Chapter 81 Part 1: Collaborative investigation of treason with the enemy being removed from office

    "Xiaojie, nubi will go to houfu to ask for news!" Mu Chun saw that Yun Qian Meng was already frowning and her heart became anxious as well.

    "No need!" Yun Qian Meng however, rejected her good intentions. Standing up immediately to get dressed, she only allowed Mu Chun's help with loosening the straps. Mi mama, by now, entered to see Yun Qian Meng awake and greeted her. "Xiaojie, just now Pan Lan sent her personal yatou over, saying that Su daren adhered himself to Chen wang, this is why he and xiangye had such a huge disagreement! And then a moment ago, the gatekeeper said he saw the Empress Dowager's aide, Qu gonggong, enter Fu Guo Gongfu with an imperial physician.

    Yun Qian Meng nodded; her gaze peaceful and calm, but her heart could not help feeling uneasy.

    The imperial physician would have been carefully selected by the Empress Dowager herself as a sign of affection for her younger brother.

    But among these physicians, it was becoming harder and harder to tell who were honest and trustworthy.

    Jiujiu's life hung in the balance and a single mistake could cost him his life.

    Fu Guo Gongfu was currently undergoing a crisis, unaware that Emperor Yu Qian had sent someone to inform his brother.

    At this time, Gu laotaijun is seated inside the Punishment Hall, watching as Ma huwei brought the bound steward forward.

    Ma huwei has been with Qu Ling Ao from a young age and has never wavered in his dedication and loyalty. Seeing a traitor within the fu, he was not in the least bit opposed to kicking the steward's knees, forcing him to kneel before laotaijun.

    "How difficult it is to guard one's own home against traitors, every day and night! To think that you would invite someone who is not a doctor but a killer." Laotaijun gazed upon the kneeling figure, unable to contain her rage.

    The steward was already getting old, his temple white as hoarfrost. He was already resigned to his fate and continued to kneel in silence.

    Laotaijun was not pleased with his lack of communication and gestured to Ma huwei. The guard placed his hands on the steward's shoulders to position at an angle most suited to strike his acupuncture points. As Ma huwei was learned in the martial arts, he possessed the knowledge to do harm with these pressure points. Their ruse was believed by the former steward who now broke into a sweat, and eventually sagged tiredly to the ground.

    "Speak! Who is your real master? Fu Guo Gongfu has sheltered you, your houye has always been compassionate and has never reprimanded you. Unlike a dark-hearted man like you, who attempted to poison his master. Has the dog eaten your conscience?" Laotaijun was furious at this point, a trembling hand pointing at the steward all throughout her tirade. The hatred in her eyes is unmistakable. The thought of this man responsible for the near death of her son, she would only be too happy to fry up his heart.

    The housekeeper was keenly aware of laotaijun's anger, however, he was more fearful of the one beside with his military training. Not wanting to suffer needlessly, he immediately spoke, "Mercy! Nucai was forced! Someone threatened nucai's whole family, nucai had no choice! But nucai really doesn't know who is behind it. Please understand laotaijun, nucai would not lie in this matter."

    Laotaijun showed no pity in the face of the old man's pleas, only looking to Ma huwei who, with a drawn hand, struck down the steward.

    Although the steward had been dealt with, Qu Ling Ao was still in critical condition and his situation had yet to change.

    On the morning of the second day, Qu Yan as a member of the Ministry of Revenue presented a folded booklet to Emperor Yu Qian, clearly enunciating, "Emperor, I wish to make a report."

    Beside the emperor, a court eunuch stepped forward to accept the proffered report from Qu Yan. Emperor Yu Qian indifferently gave a cursory glance at Qu Yan, his manner and voice cold as he asked, "What matter?"

    "Emperor, I have come to report that the Minister of Revenue, Xu daren, during his term of office, has appropriated an excess of 300,000 liang of silver." Qu Yan knelt on the ground, his words clear and distinct in an attempt to make himself memorable to the emperor.

    For a moment, the various officials looked at each other in dismay, doubtful the words coming from Qu Yan, some also glanced at the Minister in question.

