Chapter 32: Yuan Qing Zhou

    shaoye - young master (of a noble/rich house)

    gongzi - young son of a noble

    "Come, take this yatou who dares to collide with the zhuzi and beat her to death on the spot!" Yun Qian Meng just managed to help Ji Shu Yu up when she heard Qian gonggong's sharp voice outside!

    Only, if they really beat someone to death without getting to the bottom of the matter, these methods could only be seen as too cruel. Especially right now, the carriage was just passing through one of the more bustling areas of the capital. If this kind of thing was seen by the common people, then they were afraid that the West Chu imperial family would lose the hearts of the people. This was of no benefit to Yun Qian Meng and Ji Shu Yu in the carriage either!

    "Hold on! Qian gonggong, what happened?!" Yun Qian Meng and Ji Shu Yu exchanged a look and understood each other's inner thoughts. Yun Qian Meng then immediately voiced out to stop him!

    "xiaojie, a yatou suddenly rushed onto the official road and hit the carriage. Are you and furen alright?" Contrary to his cold-bloded demands for punishment just a moment ago, right now, Qian gonggong gently replied to Yun Qian Meng's question!

    "Honored noble, please save me! nubi didn't do it on purpose! Honored noble, please be compassionate, I beg you to save me!" At this moment, the young lady who was being held down by a few palace eunuchs unexpectedly struggled free of her fetters and suddenly ran to the side of the carriage. Tightly pulling at the reins, she pleaded piteously towards the people inside......

    "Are you all dead? Can't even catch a single yatou, still don't hurry up and take her away?!" Qian gonggong who saw that this girl was unexpectedly so daring, immediately stood guard on the side of the carriage, pointing at the eunuchs pushed aside and scolded!

    "Heh, you cheap slut, so you ran over here! Just wait till shaoye catches you, see how you'll die!" The eunuchs had not yet reacted, when they heard an indignant male voice arriving from the distance......

    It was inconvenient for Yun Qian Meng and Ji Shu Yu show their faces, but, although they haven't seen the owner of that voice, with his tone and his words, they knew that this person was definitely a hedonistic rich kid. Both of them couldn't help but furrow their eyebrows......

    Qian gonggong outside had sharp eyes and easily recognized the person who had appeared. Immediately putting a smile on his face, he faced the man who was walking over in a rage and said, "Oh, isn't this Han Guo Gong Fu's little gongzi? laonu shall pay respects to you here!"

    Qian gonggong was really quick-witted. On the surface, he was talking to the man that had rushed over; but in reality, he was giving a heads up to Yun Qian Meng and Ji Shu Yu inside the carriage!

    This Han Guo Gong Fu was not just any family, but was exactly Yuan De fei's maternal family!

    When the late emperor was still alive, Yuan De fei was on bad terms with the Empress Dowager. Today, the kin of these two families colliding head-on; especially with Han Guo Gong Fu's Yuan Qing Zhou who was unlearned and unskillful, known to be lecherous and fond of feminine charms; with Yun Qian Meng and Ji Shu Yu being women, they had to be on high guard!

    That Yuan Qing Zhou didn't expect to meet with the Empress Dowager's people, and immediately restrained his angered expression. He narrowed his eyes to look at Qian gonggong, then forced an unnatural smile on his face and said, "So it's Qian gonggong! There really are enemies on a narrow road, don't you need to serve our Empress Dowager niangniang in Feng Xiang palace today?"

    Yuan Qing Zhou's mystifying tone, as well as his obscure statements, were clearly mocking Qian gonggong's status as a servant. Finishing, he led his own house guards and burst out in laughter; his arrogant and despotic appearance causing the spectating commoners to crease their eyebrows!

    But Qian gonggong did not show the slightest bit of anger. After all, outside the palace, he represented the Empress Dowager. He definitely could not allow the Empress Dowager to be shamed!

    Only, facing off against a scoundrel like Yuan Qing Zhou, if he didn't teach him a bit of a lesson, he was afraid that the scoundrel would really ride on top of the Empress Dowager's head!

    Qian gonggong only signaled the eunuchs by his side with his eyes. A few of them immediately surrounded the carriage, making it so that Yuan Qing Zhou was unable to touch the yatou's hand. He then smiled and spoke, "Today, nucai is under Empress Dowager's decree to handle some affairs outside the palace; can't be laid back like gongzi, chasing girls on the street!"

    As Qian gonggong said this, a few sniggers were heard from the surroundings......

    Yuan Qing Zhou who was being ridiculed in public, naturally darkened his face. His eyes glowing with a vicious light, he faced Qian gonggong and said, "Aren't you still a servant, do you really dare to block ye's road? Faster hand over that cheap slave to shaoye, or you'd better prepare for a good show!"

