Chapter 106 Part 1: Mama Reveals Secrets of the Past

    Everyone watched as Yun Ruo Xue was being dragged out, yet they all remained impassive. Particularly since this was a situation wherein Yun Xuan Zhi was furious, no one dared to speak out on behalf of Yun Ruo Xue.

    Even Wang mama turned a blind eye to Yun Ruo Xue's pleas as she coldly watched her crying out for help, she just pityingly looked at the shaoye in her arms, face ashen and breathing weakly. She then glanced at Su Qing who still remained unconscious, and momentarily, Wang mama felt like the world had come crumbling down on her, not knowing what she ought to do now.

    Yun Xuan Zhi glared at everyone in the room with his bloodshot eyes. Although no one appeared to be rejoicing over this unfortunate incident, in their hearts, perhaps they were all sneering at him for having a deformed son, and he said gloomily, "All of you, go back to your own courtyards, if the incident today were to spread, I will kill all of you!"

    At Yun Xuan Zhi's fierceful words, a few concubines were all shocked that even the secret delight in their hearts no longer existed. They uniformly responded with a 'yes', afterwhich they fled Feng He Yuan in a single file.

    When the old madam was treated like an inferior concubine, she suddenly sneered, then with an expressionless face she told Rui mama beside her, "Rui mama, please bring the fourth xiaojie back to Qiu Bi Ju to get some rest."

    Rui mama understood the expression on her master's face, fully aware of the fury concealed deep within her heart. Rui mama immediately held up the unconscious Yun Yi Yi with the support of a yatou and hurriedly departed from Feng He Yuan.

    The old madam still had not moved an inch, and Yun Xuan Zhi understood that it was because she wanted to mock him in his own rear courtyard. With a cold expression, he said unyieldingly, "Mother, you also must go back to your Bai Shun Tang to rest."

    The old madam was all the more furious at his words and she coldly snorted, then said afterwards, "Why, am I not allowed to know anything? He is also my grandson after all, don't tell me that even as his grandmother, I'm not allowed to take a look at this child?"

    Yun Xuan Zhi's heart was brimming with anger, but Shang Guan mama from Chu xiangfu was still here, so he could only forcibly restrain himself. Trying hard to calm down, he forced himself to be relatively acquiescent as he said, "Mother, why would you say that? You are most qualified to see this child. It's just that this child's body is too weak, we'd better let the physician to examine and to attend to him first."

    Yun Xuan Zhi then stopped paying the old madam any attention, he took large steps as he approached Wang mama, watching the physician bandage the weak child to stop the bleeding. His heart was pained, looking at it only made him hate and detest Yun Ruo Xue even more.

    "Xiangye, this newborn child is too weak, I apologize for being so helpless." The child's complexion became paler and paler right before his eyes, even the area between his eyes bore only weak traces of vital energy. With Yun Xuan Zhi standing so close and tightly staring at him, the physician was unable to bear it as he knelt down and told the truth.

    "What? What is the situation now that you would go as far as to tell me that you can't save the shaoye? How would furen feel when she regained consciousness? Are you going to pressure our furen and shaoye to die? Daifu, quickly check on shaoye, he is still breathing, he can still be saved!" Wang mama was greatly alarmed when she heard the physician's words. With tears in her eyes, she knelt down and extended the child to the physician, compelling him to treat the child.

    But the physician did not dare to look at the child anymore, only adamantly remarked, "My medical skills are not proficient, I really can't do anything for shaoye's condition, please allow me to return now, xiangye."

    Yun Xuan Zhi's heart grew even more furious. Lifting his foot, he kicked the physician, afterwhich he pointed at the man and scolded, "What are you doing? Not even able to take care of a child? Why didn't you tell us earlier, instead of making us wait for so long? Don't you know that he is supposed to be the first son born to xiangfu? If anything happens to him, I don't think you would be able to save the lives of your entire family!"

    After he finished speaking, Yun Xuan Zhi quickly stooped down and stretched out his arms to grab the physician's collar. With a fierce expression, he barked, "Why aren't you treating shaoye, don't tell me I still need to carry you over there?"

    The physician was frightened by Yun Xuan Zhi's loftiness and eyes which were filled with violent rage, he was scared to the point that his knees went soft as he helplessly knelt down on the ground. Facing Yun Xuan Zhi as he kowtowed profusely, begging for forgiveness, "Xiangye, shaoye retained inside his mother's body for too long, even if he already came out, whether he would survive or not is still a problem. Moreover he had lost too much blood, I'm afraid-"

    Before the physician could finish, Yun Xuan Zhi had ruthlessly kicked him on the shoulder, causing his body to fall backwards, followed by another foot that stomped his chest, as Yun Xuan Zhi angrily said, "What use is there in keeping such kind of good-for-nothing person like you? Come, bring this quack out and beat him to death!"

