Chapter 74 Part 1: Argument in the Yuan, Xiaojie gains favor


    The delicately crafted door was forcefully kicked open by Yun Xuan Zhi!

    The group of people rushed in with angry faces and beheld a pale-faced Su Qing lying weakly on the bed. Yun Ruo Xue wept beside her while Wang mama dabbed a cool handkerchief on her forehead. The other servants were scuttling about bringing cold water or blowing on hot tea.

    When the angry party suddenly entered, the inhabitants of the room quickly scrambled into kneeling positions "Nubi greets xiangye!"

    Yun Xuan Zhi took in the scene and his heart felt sorrowful and angry at the same time. If Su Qing hand just obediently stayed inside Feng He Yuan she wouldn't have clashed with the other yinyiang. But Su Qing was not content and started to become restless, and it lead to the death of the other child, how could it not make him angry?

    Moreover, Bai Shun Tang's old madam was wholly biased towards her second son. Her second son's two sons were already nearing the age of ruo guan. The thought of it made his expression turn cold. He was already extremely anxious before, he was only hoping for these two people to give him two sons.

    But now, Su Qing directly caused the death of Hua yinyiang's child. He immediately grabbed Su Qing from the bed to scold her. But when he saw Su Qing's face gasping for breath, his hand stilled, he forced down the anger, and yelled at Wang mama, "I let you take care of her, and then you let her become this way? Hua yinyiang is also like this, why didn't you call the doctor yet? Are you too old? You don't know how to do your job anymore? Do I have to spell out every single detail?"

    Then he sniffed loudly in anger, intimidating Wang mama who repeatedly kowtowed, "Xiangye, please don't be angry anymore! Laonu's is also very anxious, it's just that..."

    As she was speaking, Wang mama's voice became smaller and smaller, she stole a glance at Hua yinyiang who had been lead in by the pozi. She became visibly scared and her eyes and she immediately lowered her head again. She pressed her body to floor and didn't dare speak!

    "Just what? Explain it to benxiang!" Yun Xuan Zhi caught the look. He swept a cold glance at Hua yinyiang, then turned back to Wang mama, and pointed a finger at Wang mama and demanded loudly!

    "Daddy, why do you still have to ask? Hua yinyiang was parked outside making a huge scene, how could we go out to call a doctor? When mother went to take a walk in the garden she was still fine, but when that person entered, her face changed and she fainted! Daddy, how can you listen to the argument of one side only and then barge in? Do you know how much mother was wronged? If Hua yinyiang wasn't so arrogant and despotic mother wouldn't become this way." After these words, Wang mama didn't say anything more. After all, even if Hua yinyiang was just a concubine, she was still a lady of the xiangfu, she had receieved favor from Yun Xuan Zhi!

    But what Wang mama couldn't say, Yun Ruo Xue could!

    Yun Ruo Xue was just a shunu, but in her body ran the blood of Yun Xuan Zhi. She was still the xiangfu's honorable daughter. It didn't matter what favor Hua yinyiang received, if she encountered Yun Ruo Xue she must greet treat her respectfully!

    While Wang mama was pretending to be hesitant at revealing the situation, Yun Ruo Xue had quickly stepped forward and knelt before Yun Xuan Zhi. Her face was miserable, telling of all the suffering Su Qing had gone through. At the words "arrogant and despotic" the just calmed-down Hua yinyiang trembled, it stirred her up again and she pointed a finger at Yun Ruo Xue and started to yell obscenities.

    Yun Qian Meng cooly observed today's Yun Ruo Xue. She was only wearing an old, light colored garment, her head was adorned with a simple white jade hairpin, her face was sorrowful, her expression looked miserable, it made people sympathize with her.

    After hearing Yun Ruo Xue's words, evidently it was the product of this year's careful reflection. Each word was taking away the blame from Su Qing pushing Hua yinyiang. Instead it was hightlighting Hua yinyiang's daily bad attitude, and started to supress Yun Xuan Zhi's rage!

    It could not be helped, today's Yun Ruo Xue was much smarter. It was not like the past where she rashly attacked head on and shout and scream.

    Perhaps Su Qing had been training her daughter during the time she was recuperating in Fu Guo Gong Fu. Now the fruits of that labor was evident. Yun Ruo Xue sobbed as she spoke. Hua yinyang's eyes filled with rage, but she was afraid of Yun Xuan Zhi so she kept her feelings to herself!

