Chapter 122 Part 1 You Chase and I Run, Cant Catch Me

    The two of them were standing inside of the decorated pleasure boat watching the other boat approaching them  to discover Chu Wang standing at the prow of the boat staring with angry eyes at Chu Fei Yang. Yun Qian Meng could not help but purse her lips and gently laugh while thinking that this grandfather and grandson were actually enemies. The young man hiding away from the old man, the old man chasing after the young man. But the interaction between the two of them inadvertently displayed the family love that completely made other people feel emotionally touched.

    "Boatman, accelerate the speed of the boat!" Chu Fei Yang's both eyes half narrowed, his slightly cold gaze shot across Chu Wang who was stepping on the outer railings of the decorated boat. The corner of Chu Fei Yang's mouth exposed a cold smile. His grandfather was becoming increasingly negligent towards his own health. He was actually standing at the prow of the boat ignoring the cold wind of the winter season, he must have already gotten tired of living! All right, then I shall give him my support permitting him to enjoy the bone-chilling cold wind of the winter, as a consequence he will lie in the bed for another ten days or half a month, that's when he will realize severity of the effect!

    Yun Qian Meng seeing Chu Fei Yang being immersed in deep thoughts, gently held his hands, while diverting his attention, she softly said "We better allow grandpa to come inside! With his old age, he might not be able to endure such torment!"

    And besides, he himself was still on the boat, which grandson and granddaughter-in-law in the world would refuse  their own grandfather to get on? If this was to spread out, would it become a joke for other people?

    And while Chu Fei Yang was enjoying the rare aggressiveness of Yun Qian Meng, he was resolutely shaking his head. He then instructed his men to let down all the curtains of the wooden window in the decorated boat, not allowing the cold wind to seep inside it , so as to avoid Yun Qian Meng from catching a cold. He pulled her to sit down and personally picked up the bamboo pipe laying on the small side table. From inside of it he took out a few roots of jasmine flowers then put them inside the light brown glass teacup. After which he picked up the kettle boiling with hot water and placed in the middle of the small side table. He carefully poured the hot water into the glass teacup, then gently covered the lid of the teacup. Both of his slender hands held that glass teacup and slightly shook it a few times. Pouring the water that had already changed its color inside the basin beside him. He then lifted the water kettle again  to pour in two thirds of hot water into the glass teacup. Then he finally wrapped it up by using a clean handkerchief to hand it over to Yun Qian Meng.

    Watching Chu Fei Yang's big hands with distinct joints gently pinching buds of jasmine flowers and their elegant shapes visibly blossoming with a heavy fragrance, merely using her eyes to observe it, Yun Qian Meng could not help but admire the love that the God had given to him. This pair of slender big hands were as brilliant and translucent as jade, exquisitely long and powerful. The fingernails suffused with light pinkish color had  a kind of graceful beauty, causing Yun Qian Meng to stare foolishly, admiring her own husband who had  the ability to damage the country and cause suffering to the people. With just merely a pair of hands, he was already too much for the eye to take in. No wonder those women had hated her out of jealousy.

    "Have a taste of it. This Long Tuan jasmine tea is actually this year's tribute tea. I had drank this inside the imperial palace. It's not that bad so I've requested some of it from His Majesty!" Both bright gentle eyes were gazing at Yun Qian Meng and seemed to be waiting for her compliment.

    Following the spoken words, Yun Qian Meng lowered down her head and lifted open the lid of  the teacup. A faint stream of heat slowly rose up from within. The distinctive fragrance of the jasmine tea immediately hit her face directly. the water within the teacup was clear yellow-green and the leaves were well-distributed crystal green.

    Lifting up the glass teacup in her hand she took a sip. She immediately felt it was refreshing and tasty. The aftertaste was mellow and rich and it made Yun Qian Meng to drink another mouthful of it. Afterwards she smiled while she nodded her head at Chu Fei Yang, then spoke slowly "It is indeed a great tea!"

    "Chu Fei Yang, stop the boat!" At this moment, from the decorated boat behind them a loud Chu Wang's roar faintly echoed.

