Chapter 101: Wouldnt Let You to Easily Marry Him

    "Oh? Chen wangfu sent out invitations now? Is it only inviting me, or is it inviting everyone in the xiangfu?" Yun Qian Meng was browsing through a record of the gifts. But upon hearing what Liu yiniang said, she had lowered it and asked with curiosity.

    Chen wangfu had always been impenetrable. If it neither Chen wang or Yuan de taifei allowed it, nobody could enter.

    Ordinarily, Chen wang and Yuan de taifei only attended gatherings that other fu organized. Chen wangfu had never invited anyone before, so this was rather unusual for them.

    Liu Han Yu shook her head as she handed the invitation over to Yun Qian Meng. "The mama who brought the invitation only said to give it to the eldest xiaojie of the fu. She didn't say anything else."

    Liu Han Yu would not open and take a look at anything that was addressed to Yun Qian Meng without permission, because she understood her own status and position. Especially now when Yun Qian Meng had the backing of Chu wang and Chu xiangfu, Liu Han Yu could only treat Yun Qian Meng more and more polite, being careful to not neglect or disobey her even the slightest bit.

    Yun Qian Meng put down the records and took the gilded invitation. She saw that only her name was written on it. It invited her to join the party in Chen wangfu at lunch time in three days time.

    "Is xiaojie going to attend?" seeing than Yun Qian Meng had given the invitation to Mu Chun after a short glance, Liu yiniang was puzzled.

    After all, although Yun Qian Meng was now granted a new marriage by Emperor Yu Qian, it could not wash away the fact that she had been previously engaged to Chen wang. Now that Chen wangfu had sent Yun Qian Meng an invitation for unknown reasons, it would be awkward if both parties were to meet in this situation.

    Especially since on the day Chen wang broke the engagement, Yun Qian Meng had attempted suicide and rammed her head against the pillar in the throne room. Although it was an act of chastity, people would inevitably look down on her because of that. Liu yiniang was very worried that others might laugh at Yun Qian Meng if she went to the party.

    Seeing Liu yiniang's concern for her, Yun Qian Meng's lips curled into a smiled as she replied, "Could I trouble yiniang to prepare a carriage for me?"

    Since Chen wang dared to send the invitation to xiangfu, why should she not go?

    If she did not go, people would still make up rumors. It would be better to just go there and see what secrets the mysterious Chen wangfu hid.

    Seeing that there was neither embarrassment nor worry in Yun Qian Meng's expression, Liu yiniang's worry slowly faded. She could not help but blame herself for being so foolish. She was already able to see that Yun Qian Meng's behavior and way of handling matters in the past half year. If xiaojie had not been able to put the engagement with Chen wang behind her, how could xiaojie still be so at ease right now? She was really worrying too much!

    Liu Han Yu then immediately nodded. Seeing that Yun Qian Meng did not have any more orders, she made to leave the room.

    But Yun Qian Meng suddenly called out, "Please wait, yiniang! I need to trouble yiniang about something."

    Yun Qian Meng calculated the dates in her mind then slowly said, "It will almost be time for Su yiniang to give birth. I suppose, at that time, her family will send someone over to watch over her. When that happens, Liu yiniang need only to give way to them."

    Liu Han Yu's steps paused for a while. She did not expect that Yun Qian Meng would suddenly be concerned about Su Qing. She did not understand the reason behind it, but she knew that Yun Qian Meng's plans were always reliable. Thus, she nodded and left the room without questioning it any further.

    "Mu Chun, put the invitation away." Now that there was no one else in the room, Yun Qian Meng reminded Mu Chun to keep the invitation from Chen wangfu well while she examined the records on the table.

    Mu Chun held the delicately-made invitation and had the same worry as Liu Han Yu. Moreover, she did not understand Yun Qian Meng's decision; thus, she asked, "Chen wang harmed xiaojie so much before. Why does xiaojie need to accept the invitation? It makes it seem as if we are afraid of them."

    Although Yun Qian Meng was looking at the records, she still listened carefully to Mu Chun's murmurings. It was somewhat funny to her that this yatou bore even more grudges than she did. She looked away from the record and smiled, "If we didn't go, people will say that we're so chickenhearted for not even daring to attend a small party. When that happens, how will we explain it? Why do we need to care about what others think? Isn't it too tiring to live that way? Moreover, Chen wang and Yuan de taifei are still people of high status and position. Even if they wanted to do something bad to me, they naturally will not choose to do it at their own place when they even publicly sent over an invitation."

    "Does xiaojie already know why Chen wangfu invited us?" Mu Chun was still somewhat worried, especially because she was currently the only yatou beside Yun Qian Meng. If those unreasonable xiaojie used violence, then xiaojie would be at a disadvantage.

    Yun Qian Meng just smiled and shook her head. It was precisely because she did not know the reason, that she wanted to go and see. Otherwise, if others were already plotting against her, and she kept herself in the dark, then would that not be too impolite?

