Chapter 122 Part 2 You Chase and I Run, Cant Catch Me

    Inside the private room of Tian Fu Lou, Yun Qian Meng sat down leaning on the window, watching all sorts of passers-bys and all kinds of peddlers on the road. Her body and mind was feeling delighted.

    "Meng'er, quickly drink your shark's fin soup!" Chu Fei Yang enthusiastically spread out all the dishes for his wife. Seeing the waiter serving a bowl of shark's fin soup he immediately lifted it up and personally putting it beside Yun Qian Meng's lips.

    "I don't want to eat!" Yet it was being ruthlessly pushed away by Yun Qian Meng.

    Looking at those delicious food filling up the whole table, Yun Qian Meng had already lost her appetite. After all, letting a person who was eating continuously for one hour to drink another bowl of shark's fin soup, was actually the most painful thing to do. She had obviously felt her stomach already reached the bursting point.

    "Be obedient, just drink a mouthful of it!" But Chu Fei Yang was being unselfish and continued to patiently persuade her.

    Although he was quite satisfied with his own wife's figure, but none of the men would ever refuse a healthy woman! Seeing Yun Qian Meng still have the plasticity on this aspect, Chu Fei Yang had ordered a table of delicious food, enticing her to eat more and achieving his goal.

    Yet unexpectedly, Yun Qian Meng considerably refused to cooperate. Those eyes flickering with brightness only paid attention to the local conditions below and had actually ignored her own husband beside her.

    Seeing himself being rejected once again, Chu Fei Yang admittedly laid down the ladle in his hand. With one hand propping up the lower jaw, the other hand was turning around the wine cup in front of him, watching the colorless fluid inside to slowly swivel, seemingly to speak out inadvertently "Being such an insensitive furen, actually benxiang thinks that the princess of Northern Qi tend makes people want to give her affection. Particularly with her singing and dancing moves, truly unforgettable, with a graceful beauty, a flexible figure, not to mention ordinary men, even benxiang admired her."

    Hearing his cold and desolated enunciation, Yun Qian Meng gradually removed her attention from the beautiful scenery below,. Her gaze continued to  stare at the scenery of the long street, yet her ears stood up , with full intention  to hear what he was going to say next.

    "That Bei Qi Princess had already stayed in Western Chu for a couple of months, benxiang had never invited her over to Chu Xiang Fu to entertain her, benxiang wasn't fulfilling my obligation! Meng'er, don't you think your husband should invite Princess Ling'er over to Wang Fu?" While speaking, Chu Fei Yang immediately leaned closer to Yun Qian Meng, his both eyes were staring fixedly on Yun Qian Meng's facial expression.

    But Yun Qian Meng's both hands were supporting on the edge of the window. The forefinger on her right hand was coiling around the handkerchief in her hand. Having heard Chu Fei Yang asking her, she suddenly felt funny, after which with a shallow smile she replied "Lord husband, since you are the owner of Xiang Fu, anything you want to do, naturally doesn't need my permission. Lord husband may just do it according to what his heart desires."

    Be that as it may, but Yun Qian Meng's both eyes never looked at Chu Fei Yang from the beginning to the end. Those red lips hooked up a smiling expression that contained a faint coldness, yet it made Chu Fei Yang's heart tremble. He was about to examine himself, but the knocking sound echoed from outside the door, soon after they saw Xi Lin leading Rong Yun He as they walked in.

    "Chu Xiang and furen are in Tian Fu Lou, we are truly honored by your presence!" Seeing Yun Qian Meng with an excellent complexion as she turned her head around, Rong Yun He could not help but smile.

    "Didn't expect you to be here today!" Unexpectedly meeting an old friend, Yun Qian Meng was naturally delighted.

    Previously when they were at Chu Xiang Fu with all the people present, it was inappropriate for her to have a long  conversation with Rong Yun He. But right now Chu Fei Yang was the only person beside her. Furthermore, with his head currently full of that Qi Ling'er, Yun Qian Meng would naturally seek for other things, or else would it  not be too boring?

    After all, in order to redeem her own husband's heart, she would never make a terrible scene. It would be better for her to make some self-improvement, making him realize her potential capabilities.

