Chapter 91 Part 1: Jiao Da Readying-out the Delicious Cake

    "Fortunately, Ying Qiu's response was quick. She had Xia mama hide under the bed and used her body to blocked the bed from the any openings. Otherwise, Xia mama's life would have been in danger." Ying Xia's eyes were full of tears, it was difficult to talk!

    Recalling that she had set foot into a house with the very thick smell of blood, only to see Ying Qiu on the ground covered with blood with a complexion pale as a white paper. With darkness flooding the hall, Ying Xia's heart felt infinite anger.

    These days, Ying Xia went to the small courtyard where Ying Qiu was on a daily basis so the two people could develop the cure. As far as anyone was concerned, Ying Qiu medical expertise was very admirable, and along with the fact that Ying Qiu also did not have parents like her, they both hit if off very well.

    Ying Qiu appeared to be very cold, she was also a woman with few words, but through her care for Xia mama in her everyday life, as well as her treatment towards Xia mama's indisposition expressions seemed to convey that Ying Qiu was someone with a cold facade but actually was a warm-hearted woman. She had concern for people and was deep with her sincerity. At such a dangerous moment, regardless her own safety, she had hidden Xia mama under the bed.

    For Ying Xia who had grown up living in a big house where it was common to see infighting between the yatou, in her mind she could not adequately describe her shock.

    She had not anticipated that sincerity could unexpectedly arrive to such an extent.

    When she was found under the bed, Xia mama's cheeks were streaming with tears and she even tried to drag her disabled leg to crawl beside Ying Qiu's body. As if treating her like a daughter she held her in her arms as she cried out loud.

    "How is Ying Qiu?" Yun Qian Meng knitted her brows, her gaze was already like a piece of ice crystal, her tone made it impossible not to see her imposing manner.

    When the people in the room heard her question they felt that Yun Qian Meng's heart was worried for Ying Qiu, and was trying to resist dwelling in anger.

    "Fortunately Ying Qiu's body did not suffer a fatal blow from the assassins, the knife didn't pierce any crucial part. But because of excessive bleeding, at this moment she is still unconscious. When the people nearby heard the noise, they crowded all of the nearby allies. Nubi feared the enemy would search again, so I pleaded to an aunt to help get Ying Qiu and Xia mama into the carriage. Nubi didn't dare let the carriage follow me back to xiangfu so as not to cause suspicion within the fu. The carriage stopped at the corner of the western side of xiangfu's wall." Ying Xia wiped her face off of her tears as she delicately spoke of the events.

    Yun Qian Meng eyes actually looked worried. Immediately, as she bypassed the desk, she said coldly, "Both of you, follow me!"

    Immediately, they felt a burst of breeze as Yun Qian Meng's figure was already at the door.

    Mi mama, without further delay, quickly caught up. They went with Yun Qian Meng to the western side of xiangfu's wall, right at the corner and sure enough, they could see a carriage parked.

    Yun Qian Meng's used a hand to support her as she boarded the carriage. Lifting curtain, the strong smell of blood immediately assaulted her nostrils. Inside, Xia mama was sitting up while holding Ying Qiu's head in her lap. When she saw Yun Qian Meng come in, Xia mama face stirred emotionally, her eyes filled with tears, she opened her mouth with her lips quivering and said, "Xiao...jie..."

    Seeing Xia mama hovering over the injured body of Ying Qiu to guard her, Yun Qian Meng's heart could not help but to turn sour as she pressed down  the tears that threatened to fall. She completely entered the the carriage and stayed beside Ying Qiu. Drawing Xia mama's hand for comfort, she said, "Mama, be at ease, I'm determined not to let you suffer and be wronged."

    "Xiao...jie... this is all...nubi's... fault... the trouble...to...this child..." Xia mama stammered with the tone of remorse and agony that  emotionally moved people. Her arms were firmly embracing  Ying Qiu's body and looked unwilling to let go.

    Yun Qian Meng carefully looked at Ying Qiu's expression, only to see her complexion turning paler, her lips completely lacked color, her eyes were an much too light in color, and with another touch of her hands, they did not feel the right temperature. Yun Qian Meng then promptly called, "Mu Chun!"

    "Xiaojie!" Mu Chun, who had been waiting outside the carriage, immediately lifted up curtain to enter. Ying Qiu's condition, compared to what Ying Xia had narrated, was actually even more serious, her heart suddenly felt fearful, but she stayed cool-headed at Yun Qian Meng's side to wait for her command.

    "Go to Fu Guo Gong Fu to ask laotaijun for a written invitation asking Old Nie taiyi to go to Tian Fu Lou." Yun Qian Meng had promptly come to a decision and she gave the command.

    Mu Chun had a flash of puzzlement and quickly said, "Xiaojie, do you mean the Xiao Nie dafu?"

    At this time, within Fu Guo Gong Fu there was one readily available physician, why would she ignore the one close by and go to such a distance instead? It was a waste of time.

