared to demons and devils and 4 times as compared to humans.

    Titles: Child of Chaos(By all the Alien Entities), King of Sky Kingdom (Uncrowned), First King of Men (given by your subjects for removing slavery), Troublemaker (By the alien entities called Gods)

    Powers: Small Status check of everything with enough mana (Evolved eyes), Multitasking (Currently able to multitask 12 things at a time.), Super strength, Super Stamina, Sharp Shooting, Two-handed swordsmanship, Dagger Techniques of Vlad, Ghost Steps, Strategize, Potioneering, Pharmacist, Alchemist (Pill Concocting), Weaponsmith.

    Short Teleportation, Super Scanning, Super Speed, Super Regeneration, Summoning (Sealed), Super Senses, Ultra-high reaction Speed. Super System Mode (Sealed), Cloning(Sealed), Space Shift. Shapeshifting(Sealed). Resistant to medium grade poisons. Resistant to diseases and curses. ??????, ?????

    Status: Lifted the Curse of Irmela by evolution.

    Other powers are not needed to be known by the host.]

    John furrowed his brows as he saw the two titles, 'Child of Chaos, Troublemaker. Those assholes are really asking for a beating. Well, this upgrade is quite good.'

    Fredric was quite stunned and muttered, "How is this possible, I still can't believe it. Even I, 50 years ago had an integration of 86% with a lot of resources was called a genius in the last 20 generations moreover after 90% it becomes extraordinarily hard as written in our records. It seems now I have a problem in my hands. That old man Ryan and all the others would certainly chew me out if they get to know that I lost the Ancestral Blood or it was mistakenly used up. I had hoped to see something different but It seems even after Transformation he still remains a human but with rich longevity and magic like the elves. It seems like he is completely different from humans but still a human. This was only seen in the species of the previous era as far as my guess is correct."

    Melanie thought as she looked at John in shock and muttered, "This is quite remarkable, a complete purification and integration of Ancestral blood have never been seen even among nearest kin in any of the species. What sort of sorcery is this? This is as if John himself is the incarnation of the ancient ancestor. But I am certain that John was a human and is still a human after checking his body. I am guessing that this is due to that magic integration technique."

    Vlad meanwhile muttered in a very low voice but it was still heard by John, "It seems Lord Duke won't be able to answer the elders unless John agrees to marry Diana. Now that he has used this blood we are in quite a tricky situation. Lord Duke has paid quite a price this time around as there are only 9 more Vials of this blood in the family."

    Friedreich also was quite stunned by the transformation for a long time before he muttered after checking John's body, "It seems his body has toned up a lot and physique has improved a bit. It looks as if his Longevity has increased and is comparable to high demons. Hmmm... Yes, as I guessed his Water Elemental energy and Dark energy have increased a lot just like the people from Bluesea family. And his hair has changed just like our ancestors but a bit light. It seems he is exhibiting the Charms of our bluesea demons. I guess overall, it is a very good result"

    After the change in physique, John's hair had little shade of Dark Blue and he exhibited some charms of demons that would attract anyone. John calmly looked around and saw that quite a lot of time had passed.

    After confirming that everything was fine, Friedreich smiled again and came up with his idea and spoke again, "I guess you have accepted my offer since you already consumed our ancestral blood. You should take your responsibility for your acceptance of blood, right?"

    He sighed with a bit of anguish and continued, "The thing is, even I am quite tied to this matter this time around. Or else there will certainly be a big problem in interior Elders court at Bluesea family. As this blood is one of the Important things related to the foundation of Bluesea family and can't be spread out easily."

    At this time, Melanie thought deeply as she knew that she can't do anything against Friedreich's tricks and hence she too spoke to John as she changed her target to him, "Well, If you are going to accept his request then you will have to marry those girls as well since I don't want to break them apart by only asking for Eva and as all of them have feelings for you and know you from before. Consider this as my first request to you as your Master."

    Using her astute in politics from the previous era, Melanie spoke very calmly, "If you want to think about Political benefits of this marriage then there are two benefits particularly. First, Sally is an illegitimate daughter of Lionheart and this will be helpful for you in the future if you ever consider invading them when radiant church gains power so as to root them out. Additionally, a lot of capable courtiers would be able to accept your rule and also defect to you quite easily after knowing your relationship with Sally as she is still a daughter of Lionheart. The second Political benefit is, If you marry that child Josephine then you will have fewer problems in managing the guilds in Sky as she has quite some influence over there and can manage it well. While Eva can as always help you manage the Ministry of Magic because of her reputation and if you need I can join the Ministry of Healthcare. So here, you have a political justification as well to convince others."

