Chapter 119 Part 1 The Grand Wedding (Part III) : Chu and Mengs Grand Wedding

    Seeing that Chu Fei Yang had unexpectedly appeared at the gates of Chen Wang Fu, Jiang Mu Chen's body instinctively tensed up. Taking the utmost precautions, forthwith, he brushed away the hands of matron of honor who was assisting the bride, stretching his long arms he embraced the bride who was still being covered within veil in his arms. Afterwhich he coldly gazed at Chu Fei Yang's cold expression, his voice which seemed like evening snowfall in thousand of mountains, slowly reverberated, "What's your intention, Chu Xiang? Since you are here to congratulate me for marrying a Ce Fei, why would you shot a cold arrow in the banquet hall? Are you trying to bully our Chen wangfu due to lack of people?"

    Watching Jiang Mu Chen's very much nervous actions yet still pretending to remain calm, Chu Fei Yang could not help but slightly narrow his eyes, afterwhich his voice that was as cold as ten thousand years old iceberg slowly pierced its way inside the ears of every guest: "I evidently couldn't understand why wangye solely didn't invite me aside from everybody else here. Such festive day like this, wangye was being stingy, holding back on an additional cup of wine, it was making me feel bitterly disappointed, could it be that the bride have some secrets that ought to be concealed, that's why wangye had intended to keep them away from me?"

    Finished speaking, all the people saw Chu Fei Yang hopped down from the horseback. Then, with cold air covered all over his body, he slowly set his feet step by step inside the gates of Chen wangfu, unhurriedly and steadily, he approached the banquet hall.

    "Since Chu Xiang has personally come to give his congratulations, Chen wangfu obviously must not neglect it! Somebody please escort Chu Xiang to his seat!" Yuan De taifeii had noticed Jiang Mu Chen's exceptionally nervous expression, although her heart was full of doubt, but in the presence of high officials and noble persons, even if she suffered from great deal of grievance, it would absolutely be improbable for Yuan De taifei  to expose her very own state of mind in front those people.

    Particularly this time, knowing that Chu Fei Yang was harboring evil intentions, and her own son appeared to be in a hidden state of mutual hostility with Chu Fei Yang. Rather than making Chen wangfu to turn into a laughing stock the next day, no matter how much she hated Chu Fei Yang, Yuan De taifei still led Chu Fei Yang to sit at the front most dining table with proper etiquette.

    "Many thanks for the thoughtfulness, taifei! But I just came hurriedly from Luo City, the congratulatory gift that I could offer to the newly weds wangye and Ce Fei Niang Niang, aside from this flying arrow, I don't have anything else, please forgive me wangye and taifei, perhaps some other day I shall assign my servant to send over the appropriate congratulatory gifts!" Chu Fei Yang was acting unrestrained, with his clothes slightly tossed back, he immediately sat down. Later on, lifting up the wine glass in front of him he put it beside his nose and gently sniffed at it for three times, then the corner of his mouth hooked up a shallow smile, his slightly cold voice said, "Chen wangfu is indeed a good place, it actually has such excellent wine, also with richer flavor than anywhere else. Apparently wangye and taifei really know how to enjoy life! Surely, this Ce Fei Niang Niang cefei niangniang today, must be a stunning woman with all beauties and talents, or else how could she become wangye's type?"

    Hearing Chu Fei Yang's irrelevant words, Jiang Mu Chen and Yuan De taifei's creased brows gradually got deeper, thinking that there were things indirectly implied from what Chu Fei Yang had said, concealing unfathomable thoughts.

    "Since Chu Xiang has arrived uninvited, then you should attend the ceremony, please do not delay me and cefei's fortunate timing." As compared to Yuan De taifei, Jiang Mu Chen's heart clearly understood thoroughly

    Chu Fei Yang appearance at such a crucial time, perhaps this suspicious folk bearing gifts was sure to be ill-intentioned. In particular,  when he kept mentioning about the two words "Ce Fei", evidently showed that he must have already received the news, thus came over because of Yun Qian Meng.

    But, he himself had meticulously planned for this in a very long time. Now, how could he allow Chu Fei Yang to easily snatch away the person in his arms?

    Even if Chu Fei Yang had such intention, in front of this many guests, how could he have such guts, facing the accusation and the insults of other people for stealing away someone else's bride, was he intending to grab the person on the spot?

