Chapter 91 Part 2: Jiao Da Has Had Enough of Being Popular

    After a bumpy ride, the carriage gradually stopped at the gates of Chu wangfu. Mu Chun jumped off the carriage first and went ahead to knock on the door. Soon, she could see a slight crack from a small door that was next to the main door, it opened just enough for a person to come through but then, closed once more.

    Just in a half cup of tea time, main entrance gates were suddenly opened only for Chu wang together with Jiao Da to walk out of the fu with Chu wang's face full of smiles.

    Though Chu wang was nothing but smiles, Jiao Da's face was expressionless; those eyes had no hint of emotion that betrayed not a sliver of frustration. Following them, armored soldiers emerged and lined up on both sides of the wangfu's main entrance imposingly that Jiao Da's expression now seemed sinister.

    "Yatou, indeed you really came?" he walked to the carriage until all but three steps remained between them and Chu wang was beaming and rubbing his hands together. Thought the answer was very evident, his question was gentle and soft. Mu Chun could not help getting goosebumps all over because behind him, Jiao Da had a cocky look in his eye.

    "Yes, wangye." Yun Qian Meng answered from inside the carriage, following Chu wang's lead. Since Chu wang liked to play so much, then one just had to accompany this old fox in playing.

    A clear and unadorned hand lifted the carriage curtain, a lotus faced beauty emerged gradually from the carriage. That beautiful clear and attractive face wore no make-up, making Chu wang's eyes smile even more.

    Yun Qian Meng being gentle as she went along with Chu wang caused Mu Chun's eyes to widen in surprise. At one side, Jiao Da's mouth almost fell off, his mind wandering in different directions but still came up blank, unable to understood when on ordinary days, Yun xiaojie only treated Chu wang with indifferent courtesy., When did she become as gentle like water?

    It could be said that Jiao Da's heart suddenly gave rise to suspicion. As he silently walked forward to Chu wang's ear, he whispered in an extremely soft voice to remind him, "Wangye, this Yun xiaojie's attitude is a bit odd."

    But Chu Nan Shan actually kicked back with a foot, sending Jiao Da excessively backwards. His whole face seemed angry as he said, "Stand down!"

    Jiao Da, feeling the injustice, suddenly stood very far away and was disinclined to pay attention in what business was happening. Yun xiaojie was only a young yatou without the strength to truss a chicken, while wangye had outstanding military accomplishments. Also, with this many armored bodyguards, how would she be able to hurt wangye?

    Chu Nan Shan knew that Jiao Da, as expected, would take a hike, so he immediately turned his head back and smiled ear-to-ear to welcome Yun Qian Meng who had already dismounted the carriage. In a very pleased way, he said, "Yatou finally agreed to be a guest at Chu wangfu today! You know, since the last time you left Chu wangfu, this old man has indeed had no appetite. Ah, you see? In just a few days, this old man has even more white hair."

    With that being said, he even lowered down his head to present it to Yun Qian Meng, directing her attention to it.

    With a big head shoved at her, Yun Qian Meng looked down with smiling eyes and saw that Chu wang's head had more white hair than Gu laotaijun. In her heart she felt like laughing, but instead she seemed to console him and said, "Thanks for wangye's concern, chennu is at fault."

    This was not what Chu Nan Shan wanted to hear. He was waiting for Yun Qian Meng to say, "I will come to Chu wangfu to visit more often." He definitely did not want to listen to who was wrong or what!

    However, seeing Yun Qian Meng who he had come to dearly love as his own, Chu Nan Shan's mind was enjoying it very much, if only this girl was better taken care of at home. He then enthusiastically pointed straight at the row of soldiers and said, "Yatou, are the troops to your satisfaction? Fei Yang is an inflexible young boy not on the straight path. Last time he had unexpectedly taken you out from a small door, some time yeye will certainly peel off his skin for you to cool your anger."

    Yun Qian Meng followed Chu Nan Shan's gaze to the unadorned gate of Chu wangfu and where the two rows of armored soldiers were stationed. At a look, the soldiers gave off a solemn and respectful atmosphere, enough to know that the soldiers had experience in the battlefield and had received strict training. With this kind of quality, they could even be superior compared to Chen wang's city army or the Emperor's imperial guards.

    Though right now, the soldiers standing by the simple and unadorned gates of the Chu wangfu was actually very eye catching. Chu wang had always conducted himself in a low-key manner, perhaps if she had not come today, he would not be so grand. Just by looking at Jiao Da's expression, he seemed to be swallowing flies, showing his dissatisfaction on this matter.

