Chapter 87 part 2: A Matter of Life and Death at the Moment of Falling Down from a Horse

    "Eldest Prince is in really good spirits today. You even kill our citizens for fun!" Chu Fei Yang deliberately spoke seeing that the assassin head had become more flexible compared to a while ago, and now wanted to kill Yun Qian Meng no matter what happened. The voice of Chu Fei Yang was as cold as the cold wind blowing over an iceberg, which made people feel uncontrollably cold.

    "Humph! Chu Fei Yang, you're really fit to be the prime minister of a country, you can even do this sneak attack! This really loses you some prestige as a minister. I didn't know that Western Chu is full of cowardly people who are so afraid of death that they can only sneak attack from behind. This incident will really become a laughingstock when the rumors spread." The eldest Prince of Northern Qi not only refused to admit his mistake, but he even blamed Chu Fei Yang for all the faults. He did not realize that by killing even the smallest child, he himself was a thousand times more shameless than Chu Fei Yang.

    Facing his intentional provocation, Chu Fei Yang did not get mad, but since he had shot the arrow, an aura of coldness had surrounded his body. Even Jiao Da, who was behind Chu Fei Yang, looked at him apprehensively, afraid that he might immediately kill the arrogant prince when he lost his temper.

    "The eldest Prince is worrying too much. Having you as a foundation, the citizens of Western Chu will only remember benxiang's kindness. Could it be that the eldest Prince's act of killing people ruthlessly today was an order of Northern Qi's Emperor Ling Xiao? Otherwise, aggressively killing so many citizens of Western Chu in front of the city guards of Chen wang, are you not afraid of provoking the anger of Chen wang?" Currently, Chu Fei Yang had a rather light expression, even when looking at Yun Qian Meng, his expression did not turn any warmer. It made one think that his actions towards Yun Qian Meng before were all faked.

    Having been a police officer, how could Yun Qian Meng not understand Chu Fei Yang's intentions?

    If he showed too much concern towards the hostage, the enemy would just be more proud of himself. In that case, it would be harder to save the hostage. It would be better to show that he was not worried at all so that there would be a better chance to save her.

    That was why Yun Qian Meng did not shout nor cry but silently stayed in the arms of the eldest Prince, but her alert and clever eyes were still looking for opportunities. Considering the current situation, if she had the chance to run away, the eldest Prince would not be able to catch her immediately.

    "Humph! Chu Fei Yang, I know that you are a general with a great achievements, but this is not the battlefield. I still have many hostages in my hands, if you dare to act recklessly, I will let every single one of them die without a burial site. As for Chen wang, if he was really that good, it would have been impossible for me to be able to successfully kill so many people today." The eldest Prince was still very rude and unreasonable. Even when facing Chu Fei Yang, who was extremely calm, he was still very arrogant.

    But seeing that Chu Fei Yang did not look too concerned about Yun Qian Meng, the assassin head felt somewhat weird. Was there something wrong with the information he got? Maybe Chu Fei Yang was not interested in Yun Qian Meng after all.

    Thinking so, he immediately gave the assassin beside him a signal, the man understood right away and quickly pulled up Hai Tian, who had been slowly moving towards Chu Fei Yang. A long sword was immediately on Hai Tian's thin and delicate neck.

    "Leave me alone! Do you know who I am? How dare you be so rude to me, do you all want to die? Xiangye, save me..." Seeing that her life was being threatened, even Hai Tian, who normally looked rather cold and arrogant, could not help but cry and wail. If there was no sword at her neck, she might have already been fighting with the assassin behind her.

    Looking at the eldest Prince testing him nonstop, Chu Fei Yang coldly laughed inside. His cold eyes glanced at Hai Tian and looked away, giving all his attention to the eldest Prince but still had a cold smile. He voiced out towards the woods behind him, "Wangye, maybe you want to appear after having been watching for so long?"

