Chapter 87 part 1: A Matter of Life and Death at the Moment of Falling Down from a Horse

    The man covered in black was surprised to see a man hiding there and turned his sinister eyes towards Rong Yun He. His expression showed yet more surprise when he saw Rong Yun He's head filled with white hair, but immediately resumed his cruel expression and sneered at him, "At least I'm not as gutless as you, hiding here with a group of women."

    Yun Qian Meng lightly knitted her brows, her eyes looked at the back of the person with disagreement and said coldly, "To seek survival is an instinct of humans. Does a person need to stand in front of gexia, stretch his neck, and ask gexia to wield your sword to show their manliness? Gexia is now holding weapon. You naturally have the power to decide life-and-death, on us who are all bare-handed. If we changed positions, I'm afraid the reaction of gexia will be funnier."

    Yun Qian Meng assumed and questioned back, causing the body of the assassin to slightly startle. He coldly looked at her and said arrogantly, "No wonder Tenth Brother was played around by you. Yun Qian Meng, you really have the gift of the gab."

    Yun Qian Meng was shocked by the words of the assassin. The methods the assassins used in killing the citizens of Western Chu without any exceptions, and the Tenth Brother he mentioned, both of these made Yun Qian Meng immediately think of the Tenth Prince of Northern Qi who had attacked her some time before.

    To speak as such, this person was surely also a part of the royal family, but Yun Qian Meng knew too little about the Northern Qi. Although she knew that the Crown Prince of the Northern Qi was rather cruel and violent, people in the royal family were mostly like that. People were able to show different personalities on the surface, thus, she could not guess the identity of this person.

    On the other hand, Rong Yun He calmly said, "Gexia, please be careful of your words. Yun xiaojie is a lady of her chambers, how could she meet some man from the outside? Make sure not to recognize and kill the wrong person. Moreover, you killed so many innocent people in the capital, do you think Emperor Yu Qian will let you off? How could you be forgiven for nobles and aristocrats that you've killed? I'm afraid the city guards are already coming over. I advise gexia to put down your weapons to not add any more sins."

    "Recognize and kill the wrong person? Rong gongzi's words are extremely clever! But for me, killing the wrong person is something not worth mentioning. Based on the words of Rong gongzi, maybe you're afraid? If you're afraid, why do you still pretend to be the hero?" After saying that, the assassin laughed wildly but coldly, frightening the xiaojie hiding in the fields who curled up their bodies even tighter. They were shaking but they all bit their lips, afraid to make any noise that would make them the next target.

    Hearing his inhuman words, Yun Qian Meng's eyes went cold. She tightly closed her lips and quickly thought of ways to save herself and the others.

    At this moment, Rong Yun He opened his mouth again. Yun Qian Meng saw that he was calm and not shocked by the assassin pointing out his identity, rather, he showed a maturity that was way beyond his age, "Gexia didn't even let off the kids a while ago, what would you call that? Even animals have some pity, gexia is indeed inferior to them."

    While speaking, Rong Yun He quickly signaled Yun Qian Meng with his eyes, telling her to run away, but the actions of the assassin was faster. He had already guessed Rong Yun He's intention and quickly rushed in front of Yun Qian Meng. His arms stretched and forcefully pulled at her wrist, immediately pulling Yun Qian Meng out of the flower field. He held Yun Qian Meng with one arm and his sword in the other hand pushed against her delicate neck. "You need to assess your own skills first before planning to run away. You can't find a another person who still lives after offending me!"

    "Xiaojie!" That Yun Qian Meng had been easily captured under their protection, Yuan Dong and the others all panicked. Yuan Dong even abruptly moved her body to get Yun Qian Meng back, but the other men immediately raised their swords at Yuan Dong. But at this moment, Yuan Dong did not think of her own life, and she immediately raised the dagger in her hand intending to fight with the assassins who were blocking the way.

    "Everyone, stay still!" Yun Qian Meng did not expect the assassin to move that fast. She was afraid that Yuan Dong would fight and immediately shouted, shocking Yuan Dong to immediately stop her and obediently went back to their hiding place.