    Thinking about this, Jiang Mu Chen's extremely tensed up heart slightly relaxed a bit. Looking at the imperial guards which were properly assigned all over the place, even if Chu Fei Yang had excellent martial skills, but bringing along Yun Qian Meng, perhaps he would be incapable to take action even if he wanted to.

    "Attend the ceremony? I thought I've already heard that the 'ceremony is completed' few moments ago in the doorway. Don't tell me that you wanted to make your formal kowtow again for my sake?" Those unfathomable dark eyes slightly moved following the light, in an instant they stared rigidly at the bride who was firmly nestled in Jiang Mu Chen's arms. Chu Fei Yang was wearing a faint smile as he stared at the bride whose face was still covered up, causing the people to be unable to guess the mood that was concealed in his both flickering eyes.

    But, this movement was seen as threat and provocation in Jiang Mu Chen's eyes. Especially the expression in Chu Fei Yang's eyes when he stared at the person in his arms, concealing inexpressive tender sentiments, making Jiang Mu Chen sense the unprecedented kind of pressure. Under the impression that Chu Fei Yang had not come to simply give his congratulation, that arm that wrapped around the waist of the bride exerted more strength, causing the person in his arms to press tightly onto his side, not permitting her to have the slightest chance to wriggle out.

    Looking at Jiang Mu Chen's anxious and prudent expression, Chu Fei Yang laughed. The dazzling rays in his eyes glistened vivaciously, akin to the brilliant lights and vibrant colors of a top-notch gem, suddenly filling up the entire Chen wangfu which was already decorated with lanterns and colored banners for hilarity to have a more different scenery.

    e corner, the eyes of the guests continuously glanced around the two equally outstanding men, failing to make sense of the mystery between these two persons.

    However, when all the people saw Chen Wang's agitated and precautious expressions, and Chu Fei Yang's calculated time of appearance, their hearts could not help but secretly guessed that, were these two challenging each other for the affection of the daughter of the richest merchant?

    But, it was still vivid in their minds about the scenario wherein Chu Fei Yang had knelt down and personally requested the Emperor to grant the marriage a few months ago. In this occasion if they really faced each other with glaring eyes because of a woman other than the da xiaojie of the Yun xiangfu, it apparently seemed inexcusable!

    And besides, his own fiancee was still imprisoned at this time, if he really had rushed over here hastily from Luo City because of a daughter of the richest merchant, then he naturally would be an unfaithful person. Yun Qian Meng could only be considered as ill-fated, for previously being rejected by Chen Wang in marriage, then now being abandoned by Chu Xiang at the back of his mind. In addition, at the very moment the two men became rivals because of a daughter of some richest merchant. The situation was simply like giving Yun Qian Meng a big slap on her face. It could clearly be seen that if a woman had suffered such fate like Yun Qian Meng, she was indeed extremely pitiful.

    Seeing the situation on the spot, all the people could not help but sighed. They could only blame Yun Qian Meng for being unlucky in her marital life, with two supposedly great marriages, being snapped off easily in a mere blink of an eye. Regardless of the fortunate timing, it seemed to be intended that such unfortunate matter happened at this crucial period, it could also be regarded that the heavens really had no will to allow Yun Qian Meng to have a normal fate.

    Although the people sympathized with Yun Qian Meng's experience, yet they also reminded themselves, that such kind of woman, one should absolutely not marry her into their family, or else it could only bring disgrace.

    "Since that is the case, then please quietly enjoy your meal, Chu Xiang!" Seeing Chu Fei Yang pestering endlessly, Jiang Mu Chen's heart was already raging with fury, but thinking that Yun Qian Meng had already become his woman from now on, without any least bit of connection with Chu Fei Yang anymore, Jiang Mu Chen's heart could not help but feel delighted. He simply had to just wait until after tonight, when Yun Qian Meng's marriage license has been in his hands, even if Chu Fei Yang broke his own neck and committed suicide, this fact was already set on stone.

    After speaking, Jiang Mu Chen embraced the person tightly in his arms and lifted up his foot, preparing to set his foot towards the direction of the women's courtyard.

    Yuan De taifei seeing her son was about to leave, gradually laid down her heart which had been feeling anxious for almost half of the day. Unfortunately, those highly perfected eyes, were still vigilantly staring at Chu Fei Yang, who was now drinking and chatting merrily with Duan Wang, for the fear that this unfathomable Chu Fei Yang would perform some unspeakable tricks.