    Yun Xuan Zhi looked at his daughter whom he hadn't seen in a while. He took in the sight of her teary red eyes and pale face, at her old clothes, the single jade hairpin on her head, and took pity on her. His eyes shot cold arrows at Liu yinyiang, and said in a cold voice, "How do you manage this house? The summer is scorching, why didn't you have new clothes and jewelry made for er xiaojie?"

    At this, Yun Xuan Zhi appeared to accidentally glance at Yun Qian Meng and saw her elegant dress, saw that her jewelry was of the latest style that was all the range among the young ladies, and said in a bad temper "A shu born miss is still a miss of the xiangfu, how can you favour one and discriminate against the other? How are you handling this householdHow will you explain this?"

    Liu yinyiang only came to watch the excitement, she didn't expect Yun Ruo Xue to handle the situation this way. No doubt her clothes was a ruse to turn the blame onto herself. She was so angry her whole body trembled, she felt that she was accused wrongly. With an abashed expression she knelt on the floor and explained "Xiangye please let nubi explain! How can nubi be discriminatory when she runs a household? Every courtyard, every yinyiang every xiaojie's meal, clothing distribution, nubi strictly follows the rules of the xiangye when she carries them out! For this summer's clothes, nubi had people go very early to Feng He Yuan's for Su yinyiang's er xiaoji, nubi personally went herself from the very beginning! If xiangye doesn't believe, the accounting books have all the records! Xiangye please believe nubi, let nubi continue to handle the household. How can nubi be that type of narrow-minded, petty person. The household's affairs was appointed to nubi, if nubi really did this, there would be more complaints from the xiangfu from the beginning. How can everybody wait until now to complain? Xiangye please see the truth, nubi is innocent!"

    Liu Han Yu words were reasonable. Liu Xuan Zhi was not a thoroughly foolish person, after hearing her words he observed the people around them, even the disheveled Hua yinyiang did not contradict Liu yinyiang's words, then Liu Han Yu did not speak falsely!

    "Father, meimei has been watching beside Su yinyiang, she also has filial piety! In addition, taking care of a person is also a tiring task, meimei was probably thinking of what would be most convenient, so she wore her old clothes! It can be seen that she is very sensible! But, after all meimei is a xiaojie of the xiangfu, even if she only remained in her own yuan, her every action is representative of the xiangfu. Our xiangfu is not in mourning, how can meimei wear such dull colors, won't this cause other people to gossip about us?" Yun Qian Meng had stepped forward and wholeheartedly praised Yun Ruo Xue, immediately changing the topic.

    Yun Ruo Xue raised her head and looked at Yun Qian Meng, a look of hate emerged from her tearful face but she quickly surpressed it and immediately bowed her head. She in a voice filled with a feeling of being wronged, "Many thanks to jiejie's words! It was meimei's mistake, please daddy don't blame meimei!"

    Yun Ruo Xue watched his formerly pampered daughter, today being so obedient, his heart felt very gratified. His anger had somewhat dissipated by this time. He stooped down and lifted Yun Ruo Xue up and also said to Liu Han Yu "Rise!"

    Liu Han Yu was resentful of differing treatment the two people received. But she was afraid that today Su Qing had come very prepared, judging by er xiaojie's crafty brain, she couldn't be easily tempted to submit herself to these arguments.

    After analysing the situation, Liu Han Yu looked at Yun Qian Meng with a worried expression. But when she saw her calm and dependable face, apparently not bothered by how the opponents handled the situation, Liu Han Yu couldn't help but admire her. This da xiaojie is really very patient, she can always hide her emotions. Even though Su Qing still had fight left in her, she would never be able to harm da xiaojie!

    "Yes..." At this moment, Su Qing was struggling to rise from her bed, but her body lacked strength. Her half-raised body immediately collapsed back into the bed!

    Even though Yun Xuan Zhi was still angry, after seeing her like this he could not release his wrath!

    Also now, Hua yinyiang's child was gone. They were only left with the child in Su Qing's belly. Even if Yun Xuan Zhi was very angry, he would have to wait for Su Qing to give birth before he could take action!