    The physician was scared witless, he immediately crawled up from the ground, knelt down before Yun Xuan Zhi, grabbing both of his legs as he yelled out, "Please don't be angry, xiangye! I just remembered someone, perhaps he would be able to save shaoye, please have mercy on me, and spare my lowly life!"

    But Yun Xuan Zhi only violently kicked the physician away,  pointing at his head and he said irately, "Death is near at hand, yet you still try to discuss conditions with me? Hurry up and tell me, or else your entire family will be buried next to you!"

    The physician quivered, he involuntarily lifted his head and took a glimpse at Yun Xuan Zhi, seeing the murderous aura across his whole face and the anger in his eyes that was as frightening as the stormy waves made the physician quickly remove his hands. Not daring to conceal anything further, he immediately replied, "The Head of the Institute of Imperial Physicians, Nie taiyi. He is a bone expert. With him, perhaps shaoye's life can be saved."

    Yun Xuan Zhi immediately summoned Liu huwei inside, he then handed over his name card to be given to Nie fu to invite Nie taiyi over. But before Liu huwei could step into the outer room, he was called back by Yun Xuan Zhi, he muttered to himself for a few moments. Changing his instructions, he said, "Just say that the eldest xiaojie is not feeling well, invite Nie taiyi over to diagnose and provide treatment for her."

    Liu huwei's was slightly astonished as he took a glimpse at Yun Xuan Zhi whose eyes were now hazy. He immediately he lowered his head and responded affirmatively, then stepped out of Feng He Yuan. In the outer room, Mi mama and Xia mama just stared at each other with anger in their expressions. Shang Guan mama who was holding the tea in her hands slightly paused, her droopy eyes flickered brightly hinting that she had understood, but everyone else remained silent, anticipating Yun Xuan Zhi's next move.

    Yun Xuan Zhi pulled up the physician who was still kneeling on the floor, with a kick, he shoved him in front of the child, pressing down his head as he ordered, "Before the Nie taiyi comes, I want you to carefully watch shaoye. If there are any mishaps, I will immediately have you killed, without a burial!"

    Already overwhelmed by Yun Xuan Zhi's imposing manner, although the physician knew that his abilities were limited, he could only nod his head in response. Immediately, he took out some hemostatic powder from his medicine box, and continuously sprinkled it onto the bloody wound of the child

    "Waaa!" even after being separated from his mother for so long, he had not cried before since being born. Only now when he felt the pain as the hemostatic powder was sprinkled onto his wound, did he suddenly cry out loud from the painful sensation.

    Finally hearing his son's voice, Yun Xuan Zhi's heart was filled with joy, but the child only produced one sound, then passed out from the unbearable pain, frightening the physician further. Body now fully drenched in a cold sweat, the physician feared being dragged out and beaten to death out of fury.

    Yun Xuan Zhi had no time to care for these things. If only he could tell this child to hang on to his breath until Nie taiyi arrived. He really believed that his child could be saved.

    But with one arm missing, even if this child was saved and grew up well, in the future, he would still suffer a lot from the mockery of the people around him. Deep in thought, Yun Xuan Zhi's brows involuntarily wrinkled, while his expression abruptly turned dark and ugly, his eyes could not help but glancing at the unconscious Su Qing. For a moment, his heart was confused, he did not know how he would explain things to her.

    The old madam, who had been indifferently watching everything happen inside the inner room, suddenly laughed coldly and said, "Since that is the case, then let's just go. You are a man, how can you stay here in this nasty place for so long? Careful, or you might get attract bad luck that could bring harm to your career as an official."

    Whether the old madam was sincerely reminding Yun Xuan Zhi or simply cursing him, Yun Xuan Zhi only lifted his gaze, watching the old madam with an odd expression, afterwhich he coldly said, "Mother, just go now."

    Yun Xuan Zhi waited until she fully departed from the inner room before he glanced at Wang mama and Su furen, imploring them to take good care of Su Qing and the child. Following that, he stepped out of the inner room himself.

    Although Yun Xuan Zhi had been disrespectful towards her today, the old madam was utterly delighted at the child becoming handicapped. She unhurriedly sat down, then lifted a teacup to take a sip of tea.

    When Yun Xuan Zhi came upon Shang Guan mama again, he was a bit annoyed and he secretly grumbled. Why had such a person witness household matters? If word of it spread, people would know that the older sister had pulled off her own brother's arm. They could even end up slaughtering one another in the future. How would he save his reputation then? If the Emperor and all the other court ministers found out, he might be accused of being unable to take control of his own household, when that time came, how would he handle it?

    Shang Guan mama did not seem to have any intention of leaving, and Yun Xuan Zhi could not think of a good reason to sweep his noble guests out the door.