    It was then that the Minister of Revenue's face flashed panic and alarm, his gaze went to a few other officials and saw that they remained composed, so the Minister of Revenue himself gradually calmed. He made his way to kneel in front of the emperor where Qu Yan remained, voice loud and confident. "Emperor, weichen from the Ministry of Revenue records cautiously, never thinking of personal gain by accumulate wealth! Please let Assistant Minister Qu's false accusations be investigated further before wrongly prosecuting weichen."

    "Hmph! Why is Xu daren panicking? All will be clear once the emperor looks through the accounts book weichen has written. Your agitation only tells me that you have something to hide. Weichen has been under you for many years and has handled countless of matters. The Revenue Department is filled with Xu daren's descendants, it would be easy for daren to commit fraud." Qu Yan gave no room for Xu Ming Shan to defend himself. His report having yet to reach the emperor's hands, he was quick to shut down all arguments. Although his words were casual, he made sure to strike at a vital point in order to create doubt within those present and let them take his words as truth.

    After all, matters of the Ministry of Revenue affects all government bodies, one could not help but be uneasy.

    What weight on everyone's minds though, was why Qu Yan sat as an assistant minister for many years, yet he only thought to expose Xu Ming Shan's now.

    "Qu Yan, you blood sucking leech! You are jealous of my wealth so you lay groundless accusations to have the emperor pronounce me guilty. That is a pipe dream! The emperor has always been a wise ruler, why would he listen to a person of such low social status?" Qu Yan's status was common knowledge but was one people avoided speaking of. Xu Ming Shan in his anger, despite being situated before the throne, straightened his body and pointing at Qu Yan while spitting poisonous words at him.

    All this incited from Qu Yan was a grim laugh as he looked straight at Xu Ming Shan's eyes. "Why is there a need for Xu daren to fly into a rage? Is it because you are afraid of other people finding out about your corruption and abuse of the law?"

    In short, Xu Ming Shan's corrupt crimes were laid bare. One by one the various officials pondered upon the today's events as well as Xu Ming Shan's situation. The room's occupants could not help but to look to the throne where Emperor Yu Qian sat. The emperor as well as those influential officials seated closest to him only had expressions of indifference. As if all the events up to this point have been nothing but children squabbling. Most were thankful that there were not the center of attention.

    "Emperor! Emperor! You have to believe weichen! This is all Qu Yan's ploy to frame me. Weichen has held this position for many years and has never been corrupt. Everything is because Qu Yan envies weichen having sat as the Minister of Revenue for all these years! Do not believe this person's words, please emperor, do not accuse this loyal servant wrongly!" Xu Ming Shan saw the main hall was filled with various officials, yet unexpectedly, no one stepped forward to support his pleas. He began to panic and immediately faced the throne to kowtow profusely at the silent Emperor Yu Qian.

    See the situation, Yun Xuan Zhi swept his gaze helplessly at Xu Ming Shan, as well as carefully observing the grinning face of Qu Yan. He suddenly had a thought, but the emperor had yet to speak, as he is in no hurry, he kept quiet so as to avoid being caught in any schemes.

    Chu Fei Yang barely spared the commotion a glance, easily seeing two clowns that caused him to hold back a chuckle. His quick sweep of the room eventually landed on Chen wang, who continued to remain silent. But just then, that ice-cold gaze unintentionally shot across the room towards one person and Chu Fei Yang's mouth broke into a huge grin.

    "Emperor, I also have a report to submit!" from the Ministry of Justice' section, Su Yuan approached with both hands held out containing a document, interrupting the Minister of Revenue's justification.

    "What is your issue?" Emperor Yu Qian placed Qu Yan's accounts book aside, his voice still cold as he swept his gaze across every official's expressions.

    "Emperor, I wish to speak of the Ministry of Revenue's Xu daren. The report is a record of the funds that has passed through the Minister of Revenue in his many years in office, including a list of all the expenses. A large part of the funds are not being used for the court, in other words, these are unnecessary expenses, just as Assistant Minister Qu claims, no less than three hundred thousand liang of silver. I invite the emperor to look over the records to make it plain that Xu daren has been leeching from the imperial treasury." Su Yuan's words resonated, clearly stating all of Xu Ming Shan's all wrong doings.
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