    "Wangye please hold your steps!" Scarcely realized, whatever that had been feared was starting to happen!

    Seconds ago Chu Fei Yang was still conversing with Duan Wang, yet the next moment he uttered something to make Chen Wang halt his steps. Soon after, his hand lifted up the wine cup, confident and at ease as he stood up before all the puzzled looks of the people present. He then slowly walked towards the ceremonial hall leaving his seat under the precautionary looks of Jiang Mu Chen

    "I came late today, wasn't able to catch up with wangye and Ce Fei Niang Niang's wedding ceremony, it was really my mistake! As a result, I hereby offer three cups of wine to show my respect for wangye and Ce Fei Niang Niang The first is to congratulate, the second is to apologize! I believe wangye wouldn't reject me!" Bearing an ice-cold breath as he walked towards Jiang Mu Chen, Chu Fei Yang's smiling eyes remained cold, but his voice was gentle and respectful. Yet, all the people could only see his tall and straight figure without being able to detect the changes in Chu Fei Yang's expression.

    But, Jiang Mu Chen who was standing face to face with Chu Fei Yang had clearly seen them all. Feeling Chu Fei Yang's glance was similar to thousand of arrows being shot at his heart, the corner of his mouth that was slightly raised became an extremely cold smile, bearing an intense loftiness, directly advancing towards him.

    Now that the timber had been turned into a boat already, even if Chu Fei Yang's loftiness was threatening, Jiang Mu Chen would definitely not give in, specifically when he felt the soft and flexible delicate body in his arms slightly trembled after hearing Chu Fei Yang's proposal, causing Jiang Mu Chen to be even more resolute with the opinion in his mind.

    Since Chu Fei Yang was still unwilling to give up, wanted to see the face of the bride, then I shall satisfy his wish. Let's see how he would respond!

    Thinking about this, Jiang Mu Chen's heart somehow began to stir. He was actually a bit impatient, wanted to see the way how Chu Fei Yang would lose his mind and fall apart upon seeing Yun Qian Meng's face.

    "Come, fetch me some more wine!" With this instruction, in the corner, Yuan De taifei's heart suddenly jumped.

    Sitting in a tall chair, she had evidently seen Chu Fei Yang's dangerous expression, distinctively when Chu Fei Yang's actions were too strange today. Hence being vigilant at heart, it had also brought a sense of fear to other people, but Chen'er was not able to remain calm, in a few words he was already being enraged by Chu Fei Yang, falling into his trap!

    Besides, where could you find a bride who would lift off her head covering and started drinking in front the guests just few minutes after the wedding ceremony? This was not only unsuitable etiquette wise, it was even more of a taboo.

    Thinking about this, Yuan De taifei started to feel more resentful towards this daughter-in-law which she had never met before, if it had not been for this woman, how could her son who usually behaved level-minded, go out of control by forgetting his manners? But now in the present of so many guests, also with such status of Chen Wang, if Yuan De taifei was to excessively obstruct, perhaps it would affect Chen Wang's reputation. When the time came when the mother and son were not in good terms, would not it just benefit this slut?

    Her delicate brows could not help but wrinkled a bit. In the end, Yuan De taifei still gave a hand gesture permitting Jiang Mama to go ahead and support the bride.

    Jiang Mama acknowledged, then quietly approached beside the bride, using her body to block off majority of the puzzled gaze of the guests.

    "Wangye is indeed a frank and straightforward person! I shall first punish myself with three cups!" Seeing Jiang Mu Chen had impatiently wanted to attack him, Chu Fei Yang hooked up the corner of his mouth, lifted his head as he quickly drank three cups of excellent wine. After which his long fingers gripped the wine cup, facing the cup down, informing Jiang Mu Chen, that he had already finished the three cups, now it's their turn to do it.

    Watching Chu Fei Yang using the extremely fast speed to finish off three cups of wine, Jiang Mu Chen took the wine cup in a servant girl's hand, then lifted his head as he finished off three cups of wine. Afterward, he also let the servant girl to pour a cup of light wine, carefully placed it in the small hands that were already full of cold sweat, leaning over and partitioned by the red head covering, he whispered beside the bride's ears, "Meng'er, don't be scared, after you drink this wine, you will be my Ce Fei now!"

