Chapter 116 Part 1 Who was the Arsonist that Burnt the Exam Candidates to Their Deaths?

    All night long, all sorts of noisy sounds filled the streets; sounds of  firefighting, people crying for help and wailing, lingered on incessantly.

    At this time, when the physicians from Rong Shan Tang heard the news, they rushed over to help the injured scholars by dressing their wounds. Rong Yun He was standing across the restaurant that was facing the guest house, quietly watching everything unfold in front of him. His brows could not help but crease, in his mind he thought that tonight's incident was really very fishy.

    Only until the City Defense troops had finally successfully extinguished the huge fire in the second half of the night did the sound of people crying gradually lower down. Chen Wang himself had unexpectedly come to resolve this. The poor and humble scholars who had just been frightened were now extremely pleasantly surprised.

    They had never expected that,  this dreadful huge fire, would have resulted into an opportunity that only came once in a hundred years.

    For them, not to mention that during ordinary days they would not have been able to see marquis or ministers, even the chance encounters with the government officials in the government office were rare enough, yet now they finally met their luck after suffering through a disaster to be able to reside inside the Chen Wang such luck could be regarded as a blessing they had  earned from their previous lives, hence within their hearts they were extremely grateful towards Chen Wang who had provided help in their hour of need, as if they wanted to offer their lives in sacrifice, willing to devote themselves until their last breathe., Everyone's face was brimming with cheerfulness as they followed behind Chen Wang's saddle horse, their hearts surging with good moods as they walked towards Chen Wangu, from time to time they would whisper to one another's ear to express their gratitude.

    Jiang Mu Chen could hear the whispers behind him from his horse, annoyance flashed across his eyes. He couldn't help turning his gaze up ahead, then he caught sight of a dark-blue figure standing around the corner of a gloomy street, two extremely dazzling eyes flickered in the dark like high quality obsidian, making people feel that they finally found the hidden treasure.

    However those pair of eyes a contained strong mocking and disdainful gaze, which gave rise to Jiang Mu Chen's curiosity. In a lowered voice, he called out for Ning Feng, instructing him to lead the group of scholars ahead to Chen Wang Fu, then he himself turned the horse carriage around, urging it to run towards the dark blue figure. Standing on the high ground, he stared down coldly at the young man who was standing in the dark.

    Although the long robe that this young man was wearing looked somewhat tattered and filthy face appeared to be a bit pale, but his expression was calm and composed, unlike the other scholars whose faces had gone pale and frantic, in particular, that calm expression in his eyes made Jiang Mu Chen's heart to have a whole new level of respect for this young man in front of him.

    Carefully examining the facial appearance and expression of the young man, Jiang Mu Chen could not help but thought of that exam candidate he had seen in front of the doorway of Gong Yuan more than twenty days ago. Both appearance and physique of these two persons were practically identical, it was very likely that they were actually the same person.

    Watching the young man before him showing his slightly sorry figure, Jiang Mu Chen questioned in a deep voice, "What is your name? Are you also an exam candidate staying inside that guest house?"

    "Han Che is here to see Wang Ye, indeed I am an exam candidate staying in that guest house." Hearing Chen Wang's interrogation, Han Che responded evenly.

    Hearing the young man stating his name, Jiang Mu Chen's both eyes slightly tensed up. No wonder this young man's expression was different from the others', as it turned out, he was actually the top-scorer for this year autumn examination for the literary competition, sure enough he had an aura that stood out among all the others.

    While other people were bursting with joy as they learned that they would be able to stay inside the Chen Wangu, yet he was the only person who appeared unexcited while standing in one corner. His face did not give any sign of joyfulness, even his eyes he looked not the slightest bit pleased. The young man merely standing in a corner with a face like tranquil water, with a pair of bright eyes, and with a clear mind he was watching all the things that had occurred before his eyes.

    With such a talented person, it had attracted Chen Wang's intention to recruit this man, then he slowly spoke, "Top scorer Han, why did you just stand here motionless? Didn't you hear what I said a while ago?"

    Having heard what was said, Han Che's both eyes exposed a shallow smile, afterwhich he spoke in a clear voice, "Thanks a lot for your good intention, Wangye! But this lowly peasant fears that it might cause inconvenience for Wangye."

    "Presumptuous! How could you talk to Wangye like that? Who do you think you are? You are behaving rudely in front of Wangye, do you like to be accused for being disrespectful?" This time, the imperial guard standing behind Chen Wang scolded him.

    Confronted by the booming voice of the imperial guard scolding him, Han Che was not in the slightest degree scared, instead he showed a bit of smiling expression as he looked at the imperial guard, the hard-to-detect sneering expression was concealed deeply within his eyes, but before he could speak further, Chen Wang's cold voice echoed beside his ears, "Top-scorer Han, this is looking down upon benwang, you have the intention to oppose Chen Wang fu?"