    Hearing the voice from the distant place, Chu Fei Yang understood that their boat must had advanced away  from Chu Wang for some distance. And this had made Chu Wang stampe his feet out of anger regardless of his public image as he had started to roar from the prow of the boat.

    "Boatman, I'll double your wage, just speed up some more!" But due to this, Chu Fei Yang's intention to get rid of Chu Wang was even more determined. This time he raised the boatman's funds in order to let him  to increase the speed of the boat.

    The boatman having heard that he might earn more money, evidently exerted more effort in rowing the boat. The workers at the bottom of the boat immediately joined together all their strengths, exerting more effort rowing the boat forward. Immediately leaving the decorated boat behind them further away at the back, leading a long way in front for about five hundred meters distance.

    During this time, the curtain of the boat were  lifted open and the cold Jiang Mu Chen walked out from it. Seeing shocked Chu Wang stomping his feet at the prow of the boat and also seeing the decorated boat up front became farther and farther away. He mockingly sneered as he said "Didn't expect Chu Xiang to be so unfilial, evidently you've heard Chu Wang yelled out for you to stop, yet instead you had accelerated the speed of the boat even faster. Such kind of unfilial act, will be greatly despised by others! How fortunately that Chu Wang had utilized the army of Chu previously just to forbid me from entering Wang Fu! Such kind of grandchild, is he worth being protected by Wang Ye?"

    After speaking, Jiang Mu Chen's eyes shifted again to that decorated boat up front. Those eyes which seemed like sharp edges of blade, coldly stared at the two figure behind that cotton curtain, wishing they could spit out flames!

    The utterly flustered and exasperated Chu Nan Shan had immediately regained his composure upon seeing Chen Wang's appearance. He displayed his calm attitude, facing Jiang Mu Chen who was deliberately trying to cause the disharmony between them two, Chu Wang just exposed a shallow smile. His exquisite eyes were enjoying the view of that sparkling surface of the green umber lake, and he plainly spoke "Chen Wang, you are not me or Fei Yang, how can you know anything about the interesting things between the two of us as the grandfather and grandson? Now that we have Meng'er, after a few year we shall have a few great grandchildren, I will live my days playings with the children. But, I somehow feel pity for you, Chen Wang, you are the one who had destroyed what was supposedly a great marriage during the past. I believe you are utterly regretful towards it. But, as the saying goes, if it wasn't meant to be yours, even if you force it, it will never be yours!"

    After speaking, Chu Nan Shan's eyes exposed a faint mocking smile. The corner of his mouth hooked up a cold expression. Directly staring at Chen Wang with eyes bright and full of expression which appeared to have a light alertness and murderous spirit.

    Being stared fixedly by Chu Nan Shan like that, Jiang Mu Chen still maintained his calm and composed look. But, when Chu Wang mentioned about the previous marriage arrangement between him and Yun Qian Meng, those eyes which were as ice-cold as the snowy mountain flickered a bit in anger, like the cold rays that quickly streak across the sword blade. Causing people's heart to tremble upon seeing it.

    "Are you trying to hide something, Chu Wang? Based on the attitude that Chu Fei Yang had given you, perhaps your wishes will be fruitless! When the time comes, will it just mean that your reputation will reach the rock bottom?" Watching the layered pleasure boat caused Jiang Mu Chen's both hands hidden inside the sleeves to tightly clenched into fists. If it was not for the great distance separating them, perhaps he would had already lost his control and rushed inside the middle of the boat.

    And during this time Chu Wang was still standing beside him, who was continuously jabbering on and on, wishing he could use words to defeat him, seriously making the anger in his heart to flare up even more. Before Chu Wang could speak again, he mocked and ridiculed him as he remarked "Chu Wang Ye, don't you forget who was the one trying hard to climb up to this boat!"

    At first he thought that by making such remark he would shut Chu Wang's mouth, but instead it had stirred up Chu Wang's unending complain "This twelfth lunar month winter, for the entire green umber river, aside from that decorated boat in front there is only  your boat. If I'm not going to use your boat, then who else's boat should I use! But, the accelerating speed of your decorated boat is somehow a bit slow, such turtle-like speed, no wonder Meng'er was able to marry into our Chu Wang Fu!"