    Yet after the bride in his arms heard his whispers, her body trembled even more violently, seemed to be extremely scared of lifting off her head covering. That hand holding the wine cup was continuously shaking, even if it was just lightly half cup of wine, she had already spilled out half of it. Chu Fei Yang could not help but raised his brows, afterwhich he coldly spoke, "Is Ce Fei Niang Niang sick? Why is her body shaking violently like that?"

    But, Jiang Mu Chen had seen all these, yet he thought Yun Qian Meng was afraid of facing Chu Fei Yang, such kind of reactions, were all reasonable and fair, causing Jiang Mu Chen to be more delighted. His both hands held the bride's hands then in a gentle voice he said, "Don't be afraid, Chu Xiang is only proposing a toast, he wouldn't do anything inappropriate. Besides, with me here, I would definitely not make you suffer from anything."

    Despite Chen Wang effort by repeatedly soothing her, yet the bride only trembled even more violently. This time her whole body vibrated, her head with the red covering started to sway back and forth, seemed to be completely in refusal to drink the wine.

    "Xiangye, our Ce Fei Niang Niang might be tired already, please allow nubi to support cefei to the backyard to take some rest." Seeing this strange situation, Jiang Mama's eyes seemed to be a bit confused, but the volume of voice when Chen Wang spoke to Ce Fei was too low, even if she held her breath to listen attentively, she still would not be able to hear even just a word or two.

    But, if they were to allow Ce Fei to lose facein front of all people, it would be better to bring her back to the women's courtyard. So as to avoid her losing the reputation of Chen wangfu in front of all the people.

    Finished speaking, Jiang Mama was about to lend her arm to the bride, but she was blocked off by Chen Wang. Chen Wang's expression was cold, and in a cold voice he commanded, "Jiang Mama, just do your job to serve my mother. As for the matters regarding cefei, I will assign other servant girls to serve her!"

    After speaking, Chen Wang embraced the bride even tighter in his arms.

    However, this time Chu Fei Yang just indifferently took a glimpse at Jiang Mama, with a bit of danger in his voice he said, "Mama, didn't you consider giving me some respect? Don't tell me that I am not allowed to offer wine to my Ce Fei Niang Niang?"

    With these words, Jiang Mama immediately went silent, did not dare to speak anything further.

    Although this bride had become Chen Wang's Ce Fei from now on, but Ce Fei was nothing but a mere minor concubine, and as for any normal household, she would be just a concubine.

    In addition, this Ce Fei came from a lowly family background, and currently still had not been legalised as a Ce Fei by the Emperor. Conceivably, aside from making Chen Wang spoil her, she had no other options to depend on in order to strengthen her status.

    If she was to leave Chen Wang, perhaps this woman would not worth a thing. Not only would she not be offered a toast by Chu Fei Yan, even if she wanted to enter Chu xiangfu to become servant or slave, she might even get rejected.

    Jiang Mama naturally would not offend Emperor Yu Qian's trusted Chu Fei Yang over a girl like this!

    And besides, with today's occasion, herself being a servant of Chen wangfu, still she must not speak words to contradict Chu Fei Yang and made Yuan De taifei lose her face.

    Seeing Jiang Mama knowing her place, Chu Fei Yang raised up the corner of his lips and coldly laughed. Followed by he shifted his attention towards the bride which Jiang Mu Chen firmly embraced in his arms, then slowly voiced out, "Since Ce Fei Niang Niang is not feeling well, then please finish this wine cup as soon as possible then return to rest, so as to avoid catching a cold during this winter twelfth month."

    The bride having heard of this statement from Chu Fei Yang thought  that she could not run away from this calamity. However, after Chu Fei Yang finished speaking all these words, that bride's heart could not help but sank to the abyss. Beside her ears Jiang Mu Chen's persuasion vibrating with warmth, she could only slowly lift up the wine cup, with one hand gradually lift up the corner of the head covering, exposing both of her dark red lips, trembling as she made the cup closer to her lips......

    But, that hand gripping the wine cup was violently trembling all along, causing her unable to drink the wine, on the contrary her to carelessly splash everything onto her face. A few drops of wine were even got sucked into her nose, causing her to suffer from pain as she started to lower her head and coughed violently. Only during this time, that head covering which was originally on top of her head slowly fell onto the ground along with the moment when she stooped down and bowed her head, giving her not enough time to catch it.