    Yun Qian Meng actually frowned, shook her head and said seriously, "Jiujiu is more in need of him. Go there quickly."

    Mu Chun had the ability to understand what was being said and secretly blamed herself of negligence. She quickly followed through by going out of the carriage and ran to the direction of Fu Guo Gong Fu on foot.

    Yun Qian Meng then had Mi mama and Ying Xia go into the carriage before she instructed Yuan Dong to drive. The group then quickly rode to Tian Fu Lou.

    "Yuan Dong, stop the carriage at the side door of Tian Fu Lou. Be careful not to attract any  attention." When the carriage slightly picked up its pace, Yun Qian Meng had lifted one of the corners of the curtain. Seeing that they were nearing Tian Fu Lou's gate, Yun Qian Meng quickly gave her instructions.

    Yuan Dong did not answer, but lightly nodded and immediately drove the carriage into the alley to stop at the road not too far from the side doors.

    As the carriage gradually came to a halt and settled, Yun Qian Meng first had Mi mama and Ying Xia help support Xia mama down from the carriage, leaving only Yuan Dong to guard over Ying Qiu. The four entered through Tian Fu Lou's side door and into the guest room. Afterwards, they left Mi mama to accompany Xia mama as she and Ying Xia turn to the landlord to humbly ask for the help of two servants in bringing the unconscious Qiu Ying in the same room.

    Even though Ying Qiu's body was covered in two layers of thick cotton quilts, the two servants could still smell a faint scent of blood. On top Ying Qiu's complexion that was as pale as the dead, they got even more scared and hastily put her down before they withdrew from the guest room. In less than half a cup of tea's time, they ran to Tian Fu Lou shopkeeper.

    Yun Qian Meng and them very carefully lifted Ying Qiu onto the bed when an urgent knock came from the door. She had Ying Xia watch Ying Qiu, while she herself took Yuan Dong to cautiously approach the closed doors of the room.

    "Honored guest, this humble person is Tian Fu Lou's shopkeeper. I have heard that among you people, there a lady whose body is unwell. Would you need this humble person to invite a physician to come over?" even though the shopkeeper was rather anxious inside, as Tian Fu Lou was after all the largest restaurant in the capital, how could the shopkeeper not have any experience in these kinds of frantic situations? Naturally they would not dare to offend anyone.

    All the facts must at least be understood thoroughly before making assumption, so as to avoid a situation where  you commit an offense and ended up insulting somebody.

    Yun Qian Meng listened carefully and knew that it was the two timid servants who had told the shopkeeper about Ying Qiu's condition.

    Although the shopkeeper was burning with anxiety, his attitude in handling these matters impressed Yun Qian Meng. No wonder that under him, Tian Fu Lou had operated for more than twenty years and was still in business.

    But it was her wish to keep Xia mama and Ying Qiu hiding at Tian Fu Lou a secret. Without knowing where the enemy was hiding at this time, naturally it was better for less people to know they were here so that it would be safer for them.

    Thus Yun Qian Meng stopped Yuan Dong from opening the door and instead she spoke softly, "Thank you very much for shopkeeper's concern. Only, my family's little sister does not feel well for a time every month. That is just the way it is. After having been properly taken care of for a few days, she will be alright. Could I trouble shopkeeper to look for a coachman to take care of the carriage by the door, as well as have the kitchen make something light to enrich the blood and arouse one's appetite, in a moment I'll hand over some silver."

    When the shopkeeper heard Yun Qian Meng words, in his heart he realized what was going on. The lady's voice was so soft and warm, it made the hearts of the people who heard it to become happy, and soon afterwards, entirely trust Yun Qian Meng's word. Unconvinced of her guilt he lead the two dejected servants and walked off to the third floor!

    Half an hour later, Mu Chun led Nie taiyi in and softly sounded the bell at the door of the guest room. Yuan Dong, by a small crack of the door recognized the two and hurriedly opened the door to let them in.

    At this point, Ying Xia and Mi mama had already put down the curtain of the decoratively carved pear wood bed. The pale yellow gauze curtains with green silk sashes on either side blocked the bed's occupants from sight. Although the colors were pleasing to look at, but the beautiful interior was covered by the thick scent of blood that made Nie taiyi's eyebrows frown.

    "This old one greets Yun xiaojie!" Nie taiyi had seen Yun Qian Meng standing before the pear wood bed and had immediately stepped forward to address her.

    Yun Qian Meng waited for him to walk forward before she freed her hands to help support Nie taiyi, then immediately said gratefully, "Nie taiyi, for you to personally come here on this hot day, truly it is this younger generation's offense. But, this xiaojie's sister is injured. This younger generation has thought it through and only Nie taiyi could be trusted. As entrusted by laotaijun, please proceed."

    What was most important was that Gu laotaijun completely trusted Nie taiyi. Yun Qian Meng had no need to look far when there was something closer, and she could even easily invite them to come over.