    "Speed up!" Before Chu Wang could finish talking, Jiang Mu Chen coldly yelled while slightly gnashing his teeth.

    Ning Feng who was guarding in a corner seeing his own master being easily angered by Chu Nan Shan, his heart could not help but feel worried. He immediately went ahead intending to persuade Chen Wang.

    After all, during this time the city gates were widely opened. There were numerous common people going in and out of the city. If they were to find out that Chen Wang's boat was tightly chasing after Chu Fei Yang's decorated boat, perhaps before tomorrow arrived, numerous rumors will spread through the entire capital. This will be extremely harmful towards Wang Ye.

    But Chu Nan Shan shot a cold glance towards his direction. That gaze had warned Ning Feng as he slightly ceased his steps forward. But watching Jiang Mu Chen exposed his cold expression, he pushed against the pressure given to him by Chu Nan Shan. He stood behind Chen Wang and advised "Wang Ye, this decorated boat is Tai Fei Niang Niang's beloved possession. It shouldn't be knocked against or bumped, we must use it with care! The decorated boat is advancing ahead with such great speed. We can't say for sure but it might meet an accident soon......"

    But before he could finish speaking, Ning Feng felt the pressure of the gaze pushing on his own body was becoming heavier. He lifted his head and looked. Seeing Chu Wang staring back at him giving him a smile that  didn't look like a smile. Those gloomy eyes flickered, bringing him a sense of fear, as if he was a prey being stared at by a cheetah.

    Before Ning Feng could move his body away from Chu Wang's gaze, Jiang Mu Chen's eyes that were as cold as iron were staring at him with a similar fierceness. Perhaps the last statement that Ning Feng made had provoked Jiang Mu Chen's anger, causing him to suddenly feel unhappy, wishing he could dig a hole out from Ning Feng's body.

    But even if it was like this. Some things, Ning Feng still have no other way but to tell them. He moved away from Chu Wang's gaze and continued to speak in a low voice beside Chen Wang's ears "Wang Ye, after a while the people in the city gates will start to come around. If we are to pursue closely like this, it will only start a rumor! Please consider it carefully, Wang Ye!"

    And what's more, few days ago during Wang Ye's grand wedding, it had been announced that we was marrying Yun Qian Meng. But in the end everyone had seen it was actually Yun Ruo Xue. This incident had already infuriated Yuan De Tai Fei. Moreover Wang Ye had became the target for all the people's mockery, if such rumors and slanders were to spread out once again, perhaps it would damaged Chen Wang's reputation.

    In Ning Feng's opinion, Yun Qian Meng was merely an honorable daughter being rejected marriage by Chen Wang. Even if she had married Chu Xiang now, but she was still just a woman. If the usually cool-headed Wang Ye was always getting a great number of people involved because of just one woman, this was extremely unnecessary.

    "You are becoming more and more annoying! Isn't it because you feel that I am too tolerant, even you are becoming increasingly outrageous?" But Jiang Mu Chen still maintained his own viewpoint, particularly after he saw the decorated boat up front was accelerating faster. His expression became more grave and stern and those resentful eyes were even colder. Even Chu Nan Shan who was standing in a corner had felt it.

    "Young fellow, if you want to go, just go ahead! How can a man like you be so pesky! I'm still waiting to be able to reach my grandson's decorated boat!" This time, Chu Nan Shan painly remarked. The imposing manner in his speech was something even a royal family member like Chen Wang was unable to compare with.

    Ning Feng knowing very well that his advice was futile, let alone his own master had already made up his mind, he had no choice but to go back inside the hold of the boat, instructing the people below to accelerate the speed of the boat.

    "Wang Ye's determination, I truly admire it!" Chu Nan Shan's stare seemed to have penetrating power as it continued to stare at Jiang Mu Chen beside him, speaking with things indirectly implied. His white brows slightly wrinkled while he spoke these words, the billows in his eyes were heroic like raging waves beating against the shore. But instantly he regained his usual calm composure, causing other people unable to trace his intense emotions moments ago. Momentarily covering up the rise and fall of all his emotions.

    "Humph! Is Chu Wang starting to criticize me again?" Now that the slanderous rumors had already spread throughout the entire capital, it will be impossible for Jiang Mu Chen not to know about it. Even Yuan De Tai Fei refused to visit his courtyard for the past few days. Perhaps she was still angry about the previous incident.

