Chapter 57 Part 2: Kickoff to the Birthday

    When Ji Shu Yu returned to Fu Guo Gong Fu, she immediately went to Rui Lin yuan where Lao Tai Jun lives.

    Lao Tai Jun has been anxiously waiting from night to morning for Ji Shu Yu. Seeing that Ji Shu Yu is finally back, she even forgot to let her (JSY) drink a gulp of tea and hastily asked about what happened last night.

    Ji Shu Yu saw that Lao Tai Jun is looking so nervous, she knows that in this elder's heart, she must be really worried about Yun Qian Meng. So she didn't let Lao Tai Jun wait anymore and carefully told her what happened last night.

    Lao Tai Jun's face is red from anger after listening. The hand with a green jade bracelet slammed onto the wooden table. A big 'bang' sound can be heard, making all the maids in the room too afraid to speak.

    "These animals that doesn't have a heart! That time, I married the pearl of my palm1 to her (old madam) Yun Xuan Zhi. But he's obsessed with that Su fu's Su Qing. Even more, the second day that Li er entered xiangfu, he took Su Qing into the fu! All of these, we didn't mention them anymore. Li er also died for so many years. If we mention all of that, the one's who will be sad won't be them? But how do they treat this granddaughter of mine? Since little, she didn't have a mom. The father is someone not decent. That zumu is a bully only living for financial goods. In the fu there's also a Su Qing who has the desire to eliminate Meng er. These people, even to a girl they are so cruel. They really aren't better than animals! Presumably, yesterday if it wasn't because Meng er doesn't have any other way, she wouldn't come look for us. This can let us see to what extent these people are forcing this granddaughter of mine."

    The more Lao Tai Jun talks, the angrier she gets. The her who didn't cried for so many years, this moment speaking about Yun Qian Meng's life, her eyes actually became red.

    Ji Shu Yu seeing Tai Jun like that and thought about last night; the greedy look in the pair of eyes of old madam in Feng He yuan. She also couldn't help but feel bad for Yun Qian Meng. So she followed Lao Tai Jun who was silently weeping.

    "There's still things that mother doesn't know about! Last night that old madam herself said that she already brought Meng er's uncle's children to xiangfu. Presumably she is planning for those children. Before I came back, Meng er told me that old madam intends to take advantage of your birthday to help her second son's daughter find a good marriage!"

    'Pa'. Lai Tai Jun broke the tea cup in her hand. Then she cursed: "She must be dreaming! She actually dared to see Fu Guo Gong Fu as her Yun family's footboard? Did she really think that because Yun Xuan Zhi is a prime minister that she is able to do everything? That year, if it wasn't because the relationship with Ruo Li, just relying on Yun Xuan Zhi, the new zhuangyuan2, he wants to become an official in Jingdu3 is simply nonsense! I'd like to see how well her calculations (abacus) are! See how I'll pluck all the beads from the abacus!"


    While speaking, Lao Tai Jun exudes a different aura from her normal amiable aura. It's like as if it's another person. The whole body is immersed into a solemn atmosphere. The power of a wise furen distributed out from Lao Tai Jun's bones.

    Although Ji Shu Yu didn't want Lao Tai Jun to get angry, but the Yun family has gone too far. They actually put their calculations on Fu Guo Gong Fu's head. Even for people with good temperament like Ji Shu Yu couldn't help but get angry, let alone Lao Tai Jun who is vigorous and resolute from a young age. Besides, the one who can control that old madam from Yun fu is only Lao Tai Jun. Therefore, Ji Shu Yu didn't regret telling Lao Tai Jun all of these. Now Lao Tai Jun can give that old madam a good beating!

    When Ji Shu Yu left Lai Tai Jun's chamber, it's already noon. Originally, she wanted to go to her own yuan to rest, but at the door stood an angry Qu Zhang Qing and Qu Fei Qing. Presumable, the dialogue between her and Lao Tai Jun has been heard by these two children.