    After sounds of quick footsteps, Jiang Mu Chen and Ning Feng walked out from the shadows and came into view of everyone under the moonlight. Jiang Mu Chen currently had a rather cold expression. His sharp eyes angrily stared at the eldest Prince.

    "Good! I didn't expect the both of you to appear today. But this situation is even better as it saved me the of effort of finding you. Chu Fei Yang, Jiang Mu Chen, bengong did not intend to make things difficult for you. Just give the Tenth Prince back to bengong and ensure that bengong can leave Western Chu safely, then these people can also go back to you safely." Seeing the soldiers double in number, the eldest Prince could not help but feel somewhat worried, but he still did not change his arrogant attitude. His bloody eyes coldly glanced at the Tenth Prince as he started negotiating with the two men in front of him.

    "Whatever! Who do you think you are? What right do you have to make me a condition for exchange? You only want to use me to restrict the Crown Prince, don't you? I will never let you succeed!" Chu Fei Yang and Jiang Mu Chen had not reacted yet when the Tenth Prince angrily shouted out. Although his voice was loud, he was able to point out the crucial points in the negotiation. Chu Fei Yang slightly smiled while Chen Wang's eyes flashed a hint of laughter.

    This time, Chu Fei Yang glanced between Yun Qian Meng and Hai Tian, then opened his mouth, "Since you want to negotiate, then benxiang will use the life of the Tenth Prince in exchange for Hai Tian's."

    After his statement, not only Jiang Mu Chen was rather shocked, even the Tenth Prince stared at him in surprise. He did not know what happened to Chu Fei Yang that caused him to negotiate for the noisy woman instead of Yun Qian Meng.

    But Chu Fei Yang seemed like he did not notice the strange looks from everyone else and only fixed his eyes at Hai Tian, looking at her with eyes filled with love.

    Seeing Chu Fei Yang like that, the eldest Prince was more curious of the reliability of the information he received before and coldly said, "This Hai Tian junzhu is really very beautiful and is also a very good match for Chu xiang! Since Chu xiang really wants to be the hero and save the beauty, bengong will grant your wish! But, let someone send over the Tenth Prince first."

    Thought Chu Fei Yang negotiated clearly and openly with the eldest Prince and the conditions were fully agreed to, the eldest Prince still wanted to take over the hostage first. He clearly wanted to cheat Chu Fei Yang.

    "If brother really believed in the words of Chu Fei Yang, then you're really the biggest fool in the world." Suddenly, a rather cold voice sounded from behind the eldest Prince.

    After hearing the voice, the eldest Prince's face took on a ghastly expression.

    While the Tenth Prince's reaction was the exact opposite. He almost dashed to the person with  his face was brimmed with happiness.

    "Oh! I didn't expect that the Crown Prince, who should be fighting in the frontline, would appear in the territory of Western Chu. Wangye, this is really your mistake. There are so many honored guests visiting tonight, were the city guards under you totally unable to notice?" Looking at the Northern Qi's Crown Prince, Qi Jing Yuan, that slowly appeared into view, Chu Fei Yang made a welcoming smile while criticizing Chen wang with his words.

    Even until this moment, Chu Fei Yang still did not forget to defame Jiang Mu Chen so he coldly replied, "Whatever big mistake benwang has made, it still can't be compared to Chu xiang's! You dare hide the Tenth Prince of Northern Qi in Chu wangfu. If this is known by the civil and military officials in the Imperial Court, I doubt that Chu wangye can still maintain his fame of being loyal and brave."

    "There is no need for wangye to vent your anger on someone else. If it was not for the city guards who were too lax in their duty, how would the Tenth Prince be able to exploit this loophole? Benxiang is only guarding him for wangye to prevent trouble from happening in the capital that could damage wangye's reputation." Chu Fei Yang coldly but smilingly said, letting people feel as if a cold wind had blown over their faces that left them with fear.

    While the other side was quarreling, the eldest Prince was also unhappy of the Crown Prince's arrival. Hearing that the Crown Prince even dared to insult him a while ago, the eldest Prince's expression darkened. Along with the bloody half of his face, his ferocious expression was not only scary but also disgusting.