    But as for Jiang Mu Chen, these were only trivial matters. Everytime when he thought about Yun Qian Meng who had already became Chu Fei Yang's wife, a steady flow of anger rushed forth to his heart. That wrath was the result of humiliation caused by Chu Fei Yang. If he was unable to find these two persons involved, Jiang Mu Chen would never quell his anger.

    And during this time Chu Nan Shan payed no attention to Jiang Mu Chen. Looking at these two decorated boat which became closer and closer to each other, a faint smile exposed in Chu Nan Shan's eyes. He had already known in his heart, that this loathsome young fellow will never be able to escape from him!

    During this time, the two persons sitting inside the hold of the boat were able to see the two persons standing by the prow of the boat. Yun Qian Meng was astonished, watching Chu Wang and Chen Wang being actually able to remain tranquil for a long period of time. This was somehow unexpected!

    But immediately she thought that, for the sake of chasing after Chu Fei Yang, Chu Wang was indeed completely unscrupulous, going so far as to hop onto to Chen Wang's boat. He indeed was extremely audacious.

    A thin layer of ice had already formed in the corner of Chu Fei Yang's eyes, but his hands holding Yun Qian Meng was still warm. At this time the strength exerted in his hands was somehow stronger, transmitting some of the emotions he felt in the bottom of his heart to Yun Qian Meng.

    "Are you worrying about grandpa?" Although Chu Fei Yang often made life difficult for Chu Wang during ordinary days, but it is an inevitable fact that they were of the same blood. During the crucial moment, that feeling of concealed worry at the bottom of his heart would expose the truth.

    Upon hearing Yun Qian Meng's words, Chu Fei Yang smiled indifferently. That thin layer of ice in the corner of his eyes melted away gently like the springtime water, bringing warmth as it swept through the bottom of Yun Qian Meng's heart "I'm thinking if the two of them have the intention of joining  their hands together against us!"

    The both of them were defeated by him, naturally Chu Fei Yang would not care about them, but the two of them have the same target, that is Yun Qian Meng. Thinking about this Chu Fei Yang had no other choice but to defend against them.

    Apparently, the incident a couple of days ago had really upset Jiang Mu Chen. Indeed he had inquired about his journey today. He had particularly waited along the side of the green umber river to catch them.

    Since that is the case, he would naturally play along with these two people. Pretty soon he will find out who is the winner of this bet.

    While draping the furry coat over Yun Qian Meng's shoulders, Chu Fei Yang spoke in the at the same time "Xi Lin!"

    Yun Qian Meng only heard the sinking sound in the water. Before she could ask what was going on, she was being embraced by Chu Fei Yang as she stood up, leading her to the prow of the boat.

    The chilly cold wind outside caused Yun Qian Meng to shrink back her neck out of discomfort. But her body was being embraced more tightly by Chu Fei Yang. That slender big hand seized the hood of her cloak and covered the top of her head, blocking out the cold air outside.

    When Yun Qian Meng adjusted to the low temperature outside she took a deep breath. Feeling the fresh and free air of the surrounding outdoor, it was even more relaxing than staying inside the huge courtyard with very high walls. Surveying the passers-by on the arch bridge in a distant place, those bustling sounds and people hawking their merchandise all over the distant place faintly echoed through the ears along with the cold wind, causing Yun Qian Meng who was currently smothered in the four-sided little world feel a bit restless. Which made her wish she could join the people in this place which was bustling with noise and excitement.

    Chu Fei Yang watched the happiness in her eyes, slightly perking up the corner of his mouth. Afterwards he lifted her up from her feet. Before Yun Qian Meng could manage to cry out in surprise, he jumped out of the decorated boat together with Yun Qian Meng. Immediately landing onto the little boat which was already prepared in front of the decorated leisure boat.

    And Xi Lin followed after them as he also hopped onto that small boat. After they settled themselves on their seats, the boatman quickly paddled forward, sailing towards the direction of the shore......