    As he spoke, the fierce-looking servants behind Yuan Qing Zhou showed intent to rush over and grab her......

    But how could Qian gonggong allow them to get close the carriage? If by any chance, miss Yun and furen inside were startled, and then the Empress Dowager, the Emperor and Fu Guo Gong Fu came to look for blame, he was afraid that he couldn't preserve his little life!

    He stepped forth with his whole body and blocked their approach, shooting cold looks at them through his slightly narrowed eyes. His gloomy expression caused the people to experience the imposing aura of a chief eunuch in the inner palace. "Impudent! You dare to obstruct the imperial carriage on the main road, this crime must be punished!"

    Against such a loud shout, the fierce-looking servants who had bad intentions when they approached the carriage halted their steps. One after another, they turned their heads. somewhat cowardly, towards Yuan Qing Zhou, seemingly seeking his opinion!

    But Yuan Qing Zhou was a little overlord at home. What's more, he was also facing off against an enemy of his own family right now. How could he be afraid of just an eunuch like Qian gonggong?

    He only strode forward quickly while pushing aside the servants ahead with one hand, moving his arms to grab the yatou......

    The young lady was originally tightly pulling on the reins. But when she saw Yuan Qing Zhou's fiend-like expression shooting over at her, her heart suddenly trembled. Without even thinking, she hurriedly climbed onto the carriage, and, before anyone could react, tore apart the curtains and climbed in......

    "xiaojie, furen, please save my life!" The lady saw two noble and beautiful women were sitting inside the carriage and immediately kowtowed towards them with all her strength, continuously pleading!

    And Yuan Qing Zhou who was originally chasing her managed to, when the curtains were raised, clearly see the people inside the carriage. Momentarily attracted by Yun Qian Meng's good looks, he immediately halted his steps and let his servants help him tidy up his clothes and hair, then finally bowed towards the carriage, speaking in a refined manner, "For offending with xiaojie and furen, both of you please forgive me!"

    If not for the earlier scene, the audience might have believed that Yuan Qing Zhou was amiable and courteous. But his previous performance was too deeply engraved in the people's hearts, causing Ji Shu Yu to wrinkle her brows, while disgust flashed across Yun Qian Meng's eyes!

    "Why is he chasing you?" Seeing that the young lady was wearing shabby clothing, Yun Qian Meng started to ask!

    "nubi's family is renting land from Han Guo Gong Fu, but recently, daddy fell sick and couldn't pay the rent. Yuan gongzi then told daddy to let nubi sleep with him for a month to cover the rent! Daddy couldn't bear to do it, so he let nubi escape, but he then brought people to give chase! xiaojie, furen, please save me! nubi is willing to sell herself into the fu to work like an ox or a horse!" Saying this, the yatou started to kowtow again!

    When Yun Qian Meng saw her like this, her impression towards Yuan Qing Zhou worsened. Asking further about the sum of the rent, she then took out the exact amount of silver and passed it to Qian gonggong!

    Ji Shu Yu saw that Yun Qian Meng was, after all, an unmarried young lady, and took her place to speak up, "Yuan gongzi, all of us already know the sequence of events! This is the rent money, please stay your hand, and don't trouble her any further! If this matter spreads, and ends up influencing Chen wangfu, I'm afraid that Yuan De fei niangniang won't be willing to take things lying down, right?!"

    These words were clever. For the Yuan family to endure over such a long time, was heavily dependent on Yuan De fei and Chen Wang. If Yuan Qing Zhou provoked the two of them over a woman, then this business was not profitable to him no matter how he looked at it!

    Especially now, Yuan Qing Zhou was feeling ants in his pants at the sight of Yun Qian Meng. How could he allow himself to destroy his image in front of a beautiful woman? As soon as the silver was in his hands, he counted the beans in his heart and rushed home......

    "Here is ten taels of silver. Go take your father to treat his illness, okay!" Waiting until Yuan Qing Zhou had really left, Yun Qian Meng then took out another ingot of silver and gave it to the young lady!

    However, the yatou didn't accept it. Instead, she shook her head and said resolutely, "nubi belongs to xiaojie now, will to serve xiaojie for the rest of her life!"

    But Yun Qian Meng didn't lightly trust others. If today's incident was under someone else's plan, then wouldn't she be doing a bad thing with good intentions?

    Once she put the silver in the yatou's hands, she let Qian gonggong take her off the carriage......

    "zhuzi, this Yun family's young lady is unexpectedly clever!" They never expected that, in the teahouse on the left side of the official road, there was a half-opened wooden window. A middle-aged man wearing an ash gray robe stood beside the window, and took in everything that had happened with his eyes......
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