    "How come the Crown Prince is here? Aren't you afraid that Father Emperor will remove your title as Crown Prince with the crime of colluding with the enemy? Or is it that you've already angered Father Emperor because of losing a number of cities today so you chose to just hide in Western Chu?" the eldest Prince spoke rudely, despite Qi Jing Yuan's words a while ago. His originally loosening hands immediately exerted force again and pinched Yun Qian Meng's neck tightly, making her unable to move. He then looked at Chu Fei Yang coldly and said, "Chu xiang really has great strategies, even bengong was almost fooled by you."

    Chu Fei Yang smiled but did not comment anything. He then fixed his eyes on Qi Jing Yuan and said coldly but politely, "Crown Prince came here from afar. Can you enter the palace and have  small talk? Our majesty is very interested in you."

    The sight of Qi Jing Yuan also moved Chu Fei Yang as he felt that this man was rather enigmatic, experienced, and far-sighted.

    Jiang Mu Chen, beside Chu Fei Yang, looked very scheming and could also not be underestimated.

    Qi Jing Yuan did not believe that these two men were unable to notice the people of the eldest Prince entering the capital.

    "Why is Chu xiang in a hurry? There are still some issues that we need to settle! Ten days have already passed, why is Chu xiang still not letting Tenth Brother go?"

    Even Yun Qian Meng who was just standing beside him could feel his unpredictable temper. She felt that this Crown Prince of the Northern Qi was probably a thousand times more dangerous than the eldest Prince.

    "Doesn't Crown Prince know the idiom 'in war, nothing is too deceitful'? Of course, today, benxiang especially brought the Tenth Prince to fulfill the promise. This way, Crown Prince will not have any complaints!" Chu Fei Yang could always reverse the situation quickly. It was obviously him that kept the Tenth Prince in Chu wangfu, but now he showed that he kept his promise so the opponent was unable to express their bitterness.

    Especially the Tenth Prince who, after hearing Chu Fei Yang's explanation, almost stamped with fury, but with just one look from Qi Jing Yuan, he immediately calmed down.

    "Since this is so, then I request Chu xiang and Chen wang to please order a retreat. We will exchange hostages with you after we move out of the city." Qi Jing Yuan was also very clever. He knew that if they exchanged hostages now, the opponent might pull something. At that time, all of them would not be able to escape. It would be better for them to bring these people along if they needed to escape. When Chu Fei Yang and Jiang Mu Chen planned an attack, one needed to think of the influence behind these aristocrats.

    "Deal!" Unexpectedly, Chu Fei Yang immediately agreed to his condition, causing Chen wang to slightly frown.

    But seeing the eldest Prince tightly pinching Yun Qian Meng's neck, Chen wang's lips slightly moved. Still, he did not speak out. He waved his hand to Chu Fei Yang and let the soldiers behind to move away and clear a path for Qi Jing Yuan.

    "If brother is tired, why not let me guard her for you instead." The eldest Prince kept holding Yun Qian Meng tighter and tighter, so Qi Jing Yuan was afraid that he might accidentally kill their protection.

    The eldest Prince coldly glanced at Qi Jing Yuan, then followed him and walked forward, but he still tightly held Yun Qian Meng in front of him.

    The two groups walked past one another, but Ning Feng suddenly attacked. His sword pierced into an assassin unexpectedly. The assassin collapsed and the people of both groups immediately took out their swords and readied themselves to fight. The situation suddenly became tense.

    "Chu Fei Yang, you dare break your promise!" Qi Jing Yuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Chu Fei Yang. His gaze was filled with fierceness.

    While Chu Fei Yang coldly glanced at Ning Feng, then looked at Jiang Mu Chen he coldly said, "Wangye, don't make things difficult for benxiang."