    Seeing that their mother has come out, they immediately rushed forward. Qu Fei Qing has a straightforward personality. At this moment her eyes is reddened. She grabbed Ji Shu Yu's sleeves and whimpered: "Mother, is Meng er living her days like that in xiangfu? The people there are more ferocious than the wolves on the mountain. They don't have a heart. Fortunately Meng er meimei is strong. If it was me, I fear that I'll need to hide everyday and cry."

    Ji Shu Yu saw that Qu Fei Qing is crying till her nose is red, felt that it was funny. With her finger she tapped on her daughter's nose and said: "Your life is much better than your Meng er meimei's life. Around you there are Lao Tai Jun, parents and brother who loves you. Since your childhood you've been sheltered, but Meng er has to learn how to survive since childhood. Over time, that child's personality is actually stronger than we thought. Although that is a good thing, but it made people feel pain in her heart."

    Hearing Ji Shu Yu say that, Qu Fei Qing nodded. She sniffed and said angrily: "That xiangfu really isn't a place where people stay! Mother, should we just let meimei come to Fu Guo Gong Fu? It's not like our house can't afford Meng er!"

    "Xiao mei4!"

    At this time, the silent Qu Zhang Qing shouted. It cared Qu Fei Qing that she hid behind her mother. While patting her chest, she complained: "Dage5, what are you doing? You scared me! If you have something to say, can't you just say it? Why do you need to shout?!"

    But this time, Ji Shu Yu is taking her son's side. She pulled Qu Fei Qing who was behind her. She lightly tapped Qu Fei Qing's head. Ji Shu Yu seriously said: "Fei er, some words shouldn't be said! Your Meng er meimei has a father and a zumu. How can she leave her own house and seek refuge at her waizufu's6 house? If doing that, not to mention that the outsiders will speculate, even that uncle (YXZ) of yours won't agree with it! You know, to us it appears a trivial matter, but to outsiders and even the court, it can rise into an affair of the court. By that time, it'll attract many suspicions to our Fu Guo Gong Fu!"

    Qu Fei Qing who grew up in an environment full of love, where would she experience such sinister things? Hearing Ji Shu Yu analyses like that, she felt that the door is really deep and that her way of thinking is really too simple. She felt a little shy now. She bent her head and gulped down her tongue. She stood at a side and didn't open her mouth anymore.

    This time, its Qu Zhang Qing time to open his mouth. His eyes are deep and calm. It's just that in those eyes shimmered concern for Yun Qian Meng.

    "Is there no other way?"

    Ji Shu Yu looked at the son that makes her proud. Her heart couldn't help but sigh. Althought Zhang Qing is stable, have talent and have what it takes to be in the army, but because he has been growing up in the barracks since he was a child, he is unfamiliar with the battles in the houses. Asking this question is like exposing his weakness.

    "If it's to live permanently it's impossible. But going to the relatives is still possible. Letting Meng er live for half a month isn't a problem. It's just that xiangfu is a special case. If Meng er leaves, I'm afraid that those people will take the opportunity to stir up trouble."

    Ji Shu Yu spoke solemnly and saw that her son and daughter's eyebrows are frowning. She couldn't help but laugh. She comforted them: "There's me and Lao Tai Jun. I believe that they don't dare to go overboard. You two also don't be so worried. I believe with Meng er's intelligence, she can certainly deal it these things!"

    After saying that, Ji Shu Yu changed the subject. She pulled Qu Fei Qing and asked if her female work (embroidery, painting, poems etc) has improved. Qu Fei Qing knows what to say and held her mother like a spoiled child. Mother and daughter left while smiling together. And Qu Zhang Qing who was still standing at the same place has a serious expression. Looking at the good relation between his mother and sister and thinking about Yun Qian Meng who since she was little didn't have a mother, he pitied the little cousin who only has everything on the surface. And Qu Zhang Qing also knows some things that his meimei doesn't know. Presumably, that xiangfu is more difficult than what his mother just said, otherwise Meng er wouldn't have asked mother to ambush the killer on the road.

