Chapter 118 Part 1 The Grand Wedding (Part 2): Chen Wang forces marriage

    Su Yuan was shocked by Chen Wang's sudden comment.

    He really was not expecting to see Chen Wang visiting the female prison at that moment. Neither was he expecting for Chen Wang to give Yun Qian Meng such special treatment, which put his excitement off with just a few words.

    Ever since Chen Wang appeared at the prison, Su Yuan knew that he could only guard Yun Qian Meng and definitely could not make any additional moves. Otherwise, not to mention Chu Fei Yang, even Chen Wang would rip his skin off for it.

    Su Yuan had a thousand complaints and hatred in his heart. If it was not for Yun Qian Meng, his daughter Qian Yue would have been able to marry into Chen Wang Fu as a concubine for Chen Wang. But now, she could only marry into Han Guo Gong Fu as a concubine to that useless Yuan Qing Zhou. How could Su Yuan be able to accept that so easily!

    He apparently wanted to take this great opportunity to ruin Yun Qian Meng, but the fleeting chance slipped away in a wink, making Su Yuan almost wanting to punch himself in great regret.

    But Su Yuan still had some secret plans in his mind. The only abundant thing in this Ministry of Justice jail is punishments. There were tons of methods to hurt someone without leaving any traces. It would be impossible for Chen Wang to appear at every critical moment. He only needed to bring Yun Qian Meng inside the secret room and no one would be able to know what he did.

    Even though Su Yuan was thinking of ways to deal with Yun Qian Meng, yet he still pretended to be rather respectful, not showing any hints of disobedience.

    "Ning Feng, you stay here." But the person Su Yuan wanted to deceive was Chen Wang!

    Jiang Mu Chen grew up in the palace. Being able to grow up and even become the biggest threat for Emperor Yu Qian, one skill he learned was the ability to identify one's every mood. In Jiang Mu Chen's eyes, Su Yuan's self-proclaimed perfect reaction was full of loopholes. And with just a glance, he was able to clearly see Su Yuan's plans. Thus, he spoke and ordered Ning Feng to stay in Ministry of Justice so that Su Yuan would not have any chance of harming Yun Qian Meng.

    Having heard Chen Wang say so, Su Yuan blamed himself but still, could not understand what he did wrong that made Chen Wang aware of his plan.

    "Yes!" Ning Feng immediately replied to Chen Wang, then immediately ordered his guards to guard the entrance of the prison while he followed behind Chen Wang and slowly entered the prison with Yun Qian Meng.

    But the deeper they went , the more tightly Chen Wang knitted his eyebrows. The prison had never made him so upset and irritated as it did right now, especially after seeing that the environment was absolutely unsuitable for someone to live in. Cold wind was slipping in from all around in the autumn night. The awful smell of blood, feces, urine, and human body odor was overwhelming. And for the first time, Jiang Mu Chen felt that the prison was filthy and hard to stay long in, making him even more displeased with what Su Yuan did.

    Xiangfu had a lot of people. Just the yatous and pozis of xiangfu filled more than ten prison cells. It took Jiang Mu Chen quite a while to find Yun Qian Meng among the people. She was sitting on the floor along with the crowd of yatous and pozis, but her expression was still staunch and unyielding, not showing any hints of panic and cowardice. Even after noticing his gaze, Yun Qian Meng's appearance was still the same, calm and confident.

    Looking at Yun Qian Meng now, Jiang Mu Chen felt more strongly that she did not deserve this kind of treatment. His eyes shifted to Su Yuan again. Seeing that he kept his head low and hid from him, Jiang Mu Chen knew that his act of leaving Ning Feng a while ago had an effect on Su Yuan. Also, seeing that Yun Qian Meng looked like she had no desire to take notice of him, Jiang Mu Chen left the prison for the mean time.

    "Su Daren, although Yun Xiang is currently being questioned by Huang Shang, he still hasn't been declared guilty yet! The environment of that prison cell is really disgusting. You are definitely not performing your duties as the Minister of the Ministry of Justice well." Stepping out of the prison, Jiang Mu Chen coldly said, frightening Su Yuan once again.

    "Don't worry, Wang Ye, this humble official understands what to do." Su Yuan immediately lowered his body and went in front of Chen Wang and quickly replied.