    "Few days ago there were really a lot of things that I needed to attend to. Yesterday when I got home, I had sorted out the expenses and procedures during this period of time. You are here at  right time, let us make a verification on the budget money from expenses during the previous period!" But ever since Rong Yun He came in, Chu Fei Yang's face abruptly turned gloomy. Seeing Rong Yun He even conjuring a few thick account books from his sleeves, his heart became increasingly unhappy. Suddenly he pulled Yun Qian Meng's hands, gesturing that he wanted to stand up and leave.

    But upon hearing concerns about the account books, Yun Qian Meng immediately stood and proceeded to the right side of the private room together with Rong Yun He. The two of them sat down beside the small side table face to face, fervently discussing about the development of things during the recent period of time.

    Looking at Rong Yun He who came by in such a 'coincidence', Chu Fei Yang's fingers pinched the teacup in his hand with exerted effort. After which he lifted his head and drank a cup. He then poured a cup of it for himself once again.

    "With your computation, I would naturally feel at ease with it! But, as for the aspect regarding medical expertise, we must wait for Physician Xiao Nie to come back and make the decision. After all, we do not know anything about it, so as to avoid making mistakes, not only wasting the time, but it will also cost us money!" Flipping over the pages to inspect all the recent computations, Yun Qian Meng spoke wearing a simple smile.

    And Rong Yun He was smiling back at her containing the smile in his eyes. From time to time he would nod his head and speak a few statements. The atmosphere between the two of them was unexplainably harmonious.

    "But we don't know when Physician Xiao Nie will be able to come back" The matter had progressed quite smoothly, and yet only Physician Xiao Nie was missing. Rong Yun He thought for a while, then shifting his gaze towards Chu Fei Yang who was sitting alone on the table and politely asked "Doex Xiang Ye know anything about it?"

    Chu Fei Yang was feeling gloomy, he was about to respond that he didn't know, yet seeing Yun Qian Meng was earnestly looking at him, he laughed and said "Before the year ends, he might be able to come back! Serious damages had been inflicted on Luo City, perhaps he needs to remainfor a period of time."

    While speaking, Chu Fei Yang put down the wine cup and stood up, approaching beside Yun Qian Meng, he pulled her to stand up and gently remarked "Meng'er, we have been out for half a day, you must return home to take your rest!"

    While speaking and not waiting for  Yun Qian Meng to  answer, Chu Fei Yang quickly instructed Xi Lin "Xi Lin, go downstairs to settle the bill!"

    Xi Lin was able to sense that slightly strange atmosphere inside the private room for a long time. This time hearing Chu Fei Yang's instruction, he then immediately turned around wishing they could quickly depart from this quarrelsome place, so as avoid becoming the target of bombardment for Xiang Ye. But in a short moment after he turned around, he was being stopped by Rong Yun He "Wait a moment!"

    Hearing Rong Yun He speaks out, all of them looked at Rong Yun He in puzzlement  to see him smile as he  said "During your grand wedding, Yun He wasn't able to give you any gifts. This time around, for Chen Wang to be able to retreat his troops from Rong residence, it was also because Xiang Ye had dealt with it from within. This meal, just consider it as Yun He's treat for the both of you. Please do not decline it, Xiang Ye!"

    "It shouldn't be this way, we were neither relative nor friend of Mister Rong, how can we receive such favor!" Chu Fei Yang resolutely declined Rong Yun He's kind gesture. After which he signalled Xi Lin, allowing him to immediately settle the bill.

    And Yun Qian Meng deeply felt that this was really inappropriate, then she spoke "Opening your door for business, how could you exempt someone from paying the bill just because of the acquaintance? If you want to give a gift, then just give a dividend from the business then that will be enough!"

    While speaking, Yun Qian Meng laughed cunningly, that crafty look in her eyes had caused Rong Yun He's gaze to be slightly startled. He then  also laughed and said "Since that's the case, then consider it done!"

    Yun Qian Meng had not expected Rong Yun He would simply agree to her request. For a moment her smile froze at the corner of her mouth. But Rong Yun He's expression was quite sincere. Thinking that the Rong family seemed to not lack their own share of the profit, she nodded her head and accepted.

    "Meng'er, time is running late now, we must return back! We had already delayed Mister Rong's time, don't delay another person's time for running his business." Chu Fei Yang mentioning about 'Mister Rong' 'other person', seemed to have isolated him from the world that only belonged to the two of them together.

