Chapter 125 Part 1

    The people inside the inner room were all shocked because of Yun Xuan Mo's words. Even Yun Xuan Zhi's face was also full of astonishment, his eyes suspiciously looked at Chu Fei Yang.

    Upon hearing Yun Xuan Mo's sudden exclamation that Yun Yi Yi had already belonged to Chu Fei Yang, Yun Qian Meng shifted her gaze as she looked at the current Yun Xuan Mo who seemed to be very fickle and impatient. She sensed that at this time he was completely different from before where he had always remained calm and composed. Consequently, Yun Qian Meng's cold eyes radiated an expression that was hard to read, but they also seemed to be sneering as they fixed their gaze at Yun Xuan Mo who was had an angry look on his face. But going beyond everybody's expectation she simply laughed, then slowly asked "Uncle, what's going on with you today? Why are you getting so impatient like this? Could it be that Yi Yi had already lost her virginity to another person which made uncle become more fretful, unexpectedly losing your usual determination. You actually haven't investigate the whole story yet, soon afterwards you will say these irresponsible words. Have you given some thoughts of the consequences, uncle? Voluntarily slandering a high official of the Imperial Court, what sort of crime that you should undertake, presumably without Qian Meng's explanation, uncle must also understand thoroughly about that, right?

    Speaking about this, Yun Qian Meng slightly paused. Her eyes changed its course towards Chu Fei Yang, yet she saw him looking back at her at the same time, then with a gentle gaze she explained, "Besides, my husband's nature and behavior is quite trustworthy for me. If someone would like to drive a wedge between our relationship as husband and wife, then they will only be disappointed!"

    Hearing Yun Qian Meng's reasonable and distinctive analysis, also seeing her not having the slightest degree of anger because of his words, Yun Xuan Mo's heart suddenly jolted. Gradually his mind  transformed its raging temper into a clear and calm state.

    Ever since all of them had been freed back to Yun Xiang Fu, he had been watching his own mother lying ill with stroke in the bed, and his own daughter becoming melancholic and having no appetite. Faced with that situation, even if Yun Xuan Mo was usually calm and composed, he somehow could not stand it any longer.

    In addition a while ago, after the servant girls came to deliver Yun Qian Meng's gifts and informing them of the arrival of Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang in Yun Xiang Fu, Yun Yi Yi suddenly jumped up from her bed like a deranged person. She did not even have the time to change as she sprinted out running out of the room. All the people were being caught unprepared.

    When Yun Xuan Mo saw the series of these unusual reactions, his suspicions gradually risen up. Henceforth after interrogating Li Shi, he got to know all the things that had happened in the prison cell of Ministry of Justice. But due to the dark of the night and in addition there were  only two persons being held captive in Yun Yi Yi's prison cell, all the people had not been able to see clearly the face of the offender. On top of that, after Yun Qian Meng had mysteriously disappeared from the prison, after which she suddenly married Chu Fei Yang in advance, these events ignited a little bit of hope in Yun Xuan Mo's heart. If Chu Fei Yang had not been there in the prison, then how was he able to take Yun Qian Meng away? Since that was the case, even if the incident concerning Yun Yi Yi had not been done by Chu Fei Yang, he still would be unable to wash away the guilt. Then, it would be better to seize the opportunity to make his own daughter to enter Chu Xiang Fu, perhaps in the future she would be able to provide some assistance for Yun Yi Heng to make a comeback.

    This was the entire set of plan that had been formed inside Yun Xuan Mo's heart during this short period of one or two hours.

    Being a shrewed person, first, he was ashamed and humiliated due to Yun Yi Yi's losing her virginity before getting married, secondlyt he got too excited for the thoughts of being successful in his plans. Perhaps his own family would soon rise abruptly, but he had totally forgotten to add the relationship between Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang into his hastened up plan by mistake.

    Nevertheless, Yun Xuan Mo still could not be blamed for all of these. It was actually only a short period of time since he had arrived at the capital. Even though during usual days he and Yun Yi Heng would communicate through the exchange of letters, but the major topic of their discussion had always revolved around the Yun Yi Heng brothers' studies and the situations concerning Yun Xuan Zhi, though the letters had a few involvements about this Yun Xuan Zhi's daughter yet they did not really include her in their analysis. In addition to Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang's lesser involvement with other people, it gave rise to Yun Xuan Mo's incorrect judgement.

    And during the time when he had been confronted with his own bitterness and Yun Yi Yi's pleading, Chu Fei Yang did not say anyting to express his opinion, thus he simply gave Yun Qian Meng all the rights for decision making. Unfortunately this had caused Yun Xuan Mo's heart to suddenly raise up with alarm. In an instant he realized that he might have made a wrong decision today, perhaps the relationship between Chu Fei Yang and Yun Qian Meng was not that of without love, but instead it was with a love as deep as the ocean, or else which man would let his wife make the decision when he was given luck with women?

    Thinking about this, Yun Xuan Mo's face suddenly turned ugly, his both eyes immediately glared at Yun Yi Yi with anger, blaming that this daughter could only cause trouble to him.

    But, at the present the arrow had already been placed in a bow, they had no other choice but to shoot it. They had no other way to back out anymore, it would be better to take the chance, perhaps there would still be a chance to change their fate.