    "For wangye to take the trouble with this kind of grand fanfare only makes chennu be overwhelmed by your favor, some would not even dare to set foot in wangfu gates." Looking around, more and more people were gradually approaching to watch the scene. Yun Qian Meng advised on the need to be discreet. She did not wish to be under the imperial censor's scrutiny tomorrow just because she participated in Chu wang's charade.

    After hearing Yun Qian Meng's reminder, Chu Nan Shan immediately raised his eyebrows and look to gauge Jiao Da's expression, only to discover that Jiao Da was unexpectedly looking up toward the blue sky full of white clouds. Chu Nan Shan was annoyed with this greenhorn who must have been trembling for half of a day, he himself had to give the command. Gesturing for the guards to return to the wangfu, he smilingly accompanied Yun Qian Meng's enter the wangfu.

    Chu wangfu did not have the splendor and extravagance of the Imperial Palace, neither did it possess Hai wangfu's rare animals, nor even the xiangfu's exquisite buildings. Inside, it was only filled with very pleasing greenery, pine tree and mottled bamboo were the most common. All of the pavilions and kiosks each revealed a distinctive smell of old ages, the interior had profound history and memory, which brought nostalgia to people who passed by the scenery.

    It was Yun Qian Meng's second time here in Chu wangfu. Compared to the rush the first time, this time, although Yun Qian Meng's heart was anxious too, after entering Chu wangfu, the restless mood seemed to gradually dim and slowly deflated.

    "It is well-known that wangye has only married one person throughout his life and soon after she died wangye has become reclusive. After chennu entered Chu wangfu, my heart has felt very calm. Presumably, wangye's continued health is also due to this." Yun Qian Meng scanned everything in wangfu and felt that the color was a little monotone, but the vibrant color full of life was still good for one's health.

    At Yun Qian Meng's compliments, Chu wang could not help the burst of pride in his heart, but those eyes that seemed deep as the sea looked at a distant pavilion, faintly showing traces of tenderness and nostalgia, before he slowly started to say, "Even though she was highly intelligent, she was simple and plain, even as the wife of a wang. Nevertheless it the past, we had a simple life. In those years when the previous Emperor had bestowed Chu wangfu to me, it was somewhat in need of renovation and a little shabby. This has not changed much, but this garden full of vegetation was personally planted by her. Originally it was believed that it might take a few people's lifetimes to complete, but unexpectedly she actually had done this much in no time."

    When saying this, Chu wang's mischievous look was gone, leaving him reminiscing and cherishing the memory of his dead wife who had devoted her love to her husband.

    Yun Qian Meng leaned over slightly, eyes attentively watching Chu Nan Shan's unforcused and distant gaze. Those soft and helpless sighs filled with nostalgia momentarily brought him into his former days, immediately showing Yun Qian Meng the figure of his past military prowess and made her a little curious to know more.

    "However, now that yatou is accompanying this old man, my wife should have felt glad and assured. Come, yeye will take you to look around the wangfu, as to avoid accidentally getting lost in the future when you finally enter and live here." Within the next second, Chu Nan Shan's deep love suddenly disappeared without a trace. His face looked so excited as he led Yun Qian Meng to walk down the long hallway. He enthusiastically pointed at every corner of the wangfu and gave brief explanations. He did not even ask for Yun Qian Meng's opinion, whether she wished to marry into Chu wangfu and was selfishly being very happy.

    "Wangye, your guest has just arrived. You should at least let Yun xiaojie sit down and have some tea." Jiao Da watched Chu wang show Yun Qian Meng around as they strolled, but he immediately interrupted as they started to enter Chu Fei Yang's childhood bedroom.

    As Chu wang took deeper into the fu, she was well aware of the impropriety. Yun Qian Meng stopped at Jiao Da's words and with a shallow voice, she started to say, "Chennu came today to express my gratitude to xiangye for saving my life. Chennu had promised xiangye to cook wangye a delicious meal, so I must trouble wangye to bring chennu to the wangfu's kitchen."

    Chu Nan Shan was a angry inside at Jiao Da ruining his good mood, but Yun Qian Meng's words, the anger ceased to exist. Smiling excessively, as he had also unexpectedly led Yun Qian Meng into Chu Fei Yang's bedroom. Beaming and repeatedly nodding, he turned his body. A hand stroking his long beard, as his footsteps moved even faster towards the kitchen.