    Hearing Su Yuan's promise, Jiang Mu Chen ceased to talk. Then he went up his horse and proceeded towards the direction of Chen Wang Fu.

    While Ning Feng, who was left in Ministry of Justice, was performing his duty, of guarding at the gates of the prison. Seeing his firm eyes and cold expression, Su Yuan cursed in his mind but was unable to do anything about it. He could only leave the stinky place in the meantime.

    "Let me out... Let me out! Why do I need to be involved in the crime of my uncle... Let me out!" Seeing the silhouette of Chen Wang leaving, Yun Yi Yi, who finally recuperated, suddenly stood up from the crowd and rushed to the gate of the prison cell. She tightly grabbed and shook the wooden posts in front of her and shouted towards the people outside.

    Yun Yi Yi's action lead the remaining people to feel anxious and fearful, which caused them to start thinking of ways out of this situation again. Chen Wang's act a while ago of speaking for them made them see a glimpse of hope. One by one, they stood up and ran to the door of the prison cell, shouting and crying out loud. Only Yun Qian Meng, Yun Yan, Liu Yiniang, and their crowd remained seated on the floor resting themselves, as if not noticing any of the chaos happening in front of them.

    "What are you shouting for! Even if you don't want to rest, other people still want to. If I hear anything again, I'll pull you out and put you in individual cells!" Hearing the loud noise, the female prison guards a while ago rushed over, and shouted towards the unruly crowd.

    It's just that with the warning from what happened to the other prison guard a while ago, and the fear of Chen Wang suddenly appearing again, although the female prison guards still looked very fierce now, but their lashes did not whip towards to crowd anymore. They could only threaten them with words.

    Noticing that, the crowd felt more secured. The fiercer the guards curse and scold them, the louder their shouts were. The whole prison was filled with their screams for injustice, piercing through everyone's ears.

    "Who the hell are you? How dare you shout at me like that! Go and ask around of who I am! How could an idiot like you have the right to tell me what to do! You think you're great for being the guards of the jail?" Yun Yi Yi was never one to tolerate any insults towards her. Seeing that the female guards were starting to get fiercer, she pointed her finger at the guards and cursed.

    Seeing that Si xiaojie has started to swear at the guards, the yatous and pozis beside her followed right after.

    If there was a skill that all these yatous and pozis possess, it must have been their sharp tongues. Their words were even more terrible than the whips of the guards and their provocations made the guards tremble in anger. The guards' hands holding the whips shook uncontrollably because of anger. But they did not dare to whip it, ending up only kicking the post at the side. Afterwards, they left and decided to just let them be. After all, if they saw that no one coming to rescue them the next day, they will not have the thought and energy to do anything at that time.

    While all of them were exerting all efforts towards the guards, they suddenly noticed that their opponents had left without any remarks. They felt as if they were generals who had just won a battle. After a short while, they realized that they in fact did not get any useful information from the guards and Chen Wang also did not appear again despite the noise they made. Feeling disappointed, they suddenly became sad and hopeless again. They could not help but feel the fear towards death and started to cry again.

    "It's you! It's all your fault! If it wasn't because of you, why would we be in prison? Why do we need to suffer from your father's mistake? Yun Qian Meng, you really are a bearer of ill luck! You had already caused your mother to die, now you're affecting your own father and even us with your bad luck! For a person like you, it will be better to just commit suicide. How do you still have the face to live in this world? What bad intentions do you still have? Aren't you afraid of being punished by God and getting struck by a lightning?" Seeing that there was no one else she could vent her anger to, but she still has not fully let out all her anger, Yun Yi Yi turned around and targeted Yun Qian Meng, who was sitting silently at the side.

    Seeing Yun Yi Yi pointing at Yun Qian Meng with one finger, the rest of the crowd suddenly went silent .

    In the eyes of the servants that had been in serving for a long time, even if Yun Qian Meng was put in prison , she was still the legal da xiaojie of the Prime Minister's xiangfu. Moreover, they have all experienced Yun Qian Meng's methods in managing the household. Although da xiaojie seemed to live a rather simple lifestyle and seldom went out of the house, as if not involved in any matters happening in xiangfu, but every time something big was about to happen, they would notice Liu Yiniang personally seeking advice from Da xiaojie. Even just from this small matter, they could already sense the difference in the identity of Da xiaojie.