    When YQM went to get old madam from their hometown, SQ prepared this killer for YGM. YGM guessed that something will happen on the road, so she asked her aunt to send her some people. But she never guessed that her uncle will send his heir, her cousin QZQ.

    If it wasn't because he had heard her mother talking about this matter, he feared that Meng er has been long murdered by Su Qing. Since when has their people of Fu Guo Gong Fu received such grievances? (They see YQM as their child not as xiangfu's child)

    Qu Zhang Qing's eyes narrowed slightly. A hint of danger can be seen. He didn't even know that his hands under his long sleeves have turned into fists......

    At this time, a shrill cry came from Feng He yuan. Yun Ruo Xue's two hands are gripping the armrest of the chair. Two maids are pressing her body down. Wei doctor is holding a blade and carefully cut the already crusted wound open and released the yellow pus inside.

    Xi Chu country does have anesthetic, but Yun Ruo Xue's wound looked like it's an outside wound, it happened on the forehead. It lets Wei doctor not to dare to use the anesthetic that can make people lose consciousness. So, Yun Ruo Xue can only suffer this pain.

    Su Qing is standing beside Wei doctor and said to Wei doctor to carefully remove the yellow pus. Until red blood is flowing again, did she felt relieved. But at this time, Yun Ruo Xue couldn't cope with the pain anymore and fainted.

    Wei doctor carefully put new medicine on her wound and guided the maid to wrap the gauze. After that did Su Qing let some maid carry Yun Ruo Xue to the bed to rest.

    After that is over, Su Qing guided Wei doctor to a side room. She asked in a small voice: "How is it? How many days will it take for the injury on my child's forehead to heal?"

    Wei doctor glanced anxiously at Su Qing. In his heart, he weighted what to speak. After that did he respectfully answer: "Answering Su yiniang, the injury on miss can not be treated careless anymore, otherwise, the scar will worsen."

    Su Qing hearing Wei doctor said that, her face paled. Her body relied on the small table. Feebly, she asked: "What is called worsen? Can it be that the scar won't go away?"

    Wei doctor seeing her like that, knows that Su Qing can't accept this reality. But he also can't lie to Su Qing, otherwise, if in the future the scar isn't gone, he fears that xiangye then will take his little life. So, he can only bite the dangerous path and say: "Su yiniang, originally, if miss listened to this old one's words, removing the scar wouldn't be difficult. But why didn't miss use this old one's medicine? I don't know what other medicine she has used and accelerated the healing of the wound. But the blood that was inside hasn't been removed and lowly turned into yellow pus. Now, cutting the wound to release the yellow pus is the same as sustaining a second injury. I fear that in the future, it'll leave a pale scar."

    Su Qing hearing that, her thoughts sank. She passed the Ningzhi cream in her sleeves to Wang mama to let her pass to Wei doctor to let him check if it's this Ningzhi cream that has a problem.

    Wei doctor received the cream, opened it and smelled its fragrance. Then he took out a little on a piece of paper and tested it for a long time. Then, he cautiously replied: "This is a really good medicine! But, this medicine can only be used after the scab is off. If it's used boldly, I fear that it will have the opposite effect. Looking at what is left in the bottle, presumably the amount that second miss smeared daily isn't small. I fear that because of this, it missed the best time to heal!"

    Su Qing carefully listened to Wei doctor's explanation. The hand resting on the table is already red with anger. She feebly told Wei doctor: "Miss's injury will depend on you. Use your best ability to cure it; otherwise, it'll be difficult to explain to xiangye. Also, beside us three I don't want a fourth person to know about this!

    Of course, Wei doctor knows that this is related to the honor of a lady. Even if he is courageous, he wouldn't tell anyone that the face of xiangfu's daughter has been damaged. So he immediately nodded.

    Wang mama saw that in the past few days, Su Qing has been angry, also vomited blood, fainted and also did crazy things with Yun Xuan Zhi, she had some concern for Su Qing's body. Taking advantage that Wei doctor hasn't left yet, she let him take Su Qing's pulse. As a result, this pulse put out the problem. At this point that Wei doctor's forehead is full of sweat. Even his tone was somewhat unstable: "Su yiniang, you really can't afford to get angry anymore! Otherwise, this child wouldn't be protected anymore!"