    Yun Qian Meng turned around and looked at the decorated boat which became farther and farther away. Secretly laughing while thinking that for the sake of running away from Chu Wang, Chu Fei Yang had became completely unscrupulous.

    And during this time that decorated boat had completely covered up the small boat. Even if Chu Wang and Chen Wang would be able to keep up, perhaps they will find nothing on the boat. Those two persons will just have their wasted efforts obtaining nothing.

    Unfortunately for their trip to the river today, a nicely planned winter tour, had been spoiled by other people, alas!

    In just a while , the small boat had already reached the shore. And during this time, the small boat was still hidden from Jiang Mu Chen's view due to the obstruction of the decorated boat that was behind. On the left side the pier of the arch bridge had also obstructed the view from the shore. This was indeed the right timing.

    But, this had instead caused the doubt to rise up in Yun Qian Meng's heart. Her both eyes shifted towards Chu Fei Yang who was leading her and walking to the direction of the horse carriage. Feeling that Chu Fei Yang who had everything under control, was truly amazing. No wonder he had already became the leader of the hundred officials at a very young age. With such kind of capability and thinking, perhaps it is rare occurrence!

    The two of them sat inside the horse carriage. Yun Qian Meng laid down the hood on top of her head, empty-handed as she lifted up the thick curtain and humbly looked out. Seeing Chu Wang who was standing at the prow of the boat, his face exposed a delightful smile. And Jiang Mu Chen's face had eased up a bit as the two decorated boats came near to each other. But it was unknown  what will be their reactions after seeing the empty boat.

    "Is it worthy to watch that stinky old man and that despicable nasty person? Meng'er, I am your husband. In front of me, why will you still look at other people!" This time, a warm hand gently turned her head. Another hand grabbed her hand which was holding the curtain, causing the curtain of the carriage to naturally laid down. And what Yun Qian Meng saw in her eyes was a resentful handsome face.

    Chu Fei Yang's eyes looked sad. Those dark eyes flickered in accusation. The usually calm and dense eyebrows seemingly knitted up slightly, the entire face looked miserable, and appeared to be holding resentment.

    Seeing him to be this much caring, Yun Qian Meng could not help but smile gently.The intention to tease him hoisted up in her heart, following which she took out her hand which was tightly grabbed by him. With both hands clasping his captivating handsome face she quickly gathered her red lips, then planted a kiss that belonged to herself on those thin lips.

    "This must be able to make up for it!" But this kiss was like a flash in the pan, just lightly touched then moved away.

    And with just this simple kiss, it had evidently cause a lot discontentment in Chu Fei Yang's heart. He immediately seized Yun Qian Meng's body. With one hand pressing the back of her head, he spontaneously lowered down his head, instantly snatching her red lips. Deepening this kiss, tossing and turning restlessly absorbing the fragrance and beauty from her mouth, until the time when he heard Yun Qian Meng faint panting sound, he reluctantly released her. Yet he hugged her even more tightly. His thin lips sticking beside her ears as he persuaded her "Meng'er, let's head back to our Wang Fu!"

    If they wanted to do something else inside the carriage it would be inconvenient,. Furthermore it was bitterly cold outside, what if Yun Qian Meng caught a cold because of it. When the time came, would Chu Fei Yang just blame himself?

    Hearing him saying that, Yun Qian Meng's cheeks blushed. Those seemingly boneless small hands ruthlessly pinched his waist. After which she lifted up her head and stared at Chu Fei Yang who was filled with other thoughts in his head, then angrily said "Since that's what you want, then why did we still comehere today?"

    Early in the morning they had quietly left Wang Fu as if escaping from it, they haven't even finished three cups of tea on the decorated boat, now that they were heading home to Wang Fu, Yun Qian Meng felt pity for herself.

    Seeing such vivid appearance of Yun Qian Meng, Chu Fei Yang laughed. He was laughing to his heart's content and those small hands on his waist pinched him even harder, causing Chu Fei Yang to immediately cry out due to pain. His big hand immediately covered that small hand, softly sliding comfortably on her translucent white hands. After which he lowered down his head dubiously begging for help beside Yun Qian Meng's ears "Meng'er, massage it carefully for your husband!"