    Chu wang's pace was very fast and powerful, so he was obviously in good health, and because of his military leader, perhaps in he still upheld the daily habit of exercising the body. Compared to Yun Xuan Zhi's indulgent and superfluous pace, Chu wang's was many times better it. !

    Jiao Da certainly could not guess Yun Qian Meng purpose for coming today, but the kitchen was the most important place in a family's dwelling. Although Yun xiaojie did not have any reason to harm wangye, nevertheless he still had to be careful, so he immediately trailed behind Chu Nan Shan.

    "Huff ...xiaojie, this Chu wangye walks really fast, ah! Nubi already had run, but barely catches up to him." In this heat, even Mu Chun who was accustomed on continuously moving around on a daily basis to do her duties lost to Chu wang.

    However, this had not come as a surprise, considering Chu wang had led troops to go to war before. If that had not been the case, he would have gone back to his home to farm so as not to lose face.

    And although Mu Chun was accustomed in making some round trips while walking quickly, generally speaking, she was still confined within the xiangfu. Naturally that could not be compared to having military foundations and accomplishments like Chu wang did.

    However, Mu Chun's attention was on her xiaojie, who kept pace and was walking closely within a two step distance behind of Chu wang. Her xiaojie did not even have much sweat while she herself could not breath normally. Her heart suddenly felt curious, xiaojie ordinary day had walked all over the place but had not had much to do, so why was she the one gasping for breath at this moment?

    Jiao Da who followed behind Yun Qian Meng had long discovered that it was vital to know of Chu wang's walking speed. He was well known to be very fast in Western Chu, but Yun xiaojie had not only successfully followed closely after wangye, she also remained tranquil and had a contented look on her face. She truly was worth a whole new level of respect.

    At this point, Chu Nan Shan who was walking in front had long since noticed this. He knew that ladies usually only kept to their own chambers and it debilitated them into easily falling sick, because of not having moved much. Today, he deliberately tested Yun Qian Meng, surprisingly this yatou was actually so awesome, in his heart he grew even more fond of her.

    The room ahead emitted smoke, bursts of aromas filled the air that could make one's mouth water and roused one's appetite. Chu wang stroked his empty belly, faced Yun Qian Meng and tried to win her favor by saying, "Yatou, yeye wants something refreshing today! As you know, the weather is hot and I really have no appetite."


    Right after complaining that he had no appetite, Chu wang's stomach gave a hungry growl, which drew a laugh from Mu Chun. Jiao Da could only turned his body as if not having seen his master's humiliation!

    Yun Qian Meng tried to suppressed a smile as she lowered her eyes to think for a moment. Thinking that today's weather was indeed very hot, she smiled then said, "Then chennu will prepare a dish of cold noodles for wangye."

    Chu wang heard only "a dish" of cold noodles and instantly pouted. Complaining in a low voice, he said, "Last time, you made a table full of food for your wai zumu, yet now you only prepare cold noodles for me, you are cheating me. In any case, I'm a yeye, she is just a wai zumu!"

    Yun Qian Meng, in her heart, did not know how to refute these words, since Gu laotaijun was her blood-related wai zumu, but Chu wang and Yun Qian Meng did not even had a bit of blood ties. Ah!

    But thinking it over, Yun Qian Meng showed a crafty smile and said, "Wangye, cold noodles sound simple, but in actuality, it is quite complicated to make! Everything must me lightly fried and the procedure's complexity is comparable to a birthday feast. Chennu however, has come here with sincerity, and has meticulously prepared for this. If wangye wants to ask for other dishes, chennu will have a condition."

    Having heard of her demands, Chu Nan Shan soon afterward became really happy. If he could eat the food at the cost of selling out Chu Fei Yang's embarrassing childhood, he was willing.

    Hurriedly moving closer to Yun Qian Meng, he enthusiastically said, "Say it! Yeye will definitely agree. Even if you ask to marry Chu Fei Yang tomorrow, yeye will properly prepare a betrothal gift overnight!"

    Mu Chun and Jiao Da became speechless. This Chu wang had no aversion to tricking Yun Qian Meng into marrying Chu Fei Yang. How did Yun Qian Meng's condition so suddenly turn to his favor?

    Then Yun Qian Meng smiled that beautiful and elegant smile that was like a mountain spring that flowed across Chu wang's heart that suddenly refreshed him.