    Su Qing didn't know that Wei doctor would get such conclusion. Her whole body paralyzed in the chair. For a long time, she couldn't speak.

    Wang mama is calmer at this time. She quickly pulled the Wei doctor and asked: "What went wrong? You really need to protect this child of our furen's, otherwise, I'll let xiangye break your pharmacy!"

    That Wei doctor has been intimated by Wang mama's words. He swallowed and then cautiously replied: "Before, Su yiniang got really angry and.....and has intercourse. This is a taboo for the first trimester of pregnancy! If within the next month, she doesn't properly carry the fetus, even if its Great Luo god, also can't protect it! Also Su yiniang, please use the medication according to how this old one's say. Must not because for a moment of greed and don't care for the child!"

    After saying that, that Wei doctor quickly opened his medicine chest. He personally took out a brush, paper and ink and started writing Yun Ruo Xue's and Su Qing's medication.

    Su Qing seeing that her child can be kept, she obediently obeys the doctor's words. She nodded and let Wang mama go into her room to get twenty teals for Wei doctor.

    After sending Wei doctor away, Wang mama returned to the side room. Seeing Su Qing still sitting there, she approached Su Qing: "Furen, this coming month, you really need to be careful of your body! For the time being, let go of those little sluts. After the pregnancy is stable, it won't be too late to deal with them, ah! You shouldn't destroy three thousand enemies and lose ten thousand soldiers!"

    Su Qing also knows the stakes. These past days, she has been thinking about how to deal with Yun Qian Meng. Besides, the issue of Lui Han Yu being in charge of the household also made her worry. Over time, she damaged her body.

    Today hearing, Wei doctor's serious warning, she also knows the pros and cons. Put up with the anger now. In the future after she gives birth to Yun Xuan Zhi's son, the entire xiangfu will be in her hands then. Why would she fight for a moment of anger and be foolish?!

    Thinking like that, Su Qing nodded. She let Wang mama escort her back into the inner chamber. Seeing Yun Ruo Xue sleeping on the bed, she couldn't help but feel headache. Originally, she wants to take Yun Ruo Xue's scar as a matter to tumble Yun Qian Meng. She wanted to let Yun Xuan Zhi think that it was Yun Qian Meng who tampered with the Ningzhi cream. But thinking about it carefully; since Yun Qian Meng has the guts to give that thing to Yun Ruo Xue, it means that she (YQM) is already prepared. By that time, the imperial physician will make a diagnosis. Perhaps, she'll even get the sin of defying the empress dowager's benevolence. By then, she fears that even Su fu will be involved.

    The Ningzi cream is something the empress dowager gifted to Qu Ruo Li. So if Su Qing suspects the cream will be the same as suspecting the empress dowager.

    Therefore, this bitterness, even though Su Qing doesn't want to swallow it, she can only break her teeth and swallow it.

    "Mama, the matter of Xue er changing her medicine will be handed to you. Nothing must go wrong again!"

    Su Qing sat on the bed and stroked the soft face of her daughter. Seeing Yun Ruo Xue's appearance is the same as hers and looking at the gauze wrapped around her forehead, Su Qing felt really pain in her heart. She can order Wang mama in a low voice.

    Wang mama also carefully accepted. Just thinking about the birthday banquet in a few days, she asked: "What do we do on the day of the birthday banquet? Can it be that we should let second miss go to Fu Guo gong Fu with gauze wrapped around her head? This is a big disrespect. Then eldest miss will make something out of it!"

    Su Qing is also worrying about this. Her eyes is full of impatience and snapped: "If by that time, it still isn't well, we can only let Xue er cut her hair into bangs to cover the wound!"

    Hearing that, Wang mama muffled a sigh. Since there isn't any other way, she could only go down to boil herbs for Su Qing and Yun Ruo Xue.