    Yun Qian Meng lifted her eyes. Seeing Chu Fei Yang's eyes concealing a faint indication of jealousy, she gently laughed. Then facing Rong Yun He she nodded her head and along with Chu Fei Yang they walked out from Tian Fu Lou together as they took their seats inside the horse carriage.

    But before she could seat steadily, she was being pulled by Chu Fei Yang into his arms. Before she even started lifting her head to try and  speak, her own lips were kissed by Chu Fei Yang. That powerful tongue entered her mouth forcefully and seemed to be besieging it. It was wandering around refusing to let go of every corner. She later  saw him release her after having a little bit of satisfaction.

    "In the future just allow Steward Hong to take care of the discussion for the business. You don't have to dedicate you own mind and body. I feel pity after  watching you like that!" His thin lips slightly departed from Yun Qian Meng's and spoke in a lowered voice. The remnants of the fragrance of wine in his mouth assailed Yun Qian Meng's nose and it made her to slightly wrinkled her brows. She lifted her hands while gently pressing his chest and resentfully protested "How can Steward Hong know anything about my intentions and opinions? Besides, if this matter is considered to be consuming the strength of my mind and body, then what else should I do?"

    After hearing Yun Qian Meng's words, Chu Fei Yang knitted up his brows. This silly girl, actually did not understand anything about his painstaking efforts.

    But facing such vibrant pretty face, Chu Fei Yang could not manage to flare up his anger and could only curse Rong Yun He from head to toe. Then with a smile he said again "Since that's the case, then I shall urge Steward Hong to stay by your side in the future to learn things from you. There will come a day, where he will be able to understand your intentions and opinions. Of course, Meng'er, you must tell me some of your opinions!"

    Watching Chu Fei Yang's two-faced appearance, Yun Qian Meng hummed twice using her nose. After that she  spoke in a bad  mood "Then why don't Xiang Ye tell his humble wife, in which way did you find Qi Ling'er attractive?"

    While speaking, two gentle arms wrapped around Chu Fei Yang's neck. Her beautiful eyes contained sparkle of flames with enormous vitality yet he was still being repressed by Yun Qian Meng's rationality. Which caused Chu Fei Yang to have a slight headache. But  then again he quickly planted a few light kisses on her lips. After which he lifted his hands and softly kneaded her beautiful hair then smiled and said "There's nothing attractive, husband was just merely making up a story. Even if she was the number one beauty in the world, she could not be compared to even a single strand of Meng'er's hair!"

    Watching Chu Fei Yang as he express his goodwill, Yun Qian Meng laughed inwardly. Yet her face remained looking serious. She then softly snorted twice then ignored him,. But her head gently leaned on his neck while resting her eyes half closed.

    Chu Fei Yang seeing her like this, did not speak any further while  both of his hands tightly wrapped around her waist, not allowing her to fall down or get hit.

    But, when the horse carriage halted by the gates of Chu Wang Fu and the two of them walked down from the horse carriage, they saw a familiar royal phoenix carriage stopping by the main gate of Chu Wang Fu.

    This time Xi Lin quickly went ahead, whispered a few statements beside Chu Fei Yang's ears, seeing Chu Fei Yang's eyes originally wearing a smile to immediately turn ice-cold.

    "Speaking of the devil, the devil has arrived!" looking at that luxurious and extremely familiar phoenix carriage, how can Yun Qian Meng not know that was Qi Ling'er's phoenix carriage, then she made fun of him smiling as she remarked.

    "Since that is the case, then we shall return to Chu Xiang Fu now!" Seeing Yun Qian Meng having a teasing smile on her face, Chu Fei Yang also smiled.

    Before he finished talking, he saw the main gate of Chu Wang Fu being opened wide, Chu Wang walked out from it with a delighted face. After seeing Chu Fei Yang he winked at him, after which he approached beside Yun Qian Meng and spoke "Silly girl, where did you go today? Grandpa will be able to try to find you. Are you tired now, follow after grandpa as we return back to the house and take some rest!"

    But Chu Fei Yang was tightly embracing Yun Qian Meng, staring at Chu Wang with a face seemingly smiling  yet with no real joy.  Afterwards he spoke "You really know how to cause trouble!"
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