    Allthough Chen Wang's voice was not that loud, but this light rhetorical question was full of austerity and severity, causing that imperial guard who had angrily rebuked Han Che to feel the temperature surrounding his whole body to be ice-cold. But when he looked at Han Che, he discovered that the opposing party was still wearing an indomitable shallow smile, but his words carried an obvious transformation: "This peasant wouldn't dare! Wange's magnanimity, this lowly peasant would naturally not dare go against Wangye's great kindness."

    Finished speaking, Han Che cupped his hands then saluted facing Chen Wang, afterwhich he lifted his feet following behind the queue which had already left by far.

    Jiang Mu Chen sat on the horseback, half narrowing his both eyes as he stared at Han Che's figure. After a long while, he regained back his focus, immediately looked at Rong Yun He who was standing in a distant place.

    Tonight, Rong Yun He was wearing a brocade long white robe with dark patterns, a head full of silver long hairs seemed more and more dazzling under the moonlight, but his figure was tall, back was straightened up, with moral integrity that contained his uniquely pure, honest, lofty, and unyielding character, yet it only made Chen Wang slightly wrinkled his brows for having an impression that he had encountered two persons with similar personality traits at the span of one single night, making his heart felt somehow uncomfortable.

    Slightly tightening the reins, permitting the horse to slowly arrived in front of Rong Yun He, Chen Wang examined Rong Yun He who should not have appeared in this place at this particular time, then he slowly voiced out, "The Rong Shan Tang was utterly active recently. Not only delivering the medicines for Luo Cheng, but also helping the scholars bind up their wounds and treating them, but, in the past, the Rong clan has never been involved in the medicinal herbs business before, apparently it seems like Rong gongzi is interested in bringing the Rong family to a much greater height of development!"

    Jiang Mu Chen was the person in charge of the city's defense troops, there's nothing that he would nor know of. Rong Shan Tang was just a very small medical institution, but among those imperial physicians who had proceeded towards Luo Cheng, there was Rong Shan Tang's Nie Huai Yuan, this person had been appointed by Emperor Yu Qian as the eighth rank imperial physician the night before their departure. A physician among the common people who had such kind of ability, really made Jiang Mu Chen felt somewhat curious towards Nie Huai Yuan.

    And during the recent days, Rong Yun He had been all over the shops in the streets performing good deeds as he was seen in and out of Rong Shan Tang, it was safe to assume that he was interested in expanding the herbal medicine business on behalf of the Rong family, with regards to this, it seemed not to be a good thing for Chen Wang.

    After all, Jiang Mu Chen was able to notice Rong Yun He's affection towards Yun Qian Meng. Although he expressed it in a reserved manner, according to Jiang Mu Chen's intuition as a man, for Rong Yun He, who was an independent man, perhaps Yun Qian Meng was a special existence, and due to this, it made Rong Yun He a sore spot in the eyes of Jiang Mu Chen.

    "The Rong family, as a merchant for the Imperial Family, would naturally do its utmost to provide more contribution for His Majesty and the Imperial Court. Yun He is untalented, unable to proceed to the epidemic area to do anything for the common people, in that case I can only  offer fast and convenient supplies for them. This is my most fundamental conscience as human being." Rong Yun He slightly raised his eyes, with a face as deep as water looking at Jiang Mu Chen's cold one, speaking out these words in an indifferent tone of voice.

    "Is that so? Rong gongzi might have forgetten that I had recently issued an order to the city defense troops, that every day before midnight, the common people will not be allowed to leave their homes, so as to avoid the plague spreading out. And this time it is already past midnight, apparently Rong gongzi had ignored my orders." The imperial guards surrounding the area felt Chen Wang's voice became colder, making their hearts tremble, yet Rong Yun He's face kept maintaining its calm and composed, his eyes did not look scared, they thought that this young gongzi of the Rong family was really out of his mind, he actually dared to offend Chen Wang.

    From the beginning,Rong Yun He had not actually cared about Chen Wang's words, now hearing these statements that implied threats, his immortal-like handsome face exposed a faint smile, his eyes full of ridicule were aimed at Chen Wang, afterwhich he asked in response, "Don't tell me that you think this protocol is more important than saving the people's lives? This seems somewhat contrary to Wangye's conduct and deeds! Wange, since you have seen those scholars having nowhere to stay and you've felt pity for them, offering them Chen Wang fu as their temporary shelter, why are you contradicting yourself by interrogating me?"

    Jiang Mu Chen certainly had not seen that coming, for Rong Yun He who was usually a quiet person, would become an eloquent and fluent speaker at this moment, then he smiled coldly and said, "Where did Rong gongzi get eloquence, it has actually given benwang a whole new level of respect for you. With the fire that happened tonight, the city defense troops would naturally come to the rescue, why would Rong gongzi do more than what is required? And you, Rong Yun He, had actually turned a deaf ear towards the royal court issues, if you are not to be severely punished this time, people would thought that I'm not capable of handling this big capital!"