    Lunar Calendar, March 26th is Fu Guo Gong Fu's Lao Tai Jun's sixty birthday. Even before dawn, the ladies from the fus began dressing up and intend to participate at Lao Tai Jun's birthday in their best state.

    In xiangfu, old madam let Yun Qian Meng and her sisters go back to their own yuan early in the night. She asked everyone to rest well and to be in their best state the next day to spend the birthday with Lao Tai Jun. Old madam indeed put great importance in this birthday. After all, this is the first time since she came back to Jingdu that she can attend such an important banquet. And it's also her first step in setting foot in the high society. Therefore, the 26th day just arrived, she let Rui mama to go to each miss's yuan and personally invite them to Bai Shun Tang.

    Yun Qian Meng looked at the sisters around her. Everyone was dressed in new dresses. Everyone was more like flowers than people. It also made it obvious that they really put great importance on this birthday banquet.

    However, compared to Yun Yi Yi who is backed by old madam and Yun Ruo Xue who is backed by Su Qing, although her mother is in charge of xiangfu, Yun Yan's dress is still a little behind.

    Evidently, Liu yiniang knows that today she can't let her daughter steal the limelight from Fu Guo Gong Fu's daughter and moreover to not steal the limelight from Yun Qian Meng. All of this is to avoid from coming out now and being suppressed by people later.

    Being so careful to please herself (YQM), Yun Qian Meng felt some pain for Yun Yan. If it wasn't because her status was a bit lower, in talent or appearance, Yun Yan won't lose to Yun Ruo Xue and Yun Yi Yi.

    At this time, all of old madam's attentions are on Yun Yi Yi. Seeing that the little child's eyes are still sleepy, she pinched Yun Yi Yi's small cheek. It made the still sleeping Yun Yi Yi almost hop up. She sorted the clothes for Yun Yi Yi while she scolded lightly: "Give me more spirit! Today is an important occasion. You can't let me lose face!"

    After that being said, Yun Ruo Xue sneered in her heart. In old madam's heart there's really only one granddaughter, Yun Yi Yi.

    And the smile on Yun Qian Meng's face remained the same. Although she didn't have good feelings for this zumu, but she will not let her look bad in front of people.

    Although old madam saw that Yun Qian Meng didn't express anything after hearing those words, but she still said some warnings to these three. Then she let Rui mama straightened her hair and jewelry.

    Until chen (7am-9am) hour, these five people arrived at xiangfu's door in sedan chairs. By this time, the carriage sent by Fu Guo Gong Fu has already waited for a full half hour.

    Old madam completely boarded the carriage as the head of xiangfu. After expressing in front of the maids of Fu Guo Gong Fu did she inter the carriage contented.

    Yun Qian Meng seeing her being like a nasty person, in her heart, she shook her head. It's as exclaiming that she is Lai Tai Jun's opponent. She (YQM) fears that today old madam will have good fruit to eat (she'll not have a good day).

    Yun Yi Yi is curious about everything and kept asking Yun Qian Meng questions about this and that. Until the carriage has reached Fu Guo Gong Fu, that small mouth still hasn't stopped talking.

    After the carriage stopped and everyone got off, did they find out that today, Fu Guo Gong Fu's door is not the same as usual. The carriages from different fus blocked the original wide streets; really busy. It showed the importance of Fu Guo Gong Fu in Xi Chu country and also showed the weight it has in emperor Yu Qian's heart.


    Yay, the birthday banquet is finally here. The two male leads are finally appearing! I also want to ask, do you guys like the chapters in parts or just post 1 whole chapter?

    1. (zhǎngshàngmíngzhū): the pearl of my palm; this is a Chinese idiom used to describe a daughter. The daughter is as precious as a pearl.

    2. (zhuàngyuán): top scorer in the palace examination.

    3. Jingdu is the capital of Xi Chu.

    4. (xiǎo mèi)/ : little sister

    5. (dàgē)/: big brother

    6. (wàizǔfù): maternal grandfather.
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