    When Wang mama and Yun Ruo Xue went over to support Su Qing, Yun Xuan Zhi took a strode forward and sat on the bed. He carefully held Su Qing in his arms and let her rest her head on his chest. He said in a worried voice "Your body is not well, do not make unnecessary movements, right now just lie down on and rest well. You really make people worried!"

    Su Qing heard this and both her eyes turned red as tears flowed down her face. She said in a stuttering voice "Nubi hasn't seen xiangye in a very long time, today the weather was very nice, thought of going for stroll, perhaps nubi would be able to see xiangye from the garden! Unexpectedly, nubi met Hua yinyiang instead. nubi doesn't know what she said wrong to make Hua yinyiang so angry that she kept blocking the road! Xiangye knows, nubi has been pregnant for five months, the body is heavier than Hua yinyiang's, but when Hua meimei just entered and has gained your favor, then..."

    Saying this, Su Qing stopped speaking, she just nestled deeper into Yun Xuan Zhi's chest and continued to shed tears, she looked like dainty tragic figure, making Yun Xuan Zhi's heart hurt. His cold eyes glared daggers at Hua yinyiang!

    Hua yinyiang had been pampered by Yun Xuan Zhi for months, naturally she was more ambitious than the people around her. Looking on at the much older Su Qing who was already past her prime, saying such things and crying, looking pitiful in front of Yun Xuan Zhi, she tearfully complained "Xiangye, how can nubi not know Su yinyiang's strong influence in the xiangfu? It was just that today when Su jiejie saw me she scowled at nubi with such a bad expression, nubi couldn't help but say a few words. But nubi did not disrespect for Su jiejie! Su jiejie suddenly slapped nubi! Xiangye, look, nubi's face still has a mark from her hand! It caused nubi to be very angry, but nubi considered that Su Qing is farther along in her pregnancy so did not want to cause her problems, but jiejie continued to cause trouble and deliberately pushed nubi, and caused nubi to lose her child!"

    With her speech complete, Hua yinyiang also covered her face and started to cry. It was really pitiful sight!

    Yun Xuan Zhi looked at Hua yinyiang's pale face, her white coat and skirt had a trace of red, and did not have the heart to scold her. But Su Qing who was in his embrace was also wronged. Each person had their own version of the story. Yun Xuan Zhi could not tell who was lying. He could only furrow his brows in silence!

    Yun Qian Meng at this time could discern Yun Xuan Zhi's true feelings. Since Hua yinyiang's child was already gone, Yun Xuan Zhi would naturally protect the child in Su Qing's womb!

    Thus, even if today Su Qing deliberately pushed Hua yinyiang, it was not the time to deal with her!

    Now it was the hottest time of the day, the room was crowded with people, it started to get really hot. Hua yinyiang had just suffered a miscarriage, the smell of blood was mixing in the hot air, it made the people in the room furrow their brows in discomfort!

    From the door came the voice of a small yatou "Xiangye, Doctor Wei has come!"

    "Quickly, let him come in!" Yun Xuan Zhi let go of Su Qing, and let her reclined on the bed, and took a seat beside her. When he saw Doctor Wei come in he immediately made him quickly diagnose Su Qing!

    Doctor Wei took Su Qing's pulse from the other side of the curtain while asking her a few questions. He attentively listened to her voice, then he spoke to Yun Xuan Zhi "Xiangye, has yinyiang suffered from anger or from any physical blows?, even if she is past the three months and her placenta is stabilized, if she is too provoked, she will also suffer a miscarriage! Furen's body as it is now, can't bear this type of abuse!

    Doctor Wei knitted his brows and said this with gravity. It made Yun Xuan Zhi's heart rise up his chest. Then Doctor Wei said in a really loud, authoritative voice "Why does this room smell of blood? Yiniang is currently in an unstable condition, if the smell of blood is too strong, I'm afraid that she might have a miscarriage!"

    Wei dafu's words were spoked, everybody's eyes turned to Hua yiniang, Yun Xuan Zhi's eyes were the coldest. When Hua yiniang heard this her lips trembled and she couldn't say a word!