    Jiang Mu Chen was rather calm. Facing the criticism of Chu Fei Yang, he only coldly replied, "Xiangye, please don't forget your identity! Since you have pledged your loyalty to the Emperor, xiangye will at least need to give up some things. Moreover, Northern's Qi's Crown Prince is the foundation of its state, how can we easily let him go? Even if we sacrifice these xiaojie today, no one will dare say anything. A man who can accomplish great things need not bother about trifles. Chu xiang seems to have forgotten the meaning of this statement."

    While speaking, Jiang Mu Chen suddenly attacked Qi Jing Yuan with his sword. The two groups immediately went into chaotic warfare.

    Chu Fei Yang only stood coldly beside and did not let his people engage in the battle.

    "Escort the eldest Prince away first!" since Chu Fei Yang did not seem to have plans to help Jiang Mu Chen, Qi Jing Yuan immediately gave the order to his men.

    When he got the information, the eldest Prince had already been on his way to Western Chu. That was why Qi Jing Yuan was only able to bring hundreds of his own people over.

    If he had not been able to come over on time, his Tenth Brother might already be in the hands of the eldest Prince. At that time, the Tenth Prince's life would be in even more danger than when he was in Chu wangfu.

    But now, Yun Qian Meng, who was in the hands of the eldest Prince, was their trump card. He naturally could not let Yun Qian Meng be saved by Chu Fei Yang. The only solution now was to let a portion of the people send the eldest Prince out of the city to meet with the people outside.

    Hearing that Qi Jing Yuan unprecedentedly ordered people to protect him, the eldest Prince immediately knew the importance of Yun Qian Meng; thus, he held her even tighter, not giving her any chance of escaping.

    Qi Jing Yuan's analysis was right. Chu Fei Yang did not look at the battle in front. Since the opponent already knew his idea, then he naturally gave all his attention to Yun Qian Meng.

    But when the assassin holding Hai Tian passed by him, he moved as quick as the lightning. With just a move or two, the assassin was immediately knocked out, while Hai Tian, originally carried by the assassin on his shoulders, fell down the floor again. Chu Fei Yang did not pay any attention to Hai Tian. He gave the signal to the bodyguard behind him and the bodyguard immediately pulled Hai Tian up and brought her to a safer place while Chu Fei Yang followed the eldest Prince and ran away.

    "Let go of her and benxiang will spare your life!" he chased them until they were outside the city, where the eldest Prince had already prepared a way of retreat. The group had gone out of the city without even passing through the gate before they immediately got on their horses and prepared to flee.

    The eldest Prince rudely threw Yun Qian Meng on the back of a horse, this action filled Chu Fei Yang's heart with rage. He put an arrow in his bow, pulled back the bow wide, aimed at the enemy, and coldly opened his mouth.

    The eldest Prince already experienced Chu Fei Yang's excellent skills a while ago, but he definitely would not give Yun Qian Meng to him. He held the reins tight with one hand and forcefully pushed down Yun Qian Meng's struggling body with the other and headed towards the direction of Northern Qi.

    "Master!" this time, Jiao Da quickly lead a battle horse over. Chu Fei Yang got a long sword from Jiao Da then went up the horse and chased after them in the direction of Northern Qi alone.

    Seeing that the eldest Prince was currently only concerned with running away and not able to  attend to her, Yun Qian Meng tried her best to straighten her body and think of a way to escape.

    But the eldest Prince's strength was really strong. He kept Yun Qian Meng under his control with only one hand, forcing her to only able to lie on the horse's back.

    Facing the ground, Yun Qian Meng saw the speed of the horse. Without thinking too much, she pulled out her hairpin and exerted all her effort to stab it into the horse's stomach. The horse suddenly stopped because of the great pain but the two people on the back of the horse continued moving and flew forward.

    The eldest Prince was still quite safe. Even though his body suddenly moved forward with the strong force, since he pulled the reins tight and had his feet locked, he did not fall to the ground.

    But Yun Qian Meng's whole body flew forward uncontrollably and the horse started running crazily again. At the moment the horse was about to step on Yun Qian Meng, a black shadow flashed pass quickly. The person skilfully stooped from the back of the horse, stretched his arm, and carried Yun Qian Meng by her waist to his horse, turned around, then placed Yun Qian Meng in front of his chest. His hands pulled the reins at the same time, trapping Yun Qian Meng in between his arms.