    With Chen Wang's sudden change of tone, his voice had momentarily turned harsh and cold, immediately he vigorously faced an assistant officer behind him and commanded, "You should personally send Rong gongzi back to Rongfu, properly protect the Rongfu, if you let any person out, I shall provide punishment based on military law!"

    The assistant officer immediately stepped down from the horseback then knelt down before Chen Wang, quickly responded, afterwhich he proceeded in front of Rong Yun He, with an expressionless face he said, "Rong gongzi, please proceed!"

    Rong Yun He gave a cold glance back at Chen Wang, his face grave and stern containing a strong murderous intention. Rong Yun He's heart was somehow unconvinced, after which he was being forcibly escorted back to Rong fu.

    Meanwhile, Chen Wang had issued an order allowing the city defense troops to send home all the physicians of Rong Shan Tang and the scholars. Afterwards, he himself urged on a horse as he rushed back to Chen Wang fu.

    When Chen Wang returned back to Chen Wang Fu before he could eter his own study room, he saw Jiang Mama leading the servant girls respectfully standing outside of the study room, he also saw Ning Feng keeping watch in the doorway of the study room, then in a deep voice he asked "What's the matter?"

    "Nubi is here to greet Wangye. Taifei having heard that Wange had been working until the middle of the night, had especially instructed the kitchen to stew some ginseng duck soup for Wangye to supplement Wangye's health." Seeing Chen Wang had returned back home, Jiang Mama led the servant girls as they made their salutations.

    Yet Chen Wang only spared them an indifferent glance, "Got it, just set them aside, and step down now."

    He spoke to Ning Feng, "Has everybody been arranged properly?"

    Jiang Mama immediately cast a meaningful glance towards the servant girl behind her. That servant girl cleverly stepped ahead, then handed over the tray in her hands to Ning Feng, then immediately retreated back behind Jiang Mama.

    Ning Feng merely looked at Jiang Mama, soon after he reported to Chen Wang "Reporting Wange, Taifei had already issued an order a while ago, permitting the group of the exam candidates to enter the northern wing. Taifei had said that the area is the furthest to the backyard and with a peaceful environment, it is the most suitable place for studying. Moreover, the northern wing is quite far away from south and east courtyard, it also won't allow that group of exam candidates to disturb Wangye's everyday life."

    Jiang Mu Chen noticed the small gestures that Ning Feng had made before responding to his question, then he saw Jiang Mama still had not stepped down as requested, his eyes immediately went somewhat gloomy, his expression became deep, containing the fury of not allowing anyone to challenge his own authority, then dangerously spoke, "Ning Feng, for whom do you really work for? It looks as if you still aren't able to remember perfectly the lesson that you have learned last time!"

    Having heard what was said, Ning Feng also heard Chen Wang using such tone of voice while speaking to him, suddenly his eyes exposed an expression of fear, in an instant he knelt down before Chen Wang, in a loud and clear voice he proclaimed, "I wouldn't dare! The instruction that Wangye had given this servant last time is already engraved in this servant's memory, not a moment is iti dared to be forgotten, please see it, Wangye!"

    Jiang Mama seeing Chen Wang rebuking him to frighten the others, in her mind she realized that if she continued to stand in the spot, Chen Wang might really punish Ning Feng, consequently she led the servant girls as they saluted Chen Wang, in a lowered voice she said, "Nubi needs to head back and report to Taifei, I shall take my leave now."

    After speaking, she brought along a few servant girls behind her as they left unhurriedly.

    Seeing Jiang Mama already left, Chen Wang's gaze swept towards Ning Feng like a frosted blade, following which he turned around and entered the study room, only after the sky had gradually turned bright did  Ning Feng hear the instruction from Chen Wang asking him to step inside. Suddenly Ning Feng felt as if being relieved from a burden, wiping off the cold sweat that had been continuously coming out from his head, he got up and entered the study room without delay.

    "Do you have any orders, Wangye?" Seeing Jiang Mu Chen quietly looking at the accounts book in his hand while sitting beside the study table, Ning Feng asked in a low voice.

    "Is that Han Che staying with the other exam candidates?" Grasping the writing brush, then writing quickly on the accounts book, yet Jiang Mu Chen was still able to divide his attention as he asked Ning Feng.

    "Earlier as we went inside the house, Top Scorer Han had been brought inside to the northern wing together with other exam candidates. But, Top Scorer Han seemed to be a bit incompatible with the others, he almost didn't have any interactions with the other exam candidates." Thinking about those excited looks on the faces of the exam candidates as they entered Chen Wangfu, Ning Feng felt that Han Che was really different from the others. Not only he was not wild with joy, even the emotion in his eyes was very much calm and collected, this made Ning Feng felt somehow worried. Thus, in a lowered voice he asked, "Wangye, nubi is truly worried that this Top Scorer Han might be ......"
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