    All of a sudden beautiful face was presented before Chu Fei Yang's eyes, yet it did not belong to Yun Qian Meng. Staring at the pale white face of a woman who as though had lost her head out of fear, Chu Fei Yang lightly glanced at Jiang Mama's agape and tongue-tied expression in the corner of his eyes. The smile in the corner of his mouth was increasingly getting more profound.

    That familiar face let all the people came to realize that, the woman that Chen Wang married was absolutely not a daughter of some richest m, but the woman who was supposedly being imprisoned inside the Ministry of Justice. It was the second daughter of Yun Xuan Zhi, Yun Ruo Xue!

    All the people were being greatly surprised by the turn of events which happened so quickly. One after another they simultaneously started to stare openly at Yun Ruo Xue who now used her hand to quickly cover up her face. Immediately they commenced to whisper to one another's ears and engaged in discussion in a lowered voice. They finally realized why they did not get to see that richest merchant in this main hall.

    They originally thought that due to the insufficient identity of the richest merchant, thus he was not able to enter Chen wangfu. But now they realized that, this was completely a diversionary tactic of Chen Wang, drawing up the identity of the daughter of richest merchant for Yun Ruo Xue, afterwhich rescuing Yun Ruo Xue out from the prison of Ministry of Justice, then marrying her to be his Ce Fei.

    Hence through this matter, all the people apparently came to understand that, no wonder Chen Wang had declined the marriage with the da xiaojie of Yun xiangfu by every possible means, it was actually because of the er xiaojie.

    But, did Chen Wang unable to distinguish the difference between the fish's eye and pearl?

    How could Yun Ruo Xue's identity simply be compared with Yun Qian Meng's? Even if Yun Qian Meng had not earned his favor, it was still unnecessary to reject the marriage with the daughter of first wife because of the daughter of a concubine!

    Unable to comprehend, really unable to comprehend! This Chen Wang really did possess peculiar conduct, it really made people unable to guess his thoughts.

    But, today's incident was indeed too shocking. Needless to say of  who Chen Wang had married, but at this moment Yun Ruo Xue was also the criminal of the court, he had actually stolen her. If Emperor Yu Qian was to discover it, perhaps even Chen Wang, would not be able to protect this Yun Ruo Xue.

    "Wangye......" Jiang Mama by just looking at Yun Ruo Xue's ahead, she was already terrified and speechless, no wonder why wangye had refused to let taifei approach the courtyard during these days, as it turned out, Yun Ruo Xue had been hidden inside.

    Thinking about Yun Ruo Xue's current status, Jiang Mama's face suddenly turned ugly. In an instant she casted a meaningful glance towards Yuan De taifei, and even though Yuan De taifei had not seen the face of this woman, yet she had already known for a long time based on all the people's expression that perhaps there were changes in the matter. Suddenly she stood up from her seat, anxiously walked towards Yun Ruo Xue, without saying anything further she exerted her efforts to turn Yun Ruo Xue's body around, allowing people to pull down both hands covering her face, upon seeing Yuan De taifei's face immediately turned ashen.

    "You......" Jiang Mu Chen was stroking the back of the bride, he did not notice Jiang Mama and all the people's expression, until Yuan De taifei had done what was least expected as she approached and pulled down Yun Ruo Xue's both hands, he was then able to clearly see that the one he had tried to carefully protect was actually not Yun Qian Meng. For a moment he was not able to utter any words.

    "Oh, isn't this the er xiaojie? When did she become the daughter of the richest merchant and marry Chen wangye to be a Ce Fei? Did Yun Xiang know about this? This lifelong major event, would naturally be based on the parents' command and the matchmaker's words. Wonder if Wangye went to Yun xiangfu to seek approval, seek blessing, receive invitation, then eventually select the good date? You must not let er xiaojie to  feel dejected!" Seeing Jiang Mu Chen's intertwined facial expressions, Chu Fei Yang spoke in a laidback tone of voice.

    Wishing the whole world to be in chaos, this was what Jiang Mu Chen wanted for Chu Fei Yang at this moment.

    But, he had evidently seen Yun Qian Meng climbed up the marriage sedan, but just in a short span of time, how did his own bride transformed into Yun Ruo Xue?

    Where did the real Yun Qian Meng go? What did Ning Feng and his men do? They could not even look after a woman without the strength to truss a chicken!

