298 229. I must teach him a lesson.

    While Emena muttered which was heard by Maurice, "I guess we can discuss business later on. It seems we elves still have little understanding of life. Maybe we should send our people here to gain a new perspective on life and biology. Maybe, this was one of the reasons why Sky was able to make those medicines and we weren't. No wonder, Lord John was able to create those medicines. Meanwhile, it seems that Lord John is quite a charming man." She had red cheeks for a moment as she looked at him dancing with other women but later on, she started focusing on the theories regarding Magic and Biology.

    Looking at this scene a lot of ministers and nobles from other countries approached John indirectly by asking their daughters to make a move and tried to forge a good relationship using this ball dance.

    One of the Journalists who was present at the Ball spoke to Glenn, "I wonder why his majesty has decided to court them today. Is there some special occasion or was there some inside announcement that we missed today."

    Glenn smiled and answered the question of his colleague, "Nah, you didn't miss anything. I guess, Her highness Maeen forced Lord John to act in such an awkward situation. I guess there will be some gossip in the newspapers. Anyway, make a report, People are quite bored these days. And a rumored alliance with Duke Fredric is any way in our interests and it will also rattle some hearts in Aelius, Bryndyll, Fire-abyss as well as Ayananore."

    After some time of dancing, it was Quill who spoke to give John some relief, "All the Lords and ministers, please forgive my rudeness but My Lord needs to deal with some state matters, and hence I hope you forgive me as I am taking him away."

    Mist thought asked Alison, "Why do you think of the previous show, Alison?"

    Alison thought a bit and spoke, "Just some theatrics by that Little Girl, Maeen. From my view, it looks like they are intending to ally with Sky and hope to gain those weapons and the other tech for their family first. Nothing more and nothing less from my lens."

    Mist nodded and spoke, "However, John's interaction with those women was quite different today unlike it was done previously. It looks like he has made his mind to pursue them but made it look like he was intending to escape the awkward position by courting almost everyone in the ballroom. Hiding truth in falsehoods or hiding falsehood in truth, hmm... this is quite a good trick that can even be used in warfare. I should take some notes."

    Alison nodded with Mist and spoke, "It looks like Princess Emena too had a good conversation with him previously and gained something out of it. Anyway, with the alliances, I can see that the next war will be involving a lot of nations, Maybe even gods, Arch Demons and Arch Devils or at least their lackeys will be involved meanwhile our ancestors will be in hibernation most likely. We have to be careful and plan accordingly as we will be very vulnerable against Aelius as well as Bryndyll. This time, we can't be standing aside or else we too will get swallowed by the Naval power."

    Mist nodded and spoke in a serious manner, "No need to worry, I have written a detailed letter to her Majesty about my conclusions and solutions regarding the same. We will get her reply and her decisions in a few days. Anyway, Sky has been sincere until now when we dealt with them so there shouldn't be a problem in completely relying on them. We too have some things which will be useful to them in the near future."

    Meanwhile, Diana and Friedreich were conversing about the Demonic Agricultural Machinery and having a heated discussion as they were having some disagreements.

    Friedreich spoke in a calm manner, "Daughter, why don't you do your father a favor and sell those Demon Accessories first to your father? Even the first batch will do, you don't have to worry about money. You see, I can also give you some good news if you agree to my request. And I am sure that you will find it very useful in the future"

    Diana squinted her eyes and spoke with suspicion, "I don't believe you, after signing the contract you will give me irrelevant information. Anyway, Why haven't Eldest Mother and mom haven't traveled with you this time around? What is with the pretense that you here on a tour. I am sure you won't go on traveling to enjoy the sceneries without them."

    Friedreich ignored her question and gave her some hints as he spoke, "Don't you wish to know about John's change in attitude today? Maybe this will intrigue you as I have information on that. As for your mothers, they are handling the duchy in my place. Well, I can't hide anything from you so you must understand and help your poor father."

    Diana thought, 'Poor father? Who is he fooling?'

    Diana thought as she also had some suspicions regarding John's different behavior, "Ok, I will agree to your request but you will have to give 1/4th of the money in advance before we start producing the accessories immediately. As I thought it looks like you were truly here for official business or you would have certainly brought Eldest Mom or at least mom, anyway from the looks I can guess that you are being cautious of Uncle Draco and King Apollyon. Anyway, hurry up and speak the info that you have or else you can forget about this deal because we anyway have purchase orders from Agricultural ministry in big numbers and it will take 3 months to complete them before we start production of your orders."

    Friedreich smiled and spoke with a proud tone and narrated the whole incident about the meeting and also where the Ancestral blood was used in the end that convinced John and made him confront his feelings, "So you can confirm that John has agreed to marry you and others and hence he was courting you guys today before you got the news. Maybe you can use this information to tease him a little bit in the future. However, it looks like both you and Eva will be officially sharing the title of Queen while Sally and Josephine will be consorts. I guess this is due to the influence of Vlad and Melanie."

    Diana had an angry look as she smiled and nodded her head and spoke to Friedric in a cold tone, "So that was the reason. No wonder, he looked more charming and bold Anyway, this is good. However, it looks like he always knew our feelings but acted dense on purpose as he accepted it in front of you. As far as sharing the title is concerned, I am not that much worried now that he has agreed to marry us. Since he acted dense on purpose we must punish him."

    Diana angrily thought, 'I must teach him a lesson for ignoring me for so long. This info anyway is good enough to tease him.'
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