    How can Yun Qian Meng not know about the strength she had exerted. If she could  really pinch him painfully, then she herself would have already knock down Jiang Mu Chen single-handed!

    Shooting an annoyed glance at Chu Fei Yang's face which was pretending to look pitiful, but her hand still obediently massage gently the skin on his waist......

    And at this time on the green umber river. Seeing the distance between the two decorated boat reduced to around a couple of meters, Chu Nan Shan immediately rolled up his sleeves preparing for a battle. He excitedly glanced at Jiang Mu Chen beside him and with a clear voice he said "Chen Wang, I will proceed a step ahead!"

    After speaking, Chu Nan Shan's body flew up like a wild goose, and the decorated boat slightly trembled at the bottom of Jiang Mu Chen's feet. When Chu Nan Shan left he had exerted a great deal of strength, deliberately causing the boat to shake.

    Along with the shaking movement, the speed of the boat had evidently slowed down. If it was not for Jiang Mu Chen's defensive actions, perhaps he might have already fell into the cold bone-chilling water of the green umber river following Chu Nan Shan's sudden plot against him.

    With a deep gaze, along with the movement of Chu Wang, Jiang Mu Chen immediately stepped onto a plank on boat and flew up towards the boat ahead. But when he lifted open the layer by layer of cotton curtains, he discovered that aside from the rising spiral of the fragrance of tea, there was not a single person around!

    "It is because of you! Why don't you speed up earlier? As it turns out, we have been tricked by that loathsome young fellow Chu Fei Yang, what a humiliation!" Before Jiang Mu Chen got mad, Chu Nan Shan immediately put all the blame on Jiang Mu Chen after inspecting the entire boat from top to bottom.

    With a desolated look, he seemed like he had suffered a great deal. Those two white brows which originally seemed to be radiant with delight had drooped down, which seemed utterly dispirited and downcast.

    And during this time Jiang Mu Chen was still nesting the flame in his heart. Yet being subtly yelled at by Chu Wang, it had caused the anger to rise up in the heart of conceitedly arrogant Jiang Mu Chen. Following which he sneered at him and mocked "Wang Ye, you really know how to destroy the bridge after crossing the river! During the time when you hopped onto to my boat, you didn't seem to have such anger, but now that you weren't able to chase after your own grandson, you've vent out your anger on me instead. Do you think that I'm a clay Buddha without emotions, allowing you all to play your tricks on me?"

    With these words, Chu Wang immediately retreated three steps back. After which he tightly wrinkled his brows, accusing him as he said "Chen Wang, are you blaming me that after climbing up to your boat, I have added weight to your boat, causing the boat to slow down? As an old man how much weight will I be carrying? If it wasn't for your own bodyguard who had tried every means to delay the speed acceleration, I might have already captured Chu Fei Yang. How can I still allow you to criticize me here? Chen Wang, if you are feeling bored, you might as well discipline your subordinates properly, so as to avoid holding things up the next time around!"

    After speaking, the corner of Chu Nan Shan's brows delightedly raised up. He immediately went out the hold of the boat, allowing the boatman to lay down a small boat again. He then sailed towards the shore.

    Ning Feng had absolutely never expected that. With Chu Wang pestering around endlessly, how could he push all the responsibilities back to him in the end.

    As the personal bodyguard of Chen Wang, he would naturally consider Wang Ye's safety as his top priority. Moreover there had been a lot of things unfavorable to Wang Ye that had happened inside the capital recently. If he had not given the reminder, perhaps all the strategies that Chen Wang had set during these years would all come to waste.

    Yet unexpectedly with just a few brief statement from Chu Wang, it had actually pushed him at the heart of the struggle. Wang Ye seemed to have listened to Chu Wang's words, this time his eyes seemed to have the fury and coldness as he stared back at him. Causing Ning Feng's heart to feel he was being wronged.

    "Return to Wang Fu!" Half of the day spent waiting yet all the efforts came to nothing. Jiang Mu Chen felt he had lost his face to the greatest extent. Apart from being humiliated by Chu Wang for the half of the day, hot anger flared up and he  immediately walked out from the hold of the boat with an ugly face. When the decorated boat approached the shore, he immediately stepped out of the boat and walked towards the direction of Chen Wang Fu.
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