    With Wu Guo Gongfu as the precedent, in the following two days, all the women of different fu started to personally came over to greet and congratulate her. Yun Qian Meng was rather annoyed by them, but the old madam was very eager to associate with them, so Yun Qian Meng left all these boring meetings to the old madam. Anyway, Yun Xuan Zhi had left some of his people to guard outside Bai Shun Tang so the old madam would not be able to do anything bad.

    But the furen and xiaojie had intentionally come to tighten their relationship with Yun Qian Meng, so when they saw that it was always only the old madam of Yun xiangfu who entertained them, they felt quite disappointed.

    With Emperor Yu Qian's imperial decree, all the necessary processes of marriage went reasonably smoothly. Chu wang personally met with Yun Xuan Zhi to discuss the wedding date, which was finalized to be on 26th day of the third month next year.

    Joyous events happened one after another between these two familes. Meanwhile, the aura surrounding Hai wangfu was gloomy and unhappy. Ever since she had been chosen by Emperor Yu Qian to marry to Northern Qi, Hai Tian had not taken a single step out of her room. She locked herself in the room for the whole day and did not even agree to see Hai wangfei.

    This forced Hai wangfei, who loved her daughter wholeheartedly, to go to Hai wang's study and beg Hai wang to think of a way to let Emperor Yu Qian take back his order.

    Looking at Hai wangfei who was crying so hard, Hai Chen Xi smiled coldly and said, "Why should wangfei do that? If you let father go and decline the marriage given by the Emperor, aren't you making father defy an imperial decree and be impolite to the Emperor? At that time, not only would you be unable to save sister, I'm afraid that the whole Hai wangfu would be buried along with her. Think clearly, wangfei. One person in exchange for the life of the whole family, isn't that a fair the deal?"

    The hand Hai wangfei was using to wipe away her tears froze. She looked at Hai Chen Xi in disbelief. Her eyes reflected great anger as she was unable to believe what she had just heard. The flames in her eyes seemed as if they were going to burn Hai Chen Xi. Seeing him smile amidst the misfortune and even delight in it made Hai wangfei burn with anger, so she screamed at him, "You were already granted the title of junwang by the Emperor. After already gaining this position, I thought that you would restrain your words and actions, but I didn't expect you to still be so arrogant in front of your father! Although You and Tian'er don't share a mother, she is still your blood-related sister. I wouldn't have minded if you just kept quiet, but you even throw stones at someone who is already down. Wangye, this is the junwang you've chosen! Even when his sister is about to be married off to a far away place as a tribute, he still laughs so happily! If this kind of thing were to spread, what would people say about Hai wangfu? Wangye's reputation might also suffer damage because of this!"

    While speaking, Hai wangfei had moved forward, wanting to pull at Hai wang's sleeves to gain his pity, but Hai wang changed the direction of his wheelchair, ignoring her actions and left her hand to awkwardly hang in midair. Witnessing all that, Hai Chen Xi laughed at Hai wangfei.

    "What has made fifth brother so happy?" at this moment, a young men entered. The man was wearing a pearl white house robe with a faint design of bamboo leaf pattern, smooth and shiny surface of the satin. His outfit fitted him very well because he was relatively thin.

    Unlike Hai Chen Xi who had a more soft and feminine appearance, half this man's features was similar to Hai wang while the other half was similar with Hai wangfei. Moreover, based on his extraordinary manners and the strength of his voice when speaking to Hai Chen Xi, this man was undoubtedly the Hai wang's heir, Hai Yue.

    "Nothing. I was just laughing at a funny clown." Hai Chen Xi said with a smile, in spite of the angry glare from Hai wangfei, as Hai Yue entered the room.

    "Xi'er!" suddenly, they heard Hai wang's steady voice that contained reproach.

    The three people looked at Hai wang at the same time, only to see that his eyes were staring at Hai Chen Xi. Although it contained some reproach, the deep love hidden underneath his eyes made Hai wangfei unconsciously crumple the handkerchief she was holding as she tried her best to control her emotions.

    Noticing the reproach in Hai wang's voice, Hai Chen Xi's smile somewhat faded, but he still did not apologize for his offensive words to Hai wangfei. Instead, he only stood silently at one corner of the room.

    Seeing that his youngest son had already made a concession, Hai wang did not force him to apologize to Hai wangfei. He turned a blind eye and changed the topic, "Why did Yue'er come over?"

    Hai Yue was already used to seeing Hai wang's favoritism over Hai Chen Xi ever since he was a child, but he did not expect that his father would allow this concubine born son to actually insult his legal wife. This made Hai Yue extremely angry, but he still kept his face calm and smiled, "Father, your son heard that little sister had been appointed by the Emperor to be married to the Crown Prince of Northern Qi, so I came to see if there was anything I could help with."