    Yun Yi Yi was slightly distracted after seeing her own father's outraged stare. For a moment she thought that Yun Xuan Mo was dissatisfied with her current performance, with a sobbing tone she said, "Da jiejie, you shouldn't ignore Yi Yi's life or death because of the jealousy in your heart! If wasn't for this desperate situation, why would I cry for da jiejie's help? Yi Yi was only hoping for a place to live in, but I still hope that da jiejie will have a huge consideration, please don't be harsh like that!"

    There's not enough time for Yun Xuan Mo to stop his own stupid daughter, Yun Yi Yi had already finished speaking her words. With a loud thump in his heart, Yun Xuan Mo immediately glanced towards Chu Fei Yang.

    "Xi Lin!" Yet without waiting for Yun Qian Meng to speak again, at this moment Chu Fei Yang suddenly spoke, that cold voice bearing a vigorous and mighty loftiness, and besides the ice-cold face of Chu Fei Yang, the people inside the inner room experienced an intense pressure. One by one, their hearts trembled incessantly because Chu Fei Yang had spoken.

    Seeing Chu Fei Yang who had shocked all the people inside the inner room with just merely two words, Yun Qian Meng's heart could not help but sigh. She felt that Chu Fei Yang really possessed the natural attributes of a ruler, with merely just a meaningful glance and a command, they could also stir up the delicate nerves of all the people, Besides, his ice-cold voice had caused Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi faces to become startled. At the time being, they probably were not able to guess what kind of action Chu Fei Yang was going to do next.

    Watching Chu Fei Yang undertake the task, for a moment of being leisurely happy, Yun Qian Meng simply handed over everything to him, temporarily freed herself from the matters at hand. Yun Qian Meng then lifted up the teacup in front of her and gently took a sip, patiently waiting for Xi Lin to return back once again after leaving the inner room.

    And during this time, Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi were nervously watching Xi Lin leave, after which they shifted their gazes towards Chu Fei Yang, unable to understand the opposing party's intended plan.

    "Fei Yang, you......" Looking at Chu Fei Yang who still remained unconcerned after seeing her delicate face filled with tears, Yun Yi Yi boldly address Chu Fei Yang directly in his name, attempting to make him feel pity for her.

    However her boldness not only failed to attract Chu Fei Yang's attention, yet it had also caused all the people inside the inner room to stare at her using an extremely disdainful gaze, causing Yun Yi Yi's heart to be full of fear, fearing that there might be something serious that was going to happen. She was so scared that she had prepared to stand up and run away from Qi Luo Yuan, yet unexpectedly Yuan Dong became aware of her next move. Thus without saying anything further Yuan Dong immediately restrained her down sitting on the stool, making her unable to move a single step.

    Seeing his own daughter being held by the opposing side, despite Yun Xuan Mo's hatred towards Yun Yi Yi, but after all he was the one who had seen her grow up, naturally he would not allow Yun Yi Yi to face a group of enemies alone. Hence he could only summon up the courage to restrain Yun Yi Yi down to her seat, the father and daughter both sank into their silence, but Yun Yi Yi was still thinking about how to smoothly get inside Yun Xiang Fu, and Yun Xuan Mo was pondering about once this matter got exposed, how would they be able to get away with it? After all, framing  a major official of the Imperial Court, was an extremely serious crime in Western Chu.

    Chu Fei Yang's insipid facial expression was bearing a strong hostility, causing all the people inside the inner room not daring to show off their imposing manner. When Yun Qian Meng carried a cup of hot tea and put it in his hands, only then did the coldness in his face gradually faded off, as he took a sip.

    Also Xi Lin efficiency in handling things was extremely quick. After a short period of time, he had returned back to Qi Luo Yuan, upon seeing Chu Fei Yang, he immediately cupped his hands and said, "Xiangye, the person has been brought here!"

    "Allow him to wait inside the reception pavilion!" Putting down the teacup, Chu Fei Yang stole a deep glance at Yun Qian Meng's calm expression, afterwhich he spoke coldly, yet it had frightened Yun Yi Yi, not knowing what Chu Fei Yang was trying to do, Yun Yi Yi's mind was becoming even more clueless.

    "Yes!" Xi Lin immediately accepted the order and left.

    Chu Fei Yang coldly took a glimpse at the pair of father and daughter. Then he supported Yun Qian Meng up, holding her hands as they walked towards the direction of the reception pavilion together.

    When all the people had reached the reception pavilion, a middle aged man was standing in the middle of the reception pavilion wearing a suit of a fourth rank government official. Yun Xuan Zhi stared at him closely, it was actually the Chief Magistrate of the Capital, Superior Qian!

    "Greetings, Chu Xiang, Yun Xiang!" Watching the few people came in one after another, Superior Qian immediately bowed down and saluted.

    "There's no need to be over courteous, Superior Qian, please have a seat!" Chu Fei Yang let Yun Qian Meng sit down, and Yun Xuan Zhi settled himself beside Chu Fei Yang. Superior Qian evidently would not sit together with the two prime ministers, so he selected a seat on the right side of the reception pavilion then sat down. As for Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi, they were forcibly escorted to their seats on the left side.

    "Younger brother, since the Chief Magistrate of the Capital, Superior Qian, is here, if Yi Yi has any problems, you can certainly report them to Superior Qian, I believe Superior Qian will be able to help Yi Yi from injustice!" Now that Chu Fei Yang had instructed Xi Lin to invite Superior Qian over, its intention was self-evident, Yun Xuan Zhi had earned a favor from Chu Fei Yang as he took the initiative to speak, at the same time he also certainly would not allow Yun Xuan Mo to seize an opportunity to escape.
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