    But Yun Qian Meng's smiling eyes swept aside indifferently towards Jiao Da, provoking him like a ferocious beast's stare, in his heart he suddenly felt the rise of bad premonition.

    Without time for Jiao Da to use this as pretext to leave, ears strained at hearing Yun Qian Meng's cold and crafty reply, "Yeye, I would like to borrow Jiao Da shushu for a few days."

    Just the word "Yeye" immediately called out to Chu Nan Shan's three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, leaving him with eyes that were full of tears of excitement. Without even caring for what Yun Qian Meng had asked for Jiao Da to do or what, he only immediately nodded to agree.

    But at the end, when he had heard Yun Qian Meng call Jiao Da "shushu," Chu Nan Shan mood momentarily deflated yet again. Why was it that after all he had done he had only been called "Yeye" once?

    But Jiao Da who had done nothing was actually the one who was promoted to "shushu."

    For a moment, Chu wang's pettiness resurfaced and he was looking at Jiao Da as if he was an eyesore.

    Particularly before, Jiao Da was also helping Chu Fei Yang. Because of this new hate on top of the old one, he immediately gave Jiao Da a glare.

    Jiao Da felt he was being accused of the crime he did not even commit.Yun Qian Meng had called him that, there was no way for him to prevent it. He could not even cover Yun Qian Meng's mouth, if he did, wangye would surely not even let his ashes rest.

    In the next several days, wangye was unlikely to give him any pleasant looks so he was better off away from wangfu. With a firm resolution, , Jiao Da immediately said, "What does xiaojie need beizhi to do?"

    At this time, Yun Qian Meng smiled but with her eyes full of seriousness, she slowly opened her mouth, "I need to inconvenience shushu to protect my family's yatou."

    By asking to borrow another's family's man, the reason itself was clear. It also seemed that Jiao Da himself could decide whether he was willing to agree to protect Ying Qiu and the others.

    Unbelievable. Jiao Da actually did not want to answer, but in the end he said, "Beizhi will do as you wish."

    For this to go without a hitch was actually beyond Yun Qian Meng's expectations. Soon afterwards she took Mu Chun and walked into the kitchen.

    "Since there are delicious foods, I request that Yun xiaojie not forget benxiang's share." The person had not appeared yet but his voice could already be heard.

    These ancient time did not have cell phones, but information travelled quite fast. She had just entered Chu wangfu, but Chu Fei Yang had already came.

    As Chu Nan Shan watched his grandson approach, his whole body suddenly tensed, with guarded eyes he said, "Yatou especially came today to cook for me. Don't even dare thinking about fighting over it with me!"

    Having already stolen his Jiao Da, and now his lunch, Chu wang never once felt like this, but Chu Fei Yang was definitely a bastard.

    "Yeye, if I didn't risk my life, you would not be having this lunch. Don't conduct yourself so unreasonably." Chu Fei Yang glanced coldly at Chu wang and reprimanded him. Chu wang wanted to refute him, b everything Chu Fei Yang had said was the truth, so he did not know what to say and could only open those eyes, bright and full of expression, to glare at Chu Fei Yang.

    "Xiangye, rest assured that chennu will repay you for saving my life." Yun Qian Meng lowered her eyebrows and acquiesced by saying these words, before leading Mu Chun into the steaming hot kitchen.

    "Why did you come? Don't you care about yeye at all?" watching Yun Qian Meng's slender figure walk into the kitchen, Chu Nan Shan withdrew the smile on his face and looked at Chu Fei Yang with complete displeasure on his face.

    "Just passing through wangfu by chance. Seeing xiangfu's carriage in front, I came to have a look." Chu Fei Yang said as lightly as the winds as he explained the events that lead him into the wangfu.

    But the irritated Chu wang gave off a cold snort and immediately taunted him by saying, "You were so bored as to pass through Chu wangfu? What a coincidence for you to see yatou's carriage. How is it that before was not fortunate enough to pass through wangfu to come in to take a look at this lonely old man? Only picking today, what good timing. Chu Fei Yang, don't think I don't know what your heart is scheming."

    "Then won't Yeye say what I am thinking?" it was rare for Chu Fei Yang to actually call Chu wang "Yeye."

    Chu qang's ears certainly missed it, though it was still not as good as Yun Qian Meng's lovable and delicate voice softly calling him "Yeye" which came out very intimate and pleasant to hear.

    Exerting all his strength, he shook his head, to rid Chu Fei Yang's voice from his ears, leaving only the sweet voice of Yun Qian Meng, but Chu Nan Shan's eyes had an extensive smile anyway.