    Yun Qian Meng watched Doctor Wei's performance and smiled coldly "Doctor Wei is putting on airs, in front of father he dares to raise his voice! You said Su yiniang shouldn't be provoked with too much excitement, and yet you suddenly shouted so loudly, aren't you afraid you would upset Su yiniang? Do you think the life of the xiangfu's heir is a trifiling matter?"

    When Hua yiniang heard Yun Qian Meng's words, her face showed gratitude, the hate she felt in her heart for Su Qing grew.

    So Yun Xuan Zhi's attention went from Hua yiniang to Doctor Wei, saw that this man had the appearance of a simple and honest teacher, but his words and actions were contradictory. Yun Xuan Zhi started to get suspicious!

    Upon seeing this, Liu yiniang stepped forward "Xiangye, the most important thing right now is to care for the child in Su yiniang's womb! This Doctor is playing tricks with us, we mustn't let Su yiniang come to any more harm! The way nubi sees it, this doctor is not reliable, it makes a person worried!"

    Liu Han Yu has also gotten smarter. With these words Yun Xuan Zhi made up his mind!

    If any harm did come to Su Qing, he would not suspect Liu Han Yu of foul play!

    Yun Qian meng heard Su Qing's words, a cold smile formed on her face. Su Qing meant to use her own child to shield her from the crime of causing Hua yiniang to lose her child, but she would not let her have her way!

    Perhaps, not just herself, but everybody standing in the room, wished for Su Qing to suffer the same fate as Hua yiniang!

    Su Qing was too smart for her own good, she thought that searching for her own trusted doctor and making her own condition terrible would be enough to gain Yun Xuang Zhi's pity!

    But her plan backfired because this Doctor Wei's performance went beyond his head and exposed a hole in the plot. From behind the curtains, Su Qing angrily grasped the quilt around her body.

    "Daddy, why would you change your mind just because of Liu yiniang's words? Doctor Wei is yiniang's special doctor that came to server her during her whole pregnancy, any other doctor wouldn't be so attentive!" Yun Ruo Xue could see that Yun Xhuan Zhi was wavering based on Yun Qian Meng's words, and quickly made this retort!

    But right after she said these things, Yun Qian Meng smiled and stepped forward, sorrowfully pulled Yun Ruo Xue's hand, said "Meimei is mistaken! If Doctor did his job properly, would Su yiniang fall ill this easily? Meimei must know that all of father's hopes is on Su yiniang's body, how can we not have the best expert to attend to Su yiniyiang? Meimei is Su yiniang's daughter, so you must think of her more than others, so you can't let just a moment's convenience leave us with danger, if something were to happen to Su yiniang, there won't be medicine for repentance!"

    Yun Ruo Xue's eyes widened as she looked on at Yun Qian Meng's insincere attention and smiling face. She felt an intense hatred that she wanted to tear to pieced Yun Qian Meng's deceitful face. And Yun Qian Meng holding her hand made her feel disgusted she wanted to spit. But Yun Qian Meng could read her thoughts and movements, in the second she used the strength of two hands to hold Yun Ruo Xue's hands tightly so that she couldn't free them.

    Yun Ruo Xue suddenly raised her head and looked directly at Yun Qian Meng, saw her cold, smiling eyes, it made Yun Ruo Xue's entire body equally frigid, she couldn't help but shudder!

    After Yun Qian Meng looked fixedly at Yun Ruo Xue she turned her gaze back to Yun Xuan Zhi and asked solemnly "Father, is daughter wrong?"

    Yun Xuan Zhi saw that the sisters were sharing deep sisterly affection at such a crucial point in their lives, his impression of Yun Qian Meng was immediately better. He nodded his head and praised her "Meng'r is very considerate and thought about it very well! Doctor Wei, go to the accounting office to settle your bill, next time you no longer have to come back to the xiangfu! Liu yiniang tell butler Zhao to bring over a capable doctor to come examine Su yiniang!"

    Yun Ruo Xue stared with her mouth agape at Yun Xuan Zhi, her expression became ugly. She and Wang mama shared a look, the two people felt very anxious!

    "Xiangye, nubi has seen that the yatou and pozi of Feng He Yuan are not as attentive as they should be. Nubi will select able and efficient people to replace them, so as to avoid Su yiniang coming into harm!" Liu Han Yu had spoken, the troubles of the two people weren't over!