    Was not Yun Ruo Xue still in the prison of Ministry of Justice? Why could she appeared in front of his eyes wearing the bridal dress! This matter, was it still related to Su Yuan?

    A chain of questions wounded up in Chen Wang's mind one after another. His facial expression only turned uglier as time passed by.

    The gaze as cold as ice, like a blade as it suddenly swept through the bridal dress that Yun Qian Meng had previously been wearing. His dark and gloomy face instantly turned pale white as snowflakes. This bridal dress, he had personally chosen it for Yun Qian Meng, each and every golden thread and decorative design, no one else knew it better than him, seeing this bridal dress was actually worn by Yun Ruo Xue at this moment, Jiang Mu Chen suddenly could not restrain his fury. At once, he stretched out his hand, then violently pushed Yun Ruo Xue's back.

    Yun Ruo Xue seeing herself being discovered, then also seeing Yuan De taifei and Chen Wang who both seemed as if they wanted to swallow her whole, was also scared as she became speechless. Even her both legs that tried so hard to support her own body, were also trembling with fear.

    But this time she was caught off guard being pushed by Chen Wang with both hands that contained force, thus her entire body immediately flew out from the incense burner table in the main hall......

    'Hua La! (crashing sound)' Everything, including the fruits and wine from the incense burner table, all fell to the ground, and Yun Ruo Xue's body also violently knocked against the incense burner table, rolled a few times on top of it, afterwhich it bounced back from the wall, directly hitting the ground surface. Her body rolled on the ground for a few loops, then she leaned on the floor spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood unable to bear the pain......

    "You've set me up!" Facing Yun Ruo Xue's miserable condition, yet Chen Wang was not in the mood to look at her, instead he turned around and stared at Chu Fei Yang with hazy eyes, and said in a cold voice.

    Facing Chen Wang who was as cold as ice and frost, with the terrifying loftiness, all the guests' faces displayed fear, only Chu Fei Yang's face perked up with a smile, and he quietly asked, "Wangye, please do not pass your own disappointment on top of other people's head! I just came back from Luo City, hearing about your huge wedding today, I had rushed over here to congratulate you, how could this kind of accusation ever happen here? Even if I wanted to get involved in this matter, I wouldn't also have enough time to plan for all of these! Besides, the Imperial Guards of Chen wangfu have excellent martial skills, the Chen wangfu's security was also quite strict, wangye had never doubted the person you were holding in your arms, how could I know that this Ce Fei was actually er xiaojie of the Yun family, it was just merely discovering this fact accidentally. Yet unexpectedly, wangye flew into a rage out of humiliation, putting all the blame on me, taking your own anger out on another person, wangye's behavior was actually quite disappointing!"

    At this time, Chu Fei Yang's mood was undoubtedly great, going so far as to put out a lengthy interrogation, rotating around people's head making them feel dizzy. However murderous spirit suddenly raged in Jiang Mu Chen's eyes, his both hands under the sleeves were tightly clenched into fists, wishing he could ruthlessly beat up Chu Fei Yang's smiling face.

    "Chu Fei Yang, regarding this matter, aside from you, who would have done it? Do think that with these questions from you it would clear up all the suspicions on you? Quickly tell me, where did you hide Meng'er?" Suddenly advancing a step forward, Chen Wang and Chu Fei Yang confronted each other face to face, one with a vicious face, the other with a face like peach blossom. Two pairs of fierceful eyes were staring at each other without evading. The battle among them, even the guests outside the wedding hall were able to feel its intense energy. All the people knew  that not only had Chen Wang married the wrong Ce Fei, even Chu Fei Yang as well as Yun xiangfu were also involved, thus one by one they stood up, taking the advantage when the host family was not looking, they quietly departed from Chen wangfu.

    Facing Jiang Mu Chen's aggressive behavior, Chu Fei Yang laughed coldly, afterwhich he said in a cold voice, "This is what benxiang wanted to ask wangye. During the time when benxiang left the capital, benxiang didn't expect wangye would do things like these. You had actually forced Meng'er to marry you instead, you are despicable! This time I came here to demand wangye to return my fiancee, if wangye didn't hand her over, then please don't blame me for becoming hostile with you. Zhang Qing!" After speaking, Chu Fei Yang looked at Qu Zhang Qing who was standing outside of Chen wangfu and commanded "Transmit my order, immediately seize the Chen wangfu, I want to find out how long wangye is capable of hiding things!"
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