    Furthermore, they were already in trouble, if they even dared to complain about their boss, they might be punished even worse. Also, Yun Qian Meng was not harsh to the servants on ordinary days. The servants were all aware of it.

    These yatous and pozis who survived in xiangfu for years were not dumb people. They knew very clearly that it was best to play safe. They also knew that even if Yun xiangfu was gone, Fu Guo Gong Fu, Chu xiangfu, and Chu Wang Fu were still there. If Yun Qian Meng had the chance to leave the pison , then they would be the ones in real trouble.

    Consequently, all of them chose to remain silent and sat down far away from Yun Yi Yi. They were all dispirited and listless, and really had no the energy to respond to Yun Yi Yi's anger.

    Yun Qian Meng remained in her resting position although out. In this kind of environment, with such intolerable odor, it was really admirable for Yun Yi Yi to be able to shout loudly and freely as if nothing was bothering her.

    But Yun Qian Meng's silence was returned with greater anger from Yun Yi Yi. Seeing the old madam, who continued to remain unconscious in the lap of her mother, Yun Yi Yi rushed to Yun Qian Meng angrily, and raised her hand preparing to slap the flawless cheek.

    "Pia!" Before her hand has landed on Yun Qian Meng's face, it had already been pushed away swiftly by Yuan Dong.

    Yun Yi Yi looked at Yuan Dong with disbelief while lightly touching the back of her hand, which was aching and turning red. Her eyes suddenly shimmered in redness. She extended her arms and tackled Yuan Dong while screaming and cursing: "You cheap slave! You dare hurt me? You wanna die? You're just like your mistress, bitch, you bitch..."

    As if going crazy, Yun Yi Yi pushed herself towards Yuan Dong with all her effort. It's just that she was only a young lady kept in the house all day, moreover, she was still relatively young, even though she wanted Yuan Dong's life like crazy, she was still incomparable to Yuan Dong, who regularly trained and practiced martial arts.

    Yuan Dong swiftly turned around and immediately held the right hand of Yun Yi Yi from the back, and easily turned her right hand backwards, stopping Yun Yi Yi's crazy action in the twinkling of an eye. Then, she raised her foot and kicked at the back of Yun Yi Yi's knee and Yun Yi Yi knelt in front of Yun Qian Meng without any ability of to resist.

    "Si xiaojie, don't you know how to judge the current situation? You still have no idea on the proper way to act and only think of blaming others and pushing away the responsibility. Da xiaojie does not owe you anything! On the other hand, ever since you've entered xiangfu, da xiaojie treated you just like her own sister. How come you are so heartless, in the midst of struggle you've said bad words to da xiaojie, truly don't know how to appreciate things!" This time, unable to restrain herself, Liu Han Yu angrily glared at Yun Yi Yi, as she coldly spoke these words.

    "Let go of my daughter!" And during this time, Li, who was normally taking care of the old madam, suddenly shouted out loud seeing her own daughter being taken unfair advantage of, after which she rushed over clashing against Yuan Dong.

    But Yuan Dong quickly retreated back pulling Yun Yi Yi with her, causing Li to dash against an empty space, almost falling down, before she managed to stand she glared at Yun Qian Meng "Meng'er, I had treated you well, but why did you do that to my daughter? You've actually allowed a servant to bully Yi Yi, you are truly a double dealing and back-stabbing person, on the surface you looked good, but behind it was actually completely different! Now that you have seen Yi Heng's Provincial Top Scorer title had been snatched away from him, are you satisfied now? Are you happy now? You're even involved in bullying your own poor relatives like us!"

    "Mother, why are you still talking nonsense to this slutty person, beat her to death, just beat her to death, once she dies, I wanted to see what Chu Xiang is going to marry, is it her memorial tablet, or her coffin!" But Yun Yi Yi also didn't know how to handle things, even though she was being captured by Yuan Dong, but her mouth still remained malicious, not only was she cursing Yun Qian Meng, but also jeering at Chu Fei Yang.

    Yun Qian Meng's half narrowed eyes slightly opened, the two person before her had really disturbed her peace, she glanced at Yuan Dong unobtrusively, Yuan Dong immediately acknowledged, her right hand was still tightly pressing down on Yun Yi Yi's body, yet her left hand immediately formed into a flat shape as for a karate chop, during the least expected time she brandished it towards Yun Yi Yi's shoulder blade, the next second the arrogant bully Yun Yi Yi lost her consciousness after being beaten, then softly fell down on the pile of rice straws.