    Losing Yun Qian Meng, his shield, the eldest Prince immediately whipped the horse hard, causing the horse that was already very fast to rush forward even more.

    Chu Fei Yang pulled the reins tight and stopped. He took a large bow from the saddle, placed an arrow in it, and aimed the eldest Prince. He quickly shot an arrow, and it pierced through the shoulder blade of the eldest Price. But even with the severe injury, he only slightly swayed and still desperately rushed forward.

    "Don't go pursue a defeated enemy, he may still have tricks." Jiao Da, who just caught up, wanted to go catch the eldest Prince, but was stopped by Chu Fei Yang.

    Although this was still in the territory of Western Chu, there was no guarantee that no one could colluding with the enemy. The fact that Qi Jing Yuan and the eldest Prince were able to invade Western Chu showed that they had been very prepared. Moreover, this situation was caused by Chen wang's ill supervision, so Chen wang would naturally shoulder all the consequences.

    After waving the others away, Chu Fei Yang looked at Yun Qian Meng. Thinking of her falling off the horse, his heart had almost jumped out of his mouth at that moment. His hands on the reins were filled with sweat, just like when he had first killed an enemy in the battlefield.

    "Rong Yun He..." Yun Qian Meng was still worried about the situation in the woods. From Chen wang's actions a while ago, it seemed like he'd rather kill a thousand innocent people than accidentally let go of a guilty one. In this situation, Rong Yun He, who was still in there, seemed rather in danger.

    When Yun Qian Meng's words reached Chu Fei Yang's ears, he felt that the words were really ear-piercing.

    The sweat on his hands slowly dried, but a hint of jealousy roused in his heart. He coldly replied, "He won't die!" then he quickly rushed towards the city with Yun Qian Meng.

    Looking at his reaction, Yun Qian Meng remembered that he had saved her from imminent death a while ago, but the first words she said were not words of gratitude. Yun Qian Meng felt guilty and wanted to thank him, but Chu Fei Yang intentionally had the horse run extremely fast, so she fell back and was stuck onto his burning hot chest, she was suddenly mad and her guilt had gone away. The two got back to the city without any conversation.

    "Meng'er!" upon entering the gate, Qu Fei Qing immediately held her skirt and ran over anxiously.

    Yun Qian Meng originally planned to jump down the horse but Chu Fei Yang went down before her, and let Yuan Dong who came to her first help her down the horse while he himself walked towards the direction of the woods.

    He did not say anything else, so Yun Qian Meng's eyes followed Chu Fei Yang until his figure disappeared.

    "Fortunately Chu xiang was able to save you! You almost scared me to death!" Qu Fei Qing pulled Yun Qian Meng and looked at her all around. She only inwardly relaxed when she made sure that Yun Qian Meng was not hurt.

    "Biaojie, where are the Northern Qi's Crown Prince and Tenth Prince? Were they both killed by Chen wang?" looking away, she suddenly saw Rong Yun He standing not far away with an expression filled with worry. Yun Qian Meng smiled at him as she asked.

    "Humph! Does Chen wang have the ability? Northern Qi's Crown Price not only saved the Tenth Price, but the two even escaped from Chen wang's trap. No wonder he was able to steal so many cities from Western Chu; he really cannot be underestimated." Qu Fei Qing slightly frowned. Someone was already here to pick her up, so she immediately spoke to Yun Qian Meng, "You are frightened today. Rest well when you get home. I'll visit you some other day."

    Yun Qian Meng nodded, but was still very shocked deep inside. She did not expect Northern Qi's Crown Prince to be that skilled. He was even able to get away from Chen wang.

    But what Yun Qian Meng did not understand was that since the Tenth Prince had definitely in the hands of Jiao Da, what role did Chu Fei Yang play in this situation?
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