    Moreover, because Nie taiyi was prestigious throughout  the capital, unless he wished to expose the patient's information, bystanders could not pull the truths from his mouth. This was also one of the reasons that Yun Qian Meng was assured in asking him.

    As Nie taiyi listened to Yun Qian Meng's words, he knew that she was not deluding herself regarding the patient's condition. Yun Qian Meng nodded, and Mu Chun lend him to the front of the bed. Mi mama had already placed a stool, while Ying Xia took Ying Qiu's hand from inside the curtain and used her own silk handkerchief to cover the weak hands. With that, Nie taiyi  cautiously took Ying Qiu's pulse.

    "Yun xiaojie, the injuries this yatou sustained is quite grave. Is it possible to let this old one look at the wounds?" in very little time, Nie taiyi his hand from the hand's pulse point, he had spoken these words with an expression of great severity.

    "Nie taiyi, the one inside is a young lady!" Mi mama felt it was very inappropriate, after all Ying Qiu was a lady who had yet to marry, how could they let people look at her body? Moreover, the wound was located on the abdomen so the cut was at an awkward place.

    Who would have thought that Yun Qian Meng expression would suddenly cool as she immediately commanded Ying Xia to pull the curtain back. "Why is mama being silly? Nie taiyi is a doctor, what is it forbidden? Furthermore  we do not understand how, so naturally we request Nie taiyi to explain to us how to nurse and bandage Ying Qiu's wound."

    For Yun Qian Meng to actually have this kind of view, she was completely unlike the usual your girls who pretentiously affected shy attitudes. Nie taiyi now realized why Gu laotaijun seemed to dearly love this granddaughter nowadays. If he saw a yatour like this, he would also be very happy.

    In the eyes of Nie taiyi, appeared a faint fleeting smile, but at the time he caught the sight of  Ying Qiu lying on the bed, so his two eyebrows immediately tensed up into a crease. He hurriedly stepped forward to grab Ying Qiu's wrist, more cautiously  feeling her pulse, soon after he extended a hand and using two fingers to open Ying Qiu's tightly closed eyes to attentively examine it. He then opened the box he carried, and from inside, he took out a set of needles to carefully prick Ying Qiu's body in several acupuncture points.

    After he was done, Nie taiyi turned to Yun Qian Meng and said, "Yun xiaojie, this old one advises to let a yatou change the medicine and the bandage."

    "Xiaojie, nubi will." Ying Xia stepped forward. Knowing Ying Xia had some medical knowledge, Yun Qian Meng nodded and was reassured to leave Ying Qiu in their care.

    Ying Xia carefully lifted off Ying Qiu's clothes, exposing the hideous scar from the knife wound. This not only stunned Mu Chun, even Nie taiyi's appearance became colder. He did not know who the person was to have actually raised their hand to treat a lady this way.

    From his box, he took out his best powdered medicine for staunching bleeding and gave it  to Ying Xia. He also gave some instructions for the application of the medicine on the wounds and how to wrap it. Finishing everything had taken a whole hour.

    Nie taiyi then quickly walked out of the room, and wrote on a small table carefully leaving instructions to Yun Qian Meng and Ying Xia. Leaving behind a few bottles of the powdered medicine, he then excused himself and took his leave.

    "Mama, Ying Xia, Yuan Dong, stay here for now and take care of Xia mama and Ying Qiu." After thinking it through, Yun Qian Meng believed that leaving Ying Qiu and Xia mama alone again seemed too dangerous so she decided to leave those at her side, and left only Mu Chun to serve her.

    "Xiao...jie... Do not... " This time, Xia mama, who was sitting behind a screen, started to talk in her stammering way. She was very anxious in her heart, how could they permit only one yatou to serve at xiaojie's side? If by chance, some situation occurred, how could she explain it to the late xiaojie?

    Yun Qian Meng walked up to the screen with a smile and said, "Mama don't treat me like an outsider. Ying Qiu and mama are my family now, how can I not take care of you? I only request that mama please endure staying here for a few days while I arrange some things, then I will be ready to receive you at the fu."

    After saying that, Yun Qian Meng patted Xia mama's hand, and spoke in low voice to Mi mama and the other before she left with Mu Chun.

    Due to the urgent situation just now, Yun Qian Meng did not even have a veil to wear. Her appearance in the inner lobby of Tian Fu Lou suddenly attracted various diners to raised their eyebrows one by one with looks of want as the shopkeeper of Tian Fu Lou was in the middle of calculating her bill. Several pairs of eyes though, did not look at Yun Qian Meng but at the young yatou behind her, in their hearts they felt that she was very familiar.

    "Xiaojie, are we going back to the fu?" they both went with the shopkeeper to the side door to where he had found them a coachman. Yun Qian Meng let Mu Chun hand the driver two silvers as she instructed, "To Chu wangfu." Inside the carriage, Mu Chun had a flabbergasted expression.
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