    The outer room was in a pregnant silence, but at Yun Xuan Zhi's worried frown and thinly concealed anger, Shang Guan mama simply said, "Please don't worry, xiangye, heaven helps those who are worthy like shaoye. I believe he will surely be all right."

    Though the words were only to appease him, Yun Xuan Zhi's heart eased upon hearing the comforting words. His ashen face had brightened up a bit. As Shang Guan mama was slightly nodding her head, he said indifferently, "After mama's lucky words, I only hope that my child will be able to turn misfortune into a blessing."

    Hearing his words, Shang Guan mama slightly smiled and nodded. A yatou then came in, seeing Yun Xuan Zhi sitting in the outer room, she immediately paid her courtesies, afterwhich she immediately said, "Xiangye, the eldest xiaojie has come."

    Yun Xuan Zhi originally planned to have Yun Qian Meng return, but Shang Guan mama suddenly sitting upright forced him to reluctantly allow it. "Let her in."

    As Yun Qian Meng came over, the old madam immediately started a conversation with Shang Guan mama, "This granddaughter of mine is the most obedient and kind-hearted girl. In everything, she gives her elders priority. She is truly the best and most filial child."

    Shang Guan mama's face showed a smile as she said, "I have heard that the eldest xiaojie is an extremely intelligent and obedient daughter. For her to personally go to Su province to bring you back to xiangfu, indeed she is extremely obedient, truly a blessing for both you and xiangye. To have such a clever child, many others are unable to obtain such a wonderful person no matter how much they beg."

    Yun Xuan Zhi's expression gradually turned good the more he listened to Shang Guan mama's praises, but his heart was still deeply worried about the mother and the child inside the room. He seemed to be a bit embarrassed, half-heartedly laughing, yet he did not get involved in the conversation.

    The more Shang Guan mama spoke highly of Yun Qian Meng, and even the mention of how she returned to xiangfu, the more enraged the old madam became. She failed to understand whether Shang Guan mama was praising Yun Qian Meng or demeaning her.

    But Shang Guan mama had earned Chu Fei Yang's utmost respect. Even if the old madam was unhappy, she would not dare to pull a long face, she only smiled and said, "Yes, Meng'er extremely resembles my deceased daughter-in-law, so naturally clever and thoughtful! Consequently, I will let my youngest granddaughter get along with Meng'er more. I only wish that that child could learn from Meng'er. Now, it's hard to tell, but she'll hopefully be influenced by Meng'er's good fortune, and in the future, find a great marriage as well."

    With the old madam still talking about seeking a great marriage for Yun Yi Yi now of all times, Yun Xuan Zhi's originally relaxed face suddenly turned gloomy again. Meanwhile, Shang Guan mama merely smiled without adding to the conversation. Her wise and far-looking eyes had already understood thoroughly what the old madam was thinking about.

    While they were chatting, Yun Qian Meng passed through the beaded curtains, taking deliberate steps inside. Today, she was wearing a light orange dress, adorned with a few simple yet elegant hair pins on her head. She looked gentle and elegant, well composed and earnest, befitting her noble birth. Meeting Yun Qian Meng for the first time around, Shang Guan mama appeared pleased.

    Yun Qian Meng had not expected this many people to still be in the room. She had been surprised but was able to immediately calm herself, slowly proceeding forward with small steps to the center of the room. Facing Yun Xuan Zhi and the old madam as she paid her courtesies, "Meng'er is here to see father and grandma."

    "Please stand up." Yun Xuan Zhi said indifferently, but his gaze stared at the beaded curtain behind Yun Qian Meng, secretly anxious as to why Nie taiyi still had not yet arrived.

    The old madam laughed upon seeing Yun Qian Meng, following which, she said, "Meng'er, come and meet Shang Guan mama. She is the senior mama at Chu xiangfu, the person most trusted by Chu xiang."

    Yun Qian Meng slightly lifted her eyes, seeing a mama around fifty years of age with an amiable face sitting to the left. The woman's face brimmed with kindness as she looked at her. Indeed, it was quite heart warming.

    Yun Qian Meng faintly smiled as she turned to pay courtesy to Shang Guan mama. Her voice as crisp and clear as pearls and jades dropping into a tray, "Qian Meng greets mama."

    Yun Qian Meng's look was natural and unrestrained, filling Shang Guan mama's heart with delight, as she could not help sighing in admiration. Xiangye's was quite sharp, he had indeed picked out quite an outstanding lady. She immediately stood up and lent an arm to support Yun Qian Meng, afterwhich she laughed and said, "Xiaojie, you need not be so courteous."

    Yun Qian Meng lifted her head to observe Shang Guan mama's amiable face, she knew then that this mama must be a trusted aide of Chu Fei Yang. Recalling the matter that she and Chu Fei Yang had agreed upon, she smiled and nodded at Shang Guan mama.

    "It's late now, how did you come over here?" Yun Xuan Zhi asked, voice was anxious. Regardless of Yun Qian Meng's arrival, he seemed to be preoccupied. Obstructing Shang Guan mama's view, he said with some concern, "The autumn wind at night is quite strong, please be careful not to catch a cold."

    Yun Qian Meng did not mind Yun Xuan Zhi's half-hearted approach, and only replied, "Daughter is here to congratulate father for the addition of a son to the family. When I heard the news I wanted to come and meet my little brother."

    Yun Xuan Zhi's face immediately turned ugly, yet he was aware that Yun Qian Meng had stayed at Qi Luo Yuan the entire day. She might still be oblivious of the stupid thing Yun Ruo Xue had done, so he did not blame her, but still spoke with some annoyance, "The child is already asleep, you've arrived at the wrong time. It would be better for you to come again some other day. Your health is not good either, in the future, avoid coming out and walking around during nightfall, so as to avoid getting sick again."

    Hearing Yun Xuan Zhi's reprimand, Yun Qian Meng restrained herself as she lowered her brows and softly acquiesced. Yet she did not immediately take her leave, rather, she waved her hand for Mu Chun to step forward holding a tray. She then personally opened the sapphire-blue brocade box on the tray, smiled and said, "As the daughter, I really don't have anything to give. But I have a younger brother now, naturally I must express my regards. Early in the morning, I requested someone to make a pure gold bracelet to gift to my younger brother; to wish him the best as the older sister."

    She then took out a pair of exquisitely designed bracelets and she handed them over to Yun Xuan Zhi.

    But Yun Xuan Zhi did not take the bracelets from Yun Qian Meng's hands. His eyes only stared bitterly at the pair of bracelets, as he thought of his son who had lost an arm. Yun Xuan Zhi only clenched his hands into fists under the sleeves.

    With the gift remaining unaccepted, Yun Qian Meng's face suddenly grew worried. Gently and cautiously, she inquired, "Father, aren't you satisfied with daughter's gift? Father, you have been expecting this younger brother for such a long time, he must be incomparably priceless. That's why I had these gold bracelets made. If they are not to your satisfaction, father, then daughter will just send some other congratulatory gift another day."

    Yun Qian Meng was being gentle and cautious with him, and he knew that he might just be taking his anger out on her, so he immediately restrained his anger towards Yun Ruo Xue and forced a smile. "Meng'er, you are quite thoughtful. As your father, how could I not like them? The design of this pair of gold bracelets is quite special and unique, most suitable for the newborn baby to wear. I will accept them on behalf of your younger brother."

    Yun Qian Meng smiled in relief, then put them onto the table together with the brocade box. Taking a few steps back, she silently sat down across from Shang Guan mama.

    It was then that Liu huwei's voice echoed from the door, "Xiangye, Nie taiyi has arrived."

    "Quickly send him in!" Yun Xuan Zhi almost jumped up from his seat, giving no heed to the astonished looks of the crowds. He personally stepped forward to lift the beaded curtain open, welcoming Nie taiyi, who was almost seventy years of age.

    Nie taiyi was nevertheless quite odd. Upon entering, he had not even spared a glance at Yun Xuan Zhi, the master of house, nor try to make friend with the old madam. Those steady eyes looked straight at Yun Qian Meng, afterwhich he coldly accused Yun Xuan Zhi, "Xiangye, are you making fun of me? Your eldest daughter is standing there in perfect health, how could you say that she is seriously ill?"

    Being exposed by Nie taiyi on the spot, Yun Xuan Zhi was a bit embarrassed. But what was most important right now was his son's life, so he did not have time to explain to Yun Qian Meng. Dragging Nie taiyi aside, he explained his child's situation and eventually begged, "Nie taiyi, I don't have any other way now! For the sake of my pitiful child, please try to reconnect the bone."

    But, the temperament of a person like Nie taiyi was unfathomable. He was the type to refuse to see a patient if he disliked them. Besides, back then, Qu Ruo Li had suffered after entering xiangfu through marriage. He had long been on good terms with Fu Guo Gongfu, so he had regarded Qu Ruo Li as his own daughter. The fact that he had been invited over to treat the child of Yun Xuan Zhi's concubine made Nie taiyi highly indignant about the situation.

    "Nie taiyi, as a physician and a parent, please treat my younger brother. The child is innocent, and is a living being." Yun Qian Meng remarked indifferently.

    With this, Yun Xuan Zhi immediately turned to look at his eldest daughter with eyes full of shock and excitement.

    Nie taiyi quietly observed Yun Qian Meng for a short while, his eyes contained a faint smile yet absent of other emotions. With a resigned sigh, he followed behind a yatou inside the inner room.

    Yun Xuan Zhi was about to say something to Yun Qian Meng, yet unexpectedly a low sobbing echoed from a corner.

    Searching for the source of the sound, everyone saw Xia mama's cheeks streaming with tears.
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