    "Yue'er, what are you saying? Do you still remember that she is your own sister? If she was married to Northern Qi, then we won't be able to see her again for the rest of our lives!" hearing even her own son had said so, Hai wangfei was driven into rage. She pointed at Hai Yue out of anger while severely scolding him.

    "Are you done yet?" the plain question from Hai wang made Hai wangfei immediately shut up.

    But Hai wangfei still could not take it. Ever since she entered the room, Hai wang had not looked straight at her even once, Hai wangfei felt heartbroken. And thinking of the tolerance he showed Hai Chen Xi , Hai wangfei became even more upset and she glared at Hai Chen Xi with cold eyes. When she saw the face that was almost an exact duplicate of that Qin cefei, hatred and bitterness grew stronger in her heart.

    "Mother, please go back and rest first. Also, take time to try and straighten sister out. Qi Jing Yuan has a rather high standing in Northern Qi. Sister will become the the crown princess once she arrives at the Northern Qi. In the future, she will become the Empress. This kind of rank and honor isn't something that anyone can have. If this incident were to make the Emperor unhappy with Hai wangfu, it would be our biggest mistake." Hai Yue approached Hai wangfei and escorted her out up to the door of Shu Yuan.

    "Yue'er, it is not that mother doesn't want to let your sister enjoy the luxurious life. It's just that in Northern Qi, Tian'er will have nobody to rely on. Even if she is the Crown Princess, how long would she be able to stay in that position? Moreover, our two countries had just had a war, who knows whether or not Crown Prince will vent his anger on your sister?" Hai wangfei tightly held onto Hai Yue's hand as she told him of her worries.

    Hai Yue looked around then approached Hai wangfei and whispered to her, "Mother, there is no need to bother about trifles if one wants to accomplish something great. Once sister reaches Northern Qi, she will be the Crown Princess, and in the future, the Empress. And if she was lucky enough to give birth to a son, then the whole Northern Qi will be in our hands! At that time, do you think there will still be any space for Hai Chen Xi in Hai wangfu?"

    Hearing that, Hai wangfei was deeply shocked. In the past, Qin cefei had been a thorn in Hai wangfei's heart. When she had finally been able to pluck that thorn out, she had not been able to get rid of Hai Chen Xi. Hai wang even ordered that Hai Chen Xi to be personally raised by him. Through these years, it was near impossible to find the chance of getting near Hai Chen Xi. She did not know whether Hai wang noticed something or Hai Chen Xi was just too cunning, but regardless of the reason, he was able to grow up safely. Now, he not only became Hai junwang, but even held a large number of troops.

    After watching the young child from before grow into the biggest threat to her at present, how could Hai wangfei remain calm? But recently, she had been too bothered by the fact that she might be separated from her daughter, Hai Tian, that she had almost wasted such good opportunity!

    Seeing that Hai wangfei was already somewhat convinced, Hai Yue continued further, "Mother, Tian'er is endowed with both beauty and talent. She is one of the rare intelligent ladies in the world. I believe that she will surely do a great job."

    Between his words, greediness and cruelty appeared in Hai Yue's eyes.

    "You are really such a good brother to me. From your position as the heir, do you not even care about the life of your sister anymore?" suddenly, Hai Tian appeared and shot Hai Yue a cold glare, as she approached them with a sneer.

    "Tian'er!" seeing her daughter's pale face, Hai wangfei instantly became worried. She moved towards Hai Tian, wanting to help her, but was pushed away.

    Hai Tian coldly looked at her mother and brother in front of her and suddenly laughed, "Daughters are indeed inferior to sons. No matter how deep mother loves your daughter, your son's fortune is still more important. How could you still expect me to help you in the future if you treat me this way now?"

    Hearing Hai Tian's words, Hai Yue frowned. He then pulled Hai Tian over and angrily said, "Tian'er, you are wasting your intelligence! You can't even figure out such a small trick? If it wasn't for Yun Qian Meng, why would Chu Fei Yang suddenly ask for a decree of marriage? Think about it yourself. Do you want the people who love you to suffer while your enemies are delighted? Or will you take the opportunity for power and rank to take revenge against those who have hurt you?"

    Afterwards, Hai Yue shoved Hai Tian's arm away, flung his hands up, and went back into Shu Yuan.

    On the other hand, Hai wangfei looked away from her son then walked to Hai Tian. She pulled over her daughter and comforted her, "Tian'er, your brother's words are reasonable. Do you want to defy the imperial decree? You would also get Hai wangfu into trouble, and no one would be able to protect you anymore. Go back and think about it thoroughly."

    Listening to Hai wangfei's words, Hai Tian knew that her mother had already made her choice between her son and her daughter. She could not help but coldly smile deep inside her heart. On the surface, she regained her calmness, but her expression was even colder than usual.
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