    "Yi Yi...... What did you do to her?" Seeing Yun Yi Yi collapsed down quietly, Li panicked for a moment, as she glanced at Yun Qian Meng with her eyes full of hatred.

    "Don't worry, Aunt, we just wanted her to rest for a while, also allowing us to have some peaceful moments. If you think you have plenty of strengths with you, you may also continue to curse that evil concubine! But, once we got in the court for a trial, if you don't have enough strength to defend yourself during that time, then you can't blame other people!" Yun Qian Meng spoke indifferently, but that insipid tone of voice contained utterly cold meaning, causing Li's heart to tremble a bit, she suddenly realized that, even though Yun Qian Meng was having her misfortune right now, but there were still plenty of people protecting by her side, if she took the risk to offend her, perhaps the one who will be out of luck will be herself!"

    Thinking of this, no matter how much Li hated Yun Qian Meng, she had to endure this, after which she called out for the two servant girls of Yun Yi Yi, allowed them to assist Yun Yi Yi to move towards the other side of the prison cell, allowed Yun Yi Yi and the old madam to lie down on the pile of rice straws, then she took care of them beside.

    After the others were being warned by Yun Qian Meng's words, they immediately came to see the truth.

    As compared to making further troubles following after the fourth young lady's behavior, it would be better for them to be just like the calm and composed eldest miss, perhaps they will still be able to find a way out, or else if they were to spend all their strengths, then who will come and rescue them?

    It had finally quieted down inside the prison cell, but at this time, all the people heard a strange sound. By means of the moonlight that directly shone down from the roof, they looked towards the direction of the sound. In a corner they found two figures with one on top of the other as they laid down on a pile of straws. Within that shining white reflection it had made all the people to suddenly realise that those two were actually two naked bodies., During this time they were doing a shameful thing, and the body on top was sturdy and strong, at one glance they realized that it was a man!

    All of them were terrified as they watched the scene, having a single question in their minds.

    Why was there a man inside the female prison cell?

    Looking at the woman below the man's body without any strength to resist, now that she was gasping for breath after being tormented by the man, all of them quickly covered their mouths and immediately retreated back. All of them only wanted to get farther away from that prison cell in order to avoid being discovered by that man, and become his next target.

    Even Yun Yan and Liu Han Yu who both seemed to be calmer earlier, also moved closer to Yun Qian Meng after seeing this surprising scene!

    Compared to others, who were frightened in fear, Yun Qian Meng had already came to her own realization earlier. Since they were already prisoners, then they evidently had to be aware of these things. The prison cell was originally the most filthy place of all, so naturally all sorts of shady businesses will be present in this place.

    Perhaps that man was also a convict inside this prison of Ministry of Justice, yet he only had to give some benefits to the female jailers and after that it would be easy for him to do anything as he pleased inside this huge prison.

    But, if such kind of things were to spread out, perhaps Su Yuan would be accused of neglecting his duty and allowing the maltreatment of female prisoners.

    "Big sister......" Yun Yan was after all a less courageous one among them, watching that man continuously tormenting the woman below him, her both hands were trembling as she grasped Yun Qian Meng's hand tightly. Yun Yan's body was trembling violently out of fear and her heart was continuously shouting, as she was afraid that she might become like that woman. It was really scary!

    Being aware of Yun Yan's fear, Yun Qian Meng embraced her with both hands, her face exposed a pacifying faint smile, then she said in a low voice "It's alright!"

    Not to know whether Yun Qian Meng's calm and composed voice had taken its effect or her both hands had given Yun Yan the strength, the utterly frightened young girl had gradually regained her tranquility, under Yun Qian Meng's advice she closed her both eyes, no longer paying attention to the thing that was happening inside the prison cell.

    And until this time, Yun Qian Meng eventually took out an oiled paper wrapper from her sleeve, she failed to understand why the old lady had given her this thing. Could it be that she was worried that someone might put poison in the food?

    Thinking of such possibility, Yun Qian Meng laid the oiled paper wrap in her palm then lightly opened it, yet she discovered that they were just some air-dried green plants, she lifted it high then sniffed it with her nose., Yun Qian Meng's eyes suddenly shot out a cold ray......
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