    Since this situation had happened, Yun Xuan Zhi was already feeling dissatisfied with the yatou and pozi of Feng He Yuan. After Liu Han Yu called attention to them, he nodded. Then he saw that Su Qing was parting her curtains open, a pale face peeped through, lovingly and pitifully looking at him and said miserably "Xiangye, these yatou and pozi served me with all of their efforts! This time, the incident happened with a reason and that caused them not to protect me in time! They have been with nubi for very long, there is a affection between us, please, xiangye, do not send them away!"

    After she said this, Su Qing swept a cold glance at Liu Han Yu and Yun Qiang Meng, cursing them in her heart. These two sluts saw that she was currently weak, and both desired to send her trusted people away!

    She would not let Yun Qian Meng and Liu han Yu have their way. She will keep on watching what other tricks they have up their sleeves!

    When the yatou and pozi in the room heard Liu Han Yu's words they all dropped to their knees to kneel and continuously kowtowed to Yun Xuan Zhi for forgiveness, promising to serve Su Qing with all of their efforts. Please to not let Yun Xuan Zhi send them away to another place!

    Yun Xuang Zhi looked on at the deep relationship between master and servant. He sat on the bedside and supported Su Qin on his body, then reprimanded her softly "Why should you feel this way? Right now you must only take care of your own body. All other things I will have Liu yiniang take care of!"

    But Su Qing shook her head with tears in her eyes "Xiangye, nubi is already used to these people, they understand nubi's wishes without nubi having to ask! If new people are brought over again they won't suit nubi, won't it just add to the nubi's troubles? And then affect the child in the womb!"

    Yun Xuan Zhi heard her words and found them reasonable, and sighed, then he said "Since it is like this, then we can do it your way! But, if anything were to happen, you can no longer plead for this group of nucai!"

    Hearing this, Su Qing showed a gratified expression, she snuggled up against Yun Xuan Zhi's chest like a bird that relies on people (cute and helpless-looking) and replied softly, "Yes!"

    Liu Han Yu looked at the loving scene between minister and concubine before her and felt speechless, Yun Xuan Zhi even rejected her suggestion, she felt very angry. She tightly grasped her handkerchief in her hands as she tried to think up other plans!"

    "Father, right now yiniang is naturally the most important person in the fu. Inevitably there will be people who will try to invade Feng He Yuan. Let Captain Liu assign some guards to protect Feng He Yuan, or else something bad might happen!" Yun Quan Meng let go of Yun Ruo Xue's hands, smiled and continued in a gentle voice "Su yiniang musn't decline! Even if you take really good care of the child, once new servants are brought inside the palace , it will be unavoidable for somebody to provoke you, we must all be careful! On ordinary days, you must not arbitrarily leave Feng He Yuan, this way we can ensure the safety of the child!"

    Yun Qian Meng said this with a sincere smile on her face, it made people feel that her suggestion had Su Qing's best interests at heart!"

    But only Su Qing understood that behind Yun Qian Meng's smile was a lot of malice!

    Su Qing was about to open her mouth to speak against her, but a scene had flashed before her eyes. This was clearly the same strategy that she had used against Qu Ruo Li! Su Qing suddenly looked at Yun Qian Meng with wide eyes. But the other person was now devoid of smiles and looked emotionless. But that temporary smile had burrowed into Su Qing's heart like a demon and made her afraid. Her hands flew up protectively around her belly!

    So in Su Qing's moment of speechlessness, Yun Xuan Zhi agreed with Yun Quan Meng's suggestion!

    "Now, daughter must go pay respects to zumu! Daughter has been in Fu Guo Gong Fu these past days and hasn't visited zumu in a long time. Daughter will withdraw now!" So Yun Quan Meng ceased to pursue Su Qing, and respectfully said her farewells to Yun Xuan Zhi. She headed towards Bai Shun Tang.


    Benxiang - "I", said by a person with higher authority to a person with lower authority

    Yiniang - concubine

    Nubi - slave/servant girl, used by servants when referring to themselves when talking to a person of higher authority

    Nucai - slave

    Laonu - old slave

    Meimei - younger sister

    Jiejie - older sister

    Yatou - servant girl

    Pozi - old lady servant

    Xiangye - minister

    Xiangfu - the minister's residence

    Zumu - paternal grandmother

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