    "Oh? Second? This means that there is still someone who lives away from the sword of gexia? Qian Meng is very curious. What kind of person is more skilled than gexia?" Yun Qian Meng turned to the assassin directly and ridiculed him. Facing the sword at her neck, she not only shocked some xiaojie into unconsciousness, even Rong Yun He, who had been able to face the enemy calmly, was pale. Yun Qian Meng, though, seemed like she did not feel anything at all and only spoke calmly.

    When Yun Qian Meng had finished her sentence, she immediately felt the arms around her waist suddenly tighten, making it difficult to breathe. She heard the cruel shout of the assassin, "Bitch, if you say something like this again, I'll immediately kill the bastard in front on me! In your case, you are worth more alive than dead."

    Yun Qian Meng had not been able to inquire before sounds of footsteps were heard again. The xiaojie still hiding felt hopeful again, thinking that people finally came to save them. Some even asked their yatou to raise their heads out of the field to take a look.

    Yun Qian Meng and Rong Yun He were both stayed calm. Hearing the rhythmic footsteps, they were unable to judge whether the people approaching were friend or foe.

    "Leave me alone! You bastards, leave ben junzhu alone!" Just when everyone thought that there was finally hope, they heard the sound of a girl struggling. Yun Qian Meng immediately noticed that it was Hai Tian's voice. Her eyes suddenly deepened as she felt that the situation had worsened.

    It seemed like the assassins had come prepared. Even the bodyguards of Hai wangfu were not able to withstand their attack; not only because they had attacked all of a sudden, the skill of the assassins had to be rather good as well.

    When facing the other daughters, these people had cruelly killed them, yet they only kidnapped Hai Tian from her bodyguards. Was it possibly because Hai Chen Xi was the chief commander of the war between Western Chu and Northern Qi?

    But the assassin had also said that she was worth more alive than dead. This sentence seemed to reveal some kind of information but Yun Qian Meng could not guess the hidden meaning of it.

    If the assassin wanted to save the Tenth Prince of Northern Qi, he would surely have gone to Chu wangfu to save. Capturing a weak lady not only constrained his actions, but was also rather useless.

    Moreover, Yun Qian Meng was not sure that Chu Fei Yang would really agree to let the Tenth Prince go.

    "Humph, another noisy woman! Since you call yourself junzhu, looking at your appearance, you really have the ability to make men go crazy. Looks like you're the meimei of that Hai Chen Xi, Hai Tian junzhu." The assassin tightly held Yun Qian Meng, pressing her back closely to his chest, but his eyes turned and looked towards Hai Tian. When he saw the outstanding beauty of Hai Tian, even though he killed people without blinking an eye, he could not help but praise her.

    Hai Tian, who was being carried by an assassin appeared in front of everyone. Although currently, her clothes were somewhat messy and her bun had already loosened, it did not lessen her innate beauty. She still had the ability to catch the attention of people.

    But Hai Tian wholeheartedly tried to struggle free from the assassin holding her, so she did not hear the praise of the assassin head, nor did she notice the situation she was facing right now.

    Only until her captor rudely threw her on the ground full of stones did Hai Tian clearly see the person in front of her.

    "Yun Qian Meng, I can't believe you got what you deserve!" the first thing she said was ridicule, taking pleasure in the misfortune of Yun Qian Meng.

    Yun Qian Meng only smiled, and answered back, "It seems like junzhu's appearance right now is worse than chennu's."

    Hearing the taunt, Hai Tian immediately jumped from the ground so fast that people could barely see the action.

    At the way Yun Qian Meng was able to cause the junzhu to lose her manners with just a few words, the assassin immediately let go of her waist. He frivolously held Yun Qian Meng by the chin, forcing her to turn her head to look at his eyes directly and said, "You are really interesting! It seems like a lot of people hate you. These people all want to kill you."

    Rong Yun He suddenly went mad when he saw the assassin do such a shameless action to Yun Qian Meng. He shouted, "You shameless person! Quickly let go of her! Ben gongzi will be your hostage."

    After saying that, Rong Yun He rushed forward, but the other assassins were not just there for decoration. A few of them quickly surrounded Rong Yun He. Although Rong Yun He was a gongzi from a rich family, he learned some Quan Jiao self-defense. This time, his skills were used. He had a difficult time fighting, but the assassins were not able to hurt him either. The situation was at a stalemate, making the assassin head show a hint of shock.