    "Wangye, xiangye, let's move to the living room." Jiao Da advised as grandfather and grandson continued to stand in the hot sun while assessing each other.

    "Does yeye still have Hu Ge?" Chu Fei Yang had unexpectedly asked out loud.

    "What?" as if a man had stepped on his tail, the hair all over Chu Nan Shan body's immediately pricked up as he calculatingly stared at Chu Fei Yang.

    "Today, Chief Magistrate Yin daren received a report about a robbery and someone was injured. The officials who had gone to survey the scene reported back that there was some Hu Ge residue found in the stove." Chu Fei Yang dark eyes sparked, looking at the busy Yun Qian Meng who was cutting the vegetable and kneading the dough, his heart was streaked with tender feelings.

    "Are you saying...?" at this moment, Chu wang's expression was serious , eyes incomprehensibly looking at Yun Qian Meng's back. In his heart, he was very confused, this yatou unexpectedly kept this matter quiet without even mentioning it and only asked to borrow Jiao Da. Perhaps it was in order to protect the injured person.

    "Yeye? I remember hearing yeye mention that back then when yeye, Hai wang and others faought at all four quarters, you guys got three boxes of Hu Ge. Now a box was destroyed, another was originally at the hands Jiu Xuan **ai, so where is the final box?" Chu Fei Yang said slowly, astute and circumspect not even the least bit rude to the Chu wang.

    "It is in the hands of Hai wang." Chu Nan Shan, in his poor mood, snapped back these words.

    "Is it? Then that would be a bit tricky." Nonetheless, Chu Fei Yang's face was full of expectation, which provoked a supercilious look from Chu wang.

    "Wangye and xiangye, are you intending to eat while standing?" Yun Qian Meng and Mu Chun walked out. Seeing her unaware of the thin layer of sweat on her forehead, Chu Fei Yang lightly stepped forward, to block her with his shadow.

    "Come, come , come. Let's go to the pavilion to eat our meal, where it is cool, refreshing, and comfortable!" Seeing two people in love, in his heart Chu Nan Shan felt great exultation. He had the servants carry the readied meals as he walked towards the pavilion.

    Chu Nan Shan and Chu Fei Yang took their seats, even Jiao Da was excused by Chu Nan Shan's broad heart and let him sit down.

    Yun Qian Meng stood off in a side, watching Mu Chun serve the three dishes one by one as she explained them herself. "Wangye, for you, cold noodle soup. It's made with buckwheat, eggs, beef, apples, and spicy cabbage. It has a spicy, sweet and sour taste, most suitable to eat in this extremely hot weather. In addition to your noodles, there is sesame chili oil with zucchini, crispy and delicious, you try it for yourself."

    With that said, let Mu Chun served the second dish to Jiao Da. A king size bowl with cool rice. The top was covered with more than 10 kinds of vegetables and meat so colorful that it could dazzle the eyes, especially at the very top, there was a tender and slippery fried egg that was very mouth-watering.

    Yun Qian Meng saw Jiao Da's puzzled eyes. She picked up the silver spoon, scooping up a tablespoon of the chili sauce she made onto the rice and evenly mixed everything in half a cup of tea's time. Only then did she hand the silver spoon to Jiao Da, with her eyes motioning for him to try tasting it.

    "Benwang will help you taste it!" Chu wang himself still had not even started eating, but he was envious of Jiao Da's unique dish. A big spoon immediately scooped into the bowl, quickly digging out a fifth of Jiao Da's rice bowl. He brought the food to him, careful in holding it together as he firmly put it in his mouth.

    "Then where is benxiang's lunch?" seeing Chu wang eating without restraint as well as Jiao Da's peculiar dish, Chu Fei Yang's mind was suddenly somewhat curious. His eyes flashed a smile to Yun Qian Meng as he waiting for her to give him the best dish.

    Yun Qian Meng cracked a smile and let Mu Chun carry out the largest and most heavy dish to put in front of Chu Fei Yang. The distinct aroma suddenly rushed into Chu Fei Yang's eyes, watching the red boiling soup, Chu Fei Yang's face momentarily darkened.

    "Xiangye, this is a spicy cabbage tofu soup, try it. Eating this in summertime it is a good way to break out sweat." Yun Qian Meng's smiling face bloomed like flower. A delicate hand helding the boiling hot soup of the spicy tofu in front of Chu Fei Yang and pushing it towards him a bit.
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