    Melanie sighed as she continued and spoke, "For tomorrow's Peace-trade deal, I am sure that cunning Plato or one of his ministers would propose a political marriage between You and Sally to make it seem like a strengthened relationship between Aelius and Sky to make you let your guard down. So you can anyway get benefits from them. Meanwhile, I know that Sally would be happier to marry you as she has feelings for you and at the same time she knows that she will be used as a political tool by her father someday. The very fact that he attacked North-frontier city previously reflected that he did not care about her safety as immediate interests were more important to him and might have as well used her death for his political gains for a righteous war to convince the commoners."

    Friedreich was quite surprised by Melanie's tone as he thought she was always against his daughter's marriage with John. He thought as he looked at John's new physique. 'I guess the change is due to the consumption of Ancestral Blood as I can't go without any results or else I would be chewed out by that Old Man, Ryan and that would also land my position as a patriarch in jeopardy. Who knows they may even support my Brother Draco and help Fire-abyss family to Kill John as the Ancestral Blood is already used up by John. However, I guess this was still a good result. Because knowing John's personality he will certainly take responsibility. And it seems that this old hag is planning on returning to the political scene after this many years as she is suddenly speaking politically and not selfishly anymore.'

    At this time, John only saw Vlad who had a very tense face and understood that it was quite a serious matter this time around and looking at the various benefits of this Ancestral Blood to the physique and the system he understood the seriousness of the matter.

    John thought as he looked at the system, 'The very fact that I am able to chase off the eyes of that Voyeur and gain so much benefits is a very big advantage for me. I am sure it is one of those lackeys of Irmela who was keeping a watch over me.'

    John sighed as he nodded his head and spoke, "It's ok, I understand the seriousness of matter as I can already feel the benefits and importance of this blood to the Bluesea family. And to be honest I can't escape their feelings forever nor can't I deny my own feeling regarding them forever. I will be taking my responsibility and From now on, I will be treating them as they rightfully deserve and court them as any normal man and a King would."

    John immediately thought, 'I better cope up with the fact that I am in a different world and hence adjust with some of the norms.'

    Melanie sighed and nodded as she understood the current situation of Bluesea family as well as John.

    At this time, Friedreich sighed with relief after watching John and spoke, "Since you are going to accept this proposal, You don't need to announce about it now as I want to see the schemes and moves of Fire-abyss family first to show my move later on. I also want to clearly watch the moves of other countries and Duchy and prepare for any eventuality for their moves."

    John nodded and spoke, "Let's conclude this meeting for now and modify some of the things required during this month. Currently, we will first announce the construction of Roads, Sale of Printers to the allies, Sale of Medicines and Sale of advances Weapons. And I too hope the news of marriage remains a secret for a few months to watch the moves of others first. We can also equip your royal guards with our latest Guns. But you will have to keep a close look at the moderation of guns so that they won't be exposed real fast. They will most likely be bought off by thief or spies in a span of 6-12 months by other countries and these weapons can't be closed off for long but delaying their research as much as possible is anyway a good thing."

    At this time, it was Friedreich who very seriously spoke up, "I would like to suggest you one more thing, That is to forge a trustworthy and a very tight alliance with Elves. Since they would be a big help in times of war because of their trustworthiness. Not to forget that they have many ancient magics that can be researched. Currently, they too would like to make an alliance with you after the advent of your weapons and ships because of the North-South War. Second is, you should try to fund and stabilize the domain of beasts that is south of Fire-abyss Kingdom and South-west of Aelius as they can become a good hindrance to both Aelius and Fire-abyss. Stabilizing them would be a benefit for us in a trade for some of their strategic resources. One of the reasons that the Beast domain is in anarchy is because of the Magic Metal mines and the various tribes fighting over it. Second since Devils are bordering Fire-abyss by water so we might make good relations with them."

    Melanie too nodded and spoke, "I agree, it would be good for us by allying with both of them. Ayananore can offer us a lot whether it is food, arts, forbidden Magic, or their expertise in designing and we too can offer them a lot in the form of Technology, Medicine, Weapons and the Latest ships not to mention Military support in case any country attacks them. You would not know but those Elves are adventurous in spirit and would certainly like your ships to explore the world.

    As far as Beasts are concerned, you should first contact them and proceed as required after knowing the ground reality.

    Allying with Devils at Lemuria should be done one step at a time as we don't know much about them as we have very few interactions because of the problem of Long travel and Particularly bad weather to reach there. From now on, because of the improvement in Long-distance travel, there would also be an increase in conflict because of colliding interests."
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