    But he gave an eye signal to the assassins guarding Yuan Dong and the others. The assassins holding long swords immediately joined the fight.

    Yun Qian Meng saw that Rong Yun He was having a hard time dealing with the assassins and his actions were becoming slower, sp her hand immediately signaled to Yuan Dong behind her. Now that nobody was guarding her, Yuan Dong took the opportunity to quickly join the fight as well.

    Having the help of Yuan Dong, the burden of Rong Yun He lessened by a lot. Slowly, his actions resumed its quickness, but the more he wanted to go near Yun Qian Meng, the more he was brought farther away by the assassins.

    Yun Qian Meng was paying attention to Rong Yun He's situation while closely looking at the assassin head behind her. She felt that the strength of the hand holding her chin somewhat lessened and quickly raised her hands wanting to snatch the sword of the assassin and give him a shoulder throw.

    But it seemed like the assassin has already known that Yun Qian Meng would not give up and get caught easily. He unexpectedly let go of his sword intentionally.


    The tip of the sword straightly dug into the soil, the sword's body shook severely in mid-air, emitting a dull sound.

    Afterwhich, the hand that was holding Yun Qian Meng's delicate chin moved to her thin neck. Two fingers slightly exerted effort to immediately pinch the throat of Yun Qian Meng, making her unable to even say a single word.


    This time, an arrow made out of gold broke through the air straight from the front of the assassin head, drawing a silver line like a dragon in the dim moonlight. The leaves and flowers all severely shook when the arrow passed through them. The person who shot the arrow definitely exerted a lot of force.

    The assassin head saw that the arrow contained great aura of death, and he had nowhere to hide at the moment, so he pulled over Yun Qian Meng and placed her in front of him, treating Yun Qian Meng as his shield.

    It was as if the person who shot the arrow had calculated everything beforehand. The next arrow had not hurt Yun Qian Meng but slashed pass the left cheek of the assassin head.


    The arrow immediately stuck to the Chinese larch tree so firmly that it went through half of the tree, leaving the end of the arrow shaking outside. The Chinese larch, at least thirty years old, also swayed from the arrow.

    At this moment, sounds of rustling leaves were heard by everyone. They were all shocked. They did not know who the person who shot such accurate and deadly arrows was.

    Now, everyone was looking at the assassin head. They saw that the cloth he used to cover his face had already been hooked away by the arrow. The wound left on his left cheek was so deep that even his cheekbone can be seen through the wound. Currently, the ten centimeter long wound was continuously bleeding. The blood flowed down his face and in a short while, the assassin head's clothes on his front chest was painted dark red. Even Yun Qian Meng, whom he forcefully pulled in front of him was unavoidably bled on.

    The looks of the assassin head could not be considered handsome. He looked rather cruel and evil, especially now that the left side of his face was covered in blood, it made him as scary as a tyrant from hell.

    "Who is it? Who dares to hurt bengong?" The assassin head was almost disfigured, how could he have a good temper? Now, his eyes filled with blood stared straight at the dark woods in front of him. He angrily shouted without any plan of concealing his identity. Now, he only wanted to tear the body of his opponent into a million pieces.

    "Chu Fei Yang, why didn't you kill him?" This time, the sound of the Tenth Prince, panting and dismayed, could be heard from afar.

    The sound of orderly footsteps were heard. The assassin head immediately focused on the sound and looked over. Sparkles of gold swayed in the darkness. While the group of people slowly walked into the moonlight, Chu Fei Yang, wearing a black robe and holding a bow, walked over coldly.

    Behind Chu Fei Yang, Jiao Da was holding the back collar of the Tenth Prince, causing him to only able to talk but not move.

    Although Chu Fei Yang did not speak, from the bow in his hands and the shouting of the Tenth Prince a while ago, the assassin head already knew that the deadly arrow a while ago was surely shot by Chu Fei Yang.

    The assassin head suddenly thought of Chu Fei Yang's record of winning every battle in the battlefield and his expression finally changed. Moreover, when he saw that the people of Chu Fei Yang has already surrounded the woods, the assassin head held Yun Qian Meng more tightly in front of him to prevent this useful hostage from being